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FAQs about the Pomacanthus Angels: Compatibility

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Porcupine Puffer suddenly has injured eye - attacked by Annularis Angelfish     3/16/16
Hello there. I need some help with treating an eye injury in my porcupine puffer. He was totally healthy until yesterday. When I got home from work
I noticed him sitting in a little hiding spot in the rocks rather than greeting me like normal. I also noticed my Annularis angelfish being dominant to him (swimming into him and briefly nipping at his face - my puffer backed away). I haven't seen this before. I'm not sure if the Angelfish did this damage to my puffer or if it was monopolizing on the situation. Regardless, I put a 55L plastic bin with holes drilled in it in my tank (180 gallon) to isolate the pufferfish.
<Good move>
Puffer's eyes are cloudy white and have what look like injuries on them.
<How long have you had this puffer? Might be parasitic involvement here... Trematodes, possibly Crypt>
Sorry I don't have a picture. The whiteness is more on the bottom half of the eyes. The skin directly below the eye is also slightly damaged (white). It looks like the other fish picked at him (from the bottom
direction) over and over and injured his eyes/skin below the eye.
He was in isolation overnight. When I checked on him this morning he was pretty similar except the bottom of the eyes seems to be "sagging" slightly. He can't see well and bumps off the walls of the container, and
since his eyes stick out that's the part that keeps bumping things. I'm not sure how to keep his eyes from contacting the walls.
<Me neither>
I'm concerned about a secondary bacterial infection developing. Is there an antibiotic I can give him orally (he's eating very well) so I don't have to isolate him in a quarantine tank?
<None that are effective unless the fish is eating; can be introduced via foods>
Or, I do you recommend I quarantine him and treat the water with antibiotics or copper?
<? For what? I would not simply expose this animal, system w/o a purpose>
Please advise for the best course of action to help him heal and recover.
<The usual: Reading: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/BurrfishDisF5.htm
see the linked files above? Disease by Category? Social, Trauma.... read
Very concerned fish owner.
<And the Angel and Puffer will have to housed separately. Bob Fenner>
P.S. Water quality:
180 gallon
76 degrees F
Salinity 1.0225
PH - 8.1
Carbonate Hardness: 15dkh
Phosphate = 0.25
Ammonia and Nitrite = 0
Nitrate = 0.3 (I did a 10% water change the night before his eye got bad - trying to bring this down).
Re: Porcupine Puffer suddenly has injured eye - attacked by Annularis Angelfish      3/17/16

HI Bob. Thank you for the prompt reply. I've done a lot of reading. Your website is a wealth of information!
<Ah yes; many hours have gone into WWM>
I've had the puffer for two weeks. The fish store I bought him from had him for a month prior and he seemed healthy (I had my eye on him for a while and they held him for me for a few weeks), so I'm skeptical that it's
a parasite, especially with how quickly this happened (in a 8 hour period).
<Well; I wouldn't discount the possibility entirely. Some do show up very quickly (clinically)>
For now I'll keep him in my main tank, but in the isolation bin and continue with daily 10% water changes to get the nitrates down. I've also kept the lights off so the tank is not so bright.
He is still eating great.
<A VERY good indication of health; recovery>
Do you have a recommended antibiotic I can feed him while he's still in my main tank to prevent a secondary bacterial infection, or will even edible antibiotics wipe out my biofilter?
<Some anti... microbials, -biotics more than others. I'd rather you soak, lace the foods with vitamins, HUFAs, probiotics... there are such prep.s available commercially... Selcon, Micro-Vit....>
I've been feeding him Hikari brand frozen clams on a half shell. Also bought some raw shrimp from the grocery store (mainly to feed my zebra moray eel) and sometimes the puffer grabs pieces of that.
<Mmm; Oh, see this below.... Please read on WWM re Thiaminase poisoning>
Are these okay to continue feeding on a regular basis, or do you recommend adding something else to their (both puffer and eel) diet to make sure they're getting enough Thiamine vitamin and not too much thiaminase?
<Oh! Yes... fish, fillet or whole small>
Crab leg pieces?
<Invite me over!>
Selcon soak?
The angel is going back to the fish store because this tank was set up specifically for my puffer. :-(
<Ahh; this is the better choice>
Thanks again for your time.
<Glad to share. Bob Fenner>

