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FAQs About Goldfish Systems: Aeration & Circulation

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Aeration helps, as does moderate water motion... but they can't overcome the shortcomings of too little volume or inadequate filtration.

Filter suction danger? - 3/7/07 I just got a juvenile goldfish (I'm assuming it's a juvenile, because it's tiny), which I'm keeping in a ten-gallon tank with  a Top Fin filter. I got the tank yesterday, and while I was letting the water run through the filter as per the box's instructions, I wondered if the suction from the intake pipe might be too strong for my little guy. I put him in the tank this morning, and sure enough, it looked like he was struggling whenever he swam close to the filter-- sliding backwards or sideways, swimming extra hard. So, for the moment, he's in there with the filter off. Should I just leave the filter on and let him get used to it, or is there too much of a risk that it might harm him? <He will quickly adjust to the currents.  He will learn where they are and avoid them or purposely play in them if he likes. A little hard swimming is alright if he is healthy.> What can I do to protect him from it? <Make sure the intake screen is firmly attached. Turn it on and watch him for a while to make sure he isn't overwhelmed. Give him decorations to explore.  Read more here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm> Thanks, Sara <You're welcome! Alex>

Goldfishenvironment/current issues  2/5/07 Hi there <Hey Rosie.> I have a small red comet (about 1.5") in a 3 gal tank. <Uh-Oh.> I know this is rather small but I am dealing with that. <Yesgood.> Today I put an undergravel air stone along one wall of the aquarium, and when I turned it on my wee fish immediately started swimming like a bat out of hell in the bubbles. <Probably a lot of action in such a small tank.> I watched her carefully and she wasn't being washed into it by the current but was actively trying to swim down into the bubbles and then got repeatedly whooshed up by the water. <It may be to much for such a small tank, I recommend upgrading soon and until then just utilizing frequent and large water changesin a larger tank the animal will be able to adjust to highly powered filtration, etc. .> Is this normal behaviour for a goldfish? <For one that is scared/stressed yes.> This went on for 3 hours when I decided to disconnect that airstone overnight because I don't want her to kill herself from overexertion. Could she sustain damage from the strong current, <No they usually adjust but in such a small tank the animal doesnt have anywhere to go...escape current now and then.> even if she seems to enjoy being in it? <Fish love strong currents, what we provide in the aquarium is nothing compared to native environments.> Since I turned it off she has been very active, almost frantically swimming in the same spot where the current was. If it is safe my plan is to connect it up in the morning and leave it on for the day and then turn it off at night when I turn the lights out - is this a good plan? <See above.> Thanks in advance, Rosie <Adam J.>

Goldfish, Small Tank, Aeration - 11/02/2005 Hi there, <Hello.> I have one young goldfish in quite a small tank with an undergravel filter. <"Quite a small tank".... Have you read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm ?> It has been set up about a year now, and the fish seems healthy and happy. However, I have the pump on a timer switch so that it only pumps for 8 hours per day. This is because the fish tank manual says that any longer than 8 hours will over oxygenate the tank and will kill the fish. <Uhh....> The same manual also instructed me to strip the tank down every fortnight, cleaning the gravel and filter plate and filling up again with new water. <Err....> I do not do this as clearly there is no point in having a biological filter if no bacteria can become established. This means I am unwilling to trust the manual about the 8 hour pump idea. <Good.> Should the pump only be on for 8 hours daily? <No.> Won't this prevent a good water flow to the bacteria bed?  <Mm, could.> And just one other quick question. I have one Amazon Swordtail plant  <Amazon Swordplant, perhaps?> and was wondering if they are viable in an undergravel filter. <No.... not usually.> Many sources say plants are not. <Many plants are not, in fact.> I have left it in its pot to ensure that its roots are not constantly exposed to circulating water. Is this correct procedure? <Mm, I wouldn't.... I would actually explore other filtration options, and if this tank is less than ten gallons, I would explore options for a larger system. As for the plant, leaving it in the little pot/basket will not be of help to it; the pot and fibrous material ("rockwool") around its roots should be removed, and the roots buried in an appropriate substrate.> Thanks a lot, -David <Wishing you well, -Sabrina>

