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Merritt Adkins and the Crew 2/4/08 My Bio Dear Bob, Michael said you didn't mind me volunteering on WWM and that you needed a bio and a picture. Merritt Adkins Hello! I am a senior at Texas A&M University at Galveston getting a B.S in Marine Biology. I received my first freshwater aquarium at age 12. It was a simple setup including the blue gravel, plastic plants and a penguin bio-wheel filter. Now, eight years later I have become an avid aquarist with my planted freshwater tanks specializing in small (10 gallons or less) planted tanks. Some of my personal favorite fish are Bettas, Corys, glass catfish, kuhli loaches, and freshwater/brackish puffers. These are just my favorites but I have kept many other species of freshwater fish through the years. Right now I have two 15 gallon community tanks, three Betta tanks (two are 1 gallon and a 2.5 gallon), a dwarf puffer 5 gallon tank, and a 6 gallon brackish water tank for my baby figure 8 puffer. (He is less than an inch long!!) I have been slowly getting into the marine aquarium hobby, but I still consider my freshwater tanks to be my favorite types of tanks. I am currently breeding Bettas and I eventually want to breed my dwarf puffers. My future goals are being able to keep some larger fish like Tiger Oscars and Spotted Gar. I will eventually send a better picture. I hope this helps! Thanks!! Merritt A. <Indeed, I/we thank you for coming forward, sharing. I take it Michael will show you how to log in... Please take a read here re some conventions we use in responding. http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/crewsupwebmail.htm Bob Fenner>

MerrittA returns - 03/06/09 Hello Mr. Fenner, <Merritt! Geez, just Bob will ya?> I wanted to let you know that I can start answering questions again cause I got my degree, a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology <Ahh, congratulations on your matriculation> and have ample amounts of free time to help with the queries. I am very proud of it and now I am starting the long road to graduate school. I missed answering questions when I was in school. If you don't mind, I made a folder for myself. I have below and updated bio for the crew member page. If you don't need my help that's fine, just email me if you guys are overloaded with questions and I will try to make a dent. Thanks for having such a great site, I remember using this when I was younger! :-) <Dang!> Merritt Adkins Hello! I am 22 years old and a graduate of Texas A&M University at Galveston with a B.S in Marine Biology. I am now currently pursuing graduate school regarding coral reef conservation and marine invertebrate research with emphasis on cephalopods. I hope to eventually acquire my doctorate and conduct my own research. Soon I will be published in a scientific journal regarding my research with Capitella sp. (Polychaete) and it's larval stages. Hopefully this will help me with graduate school acceptance! I started in the hobby with freshwater tanks and due to the help of my boyfriend, eventually got into saltwater tanks. I currently have a 6 gallon Nano Reef that has a maroon clown fish with a pink bubble anemone and lots of corals. (It looks like a miniature reef!) But, I don't consider myself to be very educated regarding saltwater tanks, I am still learning. I am better with freshwater tanks and have had them throughout my life. I have had tons of different freshwater fish ranging from guppies to a Mbu puffer. I still greatly enjoy freshwater tanks and will eventually setup a nice ten gallon planted tank, but haven't got the time. I have had planted tanks since I was 12 and have never looked at plastic plants again. I have had in my planted tanks Madagascar lace, Anubias, Java Fern, Anacharis and Cryptocoryne just to name a few. Before I did the leap to saltwater tanks, I had a brackish water tank with my figure 8 puffer with many brackish water plants. Hopefully, once life isn't so hectic, I can have more than one tank! I also have five Bettas which I have been trying to breed for so long, and I still haven't succeed. (Only the Polychaetes will breed for me!) Once I am done with school and settled down, I would LOVE to setup a Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish) tank and breed them. I have experience with all different species of cephalopods and would greatly enjoy having some in my home. Thanks very much! :-)
<Welcome back. BobF>

Steve Allen Bob: <Steve> It was great to finally meet you in Pleasanton & Milpitas. I am glad that my medical seminar trip to SF coincided with your visit. My brothers enjoyed meeting you as well. Perhaps Jeff will be your neighbor someday. He is going to begin preliminary scouting for a place on the Kona coast in a few months. <Greatly enjoyed meeting you> Sorry to take so long to get back to you about WWM. It's been hectic. I wonder sometimes why I every take time off. It's such a chore getting ready and then catching up afterward, that it hardly seems worth it. <Start coming on dive/adventure trips with us instead... you will do a 180 on your subjective evaluations of whether such always are "worth it"!> I am honored that Ananda suggests I be considered to answer questions. <I am making the same request> There are two issues for me to consider here. The first is, of course, time. In addition to being a pediatrician, I also have 4 children ranging from 7-15 years old. <Yikes... when do you sleep?> My offer to proofread stands, as this is something that I can find the time to do. I will also very much enjoy reading & learning in advance of the general public. However, a daily schedule of answering inquiries is a bit more challenging. <Yes> Issue number two is my relative lack of experience. I have only been at this SW hobby for a year now. I have to admit that I pretty much sleepwalked through FW for 30 years before that. On the other hand, I am an eager learner. I have acquired numerous books, including yours, Anthony's, Eric Borneman's, Fossa and Nielsen's, Julian Sprung's, Scott Michael's & Nick Daikin's. (It's genetic, my mother was a librarian and is still a voracious reader.) I subscribe to FAMA, TFH and Aquarium Fish. I read the FAQs daily. <Oh my... a strong case for having folks read, read in front of and to their children if ever there was> We doctors usually have a knack for lifelong learning and finding the info we need. I have learned over the years that incorrect memory is a major source of medical error (along with bad handwriting). I tell residents I am teaching that after they pass their boards, they should never memorize "facts" that they can look up in a more current book or journal. The point is, I have readily available the tools I need to find info to help people. <Yes> Of course, I also agree with Anthony that one should avoid spoon-feeding people. ("Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him fore a lifetime." That is until the oceans are emptied by over-fishing.) If the answer is readily available on WWM, then I would refer the questioner to the location to read personally. <Agreed> My biggest concern here is that I lack the credibility that the long-time aquarists of the crew have. <Mmm, having met and spoken with you for several minutes I don't have this concern. Sir, there is a requisite "attitude" toward what we do as WWM Crew beyond knowledge of the subjects, capacity for relating pertinent facts/experiences/guesses... that is "approach"... in an "equals" aspect, relating what we know as such... not ever expressing speculation as wisdom or anything other than "what we would/might do" in similar circumstances. It is my opinion you possess (or at least appear to express) this quality. 'Sides, we have a "stop-gap" measure or two re unfamiliar queries. We (the WWM Crew), "move" them into each others "in-boxes" or back to the general in-box if we feel someone else might be better-suited to respond> There are areas that I would be weak on, such as fluid dynamics and plumbing (as demonstrated by a panicked call from my wife brining the kids and I rushing home from Chili's to find 20 gallons of water on the floor of my basement the other night). Other areas I might have some trouble are lighting, complicated chemistry, advanced coral care, and unusual inverts. I am learning as fast as I can though. I am aware that much in the aquarium hobby is opinion as it is in medicine and I have learned to accept such ambiguities long ago. Otherwise, I would not be able to survive in pediatrics. I am willing to present more than one view for the inquirer to consider if there is not compelling evidence that one particular way of doing things is best. <I understand and expect that all of us (myself of course included) are not comfortable, competent or well-versed on many subject areas of ornamental aquatics. Indeed, such breadth and depth is not a human capability IMO... there is simply too much engineering, math, biology, organismal coverage... to be embodied in single individuals... What we do is "divide and offer" where we can, refer or "throw up our hands" where we can't> If you feel that I would be a good addition to the crew, I could take some questions. If you would like to cc some to me and have me answer them and send them back so you can see what you think of my answers (sort of a skill test), I would be happy to do this. Someone else ought to provide the actual answer while you decide if my answers are the sort of thing you need. <Ahh!> What is the daily traffic? Weekdays are a problem because I work 10+ hours per day. How about if I answered SW questions on weekends? Sundays are particularly good because I have a few hours to myself. <Let us try by adding you to our Crew, I am making a "Folder" for you... you are: Steve We have a few conventions re responding, mainly in formatting. Am sure Anthony will chime in here with a link to previous statements recorded re.> Sorry to be so long-winded, but I want you to understand where I'm coming form on this. Steve Allen <I do... and appreciate your offer of proof-reading, responding. In particular I welcome your help on the few "medical", "scientific" queries we receive... and will likely see more of with the growing awareness of your help on WWM. Please do log-in when you have time (on the weekends), and make it known if I can be of assistance. Bob Fenner>

Yet another Crew Member. Sugam Bhasin  10/10/11
Hi Bob,
Thanks as always for you advise. Reference helping out with WWM, I can indeed dedicate some time everyday as needed. While I am not currently on the forum (not accessible from work whereas email is), I am happy to assist in any way I can. Whether it is proofing and rewording or something else.
As for a short profile, please find below. Picked it from a preexisting profile. Please let me know if you need more information
As a communications professional, Sugam has over 15 years of experience in the fields of public relations, marketing and corporate communications. Having worked in North America, India and the Middle East, he has developed a strong sense for global communications. Sugam began his career at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the leading global brand communications agencies and has since worked with a number of organizations in various industries. During his time as a communicator, Sugam has built a reputation for his ability to effectively and effortlessly craft and convey messages through his vivid writing skills as well as his research capabilities.
As regards my experience in the hobby, I started out with freshwater species over four years ago and have killed more fish than I have kept alive. I made the move to marine two years ago and again have made almost every mistake a beginner can make. I have a stronger understanding of freshwater and am finding my feet in the marine space.
To be fair, I would not consider myself a reliable single resource for advise <advice> on the hobby even though I do have knowledge of the basics.
I would perhaps be more effective in drafting, proofing and editing original works for the site if that is indeed a requirement.
Ahh! Thank you Sugam. Am soliciting your email about w/ the current WWM
Crew, editing of CA? Do please stay tuned. BobF
Ahh! Thank you Sugam. Am soliciting your email about w/ the current WWM Crew, editing of CA? Do please stay tuned. BobF
Re: Yet another Crew Member
Thank you for the consideration. I am happy to provide writing samples should you need those and despite the evidence to the contrary, I actually am on target with grammar (cannot believe the typos!)
<Heeee! Happens to me... most days! BobF>
Hello Sugam,

Welcome aboard!
Cheers, Neale
Sugam, thank you for coming forward. Welcome to the WWM Crew!
Our webmail log-in is: >>>>
Your email folder: Sugam!
Some input re conventions we've found useful in responding can be found
Don't feel pressured... but only comfortable, responding to what you find of interest.
Cheers, Bob Fenner
Re: Yet another question -

Thanks Bob. Really excited and hope to contribute. I will review the links this evening and dive in. When do I get my sheriff badge (kidding!)? Could I possibly request that all further correspondence be directed to sugam.XXXX.com ?
Would rather have my personal email ID in play here for obvious reasons.
<And you, BobF>

Ian Behnk Makes Contact 10/18/05 Robert <Ian!> I haven't spoken with any of you guys in a while so I am trying to email everyone to catch up on things. The last six months- a year I have been foolish...trying so hardly to do things that others have wanted me to. <Mmm, as long as you're trying to do the things you want to do...> I have been busy with school, work, etc. But I like helping other fellow aquarists out with the problems that I have had and others that I can help them solve with the knowledge I have acquired over the years. If you could please add me back on the WWM website so I can start helping ASAP it would be greatly appreciated. <Please add yourself... make an infolder... you have the site, contact info? Will add your name on the active list on WWM's dailies when you are responding> I finally realized that this is what I enjoy doing in life and it is what I will continue to do. My major is an MBA masters in business administration but marine science is my one true love. I thank you for everything and If I can be of any help, anytime just let me know. Thanks again for everything. Ian Behnk <Thank you. BobF> I was wondering when everyone is getting together? Do you guys have any plans, etc. Let me know and I will most likely be able to go. <Mmm, a few things coming up... the May 06 Interzoo and Red Sea trip/s (Germany, Egypt), and the next Western Marine Conference (in Sacramento)... and there's always the possibility of coming out to HI (Sabrina and I are there now, with EricR on the way)... or....? B> Dear Wet Web Media crew, <Ian> Hello my name is Ian Behnk, I am 16 years old and I live in Altamonte Springs, FL. I plan on going to Eckerd College in St. Petersburg/Tampa and becoming an ichthyologist. This has been a dream/goal of mine for sometime now and is slowly becoming reality, since I will be a senior in high school next year and applying for college. I have been keeping marine/freshwater fish for about 5 years now and am very hungry for knowledge. I was wondering if I could join your team of very knowledgeable people. I have been wanting to do so ever since I saw this magnificent site. I want to be able to help fellow hobbyists and learn at the same time. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all. Sincerely, Ian Behnk <Thank you for your offer of help. Would you please tell us a bit about your background in the field, capacity for responding to queries. Do you have the time (likely an hour or so a day) to commit to this work? Please do check with your parents/guardian re this... we do not want to cut into other time (school, vocation, other avocations) you have, might develop. Be chatting, Bob Fenner> Crew Help Mr. Fenner My questions that I feel more comfortable answering are more like compatibility issues with fish-marine and fresh-had freshwater fish long before I even thought about salt. Marine Angelfish and Tangs I have been studying Genus, Species behavior etc. Fish wise I should be ok. Corals on the other hand I have to read more about at WetWebMedia.com. Crustaceans-have read all the pages pertaining to them and all the FAQs. Water quality issues I should be ok with- had to deal with a lot of that while working at the LFS-compatibility issues also. Marine fish diseases-know how to treat many of them, signs etc. If you think of any other questions just email me back. thanks, Ian <Jason, please indoctrinate Ian as to WWM responding. Welcome my friend. Bob Fenner> Return of a prodigal son 07/16/08 Hey Since I am finishing up with school full time I was wondering If I could come back and help you guys on wetwebmedia.com. Please let me know Ian Behnk PS this is my new email addy <Ahh, welcome back Ian... I hope/trust the intervening years have seen you happy, healthy, progressing. The new log-in for WWM is: BobF>
Emerson Blewett and WWM 9/29/06 It would be an honor and a privilege to help others the way the WWM crew has helped me in the past. I can contribute at least a few hours a week to spreading the good word of quarantine, proper livestock selection and water quality. <Ahhh... welcome to our association>
Ryan Bowen Hey guys! I have 1 hour per day in which I will respond to queries. General, basic questions about freshwater, brackish and marine are all within my realm. I really enjoy helping novice aquarists. It was the great advice I acquired in my first few years that has kept me in the hobby. My personal history with aquaria, as many, started with fishing, and bringing home fish native to California. I've kept many freshwater Basses, trout, cichlids, native eels-even a freshwater Striped Bass from Lake Mendocino. Now, I have a few tanks, and a reef. I enjoy biotopic set-ups the most. I have a good working knowledge of reefs, FOWLR, and FO saltwater. I've kept a large amount of Africans Cichlids, predominantly from Lake Malawi. I've recently been shopping for my newest 75 gal reef, so I am up to date on equipment. I also maintain a Nano-reef at work. You could say I'm addicted! My personal goal in this hobby is to educate others about the joys of aquaria. If fishkeeping has taught me anything, it's that everything is inter-dependant. For every action, there is a reaction. We, as aquarists, have an awesome responsibility towards the biotopes we recreate. Bottom line, I'd love to help. In this forum, I truly feel that there is "a shared admiration of the sea." Regards- Ryan Bowen We still have no idea
what Ryan looks like.
Lisa Brown - 01/12/2006 Hello Mr. Fenner! I believe Justin (Jager) was in contact with you about my desire to join the WWM Crew. I've always admired what you have going on here, and would love to help. My primary love concerning aquaria is puffers. I am comfortable in answering questions about fresh, brackish or marine puffers, their systems and maladies, and posses the knowledge to do so accurately. I also personally maintain a saltwater reef tank, and I am quite familiar with SW systems, livestock compatibility and disease treatment. Like many, my first aquarium was a freshwater community, so if need be, I am comfortable fielding questions in that area as well. I am currently a moderator on the puffer forum. I read the daily FAQ's on WWM nearly everyday, and love learning new things, as I feel it's impossible to ever know everything in this great hobby of ours Just so you know me a bit better, I'm a 23 year old student, studying architecture. I also work full-time at an insurance brokerage in Toronto. I travel as often as I can to dive as much as possible. Well, I digress! Thank you for considering me for the crew, hope to hear from you soon. Lisa.
Mike Bryant and WWM Crew, Fritz job/s Mr. Fenner, Hello, my name is Mike Bryant and I am a friend of Jeni Tyrell. I was an employee at a local fish store that she used to frequent (currently employed by FEMA). She has told me about the wetwebmedia site and I have found it very interesting. She has suggested that I email you in regards to volunteering my services as a point of contact for various aquatic questions. I have been working in the pet industry for 4 years and have a B.S. in Earth Science. I have bred everything from discus, angelfish and various African cichlids. My main focus and love being with saltwater fish, corals (propagation) and aquatic chemistry. I could continue on about what I have done but I think the list would be too long. If you would like I could draft a list of my experiences but I would like to defer at this time. Also, I saw your post about Fritz looking for sales representatives for their business. I tried to look on their site but could not find any additional information. Any additional information would be appreciated. Please find the attached resume for your review and consideration. Thank you, Mike Bryant <The Fritz (Pets, Industries) post is quite old (a few years) buy you might contact them just the same: http://www.fritzpet.com/index.html re your interest in employment. By your description of experience, relation to Jeni you are welcome to join our crew in responding to queries.

