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FAQs on Pangasiid Cats Mainly the Iridescent/ID "Shark"... Identification

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Identify fish      11/2/12
I recently inherited a bunch of fish from a friend who's aquarium sprang a leak. I'm trying to identify this fish in the picture below.
<It's an Iridescent Shark, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus. Gets to around 4 ft in length in the wild, though 2-3 ft is more typical in aquaria.
Not a particularly (indeed, even remotely) good aquarium fish. Try to rehome if at all possible; here in the UK, the Maidenhead Aquatics chain is pretty good at rehoming tank busters like this.>
The fish is very hard to photograph and this was the best I could get. The person who gave it to me called it a shark fish but it doesn't look like any shark fish I've seen.
<Indeed. It's a catfish. Do read:
Primarily of value as a food fish. Grows big, fast.>
I'm a swordtail keeper. So all these new fish have me perplexed a bit. I also inherited a black ghost knife, male crown tail Betta, what looks like a common Pleco, a couple female swordtails & a couple male platys which will be moved to my smaller tank because I would like to avoid cross breeding. Had enough fry & do not want more right now. Which is why I have all female swords. Thanks in advance for any help u can give identifying this fish below! Have a great day!
<Glad to help, Neale.>

Can you Identify this fish for me?   8/28/07 I have searched and searched and Googled and Yahooed and still cannot find the identification of this fish. I was told it was a Black Shark Catfish, which it obviously is not. <Is a Pangasiid... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/pangasiids.htm and the linked files at top and bottom> So here is a physical description and I will send along a photo, if I can get one of it. Behavior: Likes to be solitary. Prefers to hide in a corner of the tank or under a log. Doesn't care if it is looked, doesn't mind a slight touch, but don't try to move it or net it or net anything close to it. <Good description... is a shoaling species that when alone is reclusive> Eats: Never seen it eat, but Goldfish, then guppies, then other fish disappear and there are only small mouth fish in the tank. <Ah, yes... and gets VERY big...> Physical Description: Barbels-4 under the chin, eyes on opposite sides of head- that looks similar to a whale shark. Two Pectoral, two pelvic and one long anal fin, one elongated dorsal fin. Black all around. Swim Behavior: Never 'rests', all fins (except dorsal) seem to be moving always. Slow moving, unless fleeing. Mouth: Doesn't gape. Never seen it open it's mouth come to think of it. Tank: 45 gal freshwater. <Will be much too small...> I am sorry the picture isn't much clearer. Not the easiest to get a picture of because it is always moving. I would really like to know what this is and the proper care and environment for it. FYI: I received this fish along with 2 Gourami's, a catfish, and I think it was a guppy, can't remember the other one now, from a lady who was taking care of a bed-ridden elder person, whose tank cracked and leaked all over. They decided it was time to find her something else to watch. Thanks for any help you can offer! <Be reading... and chatting! BobF... who has a friend JohnK with your family name...> 'Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.' - Albert Einstein We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us. - Albert Einstein <Strongly agreed>

2 very quick questions and then I have to join reality... JC Aquarium courses, degrees, Pangasiid ID, sick Echidna...  7/28/07 <Heeee! Definitions please> Thanks for your help! <Welcome> I have one more situation: I am very new to the marine world. I am taking a course in Aquarium Science at Oregon Coast Community College in Newport, Oregon (new program). <Neat! Have just perused this site... very exciting to realize such one and two year programs exist...> Question 1) Where do you get all your info? Do you all have years of experience, biology master degrees? <Mmm, many years of collecting aquarium literature, reading critically, writing (few processes make one learn better...), have an extensive pet-fish, fisheries, ichthyological library... Worked in the ornamental aquatics trade earnestly for decades... Do have many years of formal academic education, degrees in the life sciences... My brief bio. here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/bobfbio.htm> A few select books you rely heavily on? <Yikes... there are many... Ed Noga, Fish Disease, Diagnosis and Treatment seems pertinent here... the Modern Coral Reef Aquarium tomes by Fossa and Nilsen... Debelius Atlas series...> Question 2) My snowflake eel is bloated. Yesterday it happened. I watch this dude every day. I have read all the info and I am saddened to think that it is going to die. Yes it was eating guppies, our lionfish died two days ago (in a different tank). I am afraid we got some 'bad' fish, however the Pangasiid is doing very well. <Mmm, I see... this group/family is tough...> Could this be a possibility-the 'bad' guppies? Or is there something else going on? <Might well be related to something in/on the "feeders"...> The ell is still alive this morning. Thanks ever so much! Really! <You have read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/snoflkeeldisfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Mystus leucophasis...?  10/24/06 Hello, <Hi there> I've search both your site & the web but find either very little or conflicting information on the Mystus leucophasis. I have 3, 4"- 6" in a 55 gal with 4 Oto catfish (moving soon). <Good. Incompatible> It's fully planted, and they love to tear up the green hedge. They eat everything including a slow Oto. <Yes> So I'm writing to get more information on them. I know I have both sexes in tank but not sure how to tell which is which, when are they sexually mature? what about breeding, what is their breeding ritual or habits, environment. How big do they actual get ? I've read any where from 6" to 12". Any recommended read? I'm looking for has much information has I can find on them. BTW- I saved them from the nasty tanks at Wal-mart. <Mmmm... as far as I'm aware this species is not handled by this mass-merchandiser... Is this what you have: http://images.google.com/images?as_q=Mystus+leucophasis&num=20&btnG= Goodle+Search&as_epq=&hl=&as_oq=&as_eq=&imgsz=&as_filetype =&imgc=&as_sitesearch=&imgsafe=active> I have 13 tanks 3 of which are 55 gal so If I need to put 1 per 55 I can do it or buy bigger if need be. <I suspect you have a much larger Pangasiid relative... do see Fishbase.org re identification here... Search for the genus> Thank you for all your help. Sheri <Glad to help. Bob Fenner>

