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Archive 1006: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Subergorgia mollis (Nutting 1910). Fan-like colonies, uni-planar, inter-branched in a rectangular fashion every 10-60 mm. . May be 2-3 meters in diameter. Thin branches (1-3 mm). May be pink-orange or red if overgrown with epizoics. Western Pacific.  Fiji 2017

Macrorhynchia philippina Kirchenpauer 1872. Fire or Stinging Hydroid. Branching feathers of equal length up to 15 cm. long. Dark stems w/ contrasting polyps. Very painful to touch. Circumtropical. Fiji 2017
Turbinaria frondens (Dana 1846), family Dendrophylliidae is a newly popular, hardy stony coral for reef tanks with good lighting and water quality. Frond-like plates with excise cylindrical corallites.  Fiji 2017
Leptoria phrygia (Ellis & Solander 1786). Massive colonies of irregular layout. Thick walled, with septa regular in size, uniform. Sinuous valleys, plate-like columellae. Common on reef margin/lip. Brown, tan to dark green.   Fiji 2017
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