Andy Bulgin
Crew Question...? -4/6/10

Hey y'all! When did Melissa M. join the Crew? :D.
<She did not. Just a profile pic of mine with a fine friend. Keep pushing it she may join up though.>
Aren't you supposed to quarantine new purchases for at least 6 weeks??
<She is a sensitive species. Quarantine does more harm than good here.>
Andy B.
<Stick to what you know. Tag good people in horrible FaceBook pics.
Melisa Mitchell.>
Andy Bulgin
Re: Crew Question
Phew! I was worried. Would you recommend a formalin dip for her? She looks a little pale. Will she be alright under my lighting? I have a 300g with 2 65W actinic power compacts.
<Just make sure there is good protein skimming. And get some sun yourself.
Scott V.>

Richard Bullard's Bio Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I only hope I can live up to expectations! I was born at Tripler Army hospital on Oahu, December 25th, 1970. After four years, the family moved to Columbia, SC. Due to unexplained circumstances, my parents divorced when I was six. Mom moved to Lakeland, FL, while dad stayed in SC. I pretty much played ping pong between them for most of my schooling. This gave me a wide exposure to different monetary and ethical views. I do not have any hard feelings for their break-up. It has definitely made them happier. I first started keeping fish in 1989. A friend sold me a 29 gallon with equipment and fish, without giving me any real instructions. After wiping those fish out, I began to shop the local stores in Columbia. It was the same everywhere I went, they would all gladly take my money, without regard to the fishes needs or my abilities. Needless to say I was on a three month tear, nuking everything I touched. Eventually, this was too much to bear, so I decided to do something about it...I took a job at a fish only store called Blue Lagoon. There I was introduced to the proper methods of selecting and caring for fish. My mortalities decreased. Now this was becoming fun, the way a hobby should be. As I was there, I realized my true gift was communication. Not only did I have, (and still do!) passion for the hobby, I could easily break "complex" ideas down into something more digestible to the layman. I truly believe my diverse background helped here. I was comfortable with the upper echelon as well as the lowly street thug, and even more importantly, I could make them feel better about what they were doing. As the days progressed, I found myself working in various fish stores, all with similar results. I was building a following. Friends would tell each other about this guy who would tell the truth. It may have, (and still does!) cost me some initial sales, but the loyalty it built was/is priceless. Seventeen years had passed. Today, I am co-owner of a fish only store in Sumter, SC. My partner Chevis and I strive to offer customer service and satisfaction implicitly. We would rather lose a sale than lose trust. If a fish/coral is not healthy, we will not sell it. If a piece of equipment is not necessary, we will attempt to talk the customer out of it. By taking the time to explain fully the reasoning and function behind the product, not only do we gain and keep the trust, we also further the hobby. By educating them as much as we can, we send them out into the world, armed with understanding, to be able to help themselves and others. It is this mentality that has people driving from over 100 miles just to see us and the store. On July 15th, I am to be wed. My bride to be, Alicia, has renewed my passion or the hobby even more. She actually raised wolf eels! Her first saltwater fish. Watching her pleasure and excitement only furthers mine! I do not consider myself to be an expert. I learn more everyday. That is what makes me dangerous! Richard Bullard
Anthony Rosario Calfo was born in Hawaii and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a lifelong aquarist and an aquarium industry professional that has worked the better part of the last decade as a commercial coral farmer and wholesaler, producing cultured reef invertebrates for the ornamental and zoological trade. In a greenhouse environment, he has witnessed such blessed wonders as spawning Tridacnid clams and Cassiopeia jellyfish growing from medusae to adulthood. After selling his mariculture facilities, he has worked as a writer publishing fiction and non-fiction material. He has authored the reef aquariology title, Book of Coral Propagation, Vol. 1 Reef Gardening for Aquarists (450 pages, www.readingtrees.com) and will release the second volume of the series in 2003. He co-founded the Pittsburgh Marine Aquarist Society with the inimitable Bob Dolan. He was schooled at Carnegie-Mellon University and U. Pitt, and has a BA in English Literature. Other interests include African felids, music and studio arts. "I have thirty-two years on this planet and I'm very grateful to be apprenticed to life. Wise and kind friends like Bob Fenner and the WWM crew make the journey ever so much more enjoyable!" March 2002

Here's Antoine and friends and his old greenhouse culture facility in PA

The Xeniid fruits of Anthony's labors.
Peter Catterick; Tony man about the world, general rub of most jokes. Pete's originally from York (kinda looks like a Roman gene-drift about... spent 15 years with brother in Swaziland, southern Africa... has lived with Bob and Di for a decade and a half or so (we keep moving, but somehow he manages to find us). He dives, keys as fast, well as Miguel... oh and is our principal videographer... Now if we could only manage to edit, get some of the footage on WWF's giganto server...

 Peter wishes he could get this camera removed from his head.

Adam Cesnales Hi all, I was only going to send this to Bob for the crew section of WWM, but since most of you don't know me at all and those that do pretty much only know that I like sushi and beer, I decided to use this opportunity to introduce myself. For the site: My name is Adam Cesnales. I live near Pittsburgh, Pa and have been keeping marine aquaria for about 15 years, and a reef tank (or a few) for about five. I have a BS in biology with a minor in chemistry and work as a perfusionist (we're the folks that take over while your heart is stopped during open heart surgery). I have always been obsessed with all things marine. I take enormous pleasure in having a little slice of the reef in my home, and consider the well being of the animals that are in captivity for my pleasure to be a tremendous responsibility. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here at WWM helping folks who share that sense of joy and responsibility. I'm funny looking. Reef tanks are pretty, so attached is a photo of part of my 135 mixed reef. I also have a 92 corner reef that is hopefully destined to become a dedicated Heteractis magnifica/A. Ocellaris display, and a small dedicated system for rearing Banggai cardinal fish. Mmm, Adam's tank... not him per se
John (aka Magnus) Champlin I recently have been contacted by an acquaintance of mine, Jeni (lovingly referred to as Pufferpunk). She had thought that I would be able to help your awesome site with answering questions. I guess the help i have given Jeni in the past makes her think that I'd be right up your alley. I must say that the thought of helping out such an impressive site is extremely exciting. I have visited your site for many years and gained quite a bit of knowledge myself, and would love to be able to give something back to your for all the help over the years. <Outstanding> I'm 25 years old, and have been keeping tanks for close to a decade now. Started the way many people start into this hobby, i purchased a dollar goldfish and a 10 gallon tank. Well The goldfish is still alive and well (about 10 inches long now), and since the 10 gallon tank, I've expanded to at one point having over 15 tanks going between my home and my office. With the economy taking a weird turn, I was forced to cut back on many of my tanks. But, I still have 7 tanks (ranging in size from 3 gallons to 150 gallons) going at home, with my 8th being a 100 gallon marine puffer tank due to be set up within the next month. I've kept Freshwater, Brackish, and marine tanks over the years. Focusing on two varieties of fish (not kept in the same tanks mind you). But, I used to raise many different varieties of knifefish (glass, African, royal clown, albino clowns). My largest and most impressive knife was my 24 inch long female clown knife. Which was given her own 150 gallon tank. But, my true love was caring for Pufferfish. hence the reason i had gotten into brackish (for my figure 8's and my Green spotted puffers) thus leading me into my marine tanks. I've kept Emeralds, South Americans, Green spotted, figure eights, dogface, porcs, Burrfish for many years. Many of these fish were given to me, I kept them for months, cared for them nursed them to health and found them suitable homes. I have also cared for many other fish and animals over the years. I've kept Eels, lungfish (which was adopted by my brother and his coworkers as their company mascot), barbs, bettas, catfish, happy community fish (tetras, gouramis, etc...), Scats, Gobies, saltwater fish like triggers, morays, Clowns, and much more. I realize a long sentence with fish names isn't that exciting, so lets leave it at.. I've cared for quite an assortment of fish. <Yes, and more to go> I'm currently in the middle of setting up my one website, but at least I do have some photos up online if you would like to see them. (please excuse the mess... just placed them online until I finished the layout and style sheets for the future site) a few random pics thrown on a table. Here you can see my large clown knife. http://xanadu.ambrosiasw.com/~jchamplin/table.html <Very nice> I currently haunt quite a few forums answering questions for people in fresh, brackish, and saltwater areas. But, more specifically I'm moderating a great new website called Reefnut ( www.reefnut.com). Where I was contacted by the site owner to write an article dealing specifically with pufferfish. You can see the article at: http://www.reefnut.com/Puffer%20Article.htm I had turned him towards puffers the previous months, and he was quite impressed with my knowledge, and was honored to be asked to write a featured article on his site. I'm an animal lover, I live on a farm, have a small herd of cows, a horse, a cat, lost my dog to cancer sadly, and a home full of fish tanks. I'm more than willing to send you a bio and references about my experience and knowledge. <This will suffice John. You obviously are learned, passionate re the hobby, desirous to share>

Above: The Man

Below: His Tank

Jason (Jas) Chodakowski, born in Washington D.C. and lived in London, England; Florida; Massachusetts; and now San Diego, California. Through the years I've tried multiple times to get a college degree but always seem to end up working instead. Have spent many years exemplifying the phrase Jack of all trades, and master of none. Most recently worked as a network and systems engineer for Connecticut Telephone. My fascination with marine fish began in the early 80's and have kept marine tanks on and off since that time. Have spent my time here in San Diego learning the ropes of fish business. Currently have a fish-only system [I'm a fish person, and less of a reef-person] and am always looking for ways to get a larger tank into my limited amount of available space. Thanks to Bob Fenner's encouragement, I became a certified diver in May of 2002, and since then have moved through the PADI ranks to become a rescue diver in addition to a couple of other merit badges they offer. Although I've been a photo-bug for most of my life, I've developed a fascination with underwater photography. I take just about every opportunity I can find to put on the scuba gear and hone the photography skills. Speaking of which... when are we going out again? Hey man, my mailbox is gone! JasonC returns 6/14/06 Have I really been absent that long? <Heeeee! There you are!> Well, lookie here... I've just finished up what I like to call my "Wet Web Media Live" show at the Barrier Reef in Boca Raton, FL and have returned to private life. <Enjoying it?> If you'll have me back, I'll be more than happy to start answering questions again. <Oh yes... Be chatting. BobF>
"Does this T-Shirt make me look fat?"

Donald Clarke Hi Bob, <Don> Don Clarke (aka Fish Soup) here. Sabrina emailed me about joining the WWM crew. I would be happy to help. Kind of new to all this myself. My father and I shared the hobby when I was younger. We had a dozen FW tanks around the house. I started breeding birds at age 20 and continued until last year. Almost 30 years. I traded the last of my breeders for a 55 gallon tank and started doing research on fish, mostly plecos. I would feel most comfortable helping new people with cycling, and answering questions concerning catfish and South American cichlids. General FW stuff. I'm weak on African cichlids, medications and have no SW experience. <Ahh, we have many more questions, need for inspiration in your fields> If you feel I could be a help I'd love to give it a shot. Don ClarkeHi! Another new member here. I hail from the Philly suburbs, lived in this area my entire life. I'm 49, will hit the big 50 at the end of the year. <Ugg, I'm still older... but a smaller percentage so every moment!> My "Fish life" started before I can remember. My father and I shared about a dozen tanks, mostly SA cichlids, a few West African, plecos, Corys and some assorted community fish. We bred a number of them including Dempseys, Jewel Cichlids, Peacocks, Convicts. Also some bubble nesters, dwarf Gourami, paradise and Bettas. <Neat> I have also had a lifetime love of birds. I left the fish hobby at age 20 when I married. Petless and in a small apartment, I talked my wife into a small cage <Wasn't it cramped? Heee!> and a pair of Zebra Finches. I was hooked after my first clutch of eggs hatched. I got serious with it after the death of my parents when we moved back into the home I grew up in. Peaked at 25 cages in two spare bedrooms, had 17 going when my wife and I divorced. (Go figure!) I was working six days a week and the seventh was spent clearing cages. That got old quick, so about a year ago I sold off all my breeders and set up a 55 gallon fish tank. I found this site while researching cycling and was helped by Sabrina. Since then I have added a ten gallon QT, but I'm resisting the urge to greatly expand my number of tanks. So most of my hands on experience is about 30 years old. But I have spent many hours searching the net and getting up to speed on all the new technology and info that did not exist in the 60's and 70's. Wow, were my eyes opened! I couldn't get enough! Things my father had taught me (water changes, a primitive form of cycling, using UGF's before bio wheels) were now explained. Most exciting of all were these "new" plecos! I had both Commons and Royals as a kid, but never the info to keep them properly. Now I do, or at least I hope so. I currently have 3 Albino Bristlenose and 3 LDA33, Big spot Plecos. They were bought small and the plan is to set up a pair of each in a breeding tank and leave the odd man out in the 55. Also 4 C. sterbae, 2 SAE and about a 18 assorted small dither fish. I change A LOT of water! <Some loricariids now!> I feel most comfortable helping newcomers with cycling questions, species compatibility, SA cichlids, catfish and some general maintenance issues. I'm a freak on water quality and tend to blame most problems on poor upkeep and planning. "My hood fell in the tank and electrocuted my fish" "What's the ammonia reading?" That's me! <Great!> Other interests include hunting, fishing, downhill skiing, chess and poker. I also started collecting rocks as a kid. As I got older, the rocks got better and now I have a very tiny eBay business selling colored gemstone ear studs. I use any profits to buy more gems and have started a small collection. Nothing real valuable, no diamonds or anything. Mostly small sapphires, a few opals and some very nice garnets. I do it for fun, not money. I just fill the adds with "Stud" jokes and snap a picture. I've met a number of ladies this way! Like I said, I do it for the fun! I really want to thank Sabrina and Bob for this opportunity to share what I have learned. But mostly I'm looking forward to learning more myself. <Ho ho! Let's see what you say a few months, years from now!> Don Clarke (aka Fish Soup) ps Picture attached. I'm the one in the glasses. <Thanks again Don. Bob F>

Don and his human!

