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FAQs about the Business of Marine Fish Livestock

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http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/ All Seas. 310-532-7769 Pacific Aqua Farms http://www.pacificaquafarms.com / Sea Dwelling Creatures http://www.seadwelling.com / Quality Marine http://www.qualitymarineusa.com/home.asp TMC, www.tmc-ltd.co.uk JSEA. http://www.jsea.com C-Quest. 1-888-482-6572 Aquatic Indonesia, aquatic@indo.net.id   

End of an era..
(Deb Smith)
<Mmm; so... no env. impact study, public input coming?
A shame; my usual question: "Who is served"?
See you and Walt next mo. in LV. B>

Hi Walt,
I’ve just received the following. Please go to page 61.
All the best,
John (Dawes)
http://digitalmag.petproductnews.com/petproductnews/august_2018?utm_source=ppn_digital&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PPN_Digital_201808&pg=60#pg60 >

You haven't heard the new part...
We have no words left, as this is such a mess. One road block after another, and they Dept Of Env keep changing the rules.
Now they want an EIA for every area, every year. And we have 5 areas.
Must send out for public review and now charge a bond per area 5k to 500k
Getting pretty dumb, as we can't even export from our coral farms..
<Ah yes... cheers (and no taki time). B>

Exporting Red Sea Fish, Maldives Fish, with Sri Lanka fish       9/21/16
Dear Sir,
We are exporters of Marine and Fresh water live tropical fish for more than 20 years, operating in Sri Lanka.
<Ahh! I'd like to come out, visit, and FINALLY dive there... in the many places I've read Rodney Jonklaas, Arthur Clarke, Helmut Debelius.....>
Now we extended our business for import and re-export of Red Sea Fish and Maldives fish in view of expanding our
international "buyers network". To achieve our sales targets, we built good stock of Red Sea Fish, Maldives Fish, with Sri Lanka tropical marine fish and fresh water fish therefore we will be able to offer you attractive promotional discounts.
<I see>
At the same time we can guarantee almost "Nil DOA" because our modernized facilities in our aquarium along with our 20 years experience in packing for long destinations, and maintaining healthy sanitary aquarium. Please refer attached stock list with promotional prices, for you to enjoy the special offers such as, 20% discount for marine fish and 30% discount for, fresh water tropical fish. Also, we offer special net prices for large quantities.
<Good practices>
In order to see the condition of our fish, we propose you to start with a trial shipment. Please feel free inquire any further details of our company, international references as well as flight information to your destination etc.
<Am no longer active in the trade; but will post your letter and contact information for others on our website>
We are available for your service at any time because we are customer oriented company.
Aquarium Marine Fishes.
197/1, Padiri Pio Mawatha,
Thaladuwa, Negombo,
Sri Lanka.
Tele: - 0094 31 2223512
Whatsapp:- 0094 77 4345752
E-mail:- <mailto:amfishes@eol.lk > amfishes@eol.lk
<Good fortune to you, Bob Fenner>
Import and Re-exporting Live Tropical Marine Fish..........     10/23/16

Dear Sir.
We have been in Marine and Fresh water live tropical fish exporting business for more than 15 years to all over the world.
These days you can enjoy the special promotional offer, 25% discount for Sri Lanka Marine Fish with Import and Re-exporting Red Sea fish and Maldives fish. Herewith attached our current stock list and there prices (Attached
some Pictures). Please place your trail order and see the condition of our fish.
If you need any further details of our company, please feel free to ask.
Thanking You,
Best Regards,
Aquarium Marine Fishes.,
197/1 Padiri Pio Mawatha, Thaladuwa,
Negombo, Sri Lanka. Tele:-0094 31 2223512
Whatsapp:- 0094 77 4345752
<Will post, share your email on WWM, sans your attached price lists.
Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Question from Facebook. Crooked dealings in Sri Lanka      8/22/17

Dear Mr. Fenner,
During last 7 days I didn't receive letter from Mr. Appuhamy.
So I want to ask you to public my letter about this company and L A D A
Samantha Appuhamy on your web-site.
Repeat of letter:
Dear Mr. Fenner,
Two months ago I found new company for us from Sri Lanka on your site (
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/aqbizsubwebindex/countrieslvstk.htm) It was "Aquarium Marine Fishes" represented by the owner L A D A Samantha Appuhamy.
We agreed contract we paid for the animals on sum 2000+ dollars.
After payment this guy just disappeared. He doesn't answer calls and doesn't respond to e-mail. All documents are signed and approved. I can show all documents if you need.
Please place this information on your site. Maybe it will help for another customers.
L A D A Samantha Appuhamy
Aquarium Marine Fishes.,
197/1 Padiri Pio Mawatha, Thaladuwa,
Negombo, Sri Lanka.
Tele:-0094 31 2223512
Mobile:-0094 77 3308380
Thank you.
<Will add to your prev. corr. re the matter. Bob Fenner>

Intro. to Matt's biz, shipping/packing art. f's      3/19/16
Here was the first one Bob! Let me know where they go, I'd love to see.
<Thanks mate... Will be posting in the FAQs areas as they seem pertinent>
Additionally, this was the original introduction to the company among my regional audience in MN -
<Glad to help you, promote the hobby, biz sides of ornamental aquatics... even urge others to consider work in the fields (as long as they keep their current jobs; and/or if students, go for minors in business as well!). BobF>
MattP's Mini-Waters biz: Callionymid cond.       3/19/16

Bob - An interesting thought exercise on conditioning Mandarin Dragonets
You asked me to send them when I had interesting things to send..here’s one
<Thank much Matt; will post/share. BTW, last wknd while filming up at Dan Gilboa's shop in Long Beach, noticed they were selling Artemia for.... $7.50 a "portion"!!!>
Did you do anything with the first one?
<Yikes... must've missed... Please do re-send. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Dear sir
I would like your guidance on how I can contact importers of marine fish.
I have a fish station in Mombasa Kenya. Please advice on the right forums where I can get the contacts.
Thanking you in advance.
My contacts are
<Mmm; I'd try the membership list of OFI, Ornamental...:
And this online Buyer's Guide:
Bob Fenner>

Thanks guys you are so fast.
<Ah yes. Cheers, BobF>

Hawaiian supplier     1/21/14
Hi Bob,
Hope all is well with you. I'm currently searching for a local Hawaiian collector to order livestock direct for my retail fish shop in the states.
<Mmm, can you handle ten or so boxes... at a go? That is, enough volume to justify the cost/hassle... instead of ordering more locally through wholesalers?>
 I have investigated many of the contacts you have mentioned previously on the WetWebMedia site over the years but it seems many of them are no longer in operation.  I have tracked down a few of the larger operations (Randy @ Coral Fish Hawaii and Wayne @ Wayne's Ocean World) but was hoping you may know of a smaller mom/pop type operation I could do some smaller orders with in the order of 3 or 4 boxes at a time. 
<Mmm, I don't currently know of such... Will mention a possibility of your piggy-backing with someone else perhaps not too distal... Collectively ordering, break-packing. Bob Fenner>
Re: re: Hawaiian supplier; plus Cu ++ use    1/22/14

Thank you Bob for your reply as always.
<Ahh yes; do remember Craig, "I was you"... a retailer, service co. operator... and have been several of the other players in our trade. I REALLY want to help; see you successful, fulfilled>
To answer, I currently do not have anyone to split a 10+ box order with so I guess I will continue to utilize the LA wholesalers.
<This really is better/best... Unless let's say you have a need for a whole bunch of organisms... perhaps a big install or two>
 I was hoping to duplicate the success I have had from my Florida divers and their Caribbean stock with a Hawaiian supplier as well.  It seems the fish I order direct from the divers are always healthier and in better physical condition then those whom have been through the wholesaler's system first.  On another note, I have had much success utilizing ionic copper sulfate in my fish only system to quell any disease outbreaks as you previously recommended to me.
<Ahh! Am re-reading Frank Herbert's "Dune" series (yes, again); and one comment that was made "The old ways are best"; another: "Times change"... Ionic copper is still the best route for most situations; GIVEN its careful use, measure... observation; of course>
 The fish all look much better than before and I have far less livestock losses than previously when only utilizing UV and ozone alone.  What is your recommended dosage for ionic copper sulfate in a retail fish holding system?
<... the same... 0.35 ppm free Cu++ at the high end; and I see you state the low below>
  I have been keeping it at 0.15 along with still using a commercial UV and ozone generator.
<These last two accelerate precipitation... do check the sleeves/sleeving on your UV, the "arc" generator on your )3 device for "plating" of the copper here... it may be easiest for you to periodically (month)
disassemble and do a simple low kH acid dip/wash to remove said residue>
  I test daily and add about 2ml of copper solution per day to my 1200g system.  I use a LaMotte Copper colorimeter that gives me a digital reading which I find much easier than test strips or vials and color readings.
<YES; a note to browsers; do NOT rely on test strips period for accurate, nor precise measures>
 I also keep the salinity at 1.015 as advised by another store owner I speak with who has been kind enough to mentor me along the way.  I was however thinking of raising the salinity slightly as many customers often complain about why our store's salinity is so low compared to their reef systems and the long acclimation they must do.  I do keep our invert and coral system at 1.026 but the fish system has been at 1.015 for the last 6 months or so.  In your retail days what worked best for you? 
<1.020 thereabouts...>
Always looking to improve...
Thank you as always for the excellent advise and guidance.
<Glad to read of, realize your state. Bob Fenner>

Re: Help Needed!! SW Lvstk. suppliers (to Greece)    2/3/13
Good morning my friend
<Good morrow Kostas>
How are you today???
<Fine, thank you>
Still no measurement of RedOx so I am not sending you about that.
I need your help on another matter.
You have suggest TMC as the best supplier in Europe and for sure TMC is absolutely great and I am really happy that you suggest TMC to me.
<They and De Jong are superb, the best in Europe as far as I know>
Now I need to suggest some exporters from Indonesia or anywhere else that you believe that worth a try.
<Mmm, I'd refer you to the OFI list of folks:
TMC has great quality but at small fishes (gobies , blennies etc) are too expensive so I am looking for some other supplier for these fishes
Keep in mind that I will may need a supplier for "US fishes" (Hawaii , Carib sea etc) and your suggestion from Indonesia or Singapore (Singapore is expensive for it's quality) or Sri Lanka , any place that you can trust and suggest me.
<Mmm, I'd send Chris Buerner of Quality Marine (Los Angeles) a note here>
Looking forward for your reply
Best regards
<And you, Bob Fenner>
Re: Help Needed!! SW lvstk. whlse.   2/4/13