Comet Conundrum - 10/05/2005 Hi! <Hello!  Sabrina with you today> Firstly, what a fabbo site! I've been pouring over all the FAQ's and have had a few questions answered but I'm hoping you might be able to help me with my specific problem as I've already lost two fish and don't want my new buddies to meet the same fate. <We shall try.> I have two new comets, one is white (Hunter) and the other is half orange half white (Duke). Hunter and Duke have only been in the tank (10-15L? I didn't purchase the tank myself so I'm not sure) on my desk here at work for the past two days. <Please understand that this is too small for goldfish.  We tend to recommend 10-15 US gallons (that's about 38 to 57 liters) per goldfish.  They get very large, and produce a lot of waste.  They're just not a good fish for small tanks at all.> They replaced two fish that passed on over the weekend due to lack of oxygen in the tank. <A strong sign that this tank simply cannot support goldfish.> I've cleaned the tank, done a full water change and tested all the pH and ammonia levels before loading in the new fish.  Their first day out seemed to be fine - They were zipping about the tank and being otherwise fishy and fancy free. This morning when I came in they were sticking to the surface and 'gasping' - Much like their sadly missed chums. I raced off to the pet store and have now bought an air stone to go along with the filter I already have in the tank. I've done a partial water change (about 25%) and set up the tank again with the air stone in place. <The air will help, but in all honesty, it's only a matter of time in such a small container.  It is unlikely that they will survive long in there.> How long should I wait to get results? Should I be worried if they don't improve overnight? <Yes....  I would worry now, in fact, and try to get these guys into a larger system or a buddy's pond or something.> The lady at the pet store didn't seem overly knowledgeable on fish much to my disappointment. Do you have any other suggestions on what could be wrong? <Too small a system, too much fish.  I would urge you to start over, and consider a fish called a "Betta" or "Siamese fighting fish".  One male Betta would be a very pretty and suitable fish for your tank, with proper care.  They do very well in small systems of a few gallons, and come in almost any color imaginable.> They are such lovely fish and I'm attached to them already - I'd hate to have to see another pair go because I'm doing something wrong. <Start by reading here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm  and here:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/bettasysart.htm .> Thanks,  Danica <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Comet Conundrum, Continued - II - 10/08/2005 Hi, <Hi again, Danica! Good to hear from you.> Sabrina - Thanks for all the advice! As grim news as it was, it was still good to have someone let me in on the big secret - pet store people don't know anything! <Sadly, some stores do seem to be in it more for the money than for the fish. There are some good stores out there, too, but it will take some searching on your part to find one you really like.> I was told by the attendant that my tank was fine for two fish and that there must be a problem with the water.  <Mm, either she is ignorant about goldfish, or preferred to "keep you in the dark" so you'd have to come back for more fish later. Hopefully the former is true, but I have been to some downright malicious stores. There aren't many, though, so hopefully that's not the case here.> Unfortunately Hunter died overnight, as I suspected. <I'm so sorry to hear this.> He wasn't looking too good yesterday and I figured there wasn't much else that could be done. Duke is doing a little better this morning and I am hoping I can nurse him back now that it's just him in the tank. <Significant (50-75%) water changes daily for a few days will help - and getting him into a bigger tank is the key here.> If he makes it through the rest of the week I am going to try and find a new home for him with someone who has a bigger tank. <The sooner, the better; it may mean life for him.> I'm afraid getting a bigger tank just isn't possible for my desk here in cubicle land.  <Completely understandable!> Will read up on the Bettas and see if I'm ready for another fish. <You will be, if not now, then soon - once you have found the right fish for a pal. Bettas are excellent pet fish, each has a different personality, and all are so colorful. Do please take a look at that article, it will help you, I think.> I'm awfully upset about having lost three fish already - Poor little buggers. <Many/most (maybe even all!) of us did learn the hard way.... That you are willing to learn is what's important - I am confidant that you have the drive and desire to keep fish successfully. You will do fine, when you are ready.> Thanks again, Danica <Wishing you and Duke well, -Sabrina>

Goldfish Filtration and Aeration Hi, I have a 60 liter tank to house 6 goldfish. It has a electronic filter included. Do I really need an air pump with air stones as well? Or is it an optional thing? Thanks Spence   <Hi Spencer.  I would not add this many gold fish in this size tank, they will foul the water quickly.  1 goldfish for ever 10 gallons of water, would be nice, so that would be 37.853 liters (all those years of math finally paid off!).  An additional air pump is always helpful, but not always necessary, really depends on the other filter, how much water it is turning over per hour, what type of filter it is, etc.  The link below has a lot of FAQs on Goldfish and Goldfish care.  Best Regards, Gage http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/goldfishfaqs.htm >

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