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Archive 1230: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Madracis formosa Wells 1973, Finger or Cactus Coral. Colonies made up of densely packed small thumb-like branches with blunt ends. Appear fuzzy when open. Dull to Green with yellow central corallite color. Bahamas photo.
Echinopora lamellosa (Esper 1791). /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are thin laminae arranged in whorls or tiers or, rarely, forming tubes. Stands over 5 metres across are not unusual. Corallites are relatively thin walled and small (2.5-4 mm diameter). Columellae are small and compact, and paliform lobes are well developed.

Colour: Amber, pale to dark brown or greenish, often with darker brown or green calices.

Similar Species: Echinopora ashmorensis, E. pacificus and E. gemmacea.

Habitat: May be a dominant species in shallow water habitats with flat substrates.

Abundance: Common.
Taxonomic Note: 
A species complex.
Wakatobi, S. Sulawesi, Indo. 2006

 Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia photo. 
Echinopora lamellosa. E costata has larger corallites, horizontal plates, and the radiating ridges go right through corallites near the edge of the plate, rather unbelievable. I found it in Indonesia, not sure anybody else has seen it yet. The only pictures Veron has on 
www.coralsoftheworld.org are the ones I took. Only saw it at one dive spot, got sample, got the species named. Never seen it again but I haven't been back to Indonesia. Indonesia is a a bigger place than most people realize, because those stupid flat maps everyone likes to use (Mercator projection) hugely distort the world, making Greenland look hugeer than it is and Indonesia small. Indonesia is longest east-west,and north-south at one point it is as far as London to St. Petersburg, Russia. /Douglas Fenner via FB

Oxypora lacera (Verrill 1864) Scroll or Chalice Coral. Composed of thin lamina, scroll-like, that may be greatly thickened in areas of substantial water movement. Costae toothed (differentiating characteristic). Close up pic by DiF in the Red Sea.
Montipora cf. aequituberculata Bernard 1897. Fr. Polynesia 2018
http://coral.aims.gov.au/factsheet.jsp?speciesCode=0245 Bunaken/Sulawesi/Indonesia image.
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