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Archive 1106: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chaetodon melapterus Guichenot 1862. Arabian or Black-Finned Melon Butterflyfish. Coming from the middle of the Red Sea down and around Yemen, Oman into the Persian Gulf, this is another "principally coral polyp feeder". To about five inches in length. Aquarium image.

Chaetodon lineolatus Cuvier 1831, the Lined Butterflyfish. At a foot long, vying for largest Butterflyfish of the family. Widespread from Hawai'i over to the east coast of Africa, into the Red Sea. A beauty that eats corals, anemones, much of all else, but doesn't live. One off of Queensland, Australia.

Chaetodon oxycephalus Bleeker 1853, the Spot-Nape or Pig-Face Butterflyfish. Like the very similar and commonly (mis)offered Lined B/F, C. lineatus, this is a very large, poor-surviving species in captivity. Indo-west distribution from the Maldives to Palau. To ten inches. One out in the Maldives.

Chaetodon plebeius Cuvier 1831, the Blue-Spot Butterflyfish. Maldives eastward to the South Pacific (Fiji), where these images were made. A beauty that is often sold in the trade and rarely lives for any period of time to speak of. This image from Heron Is., N.E. Australia.

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