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Archive 1107: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Chaetodon rainfordi McCulloch 1923, Rainford's Butterflyfish. Only from Australia's Queensland coast up to New Guinea. A delicate beauty that is far too often offered in the industry. To six inches overall in length. Australian (Queensland) image of a full size individual.
Chelmon rostratus (Linnaeus 1758), the Copperband Butterflyfish or Beaked Coralfish. Too many die within a week or two of capture from trauma and starvation, dying "mysteriously" in the night. Due to better conditions in the age of reef keeping, some folks are able to salvage specimens, even hand feeding them. From the tropical western Pacific, Andaman Sea/India to southern Japan, south to Australia), to six inches overall length. Aquarium pic.

Chelmon marginalis Richardson 1842, Margined Coralfish. Northern coast of Australia. To some seven inches total length. A sometimes available hardier choice than the common "Chelmon".  Aquarium pic.
Chelmonops curiosus Kuiter 1986, the Western Talma. A cold water species from the western and southern coasts of Australia. Generalized diet of invertebrates and algae. To ten inches in overall length. Aquarium image.
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