Heather Cooan aka Linearchaos Hi there, <Hello Heather> I have been recruited by PufferPunk to help answer questions concerning my favorite fish, the puffer! I began keeping fish in 2001 and fell in love with puffers shortly after. I have kept most fresh and brackish water species and have begun to keep saltwater puffers in last couple of years. Im currently running seven tanks for a total of 536 gallons of water and am keeping ten different species of puffer fish. <That's a lot of puffers!> I have been answering questions concerning puffer behavior, disease, identification, compatibility, environment, water quality, diet, and general care for the past couple years. I answer these questions as a staff member on http://www.thepufferforum.com/ http://www.thepufferforum.com http://www.aqua-addiction.com/ http://www.aqua-addiction.com and http://www.grimreefers.com/ <To your credit you have likely saved MANY fishes, hobbyists> I am familiar with answering questions on such parasites and bacterial infections as Cryptocaryon irritans (marine ick), Amyloodinium ocellatum (marine velvet), Ichthyophthirius multifilis (freshwater ich), Dactylogyrus (gill fluke), Gyrodactylus (skin fluke), and their appropriate remedies regarding the sensitivity of puffer fish. <Perhaps you can help take some pressure from ScottF who handles the bulk of marine disease queries> My only publication to this date is The Arrowhead Puffer: Maliciously Miraculous published on WWM 2/28/04. I do have other articles in the works and I hope to publish them in the next few months. <Real good> My current projects include observing the Takifugu ocellatus, a marine puffer that is rumored to be rare and difficult to maintain in captivity and composing the information into an article. Heather Cooan
Which fish drink beer? New to the Crew, Roy Crumrine - 4/24/2006 Bob: <Roy> It was a real pleasure meeting you and getting to hang out for awhile and talk detritus. <Indeed!> Hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to bump into each other soon. <I have seen the future... well, parts of it... blearily... and yes, many good times ahead> Meanwhile, I look forward to helping you with WWM. <And... welcome to it!> <Bob Fenner>
Mike Dandaneau Dear Bob; I've tried to send this e-mail twice to the crew@WetWebMedia.com address and each time it's come back as undeliverable, so I'm going to paste it here one more time and hope it goes through. You may want to take a nap if you doze off half-way through.**grin** Sincerely, Mike Dandaneau <Am concerned re the WWM mail server... Zo has sparked an alarm this AM re some hacking activity that might be going on> Dear Bob and All; Mike Dandaneau here, and first off thanks for the compliments on the photos.....I also saw your comment about possibly joining your team in answering Q&A's and frankly, would be flattered. <Actually, just a note of surprise at how much you've obviously been doing in the hobby... and that you haven't, perhaps "written up" your experiences, particularly with the spawning of "oddball" marines, the collection, keeping of some of your animals like the stargazer.> This, of course, leads to how and where. I'm fairly computer literate, but not versed in HTML (perhaps the old dog thing, or even just a tad intimidated and lazy) . <Mmm, a few folks "here" are "real computer types"... I barely speak, write English...> As you may have seen in my profile, I'm a disability retired ex-police officer (spinal injury w/severe chronic pain) since 1987 and have been residing here in Clearwater, a suburb of Tampa, Florida, since 1980. <Yes, I did read this on WWF> I started in FW as a young child and spawned my first egg layers (Blue Gouramis) when 7 years old and have had at least one aquarium ever since, often MANY more (up to 150 personal tanks at one time). Although always interested in marine zoology, my introduction to the sea was in 1967 when the USAF sent me to Eglin AFB at Ft. Walton Beach Fl. for Survival training prior to being shipped to Viet Nam, where I learned to NEVER pick up a medium conch shell and place it in a front trouser pocket....this was also my introduction to hermit crabs. <Yowch> Upon returning stateside, I spent my last two years in the Air Force at Eglin AFB again, and had set up my first tank within 2 weeks of arriving and have never gotten the salt out of my shoes since. From 1970-1980 I returned to Michigan, where I managed a pet shop for a couple of years that was early on into marine aquariums before finally going into law enforcement as a patrol officer. <A good introduction to human tolerance 0;> For the past 24 years I've avidly collected and studied local marine life with my two biggest frustrations being that there was little to nothing written about much of what I encountered, particularly from an aquarist/husbandry point of view, thus much of my experience was experimental, aided by as many books as I could find on the subject(s). Which brings me to my second field of inquiry.....what is the suggested/recommended length for articles submitted to your site? <Oh, will cc Scott.F and Adam.C here re... they're the co-editors of CA> In the FAQs I saw that Word Pad was an accepted format, but saw no indication of other parameters. I was introduced to your site, by the way, by Leslie Leddo, although I'd frequently run across your Q&A's previously whenever I was researching a particular species or genus and was impressed by your knowledge as well as your occasional sense of humor. My favorite original quote is: " I tried being serious once and they locked me up for depression, so I quit!" Well, ALMOST quit.**grin** Any assistance would be appreciated and if I get out of line in any of your member forums, please let me know. <Don't know as there are limits here... perhaps general civility> Since I don't travel well, I'm pretty well housebound when I'm not in the water collecting, thus spend a LOT of time on the PC. As I've mentioned in my profile, I LOVE meeting fellow marine hobbyists and have a three bedroom home here with a guest room always open for someone who would enjoy BSing about the sea and the hobby and possibly try their hand at local shallow water collecting. The reason the invitation is to singles or couples ONLY by the way, is not because I don't enjoy children, but rather because another of my hobbies, a tribal bladed weapons collection occupies several walls and is definitely NOT child safe!**grin** Although I've probably left out many things you feel are important to know, I also feel that I'm approaching the point where I need a publisher now so will simply close by saying that you have a WONDERFUL site and that I'd appreciate any and all information that you think I need to know or wish to volunteer. Sincerely, Michael (Mike) J. Dandaneau Clearwater, Florida <Mmm, make it known if I may be of service... am facile at introducing folks to the print side of the hobby and business of content provision in our interest... and if you should have the time, notion to help respond to queries, would greatly enjoy what time you can share with us. Bob Fenner><Oh! Mike, shall I "sign you up"... Other than most topics in marine fields, what categories of questions do you feel interested, confident in responding to? Bob F>
Marie Dempsey 6/12/07 Hi Bob, So glad to get a chance to talk with you and your crew at IMAC. I had a great time and was honored that Michelle and Scott suggested that I could possibly help out. I have only been in the hobby since 2002 and within that short time have become completely addicted! Currently I have a 160-gallon reef tank, which is primarily SPS coral. The system was set up in March of 2003 and has been a terrific learning experience. I have had the pleasure of serving on the BOD of the Marine Aquarium Society of Michigan as past vice president and current secretary. As far as a bioI live in West Bloomfield, Michigan with my husband (Steve) and kids Nicky (7) Jackie (13) and Ryan (19). I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Anesthesia. As a Nurse Anesthetist I practice at several of the local hospitals and surgery centers. I love teaching and coordinate the Continuing Education program for Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, MI. and have taught pharmacology at Mercy College, Detroit, MI. Recently, I set up a 29-gallon saltwater reef tank at Twin Beach Elementary School. It is both amazing and wonderful to see how fascinated the kids are in learning about the tanks inhabitants. My goal is to have set up tanks in both the middle and high school by next year and implement an educational program. For fun I play guitar and keyboards (and am awful at it), kick box (great for frustration), dive, ski and travel.. love to travel! Once again, thank you for this opportunity, Sincerely, <Outstanding Marie. And welcome to our Crew.>
Mr. Firemouth/Rich Dietz bio. 12/29/07 Hi Bob, <Mr. F> Well a new year is upon us and I hope that yours is filled with sunny days and great dives! I wish I had the funds to travel! Hawaii is at the top of the list with Australia trailing right behind! <I say come on out!> It has been a great honor to help WWM this past year! This site is great and helps so many! I look forward to 2008! <Me too> I thought I would drop you a bio of me and some pics... <Ah, good> My name is Rich Dietz and I have been in the hobby for over 25 years. I have kept hundreds of tanks and bred many freshwater species of fish and propagated many corals. I currently maintain a fish room with about 1,000 gallons of fish and corals in separate systems. <Wow!> I have bred thousands of Firemouth Cichlids in the last 25 years and have been line-breeding these fish for size and color for the last decade. My lifetime goal is to produce a true Albino Firemouth mutation. Thorichtys meeki have been my lifetime addiction! I am an Administrator at www.uberfrags.net and advise many on saltwater topics, I am also a 'Mentor' at www.tropicalresources.net which is directly affiliated with Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine, and I am a Moderator of www.aquamojo.com a site dedicated to cichlids. I belong to many clubs including the American cichlid Association, 2 local St. Louis reef clubs, a Chicago reef club, and several other cichlid societies/clubs across the United States. I believe that joining a local aquarium club/society is one of the best things any hobbyist can do to continue to mature in this great hobby! Hopefully I will be an asset to the Crew! Rich-aka-Mr. Firemouth <Real good Rich. Will post. Thank you again for your help. BobF> Here are some bio pics... My wife Nicole and I underwater at Coral World, St. Thomas U.S.V.I. Note the dive helmets as I am a non-swimmer. And our cruise pic after dinner. Great time in the Caribbean! Rich

Scott Fellman Olde bio. (see below) I have been a lover/admirer of aquatic life since I was a kid, and an aquarium hobbyist since I was about 6 or 7 years old. Despite that, I still turned out reasonably normal (I think!). I am very active in my club (Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles County). My special interests are the selection of appropriate marine fishes, Centropyge angelfish, blennies, macroalgae and developing appropriate captive environments for the animals that we keep. I have an enormous passion for the hobby and learning, sharing, mentoring others to achieve success. When I first read CMA I realized right then and there that you and the WWM crew have a philosophy on marine aquarium keeping that is absolutely consistent with mine. The moral and ethical obligation that we have to responsibly acquire, keep, and nurture the marine animals that we love so much is so important to me- and I want to instill that sense of obligation to my fellow hobbyists. I believe that there is so much that we can all learn together-and so much that we can do to help each other in this hobby. It would really fun to assist others with their hobby endeavors in any way that I can! I have a serious amount of energy and enthusiasm for this sort of thing. On the lighter side, I had the opportunity to down a beer or two with you at MACNA after the Saturday banquet-we rapped about the South Pacific (my favorite place), surfing, Centropyge angels, and the Island that I have a special connection to. After downing a couple of beers, I somehow recalled a rather obscure passage from your book- and you said something like, "Dude- you either need another beer, or need to read some different books!" A classic moment- because I essentially have destroyed my copy of CMA by re-reading it so much (get the other book done already!).

Updated Bio/Pic Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 07:13:57 +0000 Hey Bob, <Scotter> Hope all is well with you! <Ah yes> It's been an amazing year for me...much has changed for the positive in my "fishy career". It's been an absolute joy traveling around the country to clubs and events talking fish! What an amazing experience! <Ahh, as I tried to encourage you, others> And this year looks even more amazing: MACNA, IMAC West, Reef-a-Palooza, and several other club events and mini-conferences! And...I may be speaking internationally for the first time this year, too. More articles being published, too, and all kinds of other potential opportunities are arising. I owe much of this success I am enjoying to the experience that I have gained through WWM. I hope that everyone on the Crew realizes how much the WWM experience can provide...The opportunities are limited only by one's desire to get involved in the hobby. I thank you and all of the Crew for the wonderful experience that my time at WWM has provided for the last 6+ years (can it really be that long?). Looking forward to the next 6 years with WWM. <Good> In the interest of keeping current, I did want to update a few things in my bio. Particularly a reference to my girlfriend being a "Big Island local" . As you may be aware, I'm in a totally different relationship now, and the update is most appreciated! The rest of my bio is just fine. I've attached a more recent pic, as well. <Will amend> Thanks much for your support and continued friendship. Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit..and Denver! Regards, ScottF. PS- no need to run this email in the daily FAQs, please! <All right. BobF>

Re: Speaking at MARS 8/9/05 Hi Alan and Pam:
Bob cc'd me about being available as a speaker to your club this fall. I would certainly be interested in presenting at one of your meetings. Unfortunately, the September 16 meeting corresponds to the MACNA conference, which I will be attending. October would be a possibility, if you are interested. I live in the Los Angeles area. I am a lifelong hobbyist with over 30 years of fishkeeping experience. I've been privileged to work with WetWebMedia for the past 3 years. In addition to answering questions on the "Daily FAQ" page, I am co-editor of our online magazine, "Conscientious Aquarist". I've had several articles published both online and in print media (FAMA), and have had the pleasure of working with Bob and Anthony on the "Reef Invertebrates" book. I am active in my local club, the Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles County.
My particular areas of interest are marine aquarium husbandry ( i.e.; Nutrient Control and Export, Nuisance Algae control, Quarantine of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates), Proper Stocking, and Planning and Creating Biotopic Marine Aquaria. If any of these topics would be of interest to your members, please let me know. By all means, do contact Steven Pro. He's a super-nice guy and an excellent speaker (in fact, Steve's visiting us in LA this weekend!) on a variety of topics. Also, Barry Neigut can give a great presentation on Clam Husbandry and Selection, and is also one of the nicest guys you'll meet! Very Truly, Scott Fellman

Welcome Brandon Foster to the Crew 3/3/07 All, Brandon has been trying to help me "make real" our rotating banner... Turns out he is also able and willing to help us in responding to queries! Thank you for sharing, BobF Here is the bio that you requested, it is kind of funny they make you do this stuff in school, and right now I am completely drawing a blank. I guess the obvious applies, I am 25, I was born in Clayton County, Georgia. This is Metro Atlanta if you are curious. I joined the Army in August of 2000 and moved to Columbus Georgia. In retrospect I should have picked Seattle. When I got out of the Army I met my wife, and stayed here. I started working for a pet store in 2003, and after about six months I could not handle it anymore. The I want it now, I don't care if it is a bad idea syndrome really bothered me. It did not help that I was reprimanded several times by management for refusing sales. I think that I am not supposed to say whom I was working for but I can say that it rhymes with Red's Art. After this fell through I began spending a lot of time living off of savings that I had accrued in the Military, and I was reading and reading right here at Wet Web Media about various fish, and biotopes, when I had a great Idea. I decided to start a local Aquatic society. Immediately I began learning how to put a website together, and before long I found myself hosting the thing out of my house, and not too long after that, I found myself running a Web Design business. Before I knew it I was involved in computer security. Currently I am working on a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Information Assurance, with a minor in Marine Biology. Currently I am a wine adviser for a local bottle shop, and in my spare time I run Five tanks. I have a 65 gallon freshwater that I am breeding Discus in, a 75 gallon saltwater reef, a 55 gallon saltwater fish only, a 29 gallon saltwater coral grow out tank, and a 10 gallon ghost shrimp tank, that I use to obtain food for a Dendrochirus biocellatus that lives in my reef. I am interested in the husbandry, and keeping of fish/cnidarians/decapods that are difficult to keep. I have a wife that is very supportive of the hobby, and a daughter named Erin that has more interest in this than anyone I know. She is three and already knows all of the scientific names to every creature that we have. I think that her favorite fish would be the Discus because they will let her pet them. The D. biocellatus will allow me to touch it too, it will even sit in my hand, but recently I stopped this activity, because I will almost certainly get envenomated at some point. I believe that about covers it, in short nice to meet you all. Brandon
Brenda L. Furtak 1/15/07 Dear Bob, I have recently become acquainted with Jeni (Pufferpunk) and through our discussions, she has suggested that I get in contact with you regarding assisting your Crew in answering questions on your website. I typically spend a minimum of two hours every evening researching reef related items on the Internet and would like to offer my assistance. <Ahh! Pleased to meet you. Jen had mentioned your contacting us> My fascination with saltwater aquariums began when I was around 8 years old. <A prodigy!> As a child I would read books and visit pet shops as often as I could. Since salt water aquariums were so difficult to keep in those days, my mother would only allow me to have freshwater fish. My father built me a stand so I could keep two 29 gallon tanks in my bedroom with one below the other. I would always stay up late viewing my aquarium, just like I do today. Now that my son has grown I finally was able to start my life long dream. My first 90 gallon aquarium was soon followed by a 55 gallon and then a 25 gallon nano. I still keep a 48 gallon freshwater aquarium at home in my office but suspect that will be converted to saltwater someday. I have experience with propagation of corals such as leathers, xenia, mushrooms, Zoanthids, yellow and green star polyps, Anthelia, LPS such as Candy Cane, Frogspawn, and Torch corals. I have kept SPS corals such as Montipora for over a year now and have just started keeping Acropora. My primary love for the hobby is with the Bubble Tip Anemone. I currently keep five in three different aquariums. I have had the opportunity to watch and photograph them split. Ive also had the unfortunate opportunity to see them near death when I came home to find six inches of water in my 90 gallon aquarium. I quickly learned that these delicate creatures, with proper care, could also be strong enough to recover after being out of water for several hours. The following morning my two anemones became four--they were tiny and bleached but are now back in good health. Since that event, I have always tried to assist others in their BTA recovery, whether it is a power head incident, expelled zooxanthellae, chemical war or simply underfed. This year I will be setting up my fourth saltwater aquarium, which will be dedicated to Rose Bubble Tip Anemones and a pair of clownfish. This hobby still fascinates me as it did when I was a child. I continue to research and expand my knowledge with a wide variety of reef keeping items every day. If you think my experience is something that would benefit WetWebMedia, I would be happy to give it a try. Thank you, Brenda L. Furtak <Thank you for coming forward, and welcome to our association. Bob Fenner>

Simon Garratt joins the WWM Crew!       3/4/15
Hey Bob.
Hope you are well.
<Yes; thank you>
This is my main private email address: simon@reef-XXX.net 
Let me know what you need me to do etc..
<Ahh; I thank you for your participation. Am looking for your input in helping others on WWM: Do send along a brief bio. and pic to post, and log-in when you have time.
Our login: https://maiXXX.safesecureweb.com/
Email address there in the tray: Crew@WetWebMedia.com
Some bits re responding here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/crewsupwebmail.htm
Feel free to express your personal views re better products, worse... of course. The Net is semi-forever.
Kind regards
<Welcome to our association Si.

