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Archive 1407: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Pterocaesio chrysozona (Cuvier 1830), the Double-Lined Fusilier. Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to eastern Australia. To 21 cm. in length. Upper Red Sea 2019.

Caesio striata Ruppell 1830, The Striated Fusilier. Western I.O., Red Sea to Arabian Sea. To twelve inches in length. Note red belly and distinctive stripes/black marks on caudal. Upper Gulf of Aqaba pic 2019.

Forster's or Freckled Hawkfish, Paracirrhites forsteri (Schneider 1801). With a body marked by dark spots on the front half and horizontal bands on the rear. This species can be testy and eat goldfish near their full length of almost nine inches, so be careful when purchasing a larger one. Indo-Pacific. A young (three inch or so) one in the Red Sea 2019.

Plectorhinchus gaterinus (Forsskal 1775), the Black-Spotted Rubberlips or Gaterin. Western Indian Ocean and Red Sea. About the hardiest member of the subfamily, but does get to twenty inches in length. Red Sea 2019.
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