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Archive 1222: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Fungia danai Milne Edwards & Haime 1851. Circular polyps of up to twelve inches in diameter, with definitive raised central area (arch). Septa are straight, have large teeth and prominent tentacular lobes. A common species in the wild and trade. Fiji image.
Fungia fralinae Nemenzo 1955. Circular flattened polyps. Septa of two intermittent kinds; taller and lower, both with fine teeth, both thin and straight. Tentacles generally evident during the day have colored tips. Light greenish brown in color overall. Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia photo. 

Fungia fungites (Linnaeus 1758). Polyps irregularly circular to round in appearance. Regular, saw like, triangular septal teeth. Often with tentacular lobes showing. Aquarium pic.
Fungia klunzingeri Doderlein 1901. Circular polyps of up to eight inches diameter, flat or with a central dome area. Septa of different sizes with large triangular teeth in patterns. Common in the Red Sea where this pic was made. 
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