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Archive 1229: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pachyseris rugosa (Lamarck 1801). Upright, irregular growth. Plates growing together. Columellae as wall-like lobes. Massive sometimes in shallow water to upright blades in deeper, calmer waters. Red Sea pic.
Goniastrea pectinata (Ehrenberg 1854). Colonies submassive or encrusting; corallites ceroid to submeandroid; thick paliform lobes. http://coral.aims.gov.au/speciesPages/species_metadata/0192/view. Red Sea photo.

Pavona duerdeni Vaughan 1907. Massive colonies (up to 10 feet tall) of irregular appearance (sometimes huge).  Hawai'i image. Found in areas of moderate current, wave movement Named in honor of Cnidarian scientist J. E. Duerden (1865-1937).
Porites attenuata Nemenzo 1955. /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are sturdy fused branches with rounded tips. Corallites are moderately excavated. The coenosteum is coarse.

Colour: Usually mustard or bright yellow-green, also pale brown.

Similar Species: Porites cylindrica, which has finer branches and less excavated corallites. See also P. tuberculosa.

Habitat: Shallow protected reef environments.

Abundance: Common.     N. Sulawesit pic.

 Bunaken/Sulawesi/Indonesia photo. 
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