Hello Bob
I have just checked Quality Marine's site and it seems excellent. Should I contact them on your behalf?? Someone specific?? Will they be able to send me livestock at wholesale prices??
<You can mention my name FWIW, and yes; they will be able to recognize you as a legitimate dealer>
Also if you be able to find someone specific in Indonesia, Sri Lanka or anything else I could appreciate it because I checked the list and it never ends !!! hahahaha
<... I will again refer you to OFI... their members list for folks in that area... That being said/stated, I would still look around, get other people's input re these sources>
Thank you in advance for once more!!
<Welcome. BobF>

Re: Help Needed!! SW lvstk. whlse. to Greece     7/27/12
Hello Mr. Bob
No I will not be able to handle a container.
<Ahh, then much better to buy from wholesalers...>
I was planning for some boxes twice a month or more , or even more boxes once per month.
I wanted to discuss it with a supplier. If I could add some freshwater fishes then it could about 60 boxes per month.
<Wholesaler boxes are far less densely packed than collectors, transhippers>
But if we stick only to Marine , then about 5 boxes per week , or 10 twice a month , or even 20 once a month would be ok.
Best regards
<Does TMC in the UK, Quality Marine ship as far as to Greece? Do you buy from Germany currently? BobF>
Re: Help Needed!!    7/28/12

Hello Mr. Bob
Ok , do you have any wholesaler to suggest??
<For Greece? De Jong in the Netherlands: http://www.dejongmarinelife.nl/
is a fave>
I do not know about TMC and Quality Marine. I have bought from Germany before , especially from Stendker. So I believe they ship to Greece.
Best regards
<I'd ask others about you in the trade who they use, and avoid due to issues... try the former. Bob Fenner>
Re: Help Needed!!   7/30/12

Hello Mr. Bob
<Hey Mr. Z>
I have contacted De Jong before but no reply.
<Takes time>
I will try TMC UK and Quality Marine.
If you have any news please let me know
Best regards
<And you, BobF>
Re: Help Needed!! Whlse SW lvstk sources    8/12/12

Hello Mr. Bob
<Hi Mr. Kostas>
At the end only TMC Uk
<One of the best companies in our trade on the planet>
replied to my email , and I have already completed the first transaction. The fishes quality is the best my father have ever seen. Prices at the angels and tangs are great , but it is a little overpriced at small fishes , but the quality remains perfect.
Thank you very much for making the contact.
<A pleasure to assist your efforts. Cheers, BobF>
Best regards

Apogon compressus shipping issues 1/25/11
Hello Crew,
I work in a small wholesale facility and we are/have been having problems with some of the larger Apogon sp. Our problem is not keeping them, but how they arrive. In particular, *Apogon compressus *have been giving me problems lately. When the fish arrive from the Philippines, which is a direct flight, they are "bloated" and floating as if they have swallowed air. I've asked our supplier to try different methods as far as packing and shipping go, but to no avail. Do you have any ideas I can give them to try or is this a problem that I will have to deal with?
<I'd ask for smaller specimens... if possible. There are intermittent and inherent troubles with collecting and handling larger size Apogonids>
If it were one or two out of forty, I would not be too concerned. However, the last batch I received was more like twenty five out of forty. I'm not going to order them anymore if this continues to be a problem. I've had this problem with a couple of other cardinal species (typically the larger species with the same body shape) from several different suppliers. Beating my head against a wall isn't working so I thought I'd put the question out there. Thank you.
<Mmm, once the damage is done (i.e. before you get them) there's not much to be done. Collectors should leave larger individuals in the wild... to breed, live... and their wholesale distributors should refuse to buy larger ones of these and most other fish groups. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Thoughts on Misdeclared Sources of Imported Marine Fish   9/28/10
Hi Crew!
It's me again, Richard, from the Philippines. This isn't really a livestock question, but I think it's relevant given the right of aquarists to know where their (prospective or planned) are sourced from, country-wise. I'm bothered with some things that I see online, and I hope you can provide some input. I'm just wondering why many fish species that I know come from the Philippines are not listed as such.
<Mmm, mainly just a matter of laxness on folk's parts... Have you seen friend Pablo Tepoot's "S.E. Asian Guide"?
He tried to list all the common and potential fish species hailing from the P.I.>
I'm not just talking about shops that I am sure order fish from the country (I've worked in the trade in the past, and am still friends with many in the export business and have access to exporter-importer documents), but I'm also referring to species that are supposed to be endemic to the Philippines and not to the declared source country. Case in point:
Chaetodontoplus caerulopunctatus, Centropyge ferrugatus, and Choerodon fasciatus.
<Mmm, these are not endemics... Perhaps you mean indigenous?>
In the first case, I've seen (and handled, in the past) fish shipments that were imported by known companies in the US, but when you see their stocklists for the same fish, you never see the Philippines (hmmm). In the second case, C. ferrugatus is found only in southern Japan and northern Luzon, C. fasciatus only from two locations (Philippines and Australia), and C. caerulopunctatus (only in the central Philippines). But online, they are always listed as coming from Indonesia. Even the best online
retailers are at fault - Liveaquaria comes to mind.
<Well, perhaps there is another source of purposeful bias here, in not listing the country of origin... as the taint of cyanide use is still largely identified with the Philippines, Indonesia, and to a lesser extent,
Vietnam... Oh, I see you mention this below here>
I'm fully aware of the dark past of the Philippines and Cyanide. And I know that many sellers still consider a "Philippine" tag the curse of death, and opt for truthful but still deceptive source tags (Liveaquaria's
'CEBUAN' fish - from Cebu island, Philippines), or out and out lies. But things have improved over time, and there are a lot of really good fish coming from quality Philippine exporters,
<Oh, and always have been... My time in the trade spans most of the actual saltwater business>
and I think these guys deserve a fair shake. By declaring many quality fish as coming from Indonesia (another cyanide child), the sellers are continuing to create a negative impression of the Philippines, and at the same time improving the outlook of the Indonesian market, denying many good Filipino exporters and collectors their place in the aquarium market.
I'm curious as to your POV's regarding this matter, since I think this is a fairly important topic that affects all the people in the supply chain from the small fish collector in the Philippines whose harlequin tusk (caught after 3 hours using underwater hook and line) will be given a new nationality upon arrival in the US, to the American aquarist who spends so much time studying what species and source countries to avoid (through excellent material by online groups such as you at WWM), who think they got a quality Blue spotted angel from Indonesia when it actually entered the US as a Filipino.
<I do support truth in labeling...>
I'm sorry for writing such a long discourse (hahaha), but I would just like to hear your inputs regarding this matter, as I'm sure this topic is not commonly known, or talked about, and I think it would be good for many readers of your fine site to acquainted with this matter. Thank you for your time (and your thoughts..) guys!
<There are still pockets of poor fish suppliers, bad shipments from the P.I., as well as in all honesty from all other areas on occasion. A few changes would, will make the Philippines a better source of livestock (and more)... My principal point/thrust is reduced population and what it might/should do to transform this beautiful country and good peoples. Bob Fenner>

Ryan Dwyer   9/26/10
I have been trying to locate Rayn Dwyer,
I imported some clownfish from him about 1 year ago but since have lost contact with him. Do you have any way of contacting him?
<I do not>
Best regards,
Tony Coniglio
Corals Inc
<Bob Fenner>
Re: Ryan Dwyer  9/26/10

Hi Bob,
<Hey Tony>
I was only asking because I had seen many post from him on your website.
He also goes by the name Mr. Blue.
<Mmm, don't know him by either name... sorry.>
If you can come up with something that would be great. Thank you for your time
Best regards
Tony Coniglio
Corals Inc
<Am wondering, as I'm sure you have, how one might go about finding where folk/s have gotten to... I tried the gen. search tools with his name...
some of the social networking sites... And the Pet Business Buyer's Guide... No listing for... Are you just looking for a/nother source of Clowns? BobF>
Re: Ryan Dwyer
Hi Bob,
He is all over the Internet, Ryan is the sole supplier of Amphiprion mccullochi. I guess he was allowed a special permit to collect these in a protected area, and now he has been breeding them in Australia. I
received one shipment from him last year of 4 clowns which I sold immediately. I am not sure what happened to him after searching many places on line it just seems like he vanished. I did notice quite a few
post on WWM so I though I would give you a try.
Tony Coniglio
Corals Inc
<Tony... am placing these msg.s on WWM... Let's see if someone chimes in re. BobF>

seahorse. Sourcing, 'Nam   1/8/10
Dear sirs,
<And madams>
First of all this is a fantastic site ! Congratulations of tons of info here.
<Welcome Antonio>
We are a marine ornamental aquaculture station located in Portugal and are currently working with some Hippocampus reidi to supply the market here.
Also we have read about some Vietnam seahorse farming and become interest in acquiring other species there to have a great variety to offer to distributors.
<Mmmm, my little experience with Vietnam suppliers of Seahorses (and Giant Clams) has proven negative. I urge caution here... folks in the trade have reported high rates of incidental mortality and disease issues>
Do you know any companies and contacts that can help us in making the connection with these farms ?
<Unfortunately I do not>
We have all the importers and strict EU requisitions, and understand fully the need of serious e-mails so no worries for us to send to you our credentials if needed.
<Ahh! I understand, and agree>
Also we are looking for Cultured Algae and clams /Tridacna if you know currently places selling these.
Best regards,
<Best to refer you to our scant coverage here:
the fifth tray down... the linked files on "Livestock". Bob Fenner>
Lusoreef, Marine ornamental species Lda

