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FAQs on Pangasiid Cats Mainly the Iridescent/ID "Shark"... Reproduction

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Brooding ID "Shark" Catfish   9/1/06 I read about someone thinking his/her ID shark might be pregnant.  You responded it would be highly unlikely.  My male ID shark is brooding the female's eggs.  They are about 6 years old and approximately 12 inches long in a 55 gallon breeder size tank.  My husband and I caught him to look in his mouth thinking he swallowed some gravel.  There are about four or five creamy-yellow eggs the size of small marbles.  I do not expect that they will actually hatch, but who knows.  If you need any documentation I will do so.  Expectant fish grandma?   Kim B. 8/31/06 <Neat! I wonder what species of Pangasiid catfish you actually have... Please see here: http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Summary/FamilySummary.cfm?ID=134 (the species links below) and: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/pangasiids.htm Bob Fenner>

Iridescent shark breeding? Hi, <Hello> We have two Iridescent sharks in a 125 gallon tank along with a few other fishes. The sharks are about 6 years old and are approximately 18" long each. One of them appears to be pregnant. Her middle has gotten very round recently and she seems to be swimming a little more slowly than usual. I've read that Iridescent sharks don't reproduce in a home aquarium so I'm wondering if there's just something wrong with her. <Mm.  I very, very much doubt that they'll spawn.  For one, they're still quite small (yup, small....), and for two, you got it, they don't seem to spawn in aquaria.  They do, however, spawn commercially in enormous ponds and such.  But it could be that she is egg-laden, which would certainly make her rounded, and would not necessarily lead to breeding.  If it is an illness/condition, it's most likely constipation - what are you feeding them?  Also, what are your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH)?> If she is pregnant what is the gestation period and what should we do about quarantining the babies or if she's ill what should we do about it? <Well, I doubt if you'll be dealing with babies - but if you do, most definitely do keep good notes and keep us informed!  If she's constipated, you might try feeding her chopped earthworms.  She should accept them, and they have a good roughage content, so might help her clear any blockage.> Please advise as soon as possible. If she may be ill we want to remove her from the tank. <My apologies for any tardiness....  I don't think you'll need to remove her from the tank, at least, not yet; but please do keep in mind, these guys can potentially reach a staggering fifty-two inches!!  Now, if only I could glass in the house, and have a tank for myself to live in in the middle of it....  ;)  -Sabrina> Thanks for your help. Beth Domanski

Miniature Iridescent Shark Cats - 10/10/2005 Hi, I have had two iridescent sharks for approximately 4 years now. The bigger of the 2 is approximately 6 or 7 inches long. <Still very, very tiny.... Please read here: http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=14154. For some reason (aquarium conditions, food, others....) your fish are quite stunted in growth. This is not necessarily a good thing.> Over the past few days it has developed a rather large very noticeable oversized abdomen as if it were pregnant. Its activity and movement have not changed, what could this be? <At this size, it is not pregnant. My first guess would be that the animal is constipated..... but there's just not enough information here for me to go off.> Please help me....... <Wishing you well, -Sabrina>

Black fin FW shark I supposedly have a black fin shark. I have read on a website that it is called a Tetra Catfish. Is this true? < I can only find them listed as Black Finned sharks, but common names are often different in different areas of the country.> I also need a way too sex it. It is fully black except all around its fins is white, and one or two of its whiskers is white. (WHISKERS!) < Your catfish (Pangasius pangasius ) gets huge, around 4 feet long. This fish probably is not sexually mature until it gets at least 2 to 3 feet long.> Also I have a mud turtle, 5 minnows, and this shark all in a twenty gallon tank, but is only filled about five inches high in water for the turtle. I plan to buy more black fin sharks (AKA Tetra Catfish) so I need a way to tell male from female! Thanks in advance! < Nothing is known about their sexing or reproductive behavior in the

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