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FAQs About Paddletail Newts

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compatibility -Angel comp./selection 05/20/08 Hi, <Hello,> My name is Mike. I currently own a paddle tail newt and have for several years. I hear they are very aggressive towards their species and other amphibians, that is why I have housed it alone. <Quite right.> For quite along time though I have been interested in buying a fish or a couple fish to go in the 10 gallon tank with him. <Nope. Amphibians are invariably best kept away from fish. Enjoy your Newt for what he is, an animal that must be kept on his own where he will be happy and healthy.> The other day at a pet store I saw the cutest fish. They were freshwater green spotted puffer fish, not very large. <Two things here. Firstly, "freshwater Green Spotted Puffers" are nothing of the sort; they need brackish water aquaria to do well. Secondly, small puffers are merely baby puffers, and this species gets to a very stocky 12-15 cm long.> The temperature for them and my newt were very similar. I did not buy any because I wanted to find out more about compatibility. <Very good.> As you guys probably know there is not much info on paddle tails so I came to this website. Would there be issues with this combination? <Many, many issues. Different water conditions for a start, but also the Puffer would simply bite the Newt to pieces.> I also saw those small but long black fish with red tails that are considered "sharks". <Epalzeorhynchos bicolor, also known as Labeo bicolor. This is another fairly big (12-15 cm) fish that needs a lot of room to swim about in. Easily a tank four or five times the size of the one your Newt is in. It is also potentially very aggressive. A nice fish for the large, robust community tank, but otherwise best avoided.> How about them with the newt? <Nope.> Thanks, Mike <Glad to be of help, Neale.>

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