Re: seahorse. Whlse./Distr. sel. 1/9/10
Dear Bob,
Thank you very much for the reply !
I will try to look this link that you mentioned.
Kind regards,
<Please do; and relate your experiences in turn... I do find the Net a valuable tool in matching up "players", as well as a potent dissuader of "poor behavior" in the trade. Cheers, BobF> 

Business, Vietnam, SW fish, invert.s    12/18/09
Dear Sir
How are you?.nice too meet you. My name Hung. I business coral, clams, fish and seahorse in Viet Nam. I want co-operations with you. if u have problem email for me. thank
B. regards
Ps: this coral pic have in my farm
My cell phone: +84908489118
<Mmm, we don't sell livestock... We're a free information site; but will post your website address if you'd care to send it along. Bob Fenner>

Wet pets Pvt Sri Lanka  1/11/09 Hello this letter is to inform you that Wet Pets Pvt in Sri Lanka are thieves they stole $2000.00 TT they never sent product. I also have a few other contacts in Abu Dubai that he also ripped off. Please get the word out because I see a lot of post about him. I have contacted the Sri Lanka embassy and am waiting for a reply. Also you should note that he post on all the major board IE. Aqua Find etc....... Please get this info out ASAP. CC me a copy when you do so I can see it. Here are some of his contact leads He sells both jelly fish and tropical fish Thank you, Tony Coniglio Sea Schor 847-561-4098 (cell) 229 W. Dundee Road 847-808-8100 (main) Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 847-808-8209 (fax) <Thank you for this note Tony. Will post, with your contact info. Bob Fenner.>

Re: Wet pets Pvt Sri Lanka, http://www.jellyfish.lk   1/11/09 We have informed you the we will return the money in 30 days'¦ and there is no other companies in the US or anywhere that we have defaulted. So please do not black list us and destroy our lives for 2000 US $...people in America owe us over US $ 80,000/= namely David Palma in the LA'¦ <Mmmm. BobF>

Marine Exporters   4/24/08 Hi Guys <Michael> I am looking at importing marine fish/inverts here to New Zealand. I was wondering if it is possible for you to tell me where I can easily find contact details of exporters around the world. Here in New Zealand, it is very hard for us to get rare and unusual specimens as well. Cheers Michael <Mmm... a few important things to state. You would do best to seek out and actually visit with these suppliers... not saying that contacting them distally, arranging relationships can't work out... but best to go to their respective countries... Better but not best is to meet up with these folks, press the flesh at large/international tradeshows... the greater of these is occurring next month... the biannual Interzoo in Germany, in alternate years, the Aquarama shows in Singapore... the "okay" method you can do by joining or looking through guide references like OFI's member list (on the Net) and trade periodicals... Are you as yet "set up" to receive much (how many boxes, a full "can"?)... Bob Fenner>

Re: Marine Exporters  4/24/08 Hi Bob <Michael> Thanks for the response. We are in the process of sorting out all of the paperwork for an import facility. The big difference between New Zealand and many other countries is our government imposed quarantine period (3 weeks for saltwater and 6 weeks for freshwater). <Mmm, there are some reasonable reasons for this...> This really bumps up our prices. <Ah yes> For example, a damsel which would cost 3USD overseas, would cost upwards of $20USD here. We also have an "approved" list of species (found here - http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/imports/animals/standards/fisornic.all.htm) <Ho buoy! There have been a few attempts at making the U.S. a "clean list" country (as opposed to the current dirty-specified species one... nation and state-wise)... What a mess for folks/civil servants to do the ID's! More gov't... less freedom...> Also, there are very few marine keepers in New Zealand. Out of a population of 4 million, probably no more than a 1000 will have marine tanks. That means our imports are very small and is not practical to visit suppliers in their respective countries. The quantities that America receives in a week, we would not probably receive in a year. <Understood> Do you know of any good websites which list such suppliers? <Mmm... for general species? Am given to encourage you to just buy from large west coast (U.S.) outfits... Yes, and suffer the cost of shipping from t/here... Is there a particular range (geographic) of livestock you'd like to emphasize? Could you get along with western Indo-Pacific alone? Fiji/Vanuatu/Solomons/Tonga?> Also, what is the website for OFI? <http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/> I have the details of a supplier in Bali called /Bali SeaWorld/ , have you heard of them? Experiences? <Mmm, yes... mixed> Kind Regards Michael <BobF> Re: Marine Exporters  4/24/08 Hi Bob <Michael> It is possible for me to get to the Islands to look for suppliers. It is only a 3-4 hour plane ride. Also, what companies would you suggest of the West Coast of America? <Mmm... Quality Marine, Sea Dwelling Creatures, Underwater World, Pacific Aquafarms (all on/off 104th near LAX)... I would order from Walt Smith in Fiji if this area could supply you well enough. Bob Fenner> Regards Michael

Re: Marine Exporters  4/25/08 Hi Bob <Michael> Thanks so much for your help. One last query. In New Zealand we get very few of the rarer species (black and gem tangs, multi-colour angels etc) <Very few gemmatums in the U.S. as well... you're much closer to the Mascarenes...> come through because hobbyists generally do not want to pay the $$$. However, on occasion some do. I was wondering if it would be best to purchase the rarer species from Quality Marine, Sea Dwelling etc, or would it be best to buy from the source. <If it were me, I'd definitely NOT buy these direct... Too much likelihood of not saving anything in the way of cost, health, overall value. Better to have other, larger outfits do large ordering, hardening/acclimating... screening, and send you the few, fit, sale-able animals you're looking for> If it is best to buy from the source, what are the names of the companies (if you're willing to give them out). <I would... if I knew them, and you better... Please understand that I'm not trying to slight anyone in/directly, just don't know the parties well-enough to at all, to introduce as legitimate players. The people (and by causation, the companies they run) that I do know to be honest and competent I will gladly "plug".> Kind Regards Michael <Bob Fenner>

www.liveseahorse.com.vn 03/04/2008 Hi Crew, How are you my friend. I have to try send mail for many time but is undelivered.. <Mmmm> If you have any comment about Vietnam ornamental supplier to let me know. My seashore breeder farm goes very well now. Regards, Trung ----- Tel/Fax: +84 58 836 335 Mobile: +84 913 471 795 Intl contact: +84 905 997 866 "mailto:info@liveseahorse.com.vn"info@liveseahorse.com.vn "http://www.liveseahorse.com.vn/"www.liveseahorse.com.vn <Congratulations. Bob Fenner>

Looking the marine aquarium fish    2/16/08 Dear Sir and Madam, We are Siam aquatic company from Thailand. We are looking buy the marine fish from Red sea , West Africa, East Africa, Hawaii, Miami, Australia and Mexico. Please tell the detail of these company ? We are wholesaler in Thailand. Thank you so much for your times. Best Regards, Siamquatic Import & Export www.siamaquatic.com Phone: +66-804-7222-939 Fax: +66-02-571-2300 Address: 86/75 M.2 Saransiri Village Soi 3 T.Bangpub Pakkret Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand International airport : Suvarnabhumi International Airport <Mmm, are you members of the OFI? I do encourage your joining... and coming out to the Interzoo this May... Bob Fenner>

Re: Looking the marine aquarium fish   2/17/08 Hello, Thank you so much for your reply. How I do join members of the OFI ? How much for joining ? Please let me know. Thank you. Regards, Tassaporn <Please read here: http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/ Bob Fenner>

Red Sea Exporters 9/26/07 Hello, <Hi there> I have been running my Saltwater fish import business for about 1 1/2 years. <Congrats> Right now, I import strictly fish, and some inverts. I am looking for a reliable exporter of Red Sea fish, now that the main ones are shut down. Can you recommend anyone that is still shipping? I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide. Michael Stern <I suggest you peruse and perhaps join the OFI: http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/ Bob Fenner>

Re: Red Sea Exporters 9/26/07 Thank you for your reply. I am going to join OFI. However, they don't have any Red Sea countries on their site. I have spent a lot of time searching the web, your site, and OFI. No luck. Any specific recommendations? I would very much appreciate it. Michael Stern <Mmm, unfortunately I am not active in the field... so don't know who is in this area any longer... BUT I do encourage you to attend the CIPS get tog. in China in May and/or Interzoo in May of 08... and you will know much more... Bob Fenner, who will be at these> Re: Red Sea Exporters 9/26/07 Thanks anyway for your reply. If you know anyone who might have this information, and can pass on my contact information, I'd appreciate it. <Ah, good. Will do so here... and post on the Aq. Biz subweb. Cheers, BobF> Michael Stern Michael@NYAquatic.com 914-661-3128

Public Aquarium Fish, Collecting, moving sharks, rays   5/30/07 I am currently building a public aquarium in Chiang Mai, <Oh! Was just (back) there a few months ago... Has this town grown!> Thailand with a main salt water tank of 4,000 cubic meters. Do you know of any reliable, humane and responsible suppliers of sharks and rays which it is intended to display here. <Mmm, quite a few... I would contact the Director and Curator at the new Bangkok Aquarium for their help here> The aquarium is part of Chiang Mai zoo and I am afraid that it may end up in a call going out to local fishermen to supply part of their catch. <Mmm... it is NOT easy to transport cartilaginous fishes caught this way generally... I would also contact the folks at Monterey Bay Aquarium for help here re techniques, gear...> Although they can catch them they cannot transport them nor be guaranteed to behave in a responsible manner. <Bingo... YOU need to have a boat near, or catch these fishes yourself... WITH the tank, pumps for recirculating water through the fishes mouths... likely anesthetic (MS-222...)... and a ready-to-go live-hauling truck to move all to your town... stat!> Unfortunately, I know a lot about acrylic, life support systems and theming but not much about fish (at least commercially). <Delegate my friend... Hire, find some folks with experience, or travel, send someone to visit other institutions re these areas of expertise. Bob Fenner>

