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Archive 1325: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Symplegma viride, Encrusting Social Tunicate. Variably colored, tunic sharing colonies. Roatan 2019.


Bartholomea annulata, (one of) the Corkscrew Anemone/s. 4-7 inches across. Has numerous long, thin, pointed tentacles that are transparent, with internal whitish corkscrew markings. Often found in discarded shells. Able to retract quickly. Red Snapping Shrimp and Pederson's Cleaning Shrimp are symbionts. Roatan 2019.  

Lebrunia neglecta (nee danae) (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1860), the Branching Anemone. Has finger like and stubby, branching "pseudotentacles" (true, longer tentacles are usually only extended at night). Typically brownish to gray in color, a few bluish to green. Common in the tropical West Atlantic. Able to quickly withdraw into its closed space. Will easily sting other livestock, aquarists, divers exposed skin. Roatan 2019.  


Lebrunia coralligens, the Hidden Anemone. Uncommon, hidden in cracks from which long pseudotentacles extend with roundish, differently colored tips. Brown to bluish in color. True tentacles are long, unbranched. Toxic to the touch. Providenciales, Grand Turks.
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