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Archive 1139: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Luzonichthys waitei (Fowler 1931), the Magenta Slender Anthias. Western Pacific. To three inches in length. Should be housed in a large system in a small group. Appreciates live foods. No external sexual differences. Fiji 2017
Nemanthias carberryi Smith 1954, the Threadfin Anthias. East Africa over to the Maldives. To four inches in length. Best kept in a large system in a haremic setting, one male, several females. A male in captivity.

Plectranthias pelicieri Randall & Shimizu 1994. To 4.8 cm. Western Indian Ocean: Mauritius endemic. Aq. pic. http://fishbase.org/Summary/species Summary.php?ID=26714&genusname=

Pseudanthias bicolor (Randall 1979), the Bicolor Anthias. Indo-Pacific, Mauritius to the Hawaiian Islands. To five inches in length. Also a hardy large reef aquarium species. One male by itself or with several females. Aquarium and Hawai'i pic.
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