From Thailand, Looking for SW lvstk. suppliers   5/30/07 Hi Bob ( Sawaddee ) I'm an importer of marine ornamental fish in Thailand. I would like to have your assistance for the followings to see if you can spare some time to help me with:- Suppliers from West Australia, South/West Africa, Mauritius/Madagascar, New Caledonia, Coco and St. Helena; Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated. Thank you. Best regards Max Sea World Eakamon T. <Mmm, well, are you presently a member of the O.F.I.? As I don't know you, I will refer you to the folks who in turn have come forward: http://wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/Biz%20Index/Biz%20index.htm Scroll down to the Livestock area... and encourage you to join the OFI. Bob Fenner>

Hawaii Fish   1/19/07 Aloha, We operate a marine fish export company in Hawaii.  It is a family owned business -- our goal is not to be the largest wholesale company but, instead, to offer better quality and variety than is the norm. <Ahh... a worthy goal> With the recent addition of closed circuit rebreathers to our dive locker, <Inspiration... very nice> we have been able to consistently collect some of the deeper water specimens like flame wrasses, crosshatch triggers and banded angels.  In the future we hope to make forays into the real deep water (350+).  We are always looking to expand our customer base.  If you know of any wholesale companies or pet stores that might be interested in another distributor of Hawaiian fish, please let us know. Mahalo, Rufus Kimura www.kaiohi.com <Am surprised our paths have not crossed (or have they?). We no doubt know many of the same folks (the trop. assoc. and not) here in HI, as well as the principal players in the marine livestock whlse. trade... You have contacted the "usual suspects" in LA... TMC and Underworld in the UK? Will post your note and URL on WWM... Please make it known if I may be of other service. Bob Fenner>

Source of fish. Hong Kong looking for Trop. W. Pacific and Madagascar Hi Bob I'm an importer of marine ornamental fish in Hong Kong. I would like to have your assistance for the followings to see if you can spare some time to help me with:- 1) Suppliers from West Australia, South/West Africa, Mauritius/Madagascar, New Caledonia, Coco and St. Helena; 2) Any Divers who can supply me with rare and special fish for export 3) Any body can supply me with rare, hybrid and special area fish Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated. Thank you. Best regards DerbyAqua (HK) Derby T. The Manager Tel: (852) 9868 2820 Fax: (852) 2399 7006 Shop: (852) 2399 7007 <I will do as usual here: send your message out to friends/associates in the trade in the hope they will respond to you, your company as BCC'd recipients. I hope to meet you, perhaps visit your facility in future. Bob Fenner, presently in Hawai'i>

Re: Source of fish I'm sorry, but I cannot help, nor would I be likely to do so if I could.  I do not approve of the collection of rare fish without ecological surveys to ensure their populations are not impacted by collection. Best, Eric Borneman <Thanks for the input, referent Eric... wish this were a perfect world... Who would pay for it? Am content to try and make it better... and though I do encourage impact studies, surveys to determine what's there, optimum sustainable yields... am very sure that given crude collection techniques, the pet-fish interest has minimal relative impact (in comparison with other human and non-human aspects). Bob Fenner>

Request for Assistance Dear Bob     I would like to seek your help to introduce me to reputable/established suppliers of 1. Hawaii Fishes 2. Caribbean fishes & Inverts. , Especially Ricordea Florida 3. Fiji, Tonga, Solomon, Vanuatu -CITEs certified corals & live rocks We are a member of members of OFI & SAFEA. Since 1975 have been a major exporter of fresh water fish and plants to WW market. As part of our company expansion of livestock distribution into Marine Fish & Corals. We have also several different collection sites in various parts of Indonesia and group on experienced divers. I would like to seek your help and appreciate if you could kindly advise/introduce me to your supplier contacts in Hawaii, Caribbean & Fiji or etc. Kind Regards Peter Peh Aquarium Iwarna Pte Ltd Business Registration no: 199402607N Loyang Agrotechnology Park 70 Pasir Ris Drive 12 Singapore 518234 Mobile: 9755-7784 Fax: (65) 6583-3036 <Peter, as you appreciate I am leery of giving references to people, companies I am unfamiliar with. I am going to BCC a bunch of folks that collect in the areas you list here and hope that if they are interested, they will contact you. Hope to see you about, perhaps at the upcoming Aquarama in May. Bob Fenner>

Re: Request for Assistance Hi Bob,     thanks for your prompt reply. I saw Mr. Perry in the cc list, I believe he work in Sentosa Under Water World? <Actually... maybe a volunteer there at times> ........assuming the same Perry I came across.  If you happen to be in Asia, do let me know, probably can catch up over coffee. Kind Regards, Peter Peh <Will do so my friend. Perry helps another friend (Leng Sy of EcoSystems... makers of "Miracle Mud", there in Sing.) and am hopeful he might contact you... re a "character reference". I will be out in May for Aquarama, and hope that we might meet, chat. Bob Fenner>

Marine fish exporter? Hi Bob, <Alan> Very nice to meet you! <Likewise> I am a guy from China that wanna start my marine fish business recently and found your website is full of useful information. Thank you very much. However, may be because of some reason, you will not post the exporter or transhipper out. So, may you pls kindly forward my info. to the exporter from Cook Island, Hawaii, Costa Rica? Your help is highly appreciated. <Will do... I hope to make myself understood here: Am leery of making introductions when I don't know the parties well... Are you a member of OFI? I would check their directory and contact folks in these countries directly as well. Bob Fenner> Thanks and nice day! Alan Impact fusion from Hong Kong, China Fax: 852-30072717 Email: nickcwl2@yahoo.com.hk P.S. Capacity: willing to import more than 300kg per exporter from all over the world, twice a week.

Re: Marine fish exporter? Hi Bob, <Alan> Thank you for your help. I am not a  member of OFI and wonder if a small scale of company like me can join? B. regards, Alan <Am very sure you can, and encourage you to do so. Will you be attending Aquarama in 05? Hope to see, meet you there. Bob Fenner>

Re: Marine fish exporter? Hi Bob, Surely I will check with OFI website to register and hope to see in 05 fair. B.rgds, Alan <Real good. Bob Fenner>

Importing Marine Fish 10/23/04 Hi....great site <thanks kindly> I called Steve in Hawaii as recommended on Faq's,  but he was not interested in 20 boxes a time to Indonesia. <a small order indeed by industry standards... need to talk "containers" as in plane bellies> He recommended Underwaterworld or Golden Generation in LA  to supply <Hmmm... OK. I like Golden Generation very much. High Quality stock and systems> Unfortunately I cannot obtain their numbers....any suggestions <yep... be resourceful. Google searches on our site and abroad on the Net. And if that doesn't work... better still, if you hope to succeed in this/any industry... subscribe to the trade journals. There you will get a barrage of industry contacts and information including annual indices. If you'll take the time to read through the business pages of our archives... you will see repeated references to Pet Business, Pet Age and Pet Supplies marketing magazines. And speaking of being resourceful... you could simply call the Los Angeles chamber of commerce for their numbers> Just launched my site  www.aquarium-laut.com <best of luck> Please help as I urgently need to import Hawaiian , brazil and Caribbean fish. JD <slow down, my friend and get the information and experience you need first BEFORE importing live animals. Else you will be a statistic of (failed) business very soon (2-5 years). Buck the trend, snappy! Lets see you flourish by being the rare sort that is patience and heeds good advice <G>. Speaking of that... have you done a business plan? Truth be told... I know the answer :( A business plan/model forces you to ferret out the information you seek above and more. Please save yourself by doing a BP. There is fine software for it that can click you through with little effort. You will be amazed :) Anthony>

Importing Marine Fish II 10/26/04 Hi Anthony....thanks for your reply <very welcome> I was encouraged by your comments.  Regarding the business plan etc., I have been doing business here for 5 years,  it is a hobby that has turned into an operation that makes profit. <all the more reason to write and revisit a written business plan> I have been supplying 2 local wholesalers of  Indonesian fish with imported fish that I bring from Singapore, for a while now,  and 75% of my stock is pre-ordered.  The remaining 25% for my own loyal customers and display. <OK> The reason I want to go direct to the suppliers, is that I have calculated I can make another 30%,    <if they survive the transship/extended transit. The lure of money <sigh>> and also have a wider range of fishes, and not be dependant on an erratic supplier in Singapore. <OK> I spent many thousands of dollars to get the relevant licenses here, as I have the only one.  I would like to make the most of it. <OK> The reason I have been looking for direct supply is also to gain a feel for the pricing, so I can update my business plan. <ah... confused, but OK> Thanks so much for your advice though. Please take the time to look at my website, you will see some system photos in Complete Systems, as well as the Gallery. JD <interesting. Anthony>

Offer of tropical fish Indonesia Hi... My name is Tita (Ms), I am marketing division of Aquatic Indonesia. on 2002 I received your mail about tropical fishes. are you still import live tropical fishes ? We have very large stock of freshwater fish, marine fish, coral and aquatic plant. And we have special offer price for some fishes. Please feel free to contact me for further information, we are ready to send you our stock list available. We are interest to make business with you and hope we have good relations business in near future Thanks and regards TITA Marketing division CV. Aquatic Indonesia aquatic@indo.net.id phone: +62-251-360715 / mobile : +62-813-10-58-58-35 Fax : +62-251-333786 <Thank you for your note. We will place your information on our site, www.WetWebMedia.com in the hopes others will contact you. Bob Fenner> Brazilian Saltwater Angel Distributor  WATER BLUE CO., LTD Praia de Itapoã, Rua C14, Salvador, Bahia. Telefone: 71 - 22462537 Dear Importer , I have obtained your e-mail address on Internet. WATER BLUE Co. is the largest exporter of Tropical Marine Fish. Located in Salvador, Bahia on coast [of] Brazil, our Main Fish Facility is fishes [we] are catching on region [of] Angels of Brazil. We can ship to Japan, Singapore, US and Europe. Can you tell me if you are wholesaler/Distributor or Public Aquarium? Can you please send me you complete address, tel./fax numbers etc? Thanks and kind regards, Dinorio Machado Manager <We are not sellers of drygoods (other than the books we produce) nor livestock, but will post your message, email address and URL if you have one, would like... on our site. Bob Fenner>

