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Archive 1349: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Madracis pharensis (Heller 1868), Star Coral. Mostly azooxanthellate (usually found inside caves). Tropical West Atlantic. Compact, polygonal colonies. Corallite septa in two, alternating series. Occur in red, pinkish, grey and green colors. Roatan 2019.

Madracis dedactis (Lyman 1859), Ten-Ray Star Coral. Tropical West and East Atlantic. Encrusting to bulbish knob colonies to six inches in height. Yellowish to green. Ten rays/septa per corallite. Roatan 2019. 

Montastrea annularis (Ellis and Solander 1786),  Lobed Star Coral. Tropical West Atlantic. To ten feet tall. Common. Found as clusters of columns with domed tops. Living polyps on upper areas of colonies, dead, eroded below. Corallites appear as uniform in size, shape. Conical to flush with colony surface. Longer and short septa alternate, small, compact columellae. Roatan 2019.

Pseudodiploria strigosa Symmetrical Brain Coral. Large boulders and contoured plates, long convoluted channels, with curving valleys that get straighter near the edge. Smooth ridge tops (no lines, grooves). Green/brown, yellow-brown to bluish. Roatan 2019.
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