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Archive 1114: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Ostorhinchus cookii (formerly robustus) Maccleay 1881, Cook's Cardinalfish. Indo-West Pacific including the Red Sea at night.
Ostorhinchus doederleini Jordan & Snyder 1901, Doederlein's or Four-Stripe Cardinalfish. Western Pacific in shallow waters. To five inches in length. This two incher in Australia.

Ostorhinchus hartzfeldii (Bleeker 1852), Hatzfeld's Cardinalfish. Indo-Pacific; Malaysia, PNG, GBR. To four inches in length. N. Sulawesi (Lembeh Strait) pic. 
Ostorhinchus hoevenii (Bleeker 1854). Frostfin Cardinalfish. Indo-West Pacific. (Lembeh Strait) pix. To 6 cm.. Typically associated with Diadema urchins. KBR at night  http://fishbase.org/Summary/speciesSummary.php?ID=8588&genusname=Apogon&speciesname=hoevenii
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