HI exports, interesting translations 11/3/05 Hello: me gustaria to contact a business of Hawaii (Island Marine Exports ) <<"Hello, I would like (know how) to contact a business in/of Hawaii, Island Marine Exports.">> <Mmm, you might try:  Email: hitropfish@hawaii.rr.com   Island Marine Export Ltd.  Tel: +1 808 328-1898  Fax: +1 808 326-2528.  Ocean Fish of Hawaii  Tel: +1 808 929-8294> or to another business that export fish since that pies.  <<"Or another fish exporter/business to export fish of the same type and species.">> do not I find this data in it paginates.  pardon by speaking badly the groins. Many thanks <<"I cannot find the data as it paginates.  Pardon me for speaking through my.. ar**?" Not so translatable.  Marina>> <I would also search through OFI: http://www.ofish.org/mainpage-banner.asp?aid=9580&gid=4790  

Marine exporters worldwide   3/15/06 Hi Bob <Derby> Long time no see! Remember this is Derby of DerbyAqua (HK) and we had been some chats in the email. We have been in this business for over 5 years now and we open another shop "BrianSealife" now. We have many potential buyers but unfortunately we cannot find good enough fish for them. So that I would like to have your assistance to suggest me the suppliers of the followings:- fish:- Holacanthus limbaughi Holacanthus africanus Holacanthus clarionensis Desmoholacanthus arcuatus Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus Genicanthus personatus Genicanthus semicinctus Centropyge resplendens Centropyge boylei Centropyge hotumatua Centropyge nahackyi Centropyge jaculator Centropyge debelius St Paul's Rocks Queen Angels Chaetodon falcifer etc.... Suppliers of marine ornamental fish in the area:- Oman Christmas Island Vanuatu East, South and West Africa Mauritius Madagascan Mexico New Caledonia St Helena Isolated Island in the Pacific   etc Your assistance to this matter is very much appreciated. Best regards Derby <Are you folks members of OFI? http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/data-area.asp?aid=11492&gid=4838 I would join... peruse their member list for contacts... get on out to Interzoo (coming up in May), and Aquarama in Sing., in the intervening years. Hope to see you there. Bob Fenner> Re: exporters worldwide   3/16/06 Hi Bob Many thanks for your prompt reply. I'm not the member of OFI. I have browse the sites already for times but non the information of my expected. You know that all my requests are hard to find species. So I would like to have your assistance. Many thanks. Best regards Derby <Unfortunately I don't know you well enough to refer you to friends/associates in the trade... Hence my suggestion for you to come out, join us at the international meetings. The animals, locations you list are "all over the planet"... no one supplier will be able to offer you these at competitive pricing... Bob Fenner> Local SF Bay area wholesalers    5/3/06 Hi Crew,   I am currently ordering my stock from LA, I have accounts with SDC and Quality, but I would like to order locally if possible. I am only aware of Pan Ocean, but I'm suspecting there may be others. Any input would be greatly appreciated. keep up the great work!   Regards,   Alan <Am not familiar with sources in your area "well enough" to direct you. Do you have current editions of industry "Buyer's Guides"? You can order such, e.g., Pet Business Magazine's... via the Net. There are also possibilities, consideration due to considering transshipping with others in/about your area... Bob Fenner> C-Quest new Toll free number. Note, this is a wholesale marine livestock supplier, not selling to consumers  9/21/06 Bob, <Hi Barrie!> It is Barrie here, from C-Quest.  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to give you some updated information.  I've set up a new telephone number for people to contact us at.  The number is 1-888-4-TANKRAISED.  Which is 1-888-482-6572.  I'm trying to get this info out to as many people as possible and if you have the opportunity to pass it along that would be great. I'm actually down in Puerto Rico visiting the hatchery right now and having a blast.  I've been to do quite a bit of really amazing snorkeling right off the coast.  Fun Stuff! <Oh yes!> I'll be back in California some time next week and I plan on making a road trip down to San Diego to visit some stores.  I'd be interested in meeting up for some ribs. <Oh! Do please call me: 858 549 XXXX for this and I'll show you about (we only have a few stores that deal with marines unfortunately... but two or three might be your target customer. I'll call about, make sure the decision makers are about... BobF> Take care, Barrie

Wholesaler Recommendations - 10/18/06 I have a store in the Carmichael ,ca I'm looking for a good Hawaiian wholesaler for marine fish and coral any suggestions? <I think Bob and company always have good things to say about Quality Marine. I also have person experiences with JSEA. http://www.jsea.com Good luck, MacL>

Seahorse - H. kuda. Wholesale from Vietnam    12/9/06 Dear Bob, <Trung> I am from Vietnam, who has own breeder seahorse farm in Vietnam. I can supply for 5-7 thousand heads per week. My seahorse has CITES Permit approval. If you know somebody are looking for it to forward me please. <I have heard that the syngnathids from your area are subject to having high parasite loads and concomitant large incidental mortality...> Kind Regards, Trung Tel/Fax: +84 58 836 335 Mobile: +84 913 471 795 Email: vthatrung@dng.vnn.vn Website: www.liveseahorse.com.vn < http://www.liveseahorse.com.vn/> <Will post your contact info. on our site. Bob Fenner>

Wholesalers   12/24/06 Bob, <Jeff> I spoke to you at MACNA and Next Wave in Dallas. <Ah, yes> I own a small custom aquarium installation/service company in Tyler, Texas. I'm in Dana Point, ca right now and I want to get some livestock from the local wholesalers. Who do you recommend I visit in either LA or San Diego??? <There is nada in San Diego... a treasure in Los Angeles... I'd call on Quality Marine, Sea Dwelling Creatures, Underwater World, and Pacific Aquafarms on 104th Street in LA for sure... and a few other friend's places, depending on the specifics of what you're looking for... want to do in your biz... for instance, Tideline on Isis... for coral skeletons, sand, shells... Bob Fenner, who may go with you (live in San Diego half the year or so)... Do send along your itinerary of when you'll be in S. Cal.> Thanks!, Jeff Morley Lone Star Aquariums Re: Wholesalers   12/24/06 I forgot to mention I'm looking for some great looking saltwater corals, fish and clams. <Mmm, hit/drive 104th next to LAX. BobF> Just wanted to clarify thanks again! Jeff Morley Lone Star Aquariums Custom Aquariums & Service

Pet Store advice from WetWebMedia.com Hi, we do need some assistance. We own a pet store and have added marine fish to our pets. we can only find one hatchery and is limited on marine fish. can you help us? Kritter Korner Tracy city TN 931-592-3333 thank you sherry <welcome to the salty side of the industry my friend! We can indeed help you. There really is so much to say and share here to help you succeed. You really need to meet us or someone like us <G> at a trade show or conference and sit down for a couple hours to get the crash course! The big national marine conference MACNA is being held reasonably near you next year (it travels the country) in Kentucky by the Louisville club (www.lmas.org). If you go to no other conference or show... this is not to be missed! We'll be there and are delighted to chat and help you for as long as you are willing to listen. The industry needs more good retailers of course :) In answer to your question... there are many good wholesalers out there, and even more bad or ignorant ones. Make your life simple and go to one of the best and oldest ones around: Quality Marine. You can follow this link for their contact information: http://www.qualitymarineusa.com/home.html heehee... tell them Bob Fenner's crew recommended you and they might throw in a clownfish kewpie doll :) They really are good guys. I used them personally in my business for a about ten years, and they have been around for over 30 I believe. That sort of longevity speaks volumes. A trip to LA to see their facility is well worth it too! It will take your breath away. Best regards, Anthony Calfo>

Livestock wholesale sources hello. The site TMC is "down" or not available for five days. I'm tying to access because I need to make an import of live rock and stock to my country Portugal. maybe you can give the email of TMC to send them the request and the information about their site...thanks and answer please <Don't have their email, but there is a number posted on a review of their biz I penned here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/tmcpropc.htm And do look through our livestock links: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marlinks.htm and Livestocking Business FAQs files: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/bizlvstkfaqs.htm and the linked files (in blue, above) for folks who can supply you. Bob Fenner>

TMC in the UK I'm Portuguese and I try to enter in tropic marine center and I don't have success. I have a company in Portugal that have to import marine live stock and I can't find a company in Europe that export live stock and rock to my country. Please help my find one. thanks answer  <Mmm, their site seems to be "down" for now: www.tmc-ltd.co.uk/aquariumproducts/ tropicmarintestkits.asp Try back in a few hours, or tomorrow... or give them a call: Tel: +44 (0)1923 284151 Bob Fenner>

Wholesale suppliers The Crew @ WWM, I have been a long time fan of wetwebmedia. You guys have been doing a great job. I have been in the fish industry for 10 years now. I have an offer to take over a wholesale Business and I need some guidance on Livestock. I am residing in North California and has no clue on how or where to find a supplier to marine coral and fish. Please help me get on track and point me in the right directions.                                       Thanks                                       Lost in Cali <You can imagine the mixed feelings... wanting to help you, and oppositely wanting to warn you of the difficulty of operating in the livestock part of our trade. If you don't know who or where to find the major suppliers... how do you think you can run this part of your business? There are a few guides to "Who's Who" in the trade (Pet Business Magazine just came out with their annual "buyer's guide" that lists many). Do you have time to come down to Los Angeles to meet these suppliers? If so, I'll introduce you. Bob Fenner>

