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FAQs on the Daters, Etheostomids in General  

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Mudskippers; darter ID/PA    1/9/13
Hello, I was reading your postings about mudskippers, while trying to identify a fish my daughter and I caught in our local creek.  We are located in Langhorne PA, the creek is the Neshaminy Creek.  In all the literature we found, and talking to the local rangers, they have never seen and we have not found anything that looks like this fish.  The closest we have found is the pictures of the mudskippers.  I have enclosed a picture of one that we caught.  It is about 1-2 inches long,  (2 inches is the longest we have found, and 1" is the smallest we found) we mostly found them when we were hunting for crayfish, under rocks. Thank you for any information you can give me.
Cynthia Bridge
<Mmm, appears to be a darter of some sort/species. I put the search string "Etheostomids of Pennsylvania" in Google... Looks like an Etheostoma....
Bob Fenner>

Re: Mudskippers    1/9/13
Thank you so Much..
<As welcome. BobF>
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