Many thanks Bob much appreciated. I’ll pop in later this evening when i get home.
<Real good Si>
Kind regards and many thanks for the invite.<Indeed a dream fulfilled for me; to be able to interact w/ friends; promote the trade, hobby success... B>


Sue Garrett WWM Bio

 My love of turtles started when I was 8 years old.  I begged my father relentlessly to buy me one of the mini turtles with the plastic oasis (and requisite palm tree) like my best friend up the street had.  Thankfully he said, No!  Fortunately, though, we lived near a stream, so I had plenty of box turtles to occupy my time. 

 My fascination with turtles resurfaced again years later when I just happened to be visiting Heron Island, Australia during the time of year when the endangered baby green sea turtles were hatching on the beach.  (Ironically, before becoming a marine sanctuary, Heron Island used to be the site of a turtle soup factory.)  So I landed up spending almost my entire time there either escorting hatchlings from their nest, across the beach and into the water to protect them from the birds; or carrying them back to the beach after they accidentally followed the artificial light and literally showed up scratching at the door of my room every night!  The next year, my family teased me that I must have been the reason why the green sea turtles were reportedly downgraded from endangered to threatened that year! 

 Several years later, as fate would have it, another turtle that had lost his way showed up (again) right on my doorstep!  But this time, instead of a baby green sea turtle, it turned out to be one of those same mini turtles my best friend had when I was young!  Even more curious was the fact that although I live on a pond, that species is neither native to my area, nor lives in that pond.  Its still a mystery to this day how he landed up there.  So, all I can conclude was that this must have been my childhood wish finally come true it just took a while!  When I started researching how to care for him, however, I was shocked to find out that he actually wasnt a mini turtle after all, but instead a baby red-eared slider turtle that would eventually grow to be the size of a dinner plate.  And that the only reason they were mini years ago is because they rarely lived beyond a few months.  I was also very surprised to find out that millions still continue to die each year because of poor care and other atrocities.  Since that day, Ive learned a lot more about semi-aquatic turtles (much of it thanks to sites like WWM!), and would like to now share what Ive learned (and am still learning!) with others so that they, like me, will give their turtles the appropriate care they need in order to be able to live the long and healthy life they deserve.   

 When Im not devoting my time to the turtle cause (or my two kids!), I spend whats left of it (ha!) on the human side of preventive health care.  After graduating with a BS in nursing years ago, I initially worked in orthopedics/sports medicine, then shifted over to health promotion and disease prevention.  I worked for several years in health information consulting before taking time off to raise children.  Im currently taking some science, writing, and statistics courses through the American Medical Writers Association where I hope to eventually write about the latest scientific research taking place in the area of preventive medicine associated with aging and lifestyle-related illnesses.

Please welcome Sue Garrett to the Crew! 6/7/10
Hello Sue,
Welcome to WWM! Having already read some of your stuff, I look forward very much to seeing you share that experience with our Daily FAQ visitors.
Cheers, Neale
Thank you, Neale! I've read a lot of your helpful information, too! I was pleasantly surprised when Bob asked me to join the crew. I'm happy to have the chance to give back to WWM & crew for all the valuable advice you and they have given me. I feel privileged to be associated with such a highly esteemed crew! I do hope I can be as much help to others as you and Darrel have certainly been to me. I wouldn't even be answering any questions if it wasn't for both of you! Thank you for your kind welcome,
Bio and pic 6/7/10
Hi Bob!
I attached my bio and a photo above is this along the lines of what you were looking for? The last paragraph is my actual bio and is brief; the rest of it is more the story of how I landed up getting started with turtles (which I thought was probably more applicable!) However, that part IS long, so let me know if youd like me to shorten it so that its similar in size to the last paragraph. The photo is a little blurry because its cropped, but hopefully it will suffice. Unfortunately, the rare time Im even IN a photo, its typically either with kids or as part of a background scene, so its hard to actually see me!
Let me know how this works for you (or not!)
<Thanks for sending this along. Will post. B>

James Gasta (Salty Dog) joins the WWM Crew Ok Mr. Fenner, <Please call me Bob> I worked for 31 years as a Field Service Engineer/Industrial Electrician.  I retired in my 50's to open my own industrial controls business which is doing quite well.  I am married to a wonderful wife and have one daughter who has graduated from college and is an ultra sound tech.   My first saltwater aquarium started back in 1968, and have had one set up since then.  My, how the hobby has progressed since then. I feel pretty comfortable answering the following: Filtering Lighting Algae control Equipment Fish load/compatibility Some invertebrates/corals Anything in the electrical field Thank you for the opportunity to help others get on the right track.  Also feel free to edit anything you like in my bio.  I should add that I live in Bay City, Michigan. Salty Dog (James Gasta) <Thank you James. We have actually changed the way we sort queries, so you are welcome to choose which you'd like.  Welcome to our association. Bob Fenner>

Memory tips? -- 01/13/2010
Do you have any tips/advice as to preserving one's memory? It's getting to a point for me, that soon I'll be able to hide my own Easter Eggs.
I do... vitamins, daily exercise, crossword puzzles, jumbles... Sudoku? And mnemonic devices... These and engaging ones mind as often and vigorously as possible/practical. Oh, and carrying around ID lest you be "picked up" and can't remember your
name, place. B

Articles  3/26/14
Hi Bob,
You are welcome to post the attached articles if you wish at no charge to you. They do not have to be in the vendor area.
<Ah, I thank you. Will do right away. Deeply gratifying to find your continuing growth in the interest James. BobF>
<Links, posted here.
Re: Articles
Thanks Bob. I think we needed something like this where a graphic presentation can be shown as to how calcium reactors work.
<I do agree. The site could really use such for all gear, additives et al.


The "Salty Dog" and his most lovely wife.

Barred from meet the crew page Hi Bob, <James> I see James is barred from the crew page again, heh? <What? Are you on the inactive side again? Will check, fix> By the way, saw your photo in the "More tasteful pics" wearing that leopard thing. What on earth were you drinking that day? <Whatever it was... it was too much! B> J

Welcoming NateG to the WWM Crew!     3/1/13
Here ya are Bob. Lmk if you want me to edit/cut it down to size
Hiya Bob,
Per your request:
For as long as I can remember I have had a strong appreciation for living things. When I was growing up as a child in NH, it was mostly the cuddly fluffy pets that a typical child would encounter. Over the years that interest has evolved from this to that until I struck passion-reef tanks.
Reef tanks started for me when my brother gave me a very unique birthday gift; a 5 gallon pale filled with water and 3 red bellied piranha. At this time I was at Union College in upstate NY studying Mechanical Engineering and away from NH for the first time in my life. I would go into the local fish store to pick up feeder fish about once a week. They kept the tubs of feeders down in the basement which is also where they kept all of their “saltwater” stuff. Until this point in my life (about 19 yrs old), I had no idea you could have salt water fish in an aquarium! I mean, what the HELL is a rock fish?? Haha I realized this was because the hobby was barely existent near my home town of Manchester. There wasn’t a fish tank in any of my doctor’s offices. None of my friends had fish tanks. Zip-Nothing. So when I moved back to Manchester I jumped into a salt water tank.
Unfortunately here is an example of a sad truth that too many encounter…an employee at a LFS said that I was fine to have 13 fish in a 29. So I did-for a few days only. Angry with myself-I picked up a copy of “The Conscientious Marine Aquarist” and didn’t put it down or look back. I started my reef tank over and obviously with a great deal more success this time. I wanted to spread the idea of reef tanks to the surrounding community so I made an attempt of a service company as a method of achieving this goal while making some cash and working within my passion.
Win-win right? This was around 2008 so unfortunately very few people were willing to make the investment.
              And so since then, I went back to college where I reside today, at The University of New England studying Oceanography. Where I try and focus on the abiotic factors that exist in aquaria that don’t just keep our friends alive but allow them to thrive. I’m a DIY’er, I enjoy innovation, computers, tools,  or maximizing the amount of filtration under your nano reef. When there is a will there is a way right.
              That being said, it would be an honor and privilege to be a part of the crew and do what I can to spread the words of our messiah in the process haha
-Nate Guerette
<Thank you for your effort of help.
I welcome you to our Crew. Bob Fenner>
Welcome to the Crew Nate!
Glad to have you join us, Nate!
-Lynn Z
Sounds like a great addition to the crew! Welcome!
Welcome aboard Nate.
James Gasta

Mike Giangrasso A bit about myself, as per request. I am 14 years old, and reside on Long Island, New York. I have several tanks at the moment, all freshwater breeding tanks in addition to 1 reef tank, plus numerous Rubbermaid tubs for rearing fry. I have been keeping glass boxes for about 7 years now. I have a great interest in freshwater fishes of the family Cichlidae, most notably the genus Apistogramma. I am intrigued by the complex mating and behavioral habits of all Cichlid species. At the moment, I have the following breeding operations going on: Jellybean Parrots Rams Bolivian Rams Kribensis Taenius Kribs Discus Angelfish Oscars Bettas Dwarf Gouramis Bristlenose Plecos Zebra Plecos Leiurus Pufferfish (no successful raising of fry past 1 month, at this point) Apistogramma cacatuoides Laetacara dorsiger Harlequin Rasboras Werneri Rainbowfish Paradise Fish Chocolate Gouramis (eggs but no fry just yet) Equally fascinating to me are coral reef ecosystems, namely symbiosis occurring in coral reefs. My all-time favorite tank is my reef, a 15 gallon long glass aquarium with 5 gallon Refugium. Innumerous species of coral, fish, and inverts reside there. I take a lot of pride in the fact that it is only 3 months old, yet has thriving SPS and clams. I feel that, as long as you fully understand how an ecosystem works, you can attempt seemingly impossible things. I mentioned earlier that I was interested in symbiosis. I have nearly every form of symbiosis in my reef. Anemone and Clown Goby and Pistol Shrimp Christmas Tree Worms Cleaner Shrimp Acro Crabs and, of course, Buttfish and Sea Cucumber. I promised to keep it short and sweet, so I'll sum everything up. I am the founder of Death byDyeing.org, an organization geared towards the stopping of dyeing of ornamental aquarium fishes. I am also the webmaster of PAWS-LI.org, and a volunteer at my LFS for 4 years. I started out with goldfish, and moved up to Ritteri Anemones and Tridacnid clams. But didn't we all?
Lorenzo (Zo) Gonzalez, WWM/F resident computer guy. Photographed by JasonC, at about -35 feet, somewhere very near Cozumel.

Welcome Brian Griffin to the Crew Re: Ready to serve 9/21/08 Added a couple of lines to Bio: Here's a bio and pic <Got it! Man! You're old too! B> Brian Griffin setup his first saltwater aquarium back in the mid 70s while he was attending Florida State University. From that moment on, he fell in love with the hobby. Over the years, he has had many reef aquariums, the largest being a 8x4x2 lookdown system with a total of just over 1000 gallons. He became known in the industry when he started Reefers A Marine Aquaria Store back in 2000. The company closed its doors in 2002, but Brian has stayed in touch with the industry. His love of this hobby is unsurpassed. His industry contacts are above reproach. Brian is an expert at Internet marketing and owns a web design business. Recently, he worked with ZeroEdge Aquarium and helped them bring the ZeroEdge name to a new level in the industry. Today is "residing" at a LFS located in North Plainfield, NJ called Ocean Gallery 2 (http://www.oceangalleryii.com). Hell be sticking with what he knows best when it comes to answering emails marina aquaria. <Will supplant. B>

Re: Ready to serve... Lost pic attached my friend!! <I'll be... you look younger than your younger pic! Will place. B>

WWM Crew: meet Minh Hyunh 12/01/08 Thanks for the touching introduction, Jessy. It's a pleasure, Mr. Fenner. I do have time throughout the day to contribute to WWM and would like to give back to the community one way or another. My experience is primarily in reef tanks, particularly in coral husbandry but I can do my best in other areas as necessary. If you would like to know more, feel free to ask. Cheers, Minh Huynh <Ahh, please do send along a brief bio. (and pic if you'd like) for us to post... so folks can who are interested can know you a little better. And... thank you for sharing! Bob Fenner> WWM Crew meet Minh 12/2/08 Thank you for the kind and warm welcoming, everyone. I have read many of your responses on WWM over the years and value your knowledge and experience greatly. I hope to continue to learn from your expertise as a contributing member of WWM. I'm usually not very good at writing about myself but I feel I should not break tradition so here's a bit of background. I, like many of you, have been keeping aquariums since early childhood. Before my family immigrated to America, I have fond memories of helping my grandfather maintain a massive pond of Koi fish in our home in the central coast of Vietnam. When my family immigrated to America in the early 1990s, I've kept various freshwater, planted and marine aquariums as well as Koi ponds in hour home in Southern California. At the moment, I am occupied with two reef aquariums for research in coral husbandry with emphasis on some species notorious for poor survival in captivity. Some of these species include Goniopora, Catalaphyllia jardinei and nonphotosynthetic species such as Dendronephthya and gorgonian (some examples can be viewed here: http://www.vimeo.com/user853505/videos). I hope my research, along with others will propel the reef hobby beyond the frontier of azooxanthellate animal husbandry. The philosophy I've adopted from some pioneer aquarists place heavy emphasis on the natural methods like that of the old adage, "More Biology, Less Technology." Unfortunately, I feel the reef segment of our hobby has progressively moved away from this philosophy. I hope to be able to offer a non-contemporary, perhaps retro, spin on the problems facing budding aquarists today. I hope to spend some time to get familiarize with WWM and its intricacies before diving into the deep end so please pardon any silly questions from this way. Cheers to a great holiday season. Best wishes, Minh Huynh P.S. As requested, attached is a photo of my wife and I at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Please say "Hi" if you ever see my mug at Scripps Pier. <Ahh! I do hope to meet you... will you be coming to the SDMAS holiday party on the 7th? It's at our house in Mira Mesa. Hope to see you here. BobF>

Marina Harding I have several years of experience in the hobby, retail, setup/maintenance business, and import/export arenas. First bitten by "the bug" in 1986, rapidly needed to support my habit. What soon followed was my employment by an old-timer in the business, who taught me a great deal. Have experience with freshwater (Africans, goldies, koi, ponds, livebearers, et al) and saltwater, eventually becoming the shop's reef specialist, along with some herps/exotics. In 1993 I began working the distribution center of a large retailer. This is where I met Bob, and after about a ten year hiatus have found myself here. I also have two sons, now (2004) aged 15 & 17. And now.. I live in the tiny town of Pioneer, in the lower altitudes of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, with my fiancé, youngest son, future father-in-law, and my "foster" daughter, Frances. We recently vacationed in Tulamben, Bali, Aug-Sept 2004, where those of us not dive certified received our PADI certifications. Some photos of our trip can be seen here: While we're at it, we'd like to greet Ni-Luh, the new daughter of one of our good friends in Bali, Wayan, and his wife, Ni-Wayan. Marina in 2003

Marina at some depth - Tulamben, Bali "The Drop-off".

Gage Harford Wow, this is fun. I am 22, I have an associates degree in computer technology, used to work web hosting tech support, currently I am in training for a customer service job. <Yikes! Another computer type! Well, at least you're customer svc. oriented (VeryGiantBigG)> Before college I was a stocker at PetSmart. <You've been in the pits of Hades!> I was the aquatics guy for a small pet store in Danville CA (where I grew up). Up until a week ago I was working at a local fish store in Concord. <Great! Hey, you're only 22?> My experience is mainly freshwater tropicals, cichlids, and turtles. I am working on my first reef tank. I am currently converting my garage into my fish room. <Wowzah> I'm also working on setting up my 125gal freshwater plant tank I have never been diving, but plan to start someday. <Ahh, a recruit!> My current set up includes a 20gal fancy goldfish tank, a 125 gal for my Mexican musk turtle, a 55 planted freshwater tank, a 55gal for my albino Oscar (he will be moving to a larger house shortly), a 29gal reef I use the term reef loosely, more like a pile of live rock with some mushrooms and leathers hanging around), and a 72gal pond in the back yard for my three favorite feeder goldfish. <That about covers all our subject areas...> So that's me, I have an obsession with this hobby that others could consider sick, I am sure you understand. <Umm, you're in good co. here... we're all either similarly "sick" or others haven't gotten the word yet. Bob F>

This is my Mexican Musk turtle "Honey". You could almost kiss her, well, if you did not mind losing your lips.

