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Archive 1342: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Ricordea florida, rounded tentacles that are larger around the edge. Pale/r centers. About 1 1/2 to 2" across each polyp. SaraL pic in Roatan 2019.

Madracis carmabi (Vermeij et al 2003), Ten Ray Finger Coral. Colonies light orange to tan in color. Branches of bilobed, rounded tips. Small polyp mouths are greenish yellow. To five foot. Small colony here in Roatan 2019.

Mussa angulosa (Pallas 1766), Spiny Flower Coral. Large, fleshy polyps that are well-separated. When retracted, skeletal elements/septa appear spiny. To two feet in diameter tightly packed dome shapes. Occur in greens, blues, reds, browns. An aberrant (growing in the shade of rocks about it...?) colony in Roatan 2019.

Scolymia lacera, Atlantic Mushroom Coral. Tropical West Atlantic. To six inches in diameter, most a couple of inches. Fleshy w/ definite concave centers. Have prominent triangular septal teeth ridges and a "warty appearance" compared w/ other TWA members of the genus. Roatan 2019.
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