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Archive 1117: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Echeneis naucrates Linnaeus 1758, the Remora or Sharksucker. Circumtropical. To 110 cm. in length. Most noted for their modified dorsal fin attachment organ, by which they join temporarily with a variety of hosts (whales, dolphins, ships, divers...). Even used by humans for a fishing tool! A free-swimming  pair swimming about in the Bahamas.
Hoplolatilus starcki Randall & Dooley 1974, Starck's or Blueface Tilefish. Western Pacific; Moluccas, Philippines to Timor. To six inches in length. Variable in color from light blue overall to dark blue headed with a cream to yellow body. N. Sulawesi image 2004.

Malacanthus brevirostris Guichenot 1848, the Quakerfish. Found widely in the Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to Panama, including Hawai'i. To almost thirteen inches in length. S. Sulawesi pic. 
There are but a couple of Grammatids that are highly prized in the aquarium hobby. Gramma loreto, the Royal Gramma is the  Basslet or Gramma to many. Colorwise it's front half varies from purple to violet, with the back half a bright yellow. Here in Grand Turks 2007.
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