Mike Haug Bio. Where do I start, My name is Mike Haug I am 28 years old and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I got sucked into this hobby about 10 years ago. I first started out as a hobbyist, then started working for a retail pet store. Then became manager and now own a online retail store called coral clips. god bless my wife Nicole for letting me do this!) I can answer questions on advanced reef keeping, rare fish, and plumbing. I saw too many people give up this hobby due to either no advice or bad advice. I want to help people, so they do not make the same mistakes I have made or seen people make over the years. I hope to be a big help and keep learning myself. Reef keeping is not a hobby but a way of life for me. Hey Mike, send along a pic of your mug, will ya?

Mike Irving/WWM -02/06/08 Bob, <Mike> Have attached 2 pics, but at your discretion the main one called MI (the other one is just a fun pic!), and the Bio below. <Ahh, will post> In addition, you said you were hoping for new help with posting replies to site. I have a little html knowledge (what do they say about little knowledge again!) and again, just offer any help I can in that respect. <As of now, all is copied/pasted... some HTML looking/modifying format-wise... but for now, we'd just like your help in responding to queries. Am concerned not to overwhelm folks with the opus est aspects of WWM. Cheers, BobF> Cheers, M BIO Hey! to all at WWM and its friends, and warm wishes from the UK! My passion for fish keeping started around 20 years ago, with the humble goldfish, black moor and shubunkin. I progressed to tropicals after a few years, and was a fan of the Firemouth! Admittedly, my real experience comes from the marine side of things and have been a keeper for around 12 years now. Under-gravel filters, pugnacious damsels, and dead coral wow, those were fun days early on. I progressively gathered knowledge with the help of a very good friend, and the ever increasing forums over here. Ive since worked on some of them, and theyve been a great source of enjoyment to me. Since those early days, one relationship has continued to stir me; that of the clownfish and anemone. Having kept some of the most beautiful and rare species, Ive had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in all aspects of the relationship, so dont mind saying this is where my knowledge excels. In addition, I also have a passion for cephalopods and in particular, the cuttlefish. Ive been lucky enough to be one of the first folks to hatch, raise, keep, breed (and repeat the process), Sepia bandensis, and supplied to public aquariums around Europe. Mantis shrimp take my fancy too having kept a few in my time, but then again, so do a lot of other things in this hobby; addictive is the word! Anyway, I live in one of the most beautiful areas of England, with the mountains and lakes just a short journey away; work for Her Majesty (or at least, her government); and love scuba diving too! In fact, Ive enclosed a picture that Bob may be brave enough to share, from a drift dive I made around Garden reefs in the Red Sea. The other is from the heart of the Sinai mountains. Looking forward to working with the rest of the WWM Crew, and all of its followers. Mike

Mike Irving joins the Crew 2-05-08 Warm Greeting, Bob - a wee while... Hi Bob, <Mike> How you doing? Good I hope! <Fine, thank you> I have my own site now, really just to give some folks a place to discuss away from the hustle. Its not majorly busy, but we get some good discussions going. Anyway, not here to talk (write!) about that. Im here just to offer any service I can to WWM. Ive lots of experience this side of the pond in working on the various forums, so theres that side of thing, but I do have a number of areas I focus on, which may or may not be some use to you. <!> I claim 2 fields of relative interest and enthusiasm one you may recall, being cuttlefish/cephalopods. I hatched, raised, kept, bred and hatched raised etc a species of cuttle called Sepia bandensis. First here in the UK, and supplied to Sealife Centres and various specialist keepers. Wrote about my experiences on a website and have since supplied information and pictures to publications and articles. <Ah, yes> My biggest passion is probably clownfish and anemones. Im authoring a site currently, thats taking longer than I would like, but may illustrate a bit more (www.clownfishandanemones.com). Ive kept a fair few pairs in my time, experimented in some dead-food rearing, and kept some pretty rare clowns (A. latezonatus) in my time. Same with the anemones. <Neat... so far so good... Maybe a bit of kibitzing here... but you might consider adding "other Clownfish pertaining sections of other sites" sort of links... And I'll gladly send you a copy of the H. malu...> Dont know if any of that would come in handy for you, but if it does/could ever, then its at your disposal. If you need some general admin done etc, menial, give me a shout. <Will gladly link when you're ready> Before I go, I took your advice, somewhat belatedly, and learned to dive at Sharm last year it was immense! <Great! We're on our way back there this May... ahead of Interzoo... if you'd like to come along> The best thing I have ever done. I was staying in Na'ama bay, and my house reef was dead, but even then there was all sorts of fish, pipefish, coral etc. Loved every minute of it, even though I was quite panicky about the mask removal and replacement exercises, but I soon go those cracked. Dived at Garden reefs and Sharks reef you been? <Oh yes... many times... Always a new experience, things discovered> Maybe not the best in the Red Sea but it still blew me away. Ended the course with a nice drift dive at Gardens too. Cant wait to go back, hopefully in September this year. Thinking Nuweiba, or maybe the Nabq area of Sharm. Decisions to make, but those rare ones in life which are nice! All my best to you, Bob. Hope this finds you well. Mike Irving. <Mike, I do hope/trust I am understanding you here. I do welcome your help on/with WWM... particularly the areas of expertise, topics you feel comfortable with. If you'd be so kind as to send along a brief bio. for posting, and a pic (so folks can size you/us up if they're interested)... I thank you for sharing, helping us all. Bob Fenner

Adam Jackson Personal Bio: Currently a sophomore in college studying business as my major, however I am considering switching my major to Marine Biology. I enjoy a number of activities which all seem to revolve around water, including swimming, sailing, diving, water polo as well as tending to my aquariums. I am a self-proclaimed "comedian" and I enjoy using these abilities to make friends and family laugh.
Hobby Experience: My family has been into freshwater aquariums since before I was born, however I was never a full participant in the hobby. My addiction....ummm I mean participation in the Hobby began when an aprox. 170 gallon aquarium was installed into my families living room wall and it was decided that it would become a reef tank. The rest is history and I have spent a large part of my time since then learning and gaining experience. I have worked in an LFS as the head of marine livestock and I have also been responsible for the set-up and design of many private marine aquariums. I guess you could say I am a child of wetwebmedia having started my "real" research there and gaining the majority of my information there as well. Now that I have gained my own experiences I look forward to contributing to the site which has taught me so much.
Where to find me: I can be found chatting daily on www.wetwebfotos.com/talk under the handle: "Teenreefer8"

Welcome Adam Jackson back to the WWM Crew!     6/8/16
Hey Adam!
Our WWM mail login:
The group name:
Be chatting! BobF
Re: Welcome Adam Jackson back to the WWM Crew!     6/8/16

Thanks Bob

Re: Tank Questions and Time 1/19/06
Adam, <Hi.> My reply may have been a little terse.
Sorry, it wasn't intended to be. <No worries at all, my friend,
just having fun.> I understood your reply to be humorous and enjoyed it. I mean honestly, what person with 6 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats would try to find a hobby for her spare time?? <Well not that I would ever compare my life to one of that who cares for 6 kids, I don't have that sort of talent (nor will I ever) but I'm taking 18 units, working 30 hours a week, trying to balance a new girlfriend, 3 tanks, answer Q's here and write articles if that makes you feel any better, hehe. Wow didn't know I was that busy.> I find the answers on here to be not only informative but entertaining, because of the humor you all inject into your replies. <I try my best.> I won't be relaying your apologies to my husband regarding the grocery money though-that was NOT a good idea. <Hehe I understand.> I don't like to draw attention to
my embezzling activities.
Keep up the good work. <Thank you and good luck.> <Adam J.>

Adam Jenkins
Wet Web Personal bio 6/28/09

I noticed I was the only one without a bio. I figure its been a couple of months. Time to whip one up!
<Yay! Will place>
I'm 31 years old. I currently reside in Ruston, Louisiana. I've kept freshwater aquariums off and on for most of my life. About 5 years ago I was introduced to saltwater and was instantly hooked. The last 5 years have been a blur of reading , research and water changes. Most of my personal experience is in the nano range( 55 to smaller). I've spent many hours researching the animals and equipment best suited for them on Wet Web and other sources. I also have a real interest in macros and true vascular plants. My current tanks consist of a 30 gallon mixed reef and a 55 seahorse in the works. 6 Months ago, along with some friends , I started a small saltwater aquarium forum, Modern Reef Keeping. Through my site and Wet Web ,I've had the pleasure of meeting some very interesting, knowledgeable people. It has been a true learning experience. One that I hope will continue.
Also, my site (MRK )will have will have a booth setup at the Southeastern Reef Conference in Orlando. One of my sites mod.s will be running it. ( I can't go. to close to IMAC)
I was wondering if you had the time to maybe stop by the booth for a few? Either way I'm looking forward to IMAC and meeting you. Adam
<Ahh! Let's do look for each other on the Queen Mary! BobF>

Adam Jenkins 6/30/09
I noticed Adam finally sent in a bio, without a pic! So I am taking the liberty of sending you the only pic of him I have if you wish to post in his bio. He will no doubt call me later with an opinion on this!
Scott V.
<Real good. Will post. Thank you, BobF>

AdamJ going away 8/24/09
It was a pleasure meeting you and some of the other Wet Web guys and gals at IMAC but with my with other responsibilities I'm afraid I no longer have time to help out at Wet Web. I have enjoyed my short time here and greatly appreciated the opportunity to help my fellow reefers. Hopefully in the future, with time permitting, I can rejoin you guys. Adam Jenkins
<Ahh! Will look forward to your return Adam. Thank you. BobF>

I'd like to be on the crew! 11/23/09
Hi WWM crew--
My name is Melinda Joakimson, and I have written in a few times (most recently, about my South American Red Tailed Catfish and Pacu's pond with the biological filter problem, which was solved by WWM!). I'm interested in helping the crew answer queries if you need a hand.
I currently am a member of MonsterFishKeepers, and have tried to be of help in every area that I have knowledge in, even if the very best thing to do is to provide a link to Wet Web Media. On MFK, I am justonemoretank, if anyone would like to take a look at the (hopefully high-quality!) posts I have created in response to tank sizes (I am active in the hopeful education of owners of RTCs), water quality, and fish illness, and my attempts to clearly link the three together for the benefit of the original poster.
As for my other experience, my husband and I currently keep a 180 gallon sort-of-wannabe-reef, a 125 almost-Amazon tank (the Clown Loaches kind of killed that idea!), a 75 with one Green Terror, a 180 with Florida Gars and Silver Dollars, and our 1000+ gallon pond with the RTC and 3 Red Belly Pacu. I've learned most of what I know from daily reading and perusing of WWM, as well as the experience of keeping fish ranging from one inch to over two feet long. We have only been keeping fish for two years, but have learned a lot, and I look forward to learning more every day.
Most importantly, I have learned that knowing water parameters means knowing fish health. Water quality is the most important thing, and I am one of the members who stresses the importance of water quality at MFK. I know people get tired of me asking, but it is the very most important element in fish health. I hope to enlighten others of its importance, thereby reducing fishkeeper stress and fish death.
As for the non-fishkeeping part of my life, I am a senior (non-traditional student) at the College of William and Mary, majoring in English. I plan to complete my Master's Degree in English after I graduate and teach on the college level. If you're wondering about the non-traditional part, it's what we're called when we're (ahem) older than the average college student.
I also volunteer at my local Living Museum as an education assistant and Touch-Tank volunteer.
In addition, I have one dog, three cats, and a bunny who have adopted me.
The areas I feel comfortable answering queries on would be water quality (i.e., the Betta and goldfish issues that Neale might need help dealing with; if not, I'm not trying to encroach on his space!), gars, basic community setups (i.e., the mixture of fishes that newcomers to the hobby often end up with at the advisement of fish store employees), and, of course, Red tailed catfish and Pacu.
I have always thought about helping WWM out, but I didn't feel I had the time. Now, as the time I spend more and more time on MFK trying to help so many, I realize how much time I had to spare. I think that I'd surely have an hour to spare daily to help others through WWM.
I would be glad to offer more information if it's needed, but I hesitate to turn this e-mail into a novel (is it already? Darn!). I totally understand if help is not needed, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to let you know I'm willing to help.
<I thank you for coming forward, offering your help Melinda, and do think the WWM (by which I mean its users) could definitely benefit from your experience and input. I welcome you. Our mail log in is: and password:
Some notes re conventions we use in replying can be found here:
Thank you, Bob Fenner>

Hello, just wanted to let you know... 1/20/11
Hi to whomever reads this,
It's Melinda. I've been unable to volunteer for quite some time, but assumed after I finished school, I'd be able to participate more frequently. However, the situation is exactly the opposite! I'd like to thank you for allowing me to volunteer for the time that I did, and I very much enjoyed the experience, but now, must focus on Graduate school, trying to find work, etc. I just wanted to officially resign my position and again, thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful crew!
<Ahh, understood Melinda. Hope to see you down the timeline. BobF>

Photos for my bio 3/3/10
Hi Bob--
I was cruising through crew bios and realized I am represented in (lengthy, I'll admit!) description, but no so much in a photo... please find attached my photo as a frog princess,
and a photo of my Red-Tailed Catfish, Guido, whose good health I credit to WetWeb, as well as my own care and my husband's willingness to allow me to build a 1,000 gallon indoor pond! He's a good guy, for sure! We're discussing going to MACNA (is our anniversary month), and I noticed a few WWM members listed as speakers so far... the "celebrity" of my fellow crew members causes me to feel greatly humbled to be a part of the crew. Whenever anyone asks what it is I volunteer for, I pull out The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, as well as my magazines with Neale's articles, and I say, "I work with these people." It's really an honor. I hope that if my experience and knowledge never matches those of some members of the crew, I have, at least, my passion for keeping fish to make up for it!
<Thank you for your ongoing participation Melinda. Will post w/ your bio. Cheers, BobF>

Jorie Johnson With regards to what type of questions I'd be comfortable answering, I'd like to stick to mostly FW fish for the time being. I can answer simple planted aquarium questions, as I do have a 44 gal. planted FW community tank, but you've already Sabrina, who I consider to be the WWM FW aquarium plant (and invert, for that matter) "goddess"! And, on that subject, I would be able to answer relatively simple / standard FW invert questions (I've kept ghost, Amano, cherry, and Singapore wood shrimp both in the past and currently), but again, I imagine the more difficult questions would be directed toward Sabrina. I would consider myself to be most knowledgeable about 1) rainbowfish (I currently have 3 big, beautiful boesemanis, and although I don't have any threadfins at the moment, I've kept them in the past and am looking to get more. I've done a considerable bit of research on rainbowfish, as I had a great deal of trouble with the species when I first began); 2) livebearers, esp. mollies (I personally like the hybrid balloon lyretail varieties, but Ananda, due to a recent move, was kind enough to give me some of her more "standard" sailfin ones - they are most beautiful as well and I'm starting to enjoy them more and more each day!; 3) bettas (I have two and due to losing their predecessors from old age, have done a fair amount of research on that species as well). Aside from the really "oddball" FW fish (incl. puffs, which I haven't had the luxury of being able to keep yet, due to not having enough tanks - I'm sure everyone at WWM can relate to that!), I think I'd be able to field beginner to advanced beginner type questions. I'm probably not ready for super-difficult ones yet, but I'm still learning! I do have some experience with dosing medications (antibiotics and antiparasitics), but would not consider myself an expert in that area. In the future, perhaps I'd be able to help out in the BW community as well. I'm just in the process of setting up a 29 gal. BW tank, and again, due to Ananda's recent move, I was lucky enough to inherit two knight / fandance gobies from her; I plan to do lots and lots of research on caring for the pair well, as I've grown quite attached to them! I have dabbled in keeping some of my smaller molly tanks in BW conditions, but mollies, as you know, are very forgiving fish in a certain sense. So, if there are easy BW questions you want to lob my way, that should be OK also. Don't know if you are looking for personal info. to share with the crew/public as well...really briefly, I'm 30, living in the NW burbs of Chicago with my boyfriend Chris (and 2 cats!), working during the days as a litigation paralegal, some evenings and weekends at Starbucks, mainly for the great discount, and in the process of applying to part-time evening program law schools for Sept. 2005. I've been keeping fish for about 2 yrs. now, and I owe the majority of my knowledge to the good folks at WWM who have taken the time to respond with patience (for the most part!) and intellect. I've also made some good friends just from the time I've spent on the internet with you folks, and for that, I'm also grateful.

