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Archive 1007: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pectinia alcicornis (Saville-Kent 1871). Colonies are formed of irregular upright elements which on microscopic inspection have ridges that are minutely toothed. Usually mottled brown or green in color. Fiji 2017


Pocillopora damicornis (Linnaeus 1758), Cauliflower Coral. The most common member of the family offered to the aquarium trade. Compact clumps of up to a few meters height. Verrucae and branches blend together. Of varying branch thickness (thinner in greater depths, less water motion areas). Several colors: overall brown, pink cream, greenish. Fiji 2006 
Pocillopora eydouxi Milne Edwards & Haime 1860, Brush or Antler Coral. Distinctive large, upright branches with light-colored ends. A common species over its wide range.  Fiji 2011 

Pocillopora verrucosa (Ellis & Solander 1796), Cauliflower Coral.  More blunt, bump-like branches.  Fiji 2017
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