New Shark Dear Mr. Fenner, I purchased a new shark a day ago at the local pet store. They called it a "blue white fin shark" since it has horizontal blue and white stripes on it. I can't seem to find any information on this shark anywhere and I need to know how to care for it.  <please resist buying an animal before you know its needs, my friend... at any rate, by the description it is still unclear what species you have. Please browse our archives from the index page at WetWebMedia.com. AS just a guess... does the body shape of your fish resemble the iridescent shark here: http://kingsoftheaquarium.tripod.com/iridescentshark.htm> It doesn't seem to eat anything right now. At this time I am not sure as to how large this shark grows, if it will get along with the other fish, or any general information on it.  <if it is the above species... it is peaceful but grows enormous (18+")> The shark, which is about 2" in length, is in a 10 gallon fish tank with 2 zebra Danios (I'm not positive about the name, but they are zebra fish), 1 cat fish, 2 Gouramis, 1 painted glass fish, 2 Neon Orange Mickey Mouse Platies, 2 tetras (whose type of tetra is unknown). The pet store employees weren't very helpful, as they didn't know much about the shark. Please help me A.S.A.P. by sending me information about the shark (how to care for it, if it gets along with other fish, and how large it grows).  This will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help, <best regards, Anthony>

Re: New Shark Dear Mr. Fenner, <The previous reply was from Anthony Calfo. Steven Pro here with the follow up.> Thanks for your help before. I think I have the iridescent shark you mentioned. Do you have any advice as to what to do now? <My best advice is to return the fish.> We didn't know any information on it because the store gave the improper name for the shark and they never provided us with any information about it. <And yet you still elected to purchase it anyway knowing nothing about its adult size or captive care requirements. Do not get me wrong. I understand how easy it is to just get whatever your store recommends, but these are live animals. And with their purchase, we assume responsibility for their lives. The live or die dependent completely on us. It is therefore our duty to fully understand what our pets need and to sincerely determine whether we can meet their requirements before we buy them. I will climb down off of my soap box now.> We only have a 10 gallon with 10 other tropical fish (as mentioned in the previous message). <From your previous listing, I would stick with peaceful Barbs (such as the Rosy or Cherry Barbs) and different types of Tetras.> Thanks again, Brittany Simmons <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Black fin FW shark I supposedly have a black fin shark. I have read on a website that it is called a Tetra Catfish. Is this true? < I can only find them listed as Black Finned sharks, but common names are often different in different areas of the country.> I also need a way too sex it. It is fully black except all around its fins is white, and one or two of its whiskers is white. (WHISKERS!) < Your catfish (Pangasius pangasius ) gets huge, around 4 feet long. This fish probably is not sexually mature until it gets at least 2 to 3 feet long.> Also I have a mud turtle, 5 minnows, and this shark all in a twenty gallon tank, but is only filled about five inches high in water for the turtle. I plan to buy more black fin sharks (AKA Tetra Catfish) so I need a way to tell male from female! Thanks in advance! < Nothing is known about their sexing or reproductive behavior in the   ?

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