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Archive 1105: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chaetodon interruptus Ahl 1923, the Yellow Teardrop Butterflyfish. Put one way, the "replacement" for C. unimaculatus in the Indian Ocean. Similarly feeds on coral polyps, sponges and algae. Retains this striking color and black spot as an adult. An adult sized one in the Maldives.
Chaetodon selene Bleeker 1853, the Yellow-dotted Butterflyfish. Western Pacific; Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia... To 16 cm. Found near steep drop-offs. Generally in pairs as adults, single juveniles. Feed on benthic invertebrates. Sipadan, Saba, Malaysia photo of a near adult. 

Chaetodon aureofasciatus  Macleav 1878, the Golden-Striped Butterflyfish. From all along Australia's northern coast over to New Guinea. Another coral polyp feeder. Image of a five inch adult from off of Queensland in Australia. Go visit it there.
Chaetodon larvatus  Cuvier 1831, the Masked or Orange-Face Butterflyfish. Restricted in range, Red Sea to lower Gulf of Aden. Only eats Acroporid coral polyps... Closely related to C. baronessa, C. triangulum. To five inches long. Aquarium photograph by  RMF.
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