Adding saltwater to inventory- retailer 6/4/03 I am helping a friend with her pet store and we would like to add saltwater fish to our selection.  I am having trouble finding a system to display them in, <hmmm... the commercial ready-made systems are rather expensive to say the least, and many of them are not at all practical.> I really do not want to build our own.   <do consider... more economical and often more efficient. Visit local and regional competitors to see systems you find admirable> I was thinking along the lines of a MARS system or the likes there of.   <have had personal experience with these units... beyond aesthetics, they are poorly designed and constructed in my opinion. Undersized drains and returns (flow), poor ventilation below (trapping heat of chillers counterproductively... and worst of all... particle board components near water?!?> We are looking for maybe a total of 250gals or so.  In our area there is very little offered to customers.  We do have a Petco but their specialist is no longer with them and their tanks have already crashed. (I was the specialist)  I want to help my friend corner the market here.   <we have a lot of good information in articles and FAQs on the pet fish biz here on our website: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/Biz%20Index/Biz%20index.htm > Do you know of any good suppliers of livestock for a mom and pop store in eastern PA?   <your best is to find a fish-picker/jobber in LA to hand-select from the best wholesalers there each week. Else, livestock quality will be random week to week... its the nature of the game with so many wild caught animals> If you have any links that might be useful in obtaining what we need I would appreciate it. Thank you, Caryn Heffner <Quality Marine ( http://www.qualitymarineusa.com/home.html) is one of my favorite wholesalers (have used them in several businesses for the last 15 years. Even then, however, I still use a picker to select for me... never take what the random worker will give to fill your order. I just chatted with a very intelligent and well-versed chap today that has an established business in LA for wholesaling/jobbing [we have mutual friends that also spoke very highly of them: Erik & Dennis Reynolds at Aqua Marines Hermosa Beach, Ca 90254-0926 310-379-2581, 310-318-2202 (fax) Consider contacting them and getting their information. They have a website too at www.am4fish.com Best regards, Anthony>

List marine fish (Brazilian source) <Thank you. Will post your name, address on our "Livestocking" part of our business subweb on WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner> Iguaba ocean ornamental fishes exporter Rua São Pedro # 37 ; CEP: 22254-032 São Pedro - Rio de Janeiro / BRASIL TELEPHONE: + 55 (21) 2595-3223 FAX: + 55 (21) 2264-8222 E-MAIL: iguabaocean@vento.com.br

Bali transhipper in Chicago 5/03 I am trying to find a wholesaler who is in Chicago.  This wholesaler will allow you to transship from Bali or pick stuff out of their stock. Another store is buying from them but they will not give me the name of the wholesaler.  Can you help. Bryan Blowfish Aquatics, Inc. (317)714-1685 <Don't know either, but will post on our root web in hopes that someone does and will contact you. Bob Fenner>

DAVE PALMER Hi Mr. Fenner, I would like to touch base with Mr. Palmer regarding importing/transship T. clams & Prog. corals. I was reading the "FAQs about the Giant Clams Business" section; also I hear his name articles on the Internet. If you can help me with his contact info, I'll appreciate it. <You can reach Dave through Pacific Aquafarms: pafarms@earthlink.com > Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Ertan <Welcome. Bob Fenner

Saltwater livestock importation Hello, My name is Lee. I have a question about importing saltwater fish. You might not be able to help me but if you know someone who can please ask them to email me.   I am opening up a saltwater aquarium shop this summer and I was thinking about importing fish in the future. I already have my import license. I am going to buy wholesale for now and then later when I can expand I would like to import. <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/bizlvstkfaqs.htm and the next Related FAQs file (linked, in blue, at top)> I have thought about this and it is something I would like to do.  I was wondering if there was a place I could find how to acclimate imported fish once you receive them. I have heard they are hard to acclimate. But I really would like to try to import my own fish. If you could give me any help and advice I would appreciate it. <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/acclimat.htm> I am a very determined person with plenty of help. I know I could do this but the people I have talked to are not very helpful. They just try to talk me out of it. <Perhaps it is their assessment that this is not a good idea for you. Much to be learned, related here. I strongly encourage you to go work with someone for a while... see what is involved here...> So I will buy from them instead. Would you please email me your help and advice. I am usually at work during your show. That is why I am emailing you.   Thank you for your help in advance. Lee <Bob Fenner>

Marine Biz 7/9/03 Mr. Fenner, <Anthony Calfo in his stead> I write as I need some advise/assistance with marine aquaria livestock. I am (or at least consider myself) an experienced marine aquarist, and have been doing it as a hobby and operating a small high-end install/display business (peaceful, community reef tanks only), since about 1980, which I started in Vail, CO (keeping marine tanks at 8200', with 30% less O2 is an art in it self). I take great pride in my work and try to be as knowledgeable as possible. <good to hear> I do agree with the concept that we, as marine keepers have a duty to provide a high quality environment for our wards so they may live out their normal life spans.   <or longer as is often the case in good hands> My most outrageous story was when I was in one of our LFS a while back, there was a guy in there buying a Volitans Lion, a Picasso Trigger and a Snowflake Moray.  After he left, the guys at the store were laughing as he comes in every 3 months and buys the same 3 animals, and is trying to keep them in a 30 gallon tank!  That was the last time I set foot in there. <indeed... the feet are the best way to vote disapproval as a consumer. Carry your dollars away> I have learned, I read all I can get my hands on, and in the last decade have succeeded in not only keeping almost everything I set my hand to, but have done so well with some of my tanks that we have to regularly harvest corals (soft and hard), macro algae's, snails, etc., which we find new homes for, but I have a small problem I am unable to figure out. While I have no problem keeping some seastars (brittles and serpents), I have the black hand with Linckia and Fromia.  Every single one (about 5, I will not buy anymore unless I can figure out my problem) never makes it out of quarantine (everything gets quarantined for 4 weeks before it goes into any display).  They invariably develop "the rot", where they start to deteriorate a the tip of an arm and it progresses until the animal dies (and it drives me nuts to watch).  I have carefully selected the specimens to assure they appear healthy and do not have any visible damage or parasites.  Once it begins I have tried cutting off the arm well below the infected area to no avail.   <the first problem is the source of most of these animals on import (poor handling/shipping that dooms many from the start). Too many folks are willing to try a cheap Philippine or Indo Blue Linckia rather than spend for better specimens shipped in larger bags (as from Hawaii). The price diff and survivability are much different. A case of getting what you pay for. The second problem is that very few aquarists really are prepared to care for these stars. They are very hungry deposit feeders that need mature aquaria (over 1 year old) at a rate of one star per 100 gallons or more! Indeed... nowhere near as hardy or forgiving as the Ophiuroid brittle stars> Are there any decent texts that address disease in inverts? <there is more address of invertebrate pathogens in the academic literature... do tap your local college library of sciences. Have you also seen our new book on Reef Invertebrates?: https://secure.wetwebmedia.com/order_form.jsp http://wetwebfotos.com/store/nma-ri.html> Our tanks are kept at 78-80 degrees, sg 1.024, ph 8.3 (very stable) Ca425, Mag 1200, KH 12-14, Bor 2,  Str 12,  Na 10, (since I installed a plenum it went to 10 ppm and stays there even if I do not do water changes, which I normally do 20% on the display, 50% on quarantine filled from display, every 2 weeks), O2 5-6, Ammonia, nitrites, phosphates, silicates, copper all 0, I add iodide and iron supplements but never enough to get a reading with my test kits (Seachem), the quarantine tanks are filled from a very healthy and mature 400 gal display with a refugium, we use Hawaiian Marine salt, the water is RO/DI, they have lots of live rock and sand (except for the hospital tanks) with good copepod populations, protein skimmers,  UV sanitizers, excellent circulation, halide lighting, weekly supplements (both phytoplankton and amino acid/trace elements).  I have attached a photo of the display in my office (sorry for the poor quality, crappy camera). The only other animals I have any trouble with are Catalaphyllia and Helio-Fungia, neither of which I seem to get along with, <the common problem here is that they are never fed well enough in captivity. These are very hungry corals that get perhaps no more than 70% of their daily sustenance from the translocation of carbon from zooxanthellae. These corals need target fed organismally several times weekly with meaty fare> but do very well with many other stony corals, both small and large polyp, including Plerogyra sinuosa and gorgonians, several of my anemones have divided and grown like mad (I have a Macrodactyla doreensis that has gone from about 4" across to more than a foot in under a year). Any idea what I am doing wrong?  There is sufficient detritus for them to feed on <detritus is not even an appetizer for these two groups... they need course zooplankton like Mysis shrimps. 3-5 times weekly IMO for most> but I have yet to get one to last 4 weeks and absolutely do not want to be responsible for the demise of anymore, but have a couple of customers who would really like one. <Fungia is much hardier than Heliofungia... and beware that many elegants are now being collected in very deep water (purple tips) and will not tolerate bright light at first or at all (no MH)> My second question is, is there a decent, reputable marine livestock wholesaler out there, who can and will deal with the animals by proper names, not common names, and actually ship healthy, quality animals, and what was ordered.   <I like Quality Marine and Aquatic Marines (both LA)> Preferably one who also handles captive raised animals.  I get tired of crappy shipments with high mortality rates (in one case 50%, in the box just 6 hours), frequently the wrong animals (even if I give them proper name and a photo reference, I just received 2 Zanclus cornutus that were shipped as Heniochus diphreutes ).  I do not do enough business to use a broker, most require orders in the thousands per week or month, I do one every couple of months, just to fill my customers orders (I do NOT operate a retail storefront, and do not want to!). <you really need a jobber to hand pick from QT stock... well worth the money spend (lower mortalities and much better cherry picked animals. Do look at AM4fish.com and chat with Erik> I await your reply.  You may call if that is more convenient for you or if you have any questions. Please feel free to forward this message if you feel it necessary. Most sincerely, Mark Simon <best of luck, mate. Anthony>

