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Archive 1100: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chlorurus gibbus (Ruppell 1829), the Heavybeak Parrotfish, aka Steepheaded Parrotfish... a species complex currently comprising C. gibbus in the Red Sea, C. strongylocephalus in the Indian Ocean and C. microrhinos in the west-central Pacific... needs taxonomic review. To twenty eight inches in length. A terminal phase in the Red Sea. 
Scarus guacamaia Cuvier 1829, the Rainbow Parrotfish. Western Atlantic; Bermuda, Florida to Argentina, northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. To nearly four feet in length. A close up shot of a terminal phase/male to show the intense orange color.

Scarus niger Forsskal 1775, the Dusky Parrotfish. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, eastern African coast to Japan and the GBR out to the Micronesians. To sixteen inches in length. An initial phase/female individual in the Red Sea.
Scarus rubroviolaceus Bleeker 1847, the Ember Parrotfish. Indo-pan-Pacific; eastern Africa to Panama, including Hawaii and Galapagos Islands. To twenty eight inches in length. A terminal phase individual in Bali. TiffB pic
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