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FAQs on Pangasiid Cats,  Mainly the Iridescent/ID "Shark"... Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Albino sharks not eating... Pangasiids  1/9/10
Hi Team,
I am new to this site. I have been discussing about my issue in several blogs, but have not got much help, but at least appreciate the time taken by the people to answer my queries.
Having read lots of solutions provided by you, I am hoping for a great help from you.
<We'll see won't we?>
I had a small tank with 25 gallons capacity and had the following fishes :
2 Albino rainbow sharks
2 Blood Parrots
4 Tinfoil Barbs
3 Sucker cats
<Mmm, you're going to need more room... the Tinfoils will be getting very skittish in time in such a small world>
All fishes were healthy and were feeding good. <well> The albino sharks grew very fast and one of them came to 16 inches while the other 9-11 inches.
<!? Inches...? And... what are we discussing here in the way of species? Is this the Pangasiid catfish... it's not the minnow shark (Cypriniid)>
The tank was too small for them. After some time the large of the two shark stopped having food. I thought they are stressed up as their house might be small.
In the mean time I got a large tank with 250 gallons capacity and 4ft tall.
I moved all the fishes to the new tank, while moving the larger shark hurt himself on the nose but not too much. It got healed in 2 days.
<Ah, good>
From the day I moved them to large tank, the sharks are not feeding at all.
Sometime ago at least the smaller of the two was coming to the surface to have food, but now even he has stopped eating.
<Am wondering what the difference/s in water quality are here. Do you have test results to relate?>
It has been over 2 months now, since they have not been eating. All other fishes are eating well and are healthy.
<Very strange... and what are you offering as food?>
These sharks are my favourites but I cant see them starving. They are losing
their weights badly.
Please please please help me know what might be wrong with them?
<Need more info... the species name, water quality results, and foods proffered>
I have added the following fishes in the tank :
2 Yellow Parrots
1 Giant Gourami
<Another "monster">
2 Green Terror
2 Malawi Blue Dolphin
I have plans to add the following fishes, please advice if they are ok:
2 Gold Severums / Green Severums
2 more Malawi Blue Dolphins
Thanks in Advance.
<Please write back with the requested information. Oh, and read here:
and the linked FAQs file above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Albino sharks not eating 1/9/2010
Thanks Bob, Appreciate your quick response.
<Welcome Ramesh>
Yu are correct, these are Pangasiid catfish species. The water quality is the same and I have checked the pH value, nitrites and nitrates. They are all fine.
I have been offering Taiyo Economy food.
<Ahh! Do switch to higher-protein fare... IF you can, do get Spectrum brand... Very nutritious and palatable. And do read where you were previously referred. BobF>
Hope this answers your queries.
Re: Albino sharks not eating 1/9/2010
Sorry for the confusion, here are the details of the fish:
It is from the species Pangasius, I also see that they call it as Iridescent sharks. Hope I am not confusing you.
<Thank you for your concern, consideration. I am not confused. BobF>
Re: Albino sharks not eating 1/10/2010
Thanks Bob. I will try them.
<Good. BobF>
Iridescent Shark... not feeding?   2/6/07
Hello again...2/5/07 <Mike> I have another dilemma; I purchased a 10" iridescent shark at my LFS and am keeping him in a 100 gallon tank for now. I hear that he will soon out grow it, I also hear that there <their> growth could get stunted and 12" could be there max size. <Possibly> Anyway I have had him now since 1/28/07 1 week 1 day and haven't got him to eat anything yet... should I be concerned? <Mmm, getting there> I have him housed with a Red Devil, 2-Jack Dempsey's, 1 Fire Eel, and 1 Texas cichlid. So it is hard to get food to him. <Are usually quite eager feeders> I have tried feeding at night using pellets, flake food, and night crawlers. As far as I can see he hasn't ate anything yet! I hear they are called "eat em up fish" and will eat anything and everything but no luck here.... I have called the pet store where I got it and she said she has had him for months and never saw him eat  she said that she used flakes. What should I do? <Mmm, best to place a divider in this tank... about half way... and make sure this fish is not getting bullied into non-feeding, assure yourself that it is taking food... I would continue with the (sinking) pellets offering. Bob Fenner>