Glad to meet him at "Aquarama Show 2003" in Singapore Hello,  Bob & Anthony, <Howdy> Your webpage is wonderful and excellent information both for hobbyists as well as trade/business friends.   I have got to know you through Barry of ClamsDirect who also introduced us to Walt Smith & Sea Dwelling Creature & others. <Oh, yes>   But for past months have been very busy with my Marine Fish & Corals Business in Singapore.   We are an importer, exporter, wholesaler & retailer of marine fishes, invertebrates, soft & hard corals, live rocks & Tridacna clams (all with CITES Permits) from neighboring & Pacific Countries for only 2 years over.     Most of our Hard Corals (with CITES Permits) are from neighboring countries and Vanuatu.  So far we still have bring in shipment from Walt Smith as the market in Singapore is too small and that already there are about 3 local importers who brought in their orders from Walt Smith, it's like fighting for a small piece of cake.   In fact, Smith & his staff Devi had given us a call about 3 months back about placing an order with them and are considering so maybe in the next few months just to cater for our overseas customers.  Do you think if we will to place order with them,  you can assist us by giving  them a word of giving us 'rare or special' species of the corals just like what Edwin brought in his shipment,   appreciate very much for your kind words. <Do just mention this to Tim (McLeod) there (Fiji) re what you're looking for. I'll cc them here> Glad to know you will be attend the "Aquarama Show" in Singapore on 10th October '03 and our great honour & pleasure to welcome you. <Actually, we'll miss the show this year and be in the Marquesas instead>   I think you might be very busy meeting trade friends & hobbyists from various countries as well as  Edwin (the new LFS)   &  Perry Chong.      We will be definitely there and of much pleasure if we can invite you & friends to our premise and seek your professionally advices on various subjects.       <Sorry to miss you> By the way,  will be glad to know Perry Chong as well,  appreciate if you could introduce us to him or maybe in fact we already know each other except does not get to know each other names. <Yes. Will cc Perry here as well>      And as for Edwin, we know each other for quite something since he was our walk-in customer 2 years back and he has just started his shop about 1 month ago and last week  come in a shipment from Walt Smith. Could you kindly also advise us, what if we do not have a website for our company, is it possible to put an advertisement at  your webpage and how much is the charges,   sorry have not really go through the pages at related webpages as recently extremely too busy. <Will cc Mike Kaechele who handles the bulk of our "ad sales"> Meanwhile, we look forward to your favourable reply of visiting our premises and your great advices, suggestions & comments, please let us know your decisions so that we will arrange a few vehicles for the  pick up.     Appreciate if you could kindly pass around or introducing our company to your trade friends and hope you can cast your net further with more recommendation of exporters & importers to us. <Will post your message, BUT do consider making/having a "good" website describing your business (and images!) so others can find you> Hereby attached our introduction letter of our company & name card for your kind reference and comments. Sorry for not able to write good sentences and express yourselves. Thank You  & Best Regards Steve Benjamin Chong ---- HP 065 - 98178144 New Trio Fisheries <Be seeing you, Bob Fenner>

Artificial corals & fish Guys, I am looking for leads to some ethical importers of marine fish for a friend. Fe Baskin is the widow of Dave Baskin who was the creator of the ASI ReeForms corals ten years ago. They had set up a collection station in the Philippines and were just starting to ship fish and inverts when he died of stomach cancer early this year. Her family operation is currently shipping limited numbers to Holland but would like to start exporting to the USA. Originally they were collecting for custom exhibits. Of course it is all net collected and they are working with Ferdinand Cruz who has been working with the net collection training and has spoken at Marine Ornamentals on the Philippine situation. Her description of their operation is below. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Tom <Tom I will circulate amongst friends, associates in the trade I consider of excellent practices in hopes they can/will contact you. Bob Fenner> From: Fe Baskin Hi! Tom, Thanks for the reply I was so upset and busy it takes me few days to recover. Any way we are using MAC guideline even if its ridiculous How can you ever trace a single damsel fish? But I have no choice so I will work with them its all lip service anyway. More of WWF propaganda. Our weekly output will be 40-50 boxes a week but We will have stock in the field instead for the next shipment. I am shipping to Holland . Our client provide list of fish beforehand so we give the list to our collectors and we don't end up collecting fish that are not needed. That's the advantage of the field operation its a pain in the neck because we end up taking care of the fisherman but the control that you can get is worth it. We will have the stock of fish ready for shipment but the same amount will be in the cages ready to be shipped when we give them the signal. Also the Island where we operate we can collect all year round and the variety is there. No fancy blue face (seldom seen and fisherman usually said they are big). The supply will come all over the Island but mainly in Mindoro Island where our operation will be located. So much invertebrates are available if there is a demand the buyer can tell me. Our buyer in Holland he is a nice guy like you! Have technology in the shipping and he come to the Philippines every 3 months he adopted a 28 year old Filipina. Paperwork are being process I will name the company DNB AQUATICS . What do you think? Our supervised collecting station in Mindoro Island we have cages in the ocean .Fish are not feed in the cages they stay there 3-5 days depending on the size. Another few days in the facility before shipping, we use individual small container per fish to avoid fin damage. Ferdinand will supply from Palawan, Bicol and Bolinao . We shipped fish in bags from the field less stress to the fish. We had a lot of hands on experience because we did it ourselves so many times. In the packing for shipment I got the best but they are part time in the beginning so I don't have a lot of overhead. I really appreciate your help I know you are busy . Thank you and regard to Terri , Lisa (hug her for me she is special) and kisses to the new born I can't wait to meet them. Bye! for now and Take care

Import of Ornamental fish Dear Bob,   It was great joy reading yr forum and I realized that I need to write to you regarding about importing of ornamental fishes.  I hope that with your contacts in this industry, you can help me with the following; I need contacts for reliable exporters from Hawaii and brazil, also any exporters that export corals with cites to Singapore? I tried to contact Wayne Ocean World from Hawaii recently but to no avail. There phone no and fax seems to be terminated and there was no reply from the email.  Hope you could help me out on this one. With appreciation, Yeow. <Might I ask a bit about your business? Are you a retailer? A jobber of sorts, or a wholesale distributor of marine livestock? About how much volume do you do, enough to warrant an LD3? Can/do you co-opt shipments with anyone in Sing currently? Bob Fenner who will be there on Tuesday>

Imports Hi Guys. <Hello Steve> Love reading your site and following the links....wish we had something here in the UK like WWM. <Start one> Anyhow, I am involved with a company called Acropora House with a specialization in SPS corals, Live Rock and of course marine fishes. <I see> We are looking to expand our supply base to bring in direct imports from Hawaii, Marshall Islands and Fiji/Bali. <Okay> We are looking to buy 1500kg - 3000Kg + of Live Rock per time and bring in SPS corals and fish as well. I have been speaking with Waterlife Fiji (do you know of them) but was kinda hoping you might have a contact in Hawaii , Marshall Islands or someone else out Fiji/Bali way who you might recommend. I have tried to get hold of Walt Smith Inc. via email but no reply to date. If not do you know of a European transhipper that might wanna get involved. We are looking for quality livestock products.....not just the cheapest. Hope you can be of assistance. <Do you belong to the OFI? You might use their member list, resources to contact folks who could help you. I have Bcc'ed several friends, associates in the trade, including Walt Smith. I am hoping that some will follow-up here and contact you. Bob Fenner> Regards and Best Wishes Steve Tope Re: Imports Hi Bob <Steve> Many thanks for your reply. We have a couple of sites here for Marine Enthusiasts but none so quite as in depth as WWM. I hope on our new website that we will have a few links.......can we post yours up as one ?? <Absolutely> OFI..........no we are not members/ don't belong. We are a newish company. I will try and find a link and go about researching. <Take a look at/through their site: http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/ especially the Member's Directory by country> Thanks for Bcc'ing people you know. If any should get in contact, I will let you know and pass on our thanks. We struggle here in the UK as we are not mainland Europe or the States so kinda get overlooked by a lot of people even though the marine industry is big business. <Not for long> Thanks for your help <Glad to be of assistance. Bob Fenner> Steve Tope

All Seas (LA) Dear Bob, Do you have ALL SEA MARINE contact number or email address? I just can't find them on net. <They have no net address or email contact. Their number in Torrance (California) is 310-532-7769, fax 324-5501. Ask for Ted or Edwin Chua. Bob Fenner> Thank you. Cheers, Charles

Looking for industry contacts, specifically Dave Palmer Hello Dr Fenner, <Just Bob please, I have no doctorate degree or pretense to that title> this is Almarzouqi who talked to you in the phone a month ago and I'm the founder of NCPARS.COM (north central pa aquarium reef society) I was searching the net for contact information about transship companies and was looking for any contacts from Jakarta, Solomon island, Hawaii, marshal island and came across article and replies that you have to other people. I would like to know if you know anybody or have any contact that will be interested to ship corals and fish to east coast once a week or once every two week in a big quantity? <Yes, a few. I will BCC them here in hopes they will contact you> I have came across Dave Palmer's name and could not find any contact info and he is the one who gets Solomon island. <Now in Los Angeles. You may call him at 310-406-1235>   Any info you will give me will be appreciated and will help me a lot with my project that hope will be one of the big projects in east coast. I will be traveling to Middle east, Asia soon to get some work from there and I'm also working with Oman and the UAE to set a station there.  I did not want to call you pass 9 pm eastern time as I did not know what time is your bed time and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks ahead Almarzouqi <Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Hey Dr. Fenner, This is Dr. Smith here. You have given this guy my home number. Dave's business number for PAF is 310 215 3474. Yikes! Cheers, Walt <Yowzah! Thanks. Will amend my ways and this number. Bob>

Livestock Contacts Intl. Dear Bob, good to hear from you. I found Dave Palmer a week ago and got 10 boxes of corals and fish from him to start on Saturday. I will appreciate if you can help me find some contacts with Bali, Jakarta, Kupang, Vietnam and other areas.  I know that you have good contacts and Dave was very nice and so his helper Sylvia. Thanks ahead.. Yours Almarzouqi <I will send out your request to others in the industry here as I usually do, that is Bcc'ed so that they can volunteer individually if interested. Bob Fenner>