I'm not sure if this somehow got lost in the shuffle, but are the explanations/descriptions below about myself and my fishy "skill set" sufficient for a bio? If not, let me know and I'll try to give you something else (just let me know what you are looking for). This seems to be in line with what many of the other crew members have sent you, so I figured it was OK. Also, here's a recent pic. of me with one of my kitties, also called Bob... Take care, Jorie

 And here's Jor in HI 5/06!

Misty Johnson joins the Crew! 8/22/10
Hi Bob,
<Hey Misty!>
Yes, I didsorrybeen intensely updating my web site over the past few days and I completely forgot about it!
<Ah, glad you are still about!>
I dont have any real credentials as in a biology degreejust a hobbyist since 2001.
<No need for real credentials otherwise. You/we/I know what we know by many inputs... academics can be a part, but not necessarily>
So sticking with softballs would be best for me, as Ill not risk giving someone false information.
<Heavens no!>
Im good at finding answers via research, too (especially if the question has already been answered by a WWM crew member). Pretty good with compatibility questions, general equipment selections (not the fancy stuff), parameters, etc.
<Ah, good>
Ive been a member of DFWMAS since August 15, 2001. Ive served on the Board of Directors for the past three years and currently the Treasurer. I have a 120-gallon reef tank with a little bit of everything.
Sorry for getting back to you so late. The inspiration for a new site design hit me so I plowed into getting it done before presenting the product to a couple of larger companies and introducing a new SKU. Would love your feedbackjust as a general user of the internet J www.sinkdrink.com
<Very nice... I esp. like the Some happy Sink Drink for Cats users section. Mmm, let's see, the WWM mail log in is: XXXX
Will erect a mail infolder for you: Misty... Oh, and some notes re conventions we've found useful posted here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/crewsupwebmail.htm
And thank you once again for joining the WWM Crew! BobF
Indeed, welcome aboard, Misty.
Cheers, Neale
Welcome to the crew, Misty!
-Lynn Z
Welcome aboard Misty.
James (Salty Dog)

Re: Misty Johnson joins the Crew!9/6/2010
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the warm welcome(s). I've just been lurking a bit since joining the crew...reading how you've answered queries, etc. So far my actual contributions have been moving spam to the spam folder and moving Q's from the general Inbox to the topic folders :). I'm a bit hesitant to answer that first question, but will get to it soon enough! It's been a while since I've set up my own tank, so I'm rusty on the basics (plus so much has changed in the past 5-6 years!).
Anyway, looking forward to working with you!
Hi Misty,
C'mon in, the water is fine. You've got to get your feet wet sooner or later. :-)
James (Salty)
Welcome Misty 9/7/2010
Answering the first few queries is daunting, but after you jump in it gets easier. Take comfort in the fact that other crew members read each other's responses and if anyone feels that we've gone too far around the bend, they'll jump is with additional suggestions... so you're not really going to hurt anyone with your suggestions. The coolest thing for me is the things that I've learned while researching the answers! Who'd a thunk?
I assume you've been given a link to the newbie/suggestions page where it talks about not trying too hard to correct their spelling, etc.
Stuff on that page can save your sanity. (too late for me, as it turns out). At some point you'll have a day where you just want to type something like "/Sir, after hearing the way you keep your tank, I suggest that you just ask the store to kill the fish for you before you bring them home - just to save time" / We've all had those days. Just move the letter back to the IN box and pick another one.
Keep in mind that it's supposed to be fun for you, too.
That said, welcome

Chris Perivolidis ... New to the Crew    5/2/06 Hi Bob, good talking with you over the weekend at IMAC.  Sorry we missed you after the banquet, but we couldn't resist going to see PufferPunk tanks.   Anyway, looking forward to helping out on WetWeb. <Great!> A little about myself.  I've had tanks most of my life, with a break during college and a few years after that.  My Dad got me started as a kid, with a small tank and a few Tiger Barbs.  Plenty to keep me fascinated though.  I moved up to a 20 that I had for many years with a now horrifying collection of incompatible fish and shoddy maintenance, but live and learn.  After going tankless for quite a while I got the bug again and moved into saltwater.  After close to a year of research and waiting I finally got my current tank, a 46G tank, home to my clowns and Gramma, and a red serpent star (squiggy) that has passed through several WetWebbers tanks before now calling mine home.  Plus several colonies of soft corals and mushrooms that came along with the LR. I feel confident answering questions on SW livestock, maintenance, and fish diseases.  However I'm not much of a coralphile so those I'll have to mostly pass on.  I'll also try to help out in the freshwater area as much as possible but I'm a bit rusty on that topic.  I am also a relatively new diver and can't wait for summer to get back in the water. Talk to you soon, <Thank you for sharing. BobF>
Chris UW in HI... Sab pic
Leslie Leddo Hi Bob, <Leslie> I am an avid fan/reader of your web site, books, articles and of course photography. I recently saw a response in FAQs about your need for some additional help answering questions. I am not sure how long ago it was posted or if you are still looking for volunteers but if you are I would love to help however I can. <Ahh, "just in the nick of time" as the saying goes... perhaps just enough margin to "get in a/the groove" before a bunch of us are out to Germany and Egypt next month> I have to say that my experience is short in terms of length in the hobby compared to many of you but it has been filled with many experiences some of which, at the time, I really would have rather passed on but in retrospect I can see just how valuable they all were and how much I have learned and grown. I have been blessed to be guided by a few wonderful mentors who used to tell me that the 1000's of questions I bombarded them with on a regular basis would some day be paid forward, so to speak, giving back and sharing what I have learned to help others. Did you by chance see that amazing movie Pay It Forward? If not I highly recommend it!! Keep the Kleenex box close by. I have learned so much from my many mistakes & successes, from you, the crew here, and from all the wonderful hobbyists who have allowed me to help them . I have been moderating on the seahorse boards for almost 4 years. I currently help to administrate www.syngnathid.org as well as moderate several forums there. <Ahh, did not see this movie (yet) but will try to on your recommendation. Am familiar with the concept and abide by it> I started about 8 years ago or so with a fish bowl. Yup I bought a fish bowl. I just had to have it. It was a drum shaped 1g bowl that sat inside of a ceramic frame consisting of 3 adorable little kittens laying around the bowl. I had a bowl so I had to get a fish right? Funny thing is I used to have nightmares about fish when I was a kid. I rescued a Betta from one of those little plastic jars in the LFS. I progressed to fancy goldfish in a small tank, then a bigger tank, a black ghost knifefish, a Reed fish and on to Discus and Rams for a short while. One day perusing in the LFS I stumbled upon captive bred seahorses from Ocean Rider.....I fell in love, have been enamored ever since. Here I am 8 tears, woops I mean years later. Yes there have been tears, plenty of them but the pleasure and benefits far outweigh any sadness or disappointments. My marine knowledge & experience is limited to basic marine aquarium keeping, seahorses, specifically seahorse disease and treatment, species identification, some breeding and rearing, tankmates, more recently (the last 2 years) puffers and a new Zebra Moray. I am also interested in Anglers but do not have one yet. I had an amazing Midnight Dogface Puffer and have learned quite a bit about these wonderful endearing creatures. I recently lost my first Puffer, who was my all time favorite fish to a hunger strike I could not persuade him to break. I cried like I had lost one of my best friends. I still get tearful when I think about it. I have some experience with dentistry ...Puffer dentistry, that is :), as well as tube feeding seahorses when all else has failed. I am passionate about these creatures I care for and would be honored to share that passion with others. My experience is lacking in some of the more technical aspects of aquarium keeping like chemistry, lighting, reef keeping and inverts. I currently keep ONLY captive bred seahorses but have had experience with wild caught seahorses as well. I have kept both temperate and tropical tanks and almost all if not all the species currently available. I also have a FOWLR tank and have set up a new tank for a Warty Frogfish! Can't wait to find one!!! <Am looking for anglers daily while diving in HI> I have 2 wonderful Doberman pinchers.....Kali and Willie they are 11 and 8 respectively and have had quite a bit of experience training, specifically using operant conditioning/clicker training as it is affectionately called. I assisted a local animal behaviorist with his puppy and obedience classes for several years. I toy with using some of these techniques deliberately with my wet pets and actually had begun to work with my puffer to try and get him to eat get him to eat shelled seafood which he was not to fond of, as well as to diminish his incessant begging behavior which always made me feel guilty for not responding and indulging his every whim. I am a registered nurse since I can remember.....27 or so years, working in Labor and Delivery and High Risk Obstetrics, in the hospital setting. I take care of pregnant women with any complication of pregnancy you can imagine and then some :). I believe that my medical background has been a great asset in caring for my animals and the reason I seem to delve so deeply for answers. I have always been intrigued by the how and why of things. <A full life for sure> I know my limits and when I am in over my head. I have no trouble asking for help. I post from my own experiences good and bad as well as research my responses. I read what ever I can get my hands on. The Conscience Marine Aquarist was my first and is my favorite marine book. I love your warm light hearted writing style. It is fun and at the same time informative and easy to read. I refer to it on a regular basis. In fact I just had to purchase my second copy because it was so well worn that the pages were falling out and kept getting mixed up. Drove me nuts. <I don't even have a copy!> I had an article published in FAMA called Mycobacteriosis: An Infection You Could Acquire From Your Aquarium . It is also posted in the Library of syngnathid.org http://www.syngnathid.org/ubbthreads/showarticles.php along with an article on UV and tube feeding seahorses......if you would like to have a look at my writing style there are also many posts on the board. I have had the great honor and privilege of working with Pete Giwojna on his soon to be released book on seahorse husbandry. My love of photography and my wet pets has in the last few years taken a new twist which I never in a million years expected. I started receiving requests to use my photos on the internet first then in FAMA's monthly column Horse Forum and most recently they have been published by TFH in Alisa Abbott's book The Complete Guide to Dwarf Seahorses in the Aquarium as well as will be featured almost exclusively in Pete's new book I mentioned above. My photos can be seen in the following places if you would like to have a look: -The Syngnathid.org Species Galleries http://www.syngnathid.org/ubbthreads/PP/index.php , -The Syngnathid.org Member's Gallery http://www.syngnathid.org/ubbthreads/PP/index.php , -syngnathid.org in the rotation of photos on the main page http://www.syngnathid.org -Bob Goemans site http://www.saltcorner.com - http://www.oceanrider.com -Reefcentral's Reef Keeping Online magazine http://www.reefkeeping.com/ has accepted a series of my photos for use in their Reef Slides monthly column. - http://www.oceana.org and Gateway Learning Corporation also purchased one of my photos for educational purposes <I wish you could have been out here this go... we've been out with Carol and Craig (and Dylan and Cooper their twin boys) of Ocean Rider a few times, and a dinner party or two here... Carol was over to recover her salad bowl last night... Am sure you would have enjoyed meeting, chatting with them... perhaps next time> If you are interested and need photographs of seahorses, puffers or any of their tankmates I would be also be honored to share my photos on your web site or for any of your various projects. I shoot both transparencies and digital. <Ah, good> Let me know if the your crew could use another volunteer - it would be a great honor and privilege to work with you and your crew and share my experience with your readers. Thanks so much for your generous commitment to the hobby and for your time and help over the years. Sincerely, Leslie <Thank you for coming forward. I am cc'ing your message here to the WWM Crew and welcome you to join us. Would it be okay to post much of what is here as your bio? Please feel free to "grab" what questions you find in the "general" in-box, or return ones that end up in your personal folder that you'd rather not respond to... There are a few conventions that we try to adhere to... placing a title on the responses, not responding to queries in ALL CAP'S! What have you. Am sure others will respond/welcome you here. Again, thank you for sharing. WWM is a wonderful tool for informing and inspiring others... and a good start at encouraging awareness, stewardship of our planet. I thank you for being part of it with us. Bob F>

Re: Volunteering Hi Bob!!! WOW!! I am honored. I am so excited.....just thrilled to have you accept my offer, to be part of such a wonderful group and have another avenue to share my passion. Thank you so much. I am glad the timing is right. <I as well. Please make it known what sorts of categories of questions you prefer... other than syngnathids> Germany and Egypt.....sounds like a lot of fun. Please stay safe. <We will> I am so sorry I missed Carol and Craig. Were they here in CA or were you in Hawaii? <Out here on the Big Island. If you can make it I hope to have some of the folks, particularly those that aren't coming out next month, come on over for any part of the first two weeks of July... we have a house here> I would have loved to have met them and those boys!! Carol sent me a photo and they are just adorable!! I have spoken to them once or twice on the phone and have emailed back and forth quite a bit. Yes please feel free to use whatever you would like from my email for my bio. <Will do> I look forward to joining you all and participating in this great journey. Thank you so much for a wonderful opportunity!! <A pleasure to meet you. Bob F>

Mike Kaechele: I've been working on WetWebMedia with Bob F. from nearly the start, when it was only a couple of dozen pages in size.  I have enjoyed every minute of it and I'm actually starting to learn more about the pet-fish business. I'm looking forward to traveling, scuba diving, and taking some underwater pictures with everyone on this page. 

Michelle Lemech About Mich... Ive always loved the water and most of the critters in it. I spent most of my time outside while growing up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. My favorite pastime was catching frogs, toads, tadpoles, salamanders and the like and building homes for them in the backyard. My love of nature and interest in science lead me to Muhlenberg College where I earned an undergraduate degree in Biology. I worked in a biochemistry lab doing immunoassays for several years before heading back to grad school. I received a masters in Genetic Counseling from Arcadia University and then needed to return to the Poconos. With limited job opportunities due to geography, I went back to school again, this time for nursing. I am a licensed RN. While collecting degrees I was introduced by a friend to the saltwater aquarium hobby and fell in love. I am currently active in several clubs and take pleasure in the educational, social, and collaborative aspects. I enjoy helping others and hope to contribute to and be a positive influence at WWM.

