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Archive 1098: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chaetodon nippon Steindachner & Doderlein 1884, Japanese Butterflyfish. Moderately used by Japanese hobbyists, found down to the Philippines. Subtropical species to about six inches in length. A juvenile at Rob Bray's House of Fins, CT.
Chaetodon (Roaops) burgessi  Allen & Starck 1973, Burgess' Butterflyfish. Deepwater in Philippines, Sipadan, Australia, New Guinea. Not a great beauty, but much better than the aquarium photo here. To five inches long. Photo by RMF of one in an aquarium.

Chaetodon falcula Bloch 1793,   Saddle-Back or Falcula Butterflyfish. A hardy addition to fish only and very large reef systems (to 8 inches long) if you can acquire initially undamaged specimens. Indian Ocean from Andaman Sea to east coast of Africa. This one in the Maldives.

Chaetodon guentheri Ahl 1913, Gunther's Butterflyfish. Found along the Wallace Line, from southern Japan to eastern Australia. To five inches long. A juvenile in Bali, 2014.
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