Iridescent Shark... not feeding? - II - 02/09/2007
Do you think it could be internal parasites? I have read a lot about that. If so should I remove from tank or will it be too late and had already spread to other fish? Thank you, Mike Whitson <Very unlikely this is a parasite issue... just a matter of inter-species adjustment, the new fish settling in. Bob Fenner>

Iridescent shark starved itself to death... Mmm, not likely  3/18/06 I have a 20 gallon tank, well cycled and up and running for about 2 months. I have had a couple of Iridescent sharks ( 2 inches long) since the beginning. <You do realize how large this fish gets?> For over a month and observed that one of the sharks "ate up" all the food and didn't allow the other shark any chance to feed. <They are voracious feeders, yes> I saw that, the shark that ate everything only ate the floating food and didn't touch the once that sunk to the bottom. I read somewhere that some sharks may eat the sunken food and this should not be a issue. So, I put in sinking food, but never saw the other shark eat. <Mmm, beware, or be aware that such common name, labels as "shark" have nothing other than external appearances in common... most FW "Minnow Sharks" are cyprinids... the Iridescent Shark is a Pangasiid catfish...> Its been 2 months, and I thought everything was okay. Then, I introduced 3 swordtails, 2 guppies over a period of one month. <Yikes... would be eaten in the not-so-long term> Now, the guppies and swordtails did compete for the floating food with the shark. (I do put enough quantity to suffice everybody !!). After a month, I see that the shark that did not compete for food passed away. I guess, the sunken food was ate by the guppies and swordtail starving the shark to death. am I right ?! <Not likely, but possible> the water chemistry is fine and all the other fish are active and happily swimming around. How do I make sure that all my fishes get enough quantity of food ?! <Mmm, first and best by investigating their individual species "needs"... for environment, water quality, foods/feeding, compatibility. The "shark" mentioned is way out of line with what you list here> I would like to add more fish. I would like to have fish that swim around actively and the water from the tap is pretty hard. <Ahh! A good start> A Betta or tetras, which one is a better option for my tank inmates ?! <Read my friend... on WWM, books, the Net at large...> Thanks in advance for the help. -- ~Sunil <Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/pangasiidcatfaqs.htm and the links you'll find... yes, this fish grows to a few feet in length... quickly! Bob Fenner>
Re: iridescent shark starved itself to death...  3/20/06
Thank you for the quick response !!! <Welcome> Yes, I realized a bit late about the size my iridescent shark will get to (yeah .. its a "catfish"... but, I still love to call it a "shark" just because he looks like one !!). I have decided to give him back and get some fishes suited for my tank. <Good>     As I mentioned below, one of my sharks passed away and two days later, the other shark is  also showing the same behaviour. It was eating properly until the other shark died and now, it is swimming slowly at the bottom of the tank and hasn't eaten anything for the past two days. There are no visible signs of sickness or injury. The water chemistry is okay.     I just wanted to make it healthier before I gave it back. But, tonight, it seems to have lost all energy (he had a stomach full two days ago, and I don't think the fishes go that weak if they go without food for two days), all that he does is lie low and motionless and almost dead. <Such "high energy" animals have to be fed very often... at least twice daily... high protein foods are better...>     All I can do now, is look at him, helpless and unable to do anything to make him feel better. I did a 30% water change. What else can I do ?! <More animal make-up food, more often> sad and heart broken, Sunil <Do what you can and be satisfied. Bob Fenner>

Iridescent Shark, Feeding, Cont'd - 02/11/2007 Should I attempt to force feed? Or just let him be? <I would NOT force-feed a Pangasiid... not necessary... I assure you, given enough space, a lack of harassment, this specimen will eat... and definitely NOT starve. BobF>

Baby Iridescent Shark, Not Much Info, We Need More 11/2/05 One of my tank houses a 10" iridescent shark, he is rather big <Uhh, actually, at 10 inches, he's still *tiny*. See here: http://www.fishbase.com/Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=14154 .> and usually eats very well, but as of lately he has not been eating. All of my ammonia and nitrites are at 0, and nitrates are a little over 10. Is there anyway possible to get him eating again? <Really, not enough information here to go off.... I would try offering meaty foods of aquatic origin - shrimp, squid.... or frozen meaty fish foods. Wishing you well, -Sabrina> 

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