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FAQs About Map Turtles

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Turtle ID; comp.     4/9/16
Hi my name is Lisbeth
<Hiya Lis -- Darrel here>
and id recently found a turtle with a friend of mine
and i already have a turtle so we thought i should keep it but the turtle i have is a Mississippi map turtle im sorry if I've misspelled it but i was just wondering if it was okay for them to be kept together the turtle we found is a baby but i don't know exactly what kind it is I've attached a picture maybe you can help me identify it and answer my question about keeping them together that would be so helpful.
Thank you!
<What you have there appears to be a Red Bellied Slider and they are as cute as they come>
<From a care standpoint, they're virtually identical to the Red Eared Sliders and their family>
<The MAP turtle is very similar in terms of care and diet, etc. but requires a few extra considerations:
Water quality should be tip-top. Keep it clean and change it frequently.
Map turtles are more likely to develop skin of shell conditions from poor water quality. Next, because they are more shy and nervous, they really appreciate rocks and plants and other things they can hide behind or under when they feel the need. Other than that, those two will do fine together>

Map turtles        11/23/15
<Hiya – Darrel here>
I have baby map turtles and one of them is less active than the other. It also likes to float around like he's dead but he's not. He favors floating under the spout of the filter where the water pours out. Is this him being unique or is he trying to tell me something?
<we can never be sure about that … but congratulations for noticing and asking!!! It’s always better to see odd behavior and assume there IS a problem – better safe than sorry>
<What we look for in the Map turtles, sliders, Cooters and their cousins is that they are active, alert and hungry. Any time a little guy deviates from this we should always check further. So let’s go over the list:
1) Does he bask under the heat source sometimes?
2) Does he go into the water by himself?
3) Does he eat when offered food?
4) Is he alert to your presence (usually people=food=active)?
5) Is his shell firm to the touch (like the others)?
6) Are his eyes open and clear?
If the checklist is ALL ‘yes’ then you can assume he’s a bit weird, but if you have any question AT ALL – then treat him for a respiratory infection according to these instructions: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/treating%20RES%20Dis%20DarrelB.htm  >
<The thing about treating for a respiratory infection is that it’s like ‘chicken soup’ for treating a cold: It may not help, but it can’t hurt!>
<What I mean is that dry-docking and treating for a URI is a non-stress vacation even for a healthy turtle, so whatever his condition (respiratory infection or just being weird) the treatment won’t hurt him>
<And again – make sure your care follows these guidelines: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/RESCareBarton.htm >

Turtle question      4/1/14
Hi my name is Sara.
<Hiya Sara - Darrel here>
I was hoping you could please help me out with a question about my turtles.
I have a 3year old painted turtle about 4 in shell in a 75 gallon tank and I also have a baby map turtle. About the size
of a quarter in a separate 40 gal tank . Could they ever live together?

<Hmmm. They CAN .. but I'd be concerned about the size difference. Both species are colonial... which is to say they live in areas where others
live and as a rule they don't really fight. The problem is that a single territorial "nip" from the painted turtle -- just a reminder who is boss -
could be deadly to the map turtle... so my suggestion is to keep them separately.>
<As a side note, Map turtles are more sensitive to water quality issues than sliders, Cooters or painteds ... so pay close attention to her water


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