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FAQs about Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights for Marine Systems: Troubles, Fixing 

FAQs on: LED Lighting Science/Rationale, LED Lighting for Small Systems (< 40 gal.s), LED Lighting for Large/r Systems, LED Lighting Installations, LED Lighting Manufacturers,

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Mysterious electricity      5/13/15
Hey Bob, was at my local LFS on Sunday the entire day looking. A women, with a newly setup tank, can <came> in and purchased a Maxspect led, 180 watt, brand new.
She came back an hour later and stated upon plugging it in, it would not turn on, not even green light on ballast.
<Mmm... likely a polarity issue in her service/outlet at home. See here: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/light-emitting-diodes-leds >
We plugged it in at the LFS store, and it came right on. Convinced she didn't have wire in all the way, she took it back home.
Again, an hour later returned, and her and her husband tried it on every electrical outlets in the house, and it still would not come in.
Her tank return pump, heater, skimmer, vacuum all work in these receptacles, but not the lights. We once again plugged it into store, turned right on.
I was baffled, although I am not an electrician or electrical engineer, I could not fathom a high amp vacuum working, but not an led fixture. She bought instead two ai prime LEDs, which worked.
Have you seen that before? She says the townhouse is less than 3/years old, so my guess is being an older house with older circuits was out the window.
Just curios. Thanks

LED Light Lenses are "Yellowing" with age... & concern re slowing rate of growth of corals
Hello Crew,
I have a set of well known, high quality LED light fixtures that I have owned for about 6 years. Recently, I have noticed that the lenses through which the LED light is transmitted have "yellowed".
<Mmm; yes; does happen at times; some makes/models by some manufacturers>
The white lights in the fixtures used to be bright white but now they have a noticeable yellow color. Can this be the reason for a considerable slowing of the growth rate of my corals?
<Yes; could be a/the influence>
I have been battling growth problems primarily with my Acroporas; even my typically fast growing "Green Slimer". I am seeing the tips turn brown and even some die off. Water parameters seem to be good as they always have been:
Salinity: 1.026
Alkalinity: 3.5
Calcium: 400ish
pH: 7.95 during the nighttime and early morning, 8.15 during the daytime
<About right>
Nitrates: .75ppm
Phosphates: .06
<Mmm; am self-prompted to mention potassium shortage, similarly magnesium being out of ration as a poss. issue here. Do you use a chemical "feeder stock" for your stonies? I'd look into SeaChem's line>

The tank has been stable around these parameters for the last year and a half. Looking for a possible cause I noticed the yellowing lights and have become concerned that that may be the problem.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
<Mmmm; and the usual perusal of the archives/FAQs on WWM on the topics you
list as concerns. Bob Fenner>
RE: LED Light Lenses are "Yellowing" with age

Hi Bob,
Can you give me a bit more information on the "feeder stock" you mentioned.
I checked the Seachem line but am unsure about which product you are referring to.
Thanks, Ralph
<Sorry re: http://www.seachem.com/Products/product_pages/ReefPlus.html>
RE: LED Light Lenses are "Yellowing" with age

Thanks for the quick response. I will look at the items mentioned.
<Real good. Do write back re specific concerns, input. BobF>

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