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FAQs on Sebae, Heteractis crispa Anemone Trauma

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Very common to have torn pedicle, foot... Look for and avoid buying these specimens. KEEP new purchases in isolation for weeks... then transfer water back/forth w/ the main display to introduce all. KEEP your eyes on your other livestock for signs of incompatibility.

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Torn sebae anemone     6/17/15
Dear WWM
I don't hold out much hope but I must try everything before I give up on anything in my tank!
<Our values are confluent>
I have had a sebae anemone in my 100 gal mixed reef for about 4 months. We upgraded from a 30 gal, (4 yrs old at time of transfer) transferred everything over and then about 10 months later added the anemone. Appeared very healthy at time of purchase and remained so until 2 days ago when it began moving from its spot. It got torn I believe on a colony of tube worms, sharp little suckers. Once I saw the tear, I placed it in the PVC hoping to avoid more damage. Can he recover from this?
<Mmm; yes; IF conditions are optimal and stable>
His mouth also looks kind of like the tear, like guts. Just checked parameters. PH 8.1, salinity 1.025, temp 80°, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 20ppm ( been dosing red sea NO3 PO4to help)

phosphates on API test are more than 0 but not as dark as .25, which is the first color reading. KH is 13, CA 480, Mag is 1480. We have LED lights, run Aqua C urchin skimmer, use a PolyFilter. No carbon. Did I forget to mention anything?
<Not of usually discussed parameters; no>
Any recommendations for this poor anemone?
<To keep on as you're doing>
The picture of him healthy was taken only a month ago and he looked like that up until this incident. My camera isn't great but it was more than it appears.
Sincerely, Melissa
<Patience; and perhaps a little iodide-ate. Bob Fenner>

confused ... id please ..sebae anemone??      12/18/14
Hi, pls confirm whether this is sebae anemone..??
<It is a dyed yellow Heteractis crispa; indeed; dying>

Also let me know whether
it is dyed..?? Feeling sick to know it may be dyed from some online sources.. Please help..
<Help yourself. READ on WWM re the species; DON'T send us 8 megs of pix....
READ here; my piece on this scam: http://wetwebmedia.com/coloredanemones.htm
Bob Fenner>

Sebae Anemone in Very Poor Health, More Information Needed REFER! 11/16/07 <Hello Bryan, Brenda here> I recently added a Sebae anemone to my tank, I have had them before. <What happened that you do not have them anymore?><<Bingo>> Anyway since adding it, it keeps flipping over upside down, I have gently replaced it right side up and it opens nicely and then a few hours later it is upside down again. When I turn it over the middle is got like a black bubbly mass. <Yes, I see this, and it is not good news. Based on the amount of algae you have on the rock, either the system is relatively new, or your husbandry skills are poor. Either case is not suitable for an anemone.> I should add that I have a tomato clown that enjoys this guy and will pick out the black mass bit by bit and the anemone opens nicely again. <At this time, a clownfish should not be anywhere near this anemone. It will only cause more stress. A tomato clown can be quite abusive. Yes the clownfish loves it, but the anemone does not (at this time). As far as it opening and closing, it is expelling waste, not a good sign on a regular basis.> I have never seen this before I have attached a picture. The water quality and temp. is perfect. <Perfect means nothing to me. What is perfect for one marine species is not always perfect for anemones. I need actual numbers here. I also need to know your tank size, what test kits you are using, size of tank, live stock list, when and how you received the anemone, was it shipped, was it at a LFS, where did they get it, etc.> and the lighting I use is Zoo Med. I have an Ocean sun 10,000k and a Coral Sun Actinic 420. I was hoping you could shed some light on what is going on with it. <I am not familiar with this lighting. A quick search on the net brings up many reptile sites. Please provide a link to your exact lighting system with your total watts.> Thanks
<You're welcome! Brenda>

torn foot, bleached...

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