WWM Mac, Lewis attack/joining Mac Lewis here. I just got back from IMAC and wanted to drop you guys a note. I wanted to thank you Bob, Anthony and Scott, for the discussions on breeding the dwarf angelfish. This is something I am very interested in after two years of research and if you could put me in touch with the right people I would definitely appreciate it. As you know, I was up there to teach people how to frag corals. I think it went very successfully and worked out quite well with several newbies learning how to frag some new corals. <Great> Bob, you suggested that I come on board to volunteer so tell me how I can help you? <Mmm, a few ways. Help answer queries if you have the time, notion... write (for pay) articles/content for our new on-line zine...> I am honored that you guys think I might be of some assistance to you on WetWebMedia. Let me tell you a little more about myself. I've had fish tanks since I was ten years old. I began with the standard freshwater tank. But, I fell in love with fish. In the early 1980's, a friend convinced me to try a saltwater tank and I've been hooked ever since. During that time I supplemented my income by breeding some Africans and Cory's, angels, discus and Uaru's. I worked in a very successful pet store in Lexington Kentucky where I moved up in the ranks to order the fish and work with the birds. Lansdowne Pets was one of the first pet stores to bring in live rock. I will NEVER forget the smell of that 120 gallon curing 200 lbs of Caribbean live rock. Or the sight of my first wet/dry filter. I've continued with my love of saltwater creatures, but have expanded what I do with them a bit. We make custom acrylic tanks on a very limited basis and of course my tank is one of them. I'm currently running a 120 gallon tank with an 18 gallon refugium up above it that feeds into the tank. There's a 30 gallon wet/dry sump located beneath the tank. I find the refugium balances the nitrates. I also have a percula breeding tank that's a 40 square and am setting up a 180 fish only tank because I miss my fish AND the ones in my reef have to be moved. I've kept a wide diversity of fish over the years, from hatching sharks to keeping seahorses. I have a bachelors degree in English and Government from Centre College of Kentucky. Once again, just let me know how I can be of help to you guys. Mac Lewis <What say you Mac...? Bob Fenner> Mac's in... Yay! Count me in. Sounds like fun. Oh and I have a picture of you from IMAC if you are interested in it? <... a tough one. Okay. Will be posting your note as your bio. on WWM unless you have other you'd prefer... Do you have a state-able preference for topics, categories of queries you'd like to field? Please state if so... We have a few conventions which you'll soon learn re responding format... and Thank You for your help, participation. Bob F> Mac, we'd like to get to know you!
Gwen Loiselle Hello folks, thanks for the welcome! My experience is mostly in freshwater. I am a typical hobbyist and have been keeping freshwater for over 8 years now. Since I work in retail I have basic knowledge of many fish species, and have hands-on experience with everything from guppies to Asian Arowanas. I also have a couple years of saltwater experience but have only begun keeping marine tanks at home, since about a year ago. At work I have short-term experience with many different species of fish and corals, etc. My strengths lie in troubleshooting, helping people deal with water parameters, cycling, filtration, and controlling algae problems. I specialize in keeping catfish, oddballs, and preds. I am currently a member of Toms Place, (the site that hosts the FAAS) where I moderate the Catfish forum. I have been a member of the Montreal Aquarium Society for 4 years, and am the secretary and FAAS <Federation of American Aquarium Societies, a club of clubs> chairperson, also I co-chair the auction. I also created a simple website for them and I maintain it. I am honored to be in the company of such experts :) and am happy to help out. Thanks to you all for the nice welcome. Gwen
Oliver Lucanus - Potential New Crew Member Dear Bob, <Chuck> Hope you are well and not working too hard. Actually, I am writing for three reasons. One is to let you know that I will be out of town this weekend speaking at the Cichlid Classic in Chicago and will not be back until late Mon. night so I will be unavailable for questions. <Hotay> Secondly, I may be working out of town for the next month or so and this will limit my time on WWM to weekends. <What's your bosses name, number...?> I will keep you updated. Third is the possibility for a new recruit to the crew. A couple of weeks ago I had one of our speakers stay at my house and I was explaining to him what we do at WWM. He very much liked the concept of what we do and offered his help if needed. His name is Oliver Lucanus from Montreal, Canada. <Oh, yes! I know of Oliver> He has traveled all over the world and is an expert on South American and West African FW fishes. You can check him out on his website at Belowwater.com. He does travel quite a bit but I feel that he does have something to offer when he does have time to answer questions. Let me know what you think. Tell Pete that Carol and I say Hello. Chuck <It would be great if he can spare the time. Please do send my message along and let's sign him up! BobF> Greetings to Oliver, Newest WWM Member Chuck says I should write to you directly, <Yes, please. Either here or fennerrobert@hotmail.com> I had told him that I could answer some questions if you want. Would love to get a link to your site. <Will gladly place this link (think it is already on the FW links page, and even a freebie "ad" on the FW subweb in grateful exchange for your assistance here. We have a few simple conventions in responding that am sure you will recognize, adapt/adopt... Your inbox: Oliver... but you will find that most all freshwater queries are placed in the FRESHWATER inbox (or can be sieved from the general in-box... Please feel free to respond to any, all... Do send along a brief bio. for posting re our "Crew" page and pic if you'd like... and do make it known where I can get a banner to post on the FW subweb for your business. Thank you for sharing, Bob F> Best Regards, Oliver Lucanus Below Water http://www.belowwater.com <<Oliver, Welcome to this craziness! I've briefly perused your site, and am very impressed. No time at the moment to give you the "custom" welcome, outlining P&P, etc., but Bob's got one or two of my most recent rundowns somewhere on site (apologies, Bob, I didn't bookmark 'em). Quick question - is the Geophagus jurupari no longer a member of this genus? I see it noted by Chuck as Satanoperca jurupari, no notation in the summary on fishbase. Thanks, welcome, stay COOL everyone (summer seems to finally be here!), and keep on truckin' Marina >> Hi Marina, Yes, it is Satanoperca now (along with the artists formerly known as Geophagus daemon, leucosticta, lilith and acuticeps), basically all the pointed snout fish are now Satanoperca. Most of the fish known as S. jurupari in the trade and in our books are actually S. leucosticta (the real nice ones with the fully spotted gill plate) - the real jurupari is a less exciting fish. Best Wishes, O. PS: Summer here in Canada has been cancelled. It is still cold, rainy and ugly.

Oliver videoing UW in Brazil

O. Lucanus born near Munich, Germany has been keeping fish for over 30 years. He has been wholesaling fish from all over the world for 15 years and has traveled to many countries to see the places our aquarium fish come from. His specialty are freshwater fish from South America, Asia and Africa.

Mike Maddox Bio. for WWM Crew posting - 1/31/08 I'm a premed Junior at Texas A&M Galveston, majoring in Marine Biology. I've been keeping some form of aquatic life on and off (mostly on, with a recent sabbatical I've recently returned from) since I was six years old (that would be eighteen years now...I'm old) and marine life for over fourteen years. I'm intimately familiar with the needs of virtually every ornamental aquatic fish (and have had almost all of the marine ones at one point or another) as well as most common reef invertebrates (Cnidarians, crustaceans, molluscs), and how to provide proper care/feeding/water chemistry for said animals. I currently have only one aquarium (I'm a student with a negative cash flow living in an apartment with the kitchen built into a closet!). My tank houses a Starry Puffer and a Commerson's angler, which I spend time watching when I should be studying. I will gladly help anyone with any question they may have about aquatic life, be it a frog, fish, turtle, or otherwise (I've kept more random aquatic animals than I care to name), but I feel I'm most knowledgeable about marine life, and most lacking in the freshwater fish area. I'm always willing to help someone long term with a known difficult/"impossible" to keep species, as I've done a lot of research regarding these types of animals, though not necessarily tried to keep many of them. I do feel that this is how we progress in the hobby, and if someone is taking a responsible, informed approach in doing their best to keep a particular species that's known not to fair well in captivity, and is trying to learn for the sake of the hobby, I will do what I can. I don't recommend this for the average aquarist, though!

And Updated Update! 3/09

Well, I'll take you up on the offer, then. :) I made myself a folder, and here's an updated bio: <Ah, good. Glad to be able to share your input, facts and learn from your writing style... Now, my next question is... when are you joining, or better, supplanting me on the petfish conf./hobby presentation circuits? BobF> ----------------- My name is Mike Maddox, and Ive wanted to be a marine biologist since I was six years old, and kept marine aquariums since I was ten. A lot of what Ive learned has been through trial and error, and it was always a source of frustration to me that there wasnt more information about actually keeping marine animals alive in captivity when I was learning about the hobby. I have never forgotten that frustration, and have endeavored to help hobbyists not repeat the mistakes Ive made (and Ive made a lot this hobby can be very trying at times) ever since. As far as my hobby experience goes, I tend to only count my marine aquatics experience, because I still dont know anything about freshwater, except for the fact that you dont have to check the salinity! Ive been keeping marine aquariums for fifteen years, and writing about it (mostly on WWM) for five. Ive kept waaay too many species to name them all individually, but my favorites are pufferfish, carpet anemones, and T. maxima clams. I love really big aquariums (for cool things like stability, big puffers, sharks, eels, and giant anemones) and really small nano aquariums (like my 8 gallon BioCube) because I like the effect of having a compact reef. I currently have a 175 gallon FOWL setup with a DSB and 60 gallon sump/wet-dry filter housing a map puffer, and a zebra moray, and then theres the aforementioned (stock bio cube 8) nano reef, which is filled to the brim with various corals, clams, anemones, and anything else that catches my eye or that people want me to save for them (stock as I say, not as I do!). Im a senior at Texas A&M University majoring in marine biology/pre-med. My former life so to speak was almost a decade in the IT field, and when I left the field completely to go back to school, I left as a systems and networks administrator. To keep up my "expert" appearance, a quick 'bragging rights' paragraph: Ive been published in Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Advanced Aquarist, The Conscientious Aquarist, and Aquarium Explorer, moderate here at the WWM BB, run a blog at Microcosm Aquarium Explorer website, and freelance for various other aquatic and non-aquatic sites/publications. I am also published in the American Journal of Rheumatology, for my medical research on systemic lupus. ----------------
Thanks Bob,

Paul Mansur/WWM It has been my life's ambition to work within the Reef domain since I was young. As always dreams are put on hold to make a mark in the world. Only recently have I made the effort into delving into this beautiful, complex, life sustaining endeavor. I am currently a student here in the Bay Area enrolled in Marine Biology/Oceanography courses and plan on pursuing this as my major. I have been dive certified for a few years now, and I am in process of finishing my dive mastership by June this year 2003. I have been lagging in this area due to time constraints. Between course/curriculum diving and recreational diving I can usually get in roughly 50 dives a year. I have done a great deal of diving from Monterey to Palau and various areas between. I have a few very good friends in Palau and have spent over 20 days there, and I have been lucky enough to go on some amazing dives. Some of my dives were to help out their local ecology through the Palau Conservation Society's crown-of-thorn cleanups, which in turn eased the vulnerability of these suffering reefs due to the '97 El Nino occurrence. Lastly, I am in process of volunteering in the Coral Husbandry department at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I will start in April in what I hope to be a first step in possibly switching careers. I have been keeping fresh water 80 and 100 gallon African Cichlid Aulonocara "peacock" tanks for well over seven years. I have various male and female pairs of mostly Aulonocara raised from the fry stage. I have also created various defined breeding profiles for the Iodotropheous sprengerae "Rusty" and Sciaenochromis fryeri "Electric Blue". In addition, I have successfully been able to trigger captive egg release of Gold Marble Angel fish (Pterophyllum scalare) in a 30 gallon Amazon planted tank. (No male to mate with though) Only recently, I moved into the reef realm of aquarium keeping. I have 3 tanks, all on the smaller scale of reefscaping: 10 gallon shallow biotope, a 20 gallon mixed coral (mostly soft), and a 30 gallon that is in the process of becoming a lagoonal biotope of the Indo Pacific. I am most proud to state that all coral in the 20 gallon are captive farmed animals. I am in the process of doing research for the right captive bred and tank raised fish for each aquarium (if any at all). A 30 gallon captive bred seahorse tank is in the works as well with more aquariums to come, of course. I am also working with a leading live marine foods breeder on experimentation of food sizes/stuffs for varying harder to keep corals and fish. We are searching for some growth patterns and possible breeding success to document for future products as well as a longer captive success of these animals. Although I am a Marine Biology major, I still know what side my bread is buttered. I make my living (sellin' my time) as a computer associate for Hitachi Data Systems. HDS is a fantastic company with a bright future and a real pleasure to work for with cool technology to boot. I have been in the computer industry since 96 and mostly self-taught. Better than digging ditches! (at a - cost per hard physical labor - point of view anyway, nothing against you ditch diggers, tho'). I look forward to the challenge before me as the many hobbyists will force me to learn on things I ordinarily would not have any inclination to learn about. I am appreciative of the chance to work with such esteemed and knowledgeable volunteers as are here at Wetwebmedia. They have all been very helpful to me in the past, and it is the least I can do to help out an industry that has been so forthcoming to me. I am especially grateful for the chance to work with Bob Fenner and Anthony Calfo who are giants among men in this industry. Thank you for the chance to serve the great hobbyists of Wetwebmedia

PAUL! How long has it been now? Sheesh.

Sara Allyn Mavinkurve/Liva joins the WWM Crew 06/28/07 SaraM Bio and pic 06/28/07 Ok, I'm not so good at this... but here's what I came up with for a "bio." I'm attaching a picture too (it's not the best pic, but I don't have too many other recent ones). ------------------- I was born in 1981 in Akron, OH and currently live in Cleveland, OH. I've loved aquatic creatures and kept aquariums of some sort or another since I was quite little. My mom tells me that when I was 4 I was quite frustrated with the fact that I would never be a fish or be able to live in the sea. I'm still a bit disappointed about that, but find some solace in my aquariums. My broad and seemingly endless curiosity about the world in general has left me with a rather eclectic list of academic achievements and experiences. Though I majored in math and minored in computer science in college, I also took many biology and chemistry classes as a premed student. I spent almost a year in medical school before deciding that it wasn't for me. At some point while in medical school, I started my first marine aquarium which became the second love of my life. At some point I earned a MA in Bioethics and am now in law school at Case Western Reserve University. My main interest now is in reef aquariums, corals and other marine invertebrates. The courses I took in biology and chemistry, biochemistry, etc. along with my experience in medical research is what has enabled me to be able to read and understand just about any science or research journal. I also understand research and study design and hope to use this ability to make more academic information accessible to the reef keeping hobby. I've created ASIRA.org with the hope of making more information more accessible to store employees and owner (and hobbyists too). I'm happy now to be able to help WWM do the same.As for WWM, just tell me what you'd like me to contribute. I have plenty of time to answer queries. I know you don't like to take work for free, but please, you already bought me dinner, remember? ;-) Sara <I do welcome you to our Crew Sara. Bob Fenner> <<Updating my bio here: I graduated from law school in August, 2008... still looking for work! -Sara M. (who is also responsible for the recent re-facing/re-designing of WWM, including all the new logos! -with ScottV's help)>>
Cody May I live in Kalispell, Montana and I am 14 years old. I was 7 when I got my first tank (saltwater). I now have a 75 gal. FOWLR, 80 gal. reef and a 240 in the planning stages. My specialties (or things I sometimes know what I'm talking about) are marine fish, soft and LPS corals. I currently work at the only Aquarium shop in town and have been working there for a little over a year. I discovered WWM about 1 year ago and don't think I've left the computer since. Let me know if I can be any help, Cody May. Cody, Cody. Where for art thou, Cody?
WetWebMedia     4/29/12
Dear Bob,
Hope you made it to Virginia ok! Thanks for the fun weekend and presentation. It was awesome getting to talk with you about your knowledge of the industry (and other things).
<Ah, a very nice time indeed. Thank you for having me out>
Whenever you're not busy, I'm ready to help out on Wet Web Media. I used to answer emails for Liveaquaria.com Tech Support, and I loved it. Just let me know what I need to do :)<I/we thank you for consenting to help, joining the WWM Crew. The log in to our webmail server:
the "email address" :
Your in-folder: Felicia
Some notes on conventions we've found to be useful in responding:
If you would, please send along a brief bio. (and pic if you'd like) for posting to the WWM Crew pages... so folks can/will associate you w/ a bit
of info./identity.
Welcome to our association. BobF
Felicia McCaulley

NCPARS VP of Public Affairs
Seahorse Breeder, Aquarium Photographer, Blogger, Aquatic Life Identifier
ReefTools  DFS Pet Blog  Aquarium Adventures  Felicia McCaulley Photography
Welcome Felicia McCaulley to WWM Crew!     4/30/12

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I'm excited to get started.
Bio: Felicia has worked in the pet industry since 2002 and has worked in retail, wholesale, and aquaculture. She worked for Liveaquaria.com as a call center agent, tech support, and Diver's Den photographer and marine life identifier. She lives in Philadelphia with reef, seahorse/oddball fish, shore crab, and livebearer aquariums; 3 parrots; 20+ hamsters; and a leopard gecko. She enjoys photography, solving fish health/disease/nutrition issues, breeding seahorses and other marine fish, propagating corals, writing magazine articles, and blogging. Felicia currently works for Allquatics in Hamilton, New Jersey.
Ahh, will post! BobF
Jim McDavid Hello Bob, thank you for your invitation, and I look forward to helping out. Here is my long winded brief bio as per your request. :) I tend to be brevity challenged, so I'll do my best for you. :) I was born in 1970, and I've been obsessed with everything fish since I was 3 years old. I started out back then (and remain to this day) an avid Bass fisherman. That's where it all started I suppose. I've been keeping marine and freshwater tanks for around 20 years now. It started back in high school with my aunt giving me her used 55 gallon tank. I stocked the tank with a few Oscars and other odds and ends, and read and devoured everything I could get my hands on about fish. Articles and books by Martin Moe and Herbert Axelrod filled my book shelf. Soon the 55 became a 135 gallon marine tank, which became a 180. I cycled through keeping marine fish, and breeding various species of Central American, South American and African cichlids during the following years. Some years later I was fortunate for a time to have an indirect link to Stuart Grant, so I was able to obtain some of the rarer wild African cichlid species right from the lakes themselves. When I was in junior college I got a job at a large fish store which had upwards of 200 tanks. I had the responsibility of maintaining, medicating and stocking these tanks. While working there I became even more intimately familiar with hundreds marine species. With access to so many species, I think I kept almost everything at one time or another during that period. Being able to observe so many fish, many for an extended period of time gave me invaluable perspective as to their relative hardiness in comparison to each other. Some of this I had to relearn in following years since collection methods back then skewed my perspective on certain species. I found out some were much hardier than my early experiences seemed to indicate due to rampant cyanide use back then. I've been very pleasantly surprised in that regard with many species. In the years since, although I've kept up my interest in both freshwater and marine aquaria, my main interest nowadays is marine tanks for the most part, for space reasons if nothing else. Just no room for everything I want to keep! I've been a board member of the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association in the past, although it's been about 2 years now since I've kept a freshwater tank of any type. Although I currently maintain reef tanks, and I've been successful at raising corals and Tridacnid clams, I remain a dyed in the wool fish geek. I'd say my areas of specialty in the marine fish realm (aside from general setup, maintenance, stocking, etc) would be groupers, triggers and angelfish. Aside from that I can answer in detail questions on other species, with the exception of gobies and blennies. I really never developed an interest in those fish, so they represent a hole in my knowledge for the most part. I currently maintain an in-wall 150 gallon reef which aside from assorted corals and clams, includes an imperator angel, a pair of maroon clowns and a snooty Maori wrasse! My next project will be a dedicated 120 gallon undulatus tank. Please let me know if you require further information. Cheers, Jim Oh Jim! We're still waiting for that photo!
Josh McMillen Bob... Josh "the edit guy" again, one fish, two squish 9/22/05 Bob, Time does fly by, and I apologize for my late response here. My wife and I are actually purchasing our first home and I'm sure you can appreciate the paperwork/run around there (hopefully we close tomorrow!). <Congrats!> I do, however, have some bad news. Apparently I'm not eighteen anymore! This one caught me off guard this morning (after about fifteen drinks, four hours sleep, and my usual 5:30 alarm for work). Engagement parties due have their place I suppose, but at least I now know mine. Twenty-five is old enough to stop gallivanting around like an idiot. Now to the answer. Time and interest I've got in spades! To consider my self proficient in anything always seems to bring about a laziness I would rather avoid. My areas of most comfort (and least second guessing) would have to be basic water chemistry, husbandry, and compatibility (tank size/mates, etc.) of marine tanks. I feel quite comfortable on the basic ID questions (worms, sponges and the like) of which I know you get many. I'm not yet comfortable on anymore than basic coral ID because I've resisted buying them for probably too long now. I only like to move forward in definite steps without sudden "What do I do now!?" situations. Mushrooms and zoanthids are all that I've taken in. If any of this seems useful, then it is yours. If you would like a more seasoned vet, then you will hear from me yet! (Not meant threateningly of course:) Josh P.S. I didn't mean to sound like Dr. Seuss either! <Mmm, I hear a Who... and would like it very much, much more than I can touch, if you'd join us... in responding to what you feel comfortable with, have time for... What say you Ted (Geisel), I mean Josh? BobF>

New WWM Crew member "Joshua McMillen" 9/23/05 Welcome, Joshua! Glad to have you with us! We actually just welcomed a couple folks last week, so I'm kinda cutting/pasting what I gave them regarding "how it works", so please feel free to ask any questions. Basic conventions to follow: Anything in the inbox, fresh, marine, brackish, and pond folders that has not been answered is up for grabs. Move any questions you wish to answer into your folder before answering them; this helps to prevent sending multiple replies on one question. When you reply, try to follow the same "style" that we use <Your replies in carrots> Mmmm, carrots.... <Tasty carrots!> And remove blank spaces and such. Also, it might be worthwhile to copy/paste into Microsoft Word so you can use spell-check. Once you've sent the reply, it should automatically save a copy in the "Sent" folder. You can then delete the original message (don't delete the reply that was saved in the Sent folder; we need that). Feel free to take any questions that you feel comfortable with. Take a look at our Daily FAQs and other related sections to kinda "get a feel" for it all (links below) and feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for your assistance with WWM! -Sabrina http://www.wetwebmedia.com/daily_faqs.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/faqsonfaqs.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/faqstips.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com /QueryCorrsRefPg.htm <Thank you Sabrina... am saving your input for future others... BobF> Bob, I hope your holiday was as fun as mine! My family has left town now and I'm finally getting back to the normal routine, so I thought I'd finally send some pics. along. My wife snapped a few of me and I'm adding some others from my tank. Didn't know which picture of me was best as I never like my photos (weird phobia of them since I was about 9), so I just sent them all. Now, if I can just write that bio..... - Josh <Do so, please. Will post. BobF>

Justin Miedwig Born in Elgin, IL, one of the farthest possible places from an ocean, I somehow found my way to the saltwater addiction that we have all come to know and love. Having been in the hobby for over thirteen years, I have kept just about every type of reef setup possible. I have always been one to experiment with unusual DIY projects and non-traditional reef keeping methods hence earning the nickname Dr. J: The Mad Scientist. I graduated from Judson College in 2002 with a degree in Media Studies and went on to pursue my second love film. I moved to LA and worked on feature films, television series, pilots, music videos you name it. I recently ventured into underwater videography and was very fortunate to shoot some footage for Walt and Deb Smith out in Fiji. I love the fact that I am able to combine these two worlds to not only keep these amazing creatures, but to also capture them in their natural environment. Today, I keep mostly SPS coral and consider them to be my expertise. I am very honored to be able to answer questions for WWM, and I thank Bob and Jeni for the opportunity.
Travis Mestad... Where did I go??? 11/17/05 Hey Bob, <Travis... there you are!> I was gone for awhile due to Chiropractic Board Exams <<Wishing you were also an acupuncturist, I am in great need! Marina>> and the beginning of a new trimester here at college. I was also enjoying time with my 8 month old daughter. I had stopped in a few times to check my mailbox and make sure things were being kept up with. Granted I did not have many responses lately, maybe 3-5, but I planned on getting back into the swing of things once life leveled back out. Well it has now level again and I am back, yet I am not... Not on the site that is. Please let me know if this was an innocent mistake or if I have offended someone in some way as I would like to continue to contribute. Thank you, TravisM <Thanks for the notice, help. Reinstated. Cheers, BobF>
Alex Miller Welcome Alex to the WWM Crew! Thanks Bob! Here's a bio and a couple of pictures. Seems I don't have many pictures, apparently I am the one taking all the pictures! (the snorkeling is at Molokini)I live in Birmingham, AL, with my husband Michael and 16 year old daughter Katie, and our mini zoo. I'm a mechanical engineer, working in generation planning at an electric utility. I also am a licensed massage therapist, which makes for a pretty unusual combination. We cycle for excercise and fun, ride motorcycles, and ski or SCUBA when we get a chance.We have a house full of animals: 2 cats, 2 dogs, fish of course, a parrot, and 4 reptiles.I grew up with fresh-water fish, and have usually had at least one tank of some variety. A decade ago I was bitten by the salt-water bug, and very much enjoyed learning and experiencing my first FOWLER tank. It has up-sized and evolved into a reef over the last few years. I have mainly learned by reading bokks and on-line, experience, and talking to any who can teach me something. As my library spans a wide range of time and methods, I have seen the evolution in the best-practices and have tried to keep up. I had a short stint cleaning tanks as a part-time helper at an LFS, and have seen local businesses come and go. I appreciate their challenges, and the challenges of hobbyists who get varying advice from their LFS. I like to keep it simple, and do appreciate your emphasis on natural sustainable approaches.I am a life-long aquarist, captured by the challenge, the beauty, and the serenity (in-between crises) offered by our own little piece of the reef. Alex Miller

Will Neinast, bio. 7/8/09
Bob (Mr. Fenner?),
Unfortunately, I have not contributed to a forum to date, although I would be very interested in joining one. I have heard many positive remarks about both AquariaCentral and Aquatic Plant Central; do you have any comments on either? I do apologize for not having an available sample of my work, which has mostly consisted of informal research data and personal experimentation.
As for a bio, here is my best attempt:
Will Neinast's (even I don't know how to pronounce it) interest in aquatic life begin at the age of 8 upon the successful landing of a 3-foot channel catfish. While not a recommended "starter" fish, it did inhabit a large Styrofoam container for a few miserable hours. Too bad zebra Danios aren't native! Since then, I've kept at least 1 aquarium in the house at all times.
During a 5 year stint in Portland, Oregon, I learned the art of fly fishing, as well as the even more difficult art of counting salmon swimming over the Bonneville Dam (1 salmon, 2 salmon... EERGGH!). After moving back to my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, I began to expand my horizons into planted and brackish tanks. Several thousand hours of research and experimentation later, I finally began to understand the intricacies and "interconnectedness" of my various microsystems. I currently keep a relatively mundane collection of tanks: a 10 gallon paludarium for two firebellied toads, a 20 gallon "Southeast Asian" biotope, a 55 gallon mixed Central American cichlid and livebearer planted tank, and a soon-to-be set up 75 gallon planted tank. I've never been truly content with simply observing my aquatic charges; instead fiddling with various parameters and equipment designed to provide the ideal environment. Most of my tanks have now been shifted from "DIY" tanks with experimental filters, lighting, substrate, etc., to more conventional set-ups. This however, granted me invaluable experience from which to draw on in future systems.
Whoops, accidentally hit Send before I finished this! My apologies, and the remainder is below.
I can confidently answer questions on snail control, DIY plumbing and filtering, most Central American cichlids, economical and simple plant fertilization, school-aggressive behavior of "fin-nippers", amphibians and paludariums, creative aquascaping, lighting, alternative planted-tank substrates, and innovative use of hardware/ garden store and various other everyday supplies in aquaria.
My other interests include golfing, soccer, guitar, rock climbing, kayaking, and keeping up with the family horses. Although I am only a high-school junior, I will strive to provide the utmost level of advice possible.
Will N.
<Oh! Are you a "regular" on a bb that we might peruse? What areas of expertise do you consider your strongest Will? BobF>
<Yep, up to about 300 posts right now. I'm primarily a DIY/ planted tank guy, but I dabble in saltwater. In fact, I'm sure Lynn would be happy to send you a copy of my recent nano-reef article. Looking back,
I didn't include as much information as I would've liked, but apparently it was meaty enough to be included in an upcoming newsletter.>
<Ah, outstanding. Lynn, Neale, will you please look over Will's posts, give me the benefit of your impressions... Am hopeful Mr. Neinast is ready to help us out on WWM proper. BobF>
Sounds good to me. Welcome aboard!
Cheers, Neale

Andrew Nixon joins the WetWebMedia Crew 1/6/2008 Dear Mr. Fenner, I am writing to you, via a suggestion by a member who actively posts on a website I moderate on called aquariacentral.com , and that member is a part of your crew ( Jeni - aka PufferPunk ). <Ah, yes> By way of a little introduction about myself. My name is Andrew, 34 years old and I live in U.K, England. I am Head IT Manager by trade for an estate agency group, have a daughter who is aged 6..I have been fishkeeping for about 7 - 8 years, started of will a good few freshwater species tanks, was never really that much into the planted side of things. The tanks ranged from 10 gallons, up to 90..About 3 years ago, I decided that after a good few years of researching, learning and understanding marine fish, corals, inverts I branched out and start keeping marine. These tanks ranged from 46 gallons upwards in varying sizes, could not get enough of et.al tanks have always been very successful and I put that down to the few years of knowledge building I did while I was keeping freshwater. Since then, I moved over to the side of passing on my knowledge and helping others by joining Aquariacentral.com and head the marine forums there ( my member name there is Reefscape ).. I spent the vast majority of my time there now, helping and supporting the existing aquarist's and new starters alike, and would like to branch out and help other sources too. I enjoy this with a passion, I feel at home discussing, debating, advising people on now to solve an issue with their tanks, advise on how to go about setting up marine systems, advise on stocking compatibility issues etc etc..corals / invert and their feeding, lighting and behaviour...Equipment choices, recommendations, why some work better than others, and the things for people to avoid. So, all I wanted to do was put an offer to you, that if you ever feel that you have room for a junior member on your team to help out on all round issues of the marine aquaria side of the site, then I glad offer my services and knowledge over to you, would certainly be an honour and a privilege. With kind regards Andrew Nixon <We do have a need for a person of your apparent background, interest... I do hope/trust that helping as part of WWM will not interfere with time better spent with your family, work, other endeavours. Do send along a likeness and other Bio. mat. if you'd like this posted, and thank you for coming forward, offering to help others. I welcome you to our association. Bob Fenner>

Justin Norman bio. 11/19/06 > Hi Bob, > I hope the evening finds you well -- certainly a good chance in the tropics. > <Yes, thank you my friend> > You are certainly envied by my wife and I. > <Mmm, please join me> <<Alas, as much as we would love to, we are a tad strapped for cash, as our official day of blessed union is next May, and as I had said in prior correspondence, I'm disabled and still in therapeutic/vocational recovery at the moment... The offer is definitely appreciated, though. If it were feasible, we would have been there a week ago ;)>> <Perhaps another time> > Also, I was curious if your previous offer to assist the crew in daily responses still stands. I think I'd like to try my hand at it, if you still feel my knowledge adequate. > Thanks, > Justin > <If you believe, you want to try, please be welcome to our association... > Please write back with a brief bio. to post, and I'll send along the log-in info. BobF> > <<Here's the quick little bio I had knocked out for the CA guys after I finished my article with attached picture, I think it pretty well covers the bases. -Justin>> I'm 24 years old, and have been a computer and tech geek for the majority of my life, stemming from my father's own love of such. About 2 years ago, I broke my back at the first lumbar vertebrae, and suffered some spinal bruising, leading to partial paralysis from the waist down. I'm currently in year 2 of outpatient therapy to regain everything that I can, and have the ability to walk short distances in a walker, but am tied to a wheelchair most of the time. With the newfound time on my hands, I've spent the better part of the last year reading and educating myself in this great hobby, starting with a pair of Bettas that was purchased for us by a friend, but leading very quickly into advanced reefkeeping. Currently, my wife and I are keeping 4 tanks, 2 small freshwater tanks, and 2 medium-sized saltwater tanks, but we've always got our eyes on the next big one. <Ahh! Please do join our association of helping pet-fish friends. The log-in for our webmail: XXXX email addr. there: XXXX password: XXXX You can be JustinN or whatever designation you'd like to be known by... We have a loose set of conventions, which am sure you will adjust to in a short while. Welcome to our Crew. Bob Fenner>

Greetings and Salutations! JustinN returns to WWM 10/5/09
Hey Bob!
I know, I know -- its been a long time. For starters, I want to thank you for the letter of recommendation that you so graciously provided me. It helped me win my job with Rackspace (a hosting company here in San Antonio), and was cited by my managers several times as one of the main reasons they brought me on. Unfortunately, I've been so busy shifting through 3 separate promotions for the last nearly 2 years, that I haven't been able to really keep up -- as I'm sure you noticed :)
<Heeee! Congratulations>
Essentially, I wanted to drop you a line and let you know, that I've finally hit a job position that doesn't consume 100% of my time, and I will be in for a long time to come. Things are stabilizing around here, and after dozens of email threads at work where people have asked for advice and I became the go-to guy, I had my desire rekindled. My new job role doesn't involve direct customer interaction, and only 2 months into it I'm already missing it. If you're still willing to have me, I'd like to offer up my toes for dipping in the WWM waters again :)
<Please do log back on and make an in-folder. Do you still have the log-in, password?>
Again, thanks for everything -- I'm not sure you realize quite how much weight your praise carried.
-Justin Norman
<Am very glad to have assisted your worthy efforts. BobF>

Re: Justin Norman, WWM Crew 11/23/06 Justin, just a note to say thank you for your participation... You have the knowledge, passion, capacity to engage folks... and I am grateful for your participation, and learning from your sharing. BobF. <Wow... Don't know what to say but thanks, Bob. I consider you to be a bit of a personal hero, per se, especially in handling of writing style. That means a lot, coming from you. Thanks again. -JustinN>

Chuck Rambo's Bio Chuck has been keeping freshwater fish for over 36 years. He currently maintains 40 freshwater aquariums with cichlids from all over the world.  He is a "Fellow" of the American Cichlid Association and has served as past Board of Trustee and Chair. He currently serves as the Conservation Chair as well as the ACA/Marineland Speakers Program Chair. Chuck serves on the Board of Directors for both his local clubs, the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association and the Silicon Valley Aquarium Society.  In 2002 he and his wife Carol traveled to Lake Tanganyika to dive with  Ad Konings.  In 2003 they went with him to Lake Malawi to dive and observe the cichlids in their natural habitat. Chuck also collects antique aquariums and vintage fancy Vaseline glass fish bowls. <Ahh, thank you