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FAQs About Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles Stocking/Selection

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Found a big turtle in my yard 6/22/11
Good afternoon,
<Hiya - Darrel here>
I found your website doing a search on Google. After reading through your other posts I only have two questions. Is this turtle a Yellow Bellied Slider (YBS)?
<She is a BEAUTIFUL Yellow Bellied Slider in great shape!!!!>
I found this turtle in my back yard which is not close (.5 miles) to a stream, and the front yard is on a busy road.
<It's possible, I suppose, that it's a long term captive in your neighborhood that escaped, but whether from a stream, lake, pond or pool, turtles like that can take INCREDIBLE walking tours in search of '¦ whatever turtles search for. I've come across them 3 MILES from the nearest water.>
Should I just put the turtle back in the yard where I found him/her, or should I take him/her to the stream in the park?
<What I'd rather you do is look on the Internet for a turtle & tortoise club in your area. Putting the turtle back in your yard (allowing it to just walk away) is dangerous and we never, ever, EVER, *E*V*E*R release an animal into the wild unless we are absolutely sure beyond question that we are releasing it back into it's native habitat. An experienced keeper in your general area will know if that species & subspecies is a local native and can be safely returned to it's wild state. More importantly, a guy might drive 100 miles to obtain a turtle that large & that pretty. I know I sure would.>
I think your website is awesome by the way.
<Thank you, thank you, thank you. We never tire of hearing that -- and allowing us to take the opportunity to make a shameless pitch right here in the middle of the daily FAQs '¦.
Lights, cameras drum roll & LARGE FONT PLEASE '¦..
Ladies and Gentlemen, if at any time now or in the future you feel so inclined, there is a "donate" button on the WWM web site. The donations received go toward paying for articles and other content that in turn make the web site even more awesome than before.
<thank you for your attention>
<yer welcome!>

Home for 2 turtles -- 06/29/08 We purchased 2 yellow-bellied turtles last summer in Hilton Head. Female is now about 5" and male 7". It's more work than I thought and would like to find a home for them. TY, sw <Greetings. Wet Web Media can't provide personal services of this type. For one thing, I have no idea at all where Hilton Head is! Certainly isn't anywhere near me here in Hertfordshire, England. You essentially have two options. The first is to contact an animal rescue in your locality. Do bear in mind that they are literally inundated with pet turtles "donated" by people who bought them before doing any research. So you might not get much help from them; at least, not without making a more useful donation alongside the turtles in the form of money they can use to help the animals in their care. The second option you have is to contact local pet stores. There is a market (albeit a small one) for large rather than small pet turtles. Telephone around. The one option YOU DO NOT have is to let them loose in the backyard or a stream near your house. While this is almost certainly breaking some sort of law, it is also cruel on your animals that now have no idea of how to feed themselves, defend themselves from predators, or find shelter from the elements. Hope this helps, Neale.>

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