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FAQs on Loricariids, South and Central American Suckermouth Cats: Genus Chaetostoma, Rubber-Lip Plecs

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Rubber lipped Pleco, fdg.      2/3/17
I have one Rubber lipped Pleco in a 38 gallon with two angelfish. I feed it a half veggie disc every second day, plus it must be getting the angelfish food that sinks to the bottom. The Pleco never rasps on the driftwood and is always under it. I am just wondering if it should be fed more and if the lack of hanging on the driftwood is normal? Thanks
<Hi Judy, Earl here. I think you may have answered your own question here.
It may have enough food that it doesn't feel a need to graze. As far as resting under objects vs. hanging onto them, I'd assess how much decor you have, where is the tank located (area of high traffic?). It's common for Plecos to lurk in cover, out of sight. The purpose of clinging to objects is mainly to maintain a feeling of security, after all. As long as the fish is not emaciated and is not being harassed by tankmates, everything seems fine from your description. Hope this helps.>

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