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FAQs about Marine Snail Identification 29

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Stomatella? Hitchhiker ID on Ninja Star snail     7/2/18
Hi Bob & Crew!!!
<Hi Dani>
I spotted this very unexpected hitchhiker on my ninja snail. We are stumped in the forums. He’s quite small, maybe 3 mm. Tiny Stomatella? However, don’t see much of the fleshy parts I typically see on active Stomatellids I have seen though. Stomatellids I’ve had in other tanks are super fast for a snail and hate being out in light. Yet, he just got put in today so might be adjusting still?
Or maybe, yet less of a chance I think, a baby ninja star, is that how they start out? ��
<An image may dispel any doubts>
I really appreciate any ID input, I let him be, as I’m not very familiar with harmful snails except sundials, and I don’t have any Zoas anyway.
<If this is indeed a Stomatella, don´t worry, it is harmless and you can use it as part of the clean up crew>
Re: Stomatella? Hitchhiker ID on Ninja Star snail     7/2/18

Oh sorry I thought I included the picture! Lol, apologies.
<It does look like Stomatella sp.>

Small Red Snail ID       9/15/16
Hi WWM crew!! I go to your site first to try to ID things and couldn't find anything on this guy. It's a small snail, almost looks like a Stomatella.
It's pretty much bright red - both the shell and the foot. I found it on a yellow polyp gorgonian (Menella sp.). I thought it might be a pest but wanted to check. It's very pretty so I don't want to harm it if I don't have to! Any ideas? Photos below. It's less than 1/4 inch long and less than 1/8 wide.
<Ahh; I do think this IS a Stomatella (sp.). They do occur in varying colors, markings... yours has likely been eating a good deal of something that bears red pigment. I would keep this animal>
Rachel Fogle
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Small Red Snail ID       9/15/16
Awesome!! Thank you, Bob! I'm definitely keeping him :)
Rachel Fogle

<corr.> Small Red Snail ID: Ovulid- 9/15/16
Hi WWM crew!!
<Hey Rachel!>
I go to your site first to try to ID things and couldn't find anything on this guy. It's a small snail, almost looks like a Stomatella. It's pretty much bright red - both the shell and the foot.
<Yep, it’s a pretty little thing.>
I found it on a yellow polyp gorgonian (Menella sp.).
<Yep, these guys love ‘em.>

I thought it might be a pest but wanted to check. It's very pretty so I don't want to harm it if I don't
have to! Any ideas?
<I’m sorry to say that although it does look like a Stomatellid, and it’s undoubtedly pretty, it’s a pest (at least as far as the gorgonian is concerned!). It’s an Ovulid, (family Ovulidae), a group of predatory snails similar to cowries, that feeds on gorgonians (sea whips and fans). These snails have an interesting two-fold defense strategy thanks to a soft mantle typically extended over the shell. On the one hand, it can mimic the color and texture of its prey to a surprising degree, while on the other hand, the bright colors warn predators to stay away. The mantle retains some of the noxious chemicals from whatever soft coral the snail preys upon. Bottom line – this an interesting little beauty, but I would remove it, along with any others that appear. Please see the following links for more information:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/MolluscPIX/Gastropods/Prosobranch%20PIX/Ovulids/OvulidsF1.htm  >
Photos below. It's less than 1/4 inch long and less than 1/8 wide.
<You’re very welcome; I’m just sorry to be the bearer of bad news!>
Rachel Fogle
<Take care, Lynn Zurik>

Yeeikes! Thank you Lynn. I mis-ID'd this as Stomatella sp.!!! BobF       9/16/16
Snail Query - Ovulid

Hi Bob, I am so sorry that I didn't get to the snail query until today.
<Ahh! I'd sent a bad ID on thinking we/I'd missed you. B>

Re: Small Red Snail ID - Ovulid - 9/15/16
Thank you, Lynn!
<You are most welcome!>
I'll get rid of him. I'm sure my gorgonians will appreciate it.
<Oh yes, indeed!>
<Take care, Lynn>
Re: Small Red Snail ID      9/16/16

Ha!!! I liked your ID better, Bob
<Heeee! Me too! B>

Any idea what kind of snail this is?        6/22/16
I purchased this snail at least a year ago at my local fish store. They told me it was a moon snail.
<Does appear to be a Naticid>
I've gone back to that same store and they have no clue what a moon snail is??? It survived in my saltwater tank for over a year, as it lived under the sand, most of the time. At night, occasionally, it would take a trek above the sand. It's body (or foot)....was translucent.....and the coolest part, it covered it's entire outer shell). Unfortunately, it recently was eaten by my starfish. Is this really called a moon snail and why are they impossible to find, online and in store....really cool snail?
<Might well have been a "hitchhiker" on hard substrate; an opportunistic sale by your LFS>
Thanks for your expertise!
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

What is this thing??       7/29/15
Hi all! I recently added a Mexican turbo snail, and have noticed this thing riding around on his shell. It has recently (within the last day or two) switched sides that it rides on. Other than that, I've never seen it move.
Any ideas on what this is and if I need to remove it or not? It appears to have two tiny appendages sticking out... Sometimes. It is mostly flat, but there is a small point toward the back of it. I have attached a pic. Any help is appreciated!
<Look up Crepidula.... no need to remove. Bob Fenner>

Re: What is this thing??       7/29/15
Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much!! :-)
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Snaily Hitchhiker      7/15/15
Lynn; HELP! BobF
Re: Snaily Hitchhiker
Lynn; HELP! BobF No problem, I'm on it!
<Heeeee! I looked through all our Gastropod ID FAQs files.... I SWEAR I've seen this before... either reef-safe or a snail and polyp eater! Well, I guess that about covers all!!! BobF>
Snaily Hitchhiker: Likely Columbellid –
Hi guys,
<Hey Drew, Lynn here this evening.>
I've got about five of these snails that came in with some GSPs. They've got a funny nose like Nassarius do, but the shells are smooth(er). They stay on the glass nearly full time and do not burrow. On the glass I do notice that have a scrape-y mouth thing that looks like it's eating algae. I just wanted to make sure these aren't a predatory sort in your opinion.
<Nope, you’re in the clear. What you have appears to be a harmless/beneficial variety of columbellid (family: Columbellidae), also known as a “Dove” snail. For more information, please see the following queries: “Snail or Conch? Likely Columbellid Snails and Spirorbids - 4/17/12 at the following link: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/SnailIDF26.htm  , as well as: “What Are These? Egg Capsules -- 11/29/09”, here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/SnailEggIDF2.htm  .>
<You’re very welcome.>
<Take care, Lynn>

Re: Snail ID      7/26/15
Thank you!!
<Welcome! BobF>

Snail ID      7/5/15
I need help identifying this Snails please.. I got them off the pacific coast in Guatemala..
<Mmm; can't quite make out in your pix; maybe an Olive (Olividae); perhaps Olivella biplicata. See WWM re. Bob Fenner>

Snail question; ID     3/25/15
Hi Folks,
As usual you continue to do a great job helping all of us out in the aquarium lands. I have a snail question today, I have reviewed the previous postings concerning "bad" snails but am unsure if the guys(and gals) that are infesting my tank fall into that category. Most of the "bad" ones seem to be a flat spiral type shell, mine are similar but not as "flat". I am inserting a pic or two to hopefully aid in identifying them. They never get much larger than about an 1/8 or maybe 3/16 of an inch.
<Appears to be a Nerites of some sort.... Bob Fenner>

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