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FAQs on Giant Sailfin Plecos, Genera Glyptoperichthys, Liposarcus, Pterygoplichthys: Identification

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Loricariid Identification, Loricariid Behavior, Loricariid Compatibility, Loricariid Selection, Loricariid Systems, Loricariid Feeding, Loricariid Reproduction, Loricariid Disease, Catfish: Identification, Behavior, Compatibility, Selection, Systems, Feeding, Disease, Reproduction Algae Eaters

Pleco Grand champion - Arofanatics Carnival, Sing. 2012    9/3/12
Bob I have never seen such a colorful Pleco before Perry
<Have seen something similar... B>

Sailfin Monster Hi, my name is Chris, and am new to your site which, by the way I find enjoyable and very informative. <Hello, Chris.  Thank you for the kind words.> My question is this; My sister has turned me on to a marble Sailfin Pleco, which she says doesn't get any longer than 6". After many searches on the internet, I'm finding most references leaning toward the "Sailfin Pleco", which can grow rather large. Are they one in the same? <Quite likely.  A few fish probably fall under this name, but far and above, the most common is the 'gibbiceps' Plec - Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps - which can and will grow to 18" quite easily.  Take a look here:  http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/loricari/glyptope/148_f.htm . And if not, could you give me the Latin name for the "marble" Sailfin Pleco? <Again, same beast.  If you're interested in plecs, browse through http://www.planetcatfish.com/core/index.htm and browse through the L numbers, see what all there is that interests you.  Sizes, food requirements, and gobs of other info can be found there.  Enjoy!  -Sabrina> Thanks, Chris

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