Re: Sea cucumber in refugium, and now Angel comp.       10/11/14
Hello and thank you for your answer.
What do you mean die unnoticed? If it will die, I won't get it.
<Yes; this is it>
I just thought that it could do a good hob in the refugium with DSB and also be fed. If not, I don't want to get a living thing that I know it will die. ( my Zanclus Cornutus is 2 years old and very fat and "happy" if I might ay that.. ) .
One more thing, what about a Pomacanthus Xanthometopon in my 250 g reef that already contains a P. Imperator that is in the middle of it's transformation and that I have for 6 months ? Could they get along?
<It might sample your LPS, soft corals; but... worth the risk if it were me/mine>

The blue face that I have my eyes on is already an adult.
Thank you very much,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner
e: Sea cucumber in refugium      10/11/14
I don't care about soft corals/LPS but about the Imperator already in there.
What about that?
<Ah, sorry; not quite awake. No; I would NOT mix these two. Too unlikely to get along. One large Angel per system is my rule, unless the system is HUGE (1000's of gallons). BobF>

Thank you

Pomacanthus annularis, comp. w/SPS, sliding scale w/ sys. size     3/29/13
Hi, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on the suitability of Pomacanthus annularis in a reef aquarium dominated by SPS corals with just a single LPS. The LPS can easily be removed.
<In a system of one hundred or less gallons, a good deal of trouble to be expected... at two hundred, about 50:50 odds, and three hundred plus gallons not likely any issue. Bob Fenner>
Re: Pomacanthus annularis     3/30/13

Thanks Bob, the system is a 210gal with about 300lbs of live rock with lots of caves. The only other inhabitants are Naso lituratus, Paracanthurus hep<a>tus, Siganus unimaculatus, and Pseudocheilinus hexataenia.
<Ok, my odds/guess stands the same/200 gal.... BobF>
Re: Pomacanthus annularis, comp.    4/1/13

Do those odds change if it is purchased as a juvenile?
<Not much, no. B>

regal angel, comp.     7/27/12
Hi there, Jim here again. I got a Indian ocean Regal Angel. I had him for about two weeks in my quarantine tank, and he is about 5". He been living on clams and marine algae. Yesterday he started to eating spectrum pellets.
In a few more weeks I am going to move him to my main tank. My concern is I have a Blueface Angel, He is about 6". I have had good luck in the past mixing large angels, but I am really worried about my new prized fish getting a beat down by the blueface.
<Then don't mix them>
The regal has no aggression so far that I can see. My plan is to pull the blueface out and put him into quarantine for a few weeks when I move the Regal in to my main tank. I am hoping the Regal has a some large angel attitude so he hold his own. Do you think will work?
<Too likely to be trouble in this size, shape system. BobF>
 The tank is a 180. I am buying a 300 next spring. I hope you all are well,

Angel comparability, please need answer by Sunday. 8/28/10
Dear WWM Crew,
My tank is 300 gallons, 42" circular tank with a 125 refuge and a 100 sump.
<Interesting shape>
Right now I have a pair of 7" Crosshatch triggers in the tank, they have been in the tank for 3 weeks. Decided to put them in 1st since I read that they are quite shy at 1st. Yes, they were QTed for 3 weeks.
They look great and quite healthy.
<Ah, good>
I now have a pair of Blueline angelfish (3.5" and 4.5")
<Let's call them two, not a pair at this size>

ready to go in the tank next week. I already bought an 6" Emperor angelfish but I can cancel the order by Sunday night if you think it's too risky to add him with the Bluelines.
<I do>
Will QT him for 4 weeks and also adding a pair of 2.5-3.5" Flame angelfish to be QTed in a 30 gallon tank at the same time as the Emperor. Planning to add them together into the display tank.
<I'd leave out the imperator>
After that I plan to add a 4-6" Regal tang and a 4-5" Yellow tang. They will go in my 55gallon QT together.
<Should be fine>
That will be it for that 300 tank.... maybe a Banana wrasse as a last fish.
<Mmm, I'd add some smaller, fast-moving fishes for interest here myself>