Re: starting up a store <<Cheers, Matthew... Anthony Calfo below you in Pennsylvania following up with Bob's cc here>> >  Also, we are located in Connecticut, and over the years I have become very friendly with some local shops, but still am not totally certain as to what method I want to go about stocking my tanks.  My concern is that I want to stock the tanks by reducing the stress on the fish as much as possible.  By any chance, would you know of any good local fisheries or markets in the Connecticut area that are easily accessible to a starting business? > <Unfortunately no. But will ask Anthony here if he is familiar with any, and will post on WWM in the hope someone will respond> <<several points to make here... briefly regarding your intent to reduce stress of initial stocking of tanks, do be sure to use a generous amount of cured live rock for invertebrate tagged marine systems... and for fish only marine and freshwater filters, perhaps consider "supercharging" them in advance with Ammonium Chloride. Its inexpensive and easy to do... easy to manipulate too - it will let you start a seeded biological filter and race it up to a strong colony just prior to stocking with fishes. I recall seeing Moe describe it in his classic Marine Aquarium References... and am sure recipes exist for it on the Net. It really is as simple as it (might) sound: feeding a bunch of ammonia to a filter prior to putting it online for a fish load. As to the regional suppliers... you have some challenges here. If you don't have direct flights (and I suspect not) to your nearest airport from Los Angeles, then you will be at least slightly compromised as to the quality and availability of livestock you can get. I would strongly suggest you get a jobber (fish picker) here to select your orders on site in LA from the best available stock. The other challenge is that there are no significant distributors of wholesale marines in our region until you get down to New York and New Jersey. And frankly, they are not that good IMO. You would be better served by getting product first hand from the primary port of entry for most US marine tropicals: Los Angeles. With that said, you might also look into a Chicago supplier (there are several... like A-Pet) if you can get better flights to CT than from LA. And has Bob has suggested... please start shopping the trade shows to get your feet wet and to network. We have the HH Backer Shows in Atlantic City and Chicago twice yearly. Also subscribe to a trade magazine like Pet Business or Pet Age to begin or finish your business plan. And last of all... be sure to write that business plan! Your chance at success will be greatly improved. Make your life easy and purchase some software like Business Plan Pro to do this. Some local business schools also often offer free counsel to local small business for start-up (classes and consultations... help writing biz plans, etc). Best of luck, Anthony> <Thank you Antoine. Bob>



(live ornamental fishes)


----- We are a serious company in the export of ornamental fish of the Amazonia, are experienced in to attend to external markets : USA, France, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, England, Sweden, Spain, South Africa etc, . We are interested in open new markets as this, have more than 100 varieties of fish permanently and also; we prepare special orders for clients (Sizes, quantities etc). Please indicate  to us  what categories of fishes ; are you interest:

holacanthus tricolor / Hippocampus kuda / reidi / holacanthus ciliaris / Pomacanthus paru / Pomacanthus arcuatus / Selene vomer / Atlantic blue tang / centropyge aurantonotus / Gramma loreto / Bodianus rufus ad pulchellus / Muraena miliaris (golden moray) and


contact us  Yochy, e-mail yochy@superig.com.br


(live ornamental fishes)


Your opinion (re a giant dream of collecting, processing, etailing rare angelfishes) Mr. Fenner, I plan on opening a internet based marine fish store which specializes in only the rarest and hardest to come by marine angelfish, and I would like your assistance in a few areas. <Not easy to do this business... hope to help you work in the industry first... Have you read over the "Business Index" part of our website: www.WetWebMedia.com? I suggest you look over "The Marine Center" site... link on WWM... as they do the sort of enterprise very well already...> My first question is what are the rarest and hardest to come by angelfish!?  <Look over the survey pieces on Pomacanthids on the WWM site... and the reference works listed on the Bibliography/Further Reading areas on each article... get and read these over...> I've already decided to get clarion's, clipperton's, Conspicuous, scribbled, the masked angelfish, West African, the resplendent, the golden pygmy, the red sea angel, Armitage angel, and the Nahacky. I plan to catch most of these myself to ensure the quality and care taken to capture these beauty's. <Wowzah! Lofty goals indeed! Have collected about half of these myself... not easy to get to the areas of most... no realistic way to make "collecting and re-selling" them an economic enterprise... Perhaps your efforts would best be directed into investigating captive breeding?> and when I finally have them in the store they will be quarantined for at least 3 weeks before I sell them and of coarse ill make sure that they eat and are taken care of. And then my second question is what numbers should I maintain of these fish to appease the collectors? <They will tell you in time, turn... just a few initially.> I know that these fish aren't offered in the industry often, so I want to know what type of demand to expect. thank you for any help you offer and it will be greatly appreciated. thank you once again. Michael Camacho <Much more for us to discuss... very enjoyably... do you do much dive travel currently? You are welcome to join us on our regular outings. Very often go to, dive with such collectors around the world. Bob Fenner>

Biz advice... My Boss wanted me to ask if you or anyone in you direct area knows anything about marine wholesalers? I am helping him set up his tank but I have no idea about wholesalers. I have been a civilian up till now and he is just starting marine. Looking for Best quality, service, selection and price. the only one I new of was Quality Marine. Thanks for your help aquarium gods :-) John Moyer <Quality Marine has had one of the best reputations for many years. I like them very much myself. I will say though, that if you do not live close enough to LA to cherry pick for yourself... it is pot luck with most shippers. They are all dealing with wild harvested product weekly  that is turned over very quickly and is at the mercy of the airlines and the elements. I strongly recommend to all remote retailers that you find a jobber to pick your fish for you from among the various wholesalers (a paid cherry picker). I discuss the merits of the procedure and the nature of the entire shipping/receiving livestock process in my Book of Coral Propagation if you are interested in the nuances here. Else, more information on jobbers, wholesalers, and other industry personnel can be found by joining any of the professional organizations or industry pubs like Pet Supplies Marketing or Pet Age. PIJAC is also a great place for industry information. Do research them on the Web. Best regards, Anthony Calfo>

Starting a Salt Water business... Bob, <Anthony Calfo in your service while Bob travels to Australia to show the Aussies how beer drinking is really done!> Hello again. I have decided to start my own business.  <welcome to the industry my friend. I wish you the best of luck and the strong admonition to form and revise your business plan often (don't become a statistic!)> As you can tell from the e-mail, I have decided to call it Broad Wave Reef & Fish. I am focusing on salt water fish and corals. We will also be diversified into tank maintenance and set-up/design. We will be on the web soon. My concern is whom do you recommend, vendor name, to get my livestock and coral from? I have looked through FAMA as well as searched the internet. There are a lot of people who will supply wholesale, but since I am new to this, I am not sure who has quality livestock and corals and who doesn't? <Really... when you don't live near LA to cherry pick, sight unseen from anybody is as good or as bad as another. I STRONGLY advise that you pay for the service of a good jobber (AKA fish picker) to be your eyes and ears in LA. They will hand-select your order for a nominal hourly fee. Even $50/hr for two hours to pick a $2000 dollar order is money well spent compared to your alternative of having someone making minimum wage selecting it. As far as who to pick... a tough call...many good, more bad ones. Overall it is hard to go wrong with Quality Marine is they will take you as a customer (especially if you use a fish picker). But don't limit yourself. Let your jobber advise you on trends among the importers. To find all of these industry professionals, subscribe to Pet Supplies Marketing and/or Pet Age magazines. They are industry trade journals with indexes to industry wholesalers, manufacturers, importers, jobbers, etc. Make contacts and browse their catalogs to see what interests you and again, let you jobber help with the decision> I am also considering becoming a Red Sea "expert" retailer since I am in Boston and shipping should be more cost effective. Whom in the Red Sea do you know that I can start building a relationship with getting livestock from? <None can be said to be unconditionally exceptional. You have to browse your options from among the importers listed to see who can serve you best (beyond price, connections from their stations to your airport, freight restrictions, policy restrictions, etc> Thanks for your help as always!!! <best of luck... the industry can always use another ethical vendor <wink> Anthony>

Fish Wholesalers Hello, I am a new (7 months) pet store owner and was wondering if you would recommend any fish wholesalers for the following: Freshwater Fish - I currently order from local suppliers (oversea imports) who generally supply decent stock but have limited selection. I tried Ekkwill several times but always suffered very high losses due to apparent bacterial infections that did not respond to any treatment, so I am a bit gun shy of Florida farm fish as others in the trade have told me they have had similar experiences. I am looking primarily for community and south American cichlids/catfish as I am very happy with our African cichlid suppliers (Old World and Exotic Tropicals (local)). <Am surprised at your experiences with Ekkwill... we should talk over your acclimation procedures. Have you read those posted on WWM? Here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/acclimat.htm> Saltwater Fish - I currently order exclusively from Quality Marine and have been extremely happy with the quality of their stock but was wondering if their are other suppliers you would recommend. <Sea Dwelling Creatures is a nice alternative to QM: salesmanager@seadwelling.com, Maybe All Seas if you know what to pick/choose from them.> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard <Need to know a bit more about you, your business. Where are you located? What size (volume, turn) is your store? Do you have a specialty, like live plants, reef... that you do or would like to emphasize. Please do read through the Business Index of WetWebMedia.com for others input that is archived. Bob Fenner>

Introduction (Freshwater, Marine Livestock from Brazil) Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 18:52:58 -0300 <Thanks for this. Will post on our sites for your exposure. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> DISCUS AMAZONAS RIVER- PIRANHAS SPECIAL PRICE, DIRECT FROM RIVER TO YOU UNBELIEVABLE PRICE BRAZILIAN FISHES MARINE ATLANTIC FRESH WATER AMAZON RIVER DISCUS GREEN - FOUR COLORS RED-Piranhas SPOT BLUE ETC IGUABA OCEAN RUA SÃO PEDRO 4O , IGUABA -RIO DE JANEIRO BRASIL FAX-55 21 22648222 EMAIL: iguabaocean@yahoo.com.br iguabaoc@vento.com.br , BRASIL MARINE FISH-promocion salminus maxillosus SEAHORSES YELLOW; BLACK, RED PROMOCION -POMACANTHUS PARU French angel LARGE -30CM ETC dear sirs we are a company established in Rio de Janeiro (BRASIL ) since1993, we are specialized in marine and freshwater fishes > can dispatch to around the world with good freight rate and good connections to make shipment arrival on able time fresh water : Potamotrygon leopoldi, potamotrygon motoro, arapaima gigas, salminus maxillosus, wild discus( Amazon region), plecosL-46 + L-25+ L14+L-15 +L17 saltwater fishes : queen angel ( show size around 30cm), French angel show Cuban hog , gray angel, red sea horse, yellow sea horse, flame back angel ,(better price from brazil), royal Gramma (better price from brazil), Spanish hog, golden ell and much more we are waiting for your

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