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Archive 1405: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Myripristis murdjan (Forsskal 1775), the Pinecone Soldierfish. Indo-Pacific through Oceania. Characterized by white edges on the unpaired and pelvic fin edges and brown margin on the gill cover. To one foot total length. This one photographed in the upper Red Sea 2019.

Pristiapogon exostigma (Jordan & Starks 1906), the Narrow-stripe Cardinalfish. To 12 cm.s in length. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to Line Islands; S. Japan to GBR. Upper Sinai at night 2019.

Pristiapogon kallopterus Bleeker 1856, the Iridescent Cardinalfish. Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea (where this one was photographed at night while foraging). To six inches in length. A four inch one out at night in the Sinai, Red Sea 2019.

Taeniamia fucata (Cantor 1849). Orange-lined Cardinalfish. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, Persian Gulf to Marshalls; S. Japan to N. Australia. To 4 inches. Sinai, Red Sea 2019.
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