What do you think about my stocking list? My biggest worry is the Emperor and the Blueline pair, will they be compatible?
<Not likely, no>

They are from different genus but have the same yellow tail, same lines kind of and even shape kind of shape. I don't know if I want to chance it since I love my Blueline pair and the Blueline male is somewhat aggressive towards the female in the 55QT tank. He doesn't constantly chases her but he always like " get out of my way" kind of thing and when he is eating, he chases her out of his way big time.
<This might prove to be problematical in time>
Thank you for your time,
You guys are great!!
<Thanks, BobF>

Emperor and Blue Ring Problems... Induced  4/15/09

Hi Crew,
<Hello Thai>
Hope everything is well. I have a little issue with my Blue Ring Angel.
He's attacking the emperor and I have noticed a few fins chomped.
<Not surprising.>

A little background info. I've got a 8 by 2.5 by 2.5 tank with about 220 pounds of live rock. Blue ring was introduced about a month ago with the emperor just come <coming> in.
Would I be safe in dumping the blue ring into the sump (4 by 18 by 18) for a few days, re-arrange the rock and re-introduce it. I know there isn't a definite guarantee in whether it would work or not but I really
want to keep both fish. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
<You can try this providing the fish isn't too large for the sump, but the aggressiveness likely will continue after reintroduction, giving a few days or less. Might have had a better chance introducing both at the same time providing they were equal in size, but still no guarantee as to compatibility, just a personality issue of the individual fish.>
Thanks in advance.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>
Thai Pham
Re Emperor and Blue Ring Problems 4/17/09

Thanks for the reply James.
<You're welcome.>
If I were to keep both fishes at the local fish store and re-introduce them at the same time one week later will that suffice.
<Again, no guarantees as to compatibility. Is your choice to try this.>
The blue ring is about 3in and the emperor is about 4in. Just noticed yesterday that its now an even fight but I did re-arrange the rocks and the blue ring has stopped attacking the emperor. This is only when I keep an eye on the tank. The emperor does fight back but it's the blue ring that's aggressive. Will give it a few days to see the result and will make a decision which fish to keep.
<Sounds good.>
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> 

Angel Not Feeding 4/20/09 Yes, this belongs here... Not LISTENING to advice
Hi there.
<Hello Thai>
My current blue ring and emperor angel have stopped eating the spectrum pellets. Is it usual for them to go on periods of fasting or could it be bad water quality.
<Healthy fish shouldn't fast. Have you tried other foods?

Since you provided no info on water parameters, I cannot comment on water quality.>
Both fishes were eating ferociously until recently and was wondering what may have caused this. Have recently done a 200litre water change to improve water quality. Can you please refer me to solutions. They have also started to slightly twitch and the blue ring seems to be rubbing against the rocks. Have I got a bacterial problem or disease.
<The rubbing doesn't sound good. Is this occasional or throughout the day?>
I have a 375 tank and good aeration and circulation.
Have a skimmer and 220 pounds of live rock.
I'm in Australia so I'm probably messaging at odd times.
<Do resend with test results of your water parameters, SG, pH, temp, etc.>
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>
Thai Pham
Re Angel Not Feeding... ongoing lack of understanding re advice... mixing Pomacanthus  4/21/09

Thanks...I figures out the problem...salinity was too high causing cloudy eyes and rotting fins..
Don't know if I can do anything else apart from lowering the salinity.
All other parameters are fine.
<Out of curiosity, what is "too high", more likely a water quality issue here. Parameters being in acceptable range is not necessarily indicative of good water quality. James (Salty Dog)>
Re Angel Not Feeding...  4/22/09

