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Archive 1233: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Genus Leptoseris Edwards & Haime 1849. /WA Coral: encrusting or plates often growing in shaded areas • widely spaced corallites that may be inclined to the margin • corallites can cluster within pockets (raised rounded walls) • similar to Pavona.
Found in both the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific (rest of genera found in Indo-Pacific only). Colonies either laminar (blade like) or encrusting. Frequently have striations on fronds. N. Sulawesi image. 
 Gardineroseris poss. N. Sulawesi image. 

 Paramontastrea peresi (Faure & Pichon 1978). /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are encrusting and helmet-shaped, with neatly scalloped lower margins. Corallites are angular and characteristically aligned in short shallow radiating valleys at the colony margin. Septa are strongly beaded. A small neat paliform crown is usually present. Budding is both intra- and extratentacular.

Colour: Pinkish-tan.

Similar Species: Unlike other Goniastrea. Goniastrea aspera does not have corallites aligned in valleys. See also G. palauensis and Favites abdita.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Common.
Taxonomic Note: 
Placed in Paramontastrea by Huang, Benzoni, Fukami et al. (2014). Possibly warrants a separate genus.

Red Sea image. 
A Bryozoan, perhaps a Bugula species.  N. Sulawesi pic. 
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