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Archive 1138: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Paranthias colonus (Valenciennes 1846), the Pacific Creolefish. Mexico's California to Peru. To fourteen inches in length. Occasionally sold in the aquarium trade under its own name... Here are individuals shown during the day and resting disguised on the bottom at night. This young one in Costa Rica.
Plectropomus leopardus (Lacepede 1802), the Leopard Coral Grouper. Western Pacific. To forty six inches in length. A semi-adult one in Fiji, from where they're occasionally exported.

Variola louti (Forsskal 1775), the Skunk or Yellow-Edged Lyretail Grouper. Indo-Pacific to the Pitcairn Islands, and including the Red Sea. To thirty inches in length. A four inch individual in Sipadan, Malaysia.
Anthias olivaceus Randall & McCosker 1982. Central Pacific. To about three inches. This image shot in Aitutaki, the Cook Islands.
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