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Archive 1009: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Nardoa frianti Koehler 1910. Bears tubercular warts on the margins of the body as well as the upper/aboral surface. Eastern Indo-Western Pacific; Andaman Sea, Micronesia, Noumea, Philippines. Fiji 2017 

Comaster nobilis Noble Featherstar. Bushy mass of 50 to 140 arms; pinnules in four planes. Variably colored, but usually bears some white, and 0-8  cirri. Sand and hard bottoms; W. Pacific. Fiji 2017 pic by RobB
Holothuria edulis Lesson 1830, the Edible Sea Cucumber.  Indo-Pacific including Hawai'i. Skin soft, pink underneath, blackish above. Found in shallows, close to shore. General detritivore. To eight inches in length. One in Fiji in 2017. Edible but not considered delicious. 
Bohadschia argus Jager 1833, the Ocellated Sea Cucumber. Western Indian Ocean; Madagascar, Seychelles to Sri Lanka. Pacific Ocean; Malay Archipelago to South Pacific Islands. Needs large quarters than captivity allows. To two feet in length.
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