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FAQs on Dry Foods; Other Brands

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There are many:
Ocean Nutrition
Omega Sea

Dry pellet food comparison.      9/5/12
Hello, I noticed Sustainable Aquatics Hatcheries now offers their pellet food to the public.
<Ahh: http://www.sustainableaquatics.com/products/hatchery-feeds/>
I was curious if you guys know if it compares to/or is better than New Life Spectrum pellets. Thank you for your time.
<I think I know the origination (manufacturer) of this food, and it is very high quality indeed. I don't know how it compares nutritionally, acceptability-wise w/ NLS pelleted foods, but I fully suspect they are both excellent. Bob Fenner>

Automatic Anthias Feeding    1/31/12
I added 3 Ignitus Anthias to my tank about 5 weeks ago. I was well prepared with high quality foods: Cyclop-eeze, ArctiPods, Mysis, etc. and all the Anthias began eating immediately. I did eventually lose one but about 4 weeks after they were originally added, he ate but never gained any weight.
Last week I begun experimenting with using a dosing pump to auto-feed the Anthias with Kent Marine's ZooPlex. The system is currently set to pump 3ml
<A bunch... I'd look into/use small size pellets of the Spectrum brand instead>
of food into the tank 3 times a day, and while I had observed the evening feeding multiple times and seen a good feeding response today was my first opportunity to witness the day time feedings and there was almost no feeding response from the Anthias. The Anthias look OK but not particularly great. Are you aware of successful systems that automate the 2 - 3x daily feeding that these fish need?
<Oh yes>
 If so, what foods do you suggest? Finally, is the ZooPlex an effective food for the Anthias or is it really just for corals?
<Not a fan period... of most of Kent's products>
I have still been feeding the tank Cyclop-eeze and Mysis, but only every other day.
Thanks in advance, your FAQs have proven to be incredibly useful resources time and time again.
<Have you read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anthifdgfaqs.htm
Bob Fenner>

Re: Fish Foods, Brands, branding  <Yes... you know, or I thought you did... that ON's food is made by ex-Tetra worker Denny Crews (along with the other flake foods they make, package in very similar canisters... in Alaska...< Bob, nope, I was not aware of that. can I assume that the frozen food is also made by the same person for ON ? <<Ah, no. Sorry for the confusion... In my attempts at not wanting to impugn friends trade associations I may have inadvertently strayed... Omega One, from Omega Sea make ON's dry foods... Chris makes all his/their own frozen products as far as I'm aware.> ><Ok... you'll likely find they've reverted (for a long time now) back to human-food gelatins... and yes, that their foods are losing mkt share galore to Hikari, among others... and that indeed their foods are not as "good" or economical as others.... < interesting. well they will most likely loose my frozen food business. for the moment I am switching to the flake foods by ON...although I get the impression that your comment above refers to ON loosing their Flake Food business to Hikari ? I have only seen pelleted food from Hikari. <Not likely... ON has good market penetration, good frozen foods per se... However, there are many good competitors... In particular, have you tried Pablo Tepoot's New Life foods? Unbeatable value... very reasonable per unit costs, high, consistent quality... and really apparent benefits (palatability, color, vigor...)... no discernible mal-affects (cloudiness, algal proliferation...). Winners> >Bob F. sorry to have to state it... and not wanting to hear same spread over the Net < don't worry. I am not big on the chat room gossip, and when I write the article for my web site on feeding it will not make any reference to anyone other than my own personal experience via my service business....but I understand and appreciate your concern < s > Jim, Aquarium Design <You are wise in this my friend. Bob Fenner>

So what are you saying (about flake food brands) ? Bob, what are your feelings on the ON Flake Foods ? they don't have gelatin do they ? (not looking for an endorsement, just your thoughts < s > ) Jim <They're very nice... the same (made by) Denny Crews in Alaska <Update, 2003, no longer. Now made by the parent co. SaltCreek(.com)>... All-natural ingredients, fresh, palatable... winners all. Bob Fenner>

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