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Archive 1366: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pseudocheilinus octotaenia Jenkins 1901, the Eight-Lined (sometimes labeled as Twelve-) Wrasse comes in two color morphs, one more orange, the other more pinkish in body hue. Indo-Pacific, including Hawai'i.. To five and a half inches in length. A couple/two off of Kona, HI 2019.

Pseudojuloides cerasinus (Snyder 1904), the Smalltail Pencil Wrasse (3)(male pictured) is the only member of the genus to be offered in any number. Even out of Hawai'i, specimens are difficult to keep alive.  Kona, HI 2019.

Stethojulis balteata (Quoy & Gaimard 1824), the Belted Wrasse (3), is an Hawaiian endemic. This is the most common and hardiest member of the genus, but still has a dismal survival rate. To six inches long. An initial phase/female in Kona, HI 2019.

Stethojulis albovittata (Bonnaterre 1788), the Bluelined Wrasse (3), of the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean including the Red Sea. Gorgeous males that don't live in captivity. To five inches in length. An initial phase individual in Mauritius 2017.
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