Hey James,
Salinity was at 1.027 so yeah think that's the main problem.
<I do not agree here. Angels seem to do better at a salinity of 1.025, and a rise of .002 isn't going to cause the fish to stop feeding, but I would reduce to 1.025, as higher than necessary salinity levels does decrease oxygen levels.>
I did a water change last Sunday and did not check the salinity after change.
Negligence on my behalf.
<Yes, the salinity of the new water should have been checked before the water change began.>
I have dropped the fish off at the fish store and the guy said he will try to nurture them back to full health.
<Mmm, just creating unnecessary stress on the fish. I'm still sticking with water quality/nutrition issues being the problem, based on what you have told me to date.
Do read here. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/watrqualmar.htm
James (Salty Dog)>
Re Angel not feeding 4/23/09

I will run a full test over the weekend and will get back to you with the results. I think it could have been white spot ich or something but unsure. Freaked out so I let the fish guy help me out. The Chromis in the tank seem to be doing fine.
<<Telling. RMF>>
 Nothing's changed with them but they're different fish. Will keep you updated.
<Sounds good. James (Salty Dog)>

Prayer for a Koran in a Reef Bob I am in the planning stage of combining my 75 gal. FOWLR and my 55 gal. reef into a single 125+ gal. reef. The current inhabitants of the FO system are a large purple tang and a juvenile Koran angel, both of which I am quite attached to. My question is this: can the Koran be kept in a reef system, or will it eat the coral (polyps specifically)? It seems that I read this at one time or another, but I am not really sure, as it was long ago.... Tanks, Ryan Goltz >> You know, by and large I know that current sentiments side against the keeping of large Pacific (or any ocean) marine angels in with corals et al. reef creatures, but I'd definitely give yours a try. Have just spent another couple of weeks in Fiji, and you know what they have in/on their shallow water reefs? Koran, aka semicircle (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) angelfishes... and you have 125 gallons or so... Again, I'd go for it and if the angel develops a bad polyp habit, you can trade it in. Bob Fenner 

