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FAQs about Trachyphylliid Coral Disease Treatments

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Iodide-ate are useful adjuncts;

Disaster, Trachy challenged    12/17/12
Dear WWM,
Sorry, I told myself I wouldn't bother you for another few months, but my poor Trachyphyllia sp. is in great distress. I had no problems with it, and actually was able to document growth, then it happened. One of my power heads fell from its initial position and ended up blasting over 70% of the tissue off of my Open Brain. I removed it from the problematic location, but I feel that the prognosis is bleak. In your experience do they likely recover from such trauma? It is on a fine sand bed for the time being, in a low flow area.
<I'd just double/triple dose iodide-ate, and not worry. These animals are quite tough. Bob Fenner>

Bleaching Open Brain - 6/29/08 Hey <Hello> I just started with my corals and as a common beginner mistake, I believe I photoshocked my open brain coral. This is evident by the excretion of goo like substance, most probably the symbiotic Zooxanthellae. I was wondering if the coral can recover from this or would I have to watch it waste away? Any remedies? <If this coral has bleached it will need very clean water and extra feeding while it adjusts to the new light and regrows symbionts. Feeding small pieces of squid, fish, or shrimp when the tentacles are out will keep this coral alive until the algae return. Benjamin>

Please Help.  Trachyphyllia    5/16/07 Hello my name is Mike and I need help with my closed brain coral. <Hi there Mike, Mich here with you and your brain.> I've attached two pictures <The photos look as thought they were taken several feet underwater... very blue.> of it and wanted to know if it was dead, dying, or ok. <I think we can eliminate OK.> And if there was something wrong is there something I can do to fix it. <Hmm, I do not discern any tissue in the photo, looks only skeletal to me, but the photo is so blue it is difficult to tell.> When I got him he was bright green in the crevices and now the green has all but gone away. Also the protruding tissue around the crevices seems to be peeling away. <So there is tissue remaining?  Perhaps an iodine dip (5-10 drops  of Lugol's per liter) might help if there is tissue to treat.  Some info here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/corldisfaqs.htm  > It happened after 2 days. <After 2 days of what?  Caring for this coral?> Please help. <Trying.>
Thank You.
<You're welcome, Mich>

Open brain unwanted growth 11/6/05 Hello. <Hi there> I hope you can help with this one as you have in the past. I have a green open brain coral that has grown green hair algae that has exposed some of its skeleton. <Mmmm, what came first, the chicken/algae or the egg/damage, conditions that induced this?> I have removed it frequently but seems to grow back worse. Others have suggested that I use a Dremel and drill out the algae like a tooth cavity. <Mmm, better to seek out what is "too much" or "too little" here and change the circumstances in the system to favor the Trachyphyllia> Before taking such a drastic measure I wanted to consult the pros. Your wisdom is eagerly anticipated by my coral and I. Thank you for your time <Do a read over of our area covering the species/family: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/trachyphlliidae.htm and the linked files above... hopefully "something/s" will "jump out" at you re husbandry... that will shift the balance to the health of the specimen and away from the algae. Cheers, Bob Fenner> 

Trachyphyllia health mainly 7/19/05 Hello...Your site is wonderful!  I have an open brain (Trachyphyllia). I received many corals from a man who was going to throw them away.... some were in great condition however my brain was not too great. I've had it now for about a month.  At first it didn't go through a normal cycle, then for about a week it started to... I had two large hermits <Predaceous...> (I took them to a new home last week) that were picking on the brain, needless to say the brain quit going through its cycles because these crabs were picking at it.  Now the brain's tissue is ripped, has holes in it, and about half of it's skeleton is visible.  The color in the tissue is still good, there is some algae growing on the outer rim of the skeleton. <Not good>   I'm very concerned, and I'm not too sure that it is going to recoup.  It hasn't been going through it's cycles, it's like it can't because it is so filled with holes (if that is a possible reasoning?), How do I go about making sure it is getting food so it can regain it's life, etc? <Iodide treatments, fine food offerings...>   Is there anything else I could do to help it's recovery move along quickly? Is it possibly hurting anything in my tank by being so decrepit? <Possibly... I would watch your water quality, other livestock> Sorry for so many questions!  I've searched your site and you have so so much info on Trachyphyllia (so much wonderful info about a lot of things!) but I can't seem to find what I should do about my situation.  Please help :) Thank you so much! Codie S. <Keep reading my friend. Clarity is pleasurable. Bob Fenner>
Re: Trachyphyllia.. nutrition, health... RMF career 7/22/05
Good day Bob or whoever I may be speaking to today....I hope all is going great today... I have several things to throw your way today...I'm sorry if I've got a repeat question thrown in here. In regards to my Trachyphyllia: When food is offered to it, the mouths close up.  Except when I offered plankton. I haven't ever seen sweeper tentacles come out (even when it was doing normal cycles), Do you think it may be getting the nutrients it needs by me taking a plastic syringe and gently directing fine meaty foods at it... even without the presence of the tentacles? <Possibly, yes> The algae that is forming on small parts of the skeleton... could I try to gently remove it somehow or would this be advised against? <Directing a stream of water... as with a powerhead or small submersible pump is all I would do... don't physically touch> Is Iodide harmful to any marine animals or corals if used properly (that you are aware of)? <Not unless overdosed> I've got a rock that had several mushroom corals growing, a piece of the rock broke off leaving one of the mushrooms attached to the original rock as well as the broken off piece.  Is it best to let it be (it is hanging, I've propped it back up but it wont stay) or someone recommended I should just tear it off the original rock :( sounds painful but I'm not sure it feels pain like that? :) <I would "tear it off", move it to someplace safe, stable> Thank you in helping me on my journey, I swear I'm not trying to be hand fed... I just need a little help with this predicament (the brain). And the other questions are just thrown in there... my main concern is my brain though! On a bit of a more social level...what is your favorite dive location? <Mmm, there's a bunch... overall, the Red Sea likely> Bob... do you go and speak at seminars <Almost every month... for the last few decades... to hobby groups mainly, in the pet-fish and dive/adventure interests> or am I interpreting some info wrong.... at one point in one of your responses to someone's questions it sounded like you do seminars, if you do...have you ever found yourself in Indiana? <I think so...>   One more personal/social question... what is your career... How do you make it possible to go on all these wonderful diving journeys? Thanks guys!!! Codie S. <Good, friendly questions... I do five "things" for money, including two that are petfish related... am a content provider, selling writing and photography... But really, am retired in terms of having to "do" work... invested a part of what I earned, in stocks in good companies, real property... so I can/do travel about half the year. And I do encourage you to take up the dive, travel habit as well! Thank you for asking, sharing. Bob Fenner>

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