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Archive 1020: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Mycale laevis, the Orange King Sponge. Bright orange to yellow with white excurrent siphons. Grow under, about a few species of stony corals, actually protecting them from bioerosion by other/boring sponge species. The less common white variety here in Roatan 2017

Ircinia felix, Class Demospongiae. Stinker Sponge. Light gray or brown encrusting globes, 6-12 inches in diameter. Osculae scattered on body. Conspicuous hexagonal markings on surface. Smells very bad on removal from water.
Siphonodictyon  xamaycaense, the White Cone Sponge. Groups of white tubes of four or less inches. Found under ledges in deep reefs, exposed on more shallow. Roatan 2015. 
Discosoma sanctithomae Warty Corallimorph. Variable in color; but bear larger, frilly tentacles on top, shorter pointed ones along margin. Roatan 2017; Di pic 
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