Live Rock & Angelfish Hey Guys, How is it going? <Pretty good. Hope all is well with you.> I have a question about the live rock in my tank. My tank has been set up for about two years now, with live sand and live rock. The live rock some how does not look live anymore, the purple coralline growth is not as lush as it once was. Although the tank up as a reef with live rock/sand, I have no corals. I keep angels in this set up. I also keep live rock in my sump instead of the bio balls. My question what should I do to see growth and life form from these rocks, is there something I can add to help or do I have to replace the rocks. I want to see stuff growing from the rocks, is this still achievable or do I have to start over. <Merely monitor and dose for calcium and alkalinity to encourage more coralline growth. I would wager that your angelfish are scourging the rock, too, hampering growth of all sorts of live creatures.> Also, I have a juvenile emperor angel that is changing over and I have a juvenile chrysurus (spelling probably not right) angel from Africa I was told, <Pretty close, Pomacanthus chrysurus, and it is found on the east coast of Africa. Sorry to say, an angelfish with a very mixed history, some report them as doing well others very poorly dying mysteriously in months.> it has similar coloration to emperor although much smaller. It is now in quarantine and can probably stay there for a while as it about 2 1/2 inches small, my question is if I decide to put it in the same tank as the emperor is it likely that the emperor would bother it because they are of the same coloration. <Very likely. Extremely likely. Not a wise choice.> I ask because I notice in my LFS angels with like colors are often separated. The tank is a 125 gallon with lots of caves and holes for hiding. Thanks for you help and keep up the good work. ~Gillian <You are welcome. Sorry for all the bad news. In the future, better to solicit this kind of information before the purchase. -Steven Pro>
Angelfish Follow-up (Pomacanthus)
Hi Steven, thanks for the information, but the research I did even on WWM site said the this species was rare but not found enough in the trade, so I took that as meaning that it was not a bad pick, ah well. From your knowledge are there any tips you can give as far as raising this species. <Near reef tank conditions to encourage the fish to eat from the rock and feel comfortable.> The chrysurus is about 2 1/2 inches and eats very well, I got it from The Marine Center in Texas and was very impressed with the fish itself and the way it was shipped. That was my first time ordering from them but Bob talks well of them so I decided to try them and I was very pleased. <I, too, have heard nothing but excellent feedback about them. They would be my choice for rare fish.> My plan is to leave it in quarantine, fading out the copper in about a week and keep it in the 30 gallon quarantine setup until the Emperor is done changing over. This will probably be by the end of the summer. The chrysurus will be the only occupant so it should be fine and seems quite at home at the present time. Do you think this will make a difference, since the coloration of the Emperor will be different by then. <Not really. Marine fish fight based on needing common food. They establish a territory in which they can sustain a food source. Your Emperor will likely claim your entire tank and attempt to drive away any competitors.> I intend to take on the challenge, and hope for the best with raising this species. Any advice would appreciated.. Thanks Gillian <You are really going to have to make a decision which you one want more. Good luck! -Steven Pro>
Pomacanthus chrysurus
Hi Bob, Its been a while since I have needed your advice, I guess that's a good thing. I have a question regarding a new addition to my tank a Pomacanthus chrysurus (from Africa), I got this fish from the Marine Center about 2 mths ago. It was about 2 inches when I received it and has grown about an inch since. While in quarantine, it developed a bad case of Lymphocystis. It's whole body was covered and I was skeptical if it would make it, any way with water changes and vitamin supplements (Selcon and VitaChem), it has recovered quite nicely. My only concern is that disease affected one its eyes, and it appears as though it has Popeye. I am sure its not because I can see signs of the disease still on the eyeball.  <This too may well resolve> The eye is swollen, and I am wondering if the fish could be blind in that eye.  <Possibly... but as stated... may self-cure> The other signs of the disease have been absent now for the past week and I was wondering if the eye just needs more time since signs of the disease are still present. <Yes. Agreed> Do you think the swelling will go down once the disease is gone or do you think the fish could be blind as a result. Is there any way I can help besides continuing to offer foods with vitamins. <Not really... some folks might suggest adding other adjuncts to boost nutrition (HUFAs for instance) or Epsom Salt treatments... but time going by will likely do> The fish is still in quarantine and I think I will keep it there for until it gets bigger as the stock in my display tank would hassle it (imperator angel in particular). Please advise. Thanks Gill <I'd place in the main system with live rock ASAPractical. Bob Fenner>
Re: Pomacanthus chrysurus
Thanks for reply, I hoped as much. The only thing is my imperator angel now changing over to adult colors and gave the chrysurus a hard time the first time I attempted to transition the fish to the main system. <Yes... these two may well need separate quarters or a very large hobby-size system (several hundred gallons) to co-exist> I had read of a similar scenario on WWM and you advised that the fish be put the main system, so I tried this, but felt cruel as the imperator was so hostile to towards the new fish. <Less cruel than permanently being in quarantine... the improved, more consistent water quality afforded in a larger system with live rock will/would likely spur recovery> I took the fish out after about 10 minutes. I figured being of like coloration and species was the problem. Also the imperator is about 6 inches and the chrysurus in about 3 and possibly blind, do you think I should try again.  <Not unless this is a very large system (see above)... or you have another system to place it... similar marked/colored Indo-Pacific Angelfishes generally do NOT mix> I could tolerate the new fish begin hassled for a few days, but I don't want the imperator to kill it, since all odds are against the chrysurus. There are plenty of live rock and caves, but the imperator showed signs of aggression I have never seen in it before when I placed the chrysurus in the tank. I was thinking of keeping the chrysurus in quarantine until it got some size, <This will make no difference... unless the system is huge> but would much prefer to have it in the display tank. The bottom line is I didn't do my research and I am having some compatibility issues here.  <Yes...> Any hope for these two living together? <Not much. Bob Fenner> Thanks again
Re: Pomacanthus chrysurus
The system is a 125 gallons, but I am planning on getting something no smaller than 360 gallon when I move in a year. Could this be a temporary fix to the problem, considering everything else.  <Again... unfortunate... not likely. I might try mixing the two Angels together one more time... following this stated protocol: catch out the larger resident specimen, place/exchange it with the Chrysurus... move, enlarge spaces with the live rock to "open" the structure in the Imperator's absence... wait a week and recombine the two in the morning, with the lights off on the system, around the tank... or when you can be around for a few hours to keep watch...> My only other option is to set up my 55gallon and place the fish until I get a bigger tank. My preference is to use the 125 gallon for now. Do you know of instances where these fish have killed each other or is the hostility temporary. Please advise. Thanks <Many instances of damage and death. The aggression never ends, but can settle into tolerant occasional jousting. Bob Fenner>

Chrysurus angel... in a reef? hello there crew! I had a quick question about the Goldtail angel (Pomacanthus Chrysurus).  Now I know no angel is "reef safe" but I have to ask...Can a Chrysurus be kept in conjunction with reef  tank inhabitants? <Have seen one that was, long term... in a friend's large system whom you've likely heard of. Leng Sy of EcoSystem Aquarium> I know that some angels can get along in a reef such as Majestics and imperators.  I mean I've seen it done before and was wondering if you think a Chrysurus could fit into the somewhat reef safe angel category.  The tank will have mostly SPS corals with a very healthy fauna.  It's a 70g tall tank (I know waaaay to small for this fish but will be upgraded to the likes of a 180-300g system by the time it grows out of its juvenile phase) with a 20g sump and 20-50g refugium.  All I'm asking is "can it be done" if I take the right precautions (quarantine, healthy eating individual, small initial size, etc.)? Chris AKA Fishtank <Can be. Bob Fenner>
Re: Chrysurus angel... in a reef?
hello there crew! I had a quick question about the Goldtail angel (Pomacanthus Chrysurus). Now I know no angel is "reef safe" but I have to ask...Can a Chrysurus be kept in conjunction with reef tank inhabitants? I know that some angels can get along in a reef such as Majestics and imperators. I mean I've seen it done before and was wondering if you think a Chrysurus could fit into the somewhat reef safe angel category. The tank will have mostly SPS corals with a very healthy fauna. It's a 70g tall tank (I know waaaay to small for this fish but will be upgraded to the likes of a 180-300g system by the time it grows out of its juvenile phase) with a 20g sump and 20-50g refugium. All I'm asking is "can it be done" if I take the right precautions (quarantine, healthy eating individual, small initial size, etc.)? Thanks for the help and quick response :) Chris AKA Fishtank hey bob do you think you could give me the specs on Leng's tank?  I'm willing to bet he was using an ecosystem filter system, but were there any other key aspects in that tank? <Mmm, best to cc Leng here. Have done so. The specimen/s I saw in his tank... it was about five by five by two feet overall... had a BUNCH of soft and stony corals in it. Leng? Bob Fenner>

P. imperator in 8x2x2. Mixing Pomacanthus sp.  4/5/07 Hi Bob / Crew, <*Best Tom Leykis impression;* Hellooooo Matt!> Well I am finally setting up my 8x2x2 tank <Awesome.> - it will be a reef tank or sorts with LR, shallow 'sugar fine' sand bed, good flow and aggressive skimming (large Deltec skimmer). <Sounds good so far...> Corals will be chosen to suit fish, contrary to the usual 'visa versa' practice. <Nothing wrong with that as long as it planned ahead and thought out, as you are doing.> The concept being two large "hollow" mounds (islands) standing 12"-15" or so high, with a couple of branching sps corals growing on top, allowing plenty of swimming space in-between, around and under the islands/corals. <Okay.> The pivotal species will be Pomacanthus imperator. <Amazing and long lived when provided the right environment...needed space.> My hope is to get a 3" juv. (preferably red sea) and grow him on to a decent sized adult (12"+). Rather than the usual practice of trying to squeeze in half a dozen triggers, wrasse, tangs, and groupers, I would much rather just have a couple other medium to large tank mates, along with a few low impact species like gobies, damsels and Hawkfish to "fill in the gaps". <...And by doing so you (and your pets) will be much happier in the long-term.> The two tankmates I had in mind were P. navarchus (majestic angel) and Acanthurus leucosternon (powder blue tang). <*Personally* I would rather leave out the first choice.  I've rarely seen two different species from this genus (Pomacanthus) work out together long, cohabitating without violent aggression in even the largest tanks. As for the surgeon, this species (and Acanthurus in general) are prone to protozoan illness, Cryptocaryon and the like.  Attain a healthy specimen that is readily eating...bright, alert of surroundings and quarantine it for no less than one month.> The plan would be to introduce the two angels simultaneously after first quarantining in a 48"x12"x12" with a clear divider for 6 weeks, each angel at about 2-3" (at this size the navarchus would probably be adult colours and slightly bigger), and introduce the powder blue 6-8 weeks later (after suitable quarantine). MY hope would be that is this low stocking environment that the emperor and majestic would grow together and live in harmony, the emperor slowly outgrowing the majestic, then the powder blue, such that I would end up with a 12"emperor, 8-10" majestic, and 6-8" powder blue.  Does this sound a feasible plan? <It is surely planned out and very thoughtful, I have to give you that.  I have seen this attempted in much less suitable environments. You would have an increased chance in succeeding with such a plan...and it would probably work short-term, however I feel in the long-term as their personalities emerged that there would be some issues.> Am I being over cautious with the stocking plan - would I get away with adding a couple of other small-medium sized fish i.e. maybe a yellow tang or yellow long nose Bfly or a flame angel ..... a couple of fish that sort of size. <In a tank of this size, there would be more physical room...yes, the territorial/psychological crowding is the issue.  If you are going to go for the two Pomacanthus angels, I would avoid any other angels all together (even the flame....Centropyge/dwarfs). But I much preferred the above options you mentioned instead....smaller Gobioids and such.> Or is my conservative approach with the 3 aforementioned species much better? <Conservative, as far as livestock goes is always better in my experience.> Your thoughts / comments are as always appreciated. Regards, <To you as well.> Matt <Adam J.>
Re: Mixing Pomacanthus sp.  -- 04/16/07
Thanks for your previous reply - I've gone, sulked a little, and given my brain a chance to realize what I already knew :-) <Sorry, but I'd rather you hear it from me than to learn the hard way through a painful experience with dead fish...that's never fun.> Just to recap, the tank is 8x2x2 - and I was proposing a navarchus imperator / powder blue as the only "big" or territorial inhabitants. <I remember....didn't...still don't recommend mixing the angels.> Having decided against the angel combo, I am leaning toward a more traditional approach rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. So, I am going to go for the single Pomacanthus - still undecided if that should be imperator or navarchus.... but for the purpose of this discussion I'll assume I go with the bigger imperator........tankmates: P. imperator Pink tail trigger Purple Tang Regal Tang yellow Longnose butterfly <Better, as far as the tangs, add the Paracanthurus (Regal Tang) before the Zebrasoma (Purple Tang) or at least simultaneous addition.> To add a splash of "red" I was considering including a trio of fairy/flasher wrasse - or maybe a half dozen lyre tail Anthias. Does this sound like a more feasible plan for long term success. <Yes much better than the last, but do be sure to research the needs, go slow and quarantine.> Cheers, Matt <Adam J.>

Puffer ques., incomp. with large angel   12/22/08 HI, I have a 10" Map puffer that has been picked on by a juv emp. angel that recently joined him in the tank. <Happens...> The angel used to just pick at him once in a while, but it has gotten drastically worse. <These animals need to be separated. Stat!> The puffer's belly is now riddled with eraser sized bites that look like they are becoming infected. I moved him to the fug' , and he is still eating, but I am worried. I will make up a quarantine tank tomorrow. <Is this larger than the refugium? If not I would not move this fish... too likely to be even more stressful, polluted...> With out looking at the fish, can you give me some insight as to what my next step should be? A dip of some sort? <Mmm yes... and no dip. Just time going by in better circumstances> The display tank is too big to treat and filled with live rock. Because he is eating and not showing any signs of distress, I don't want to treat with anything too severe, I just need a plan of attack, as to divert any chances of this becoming worse. Thanks, Marc <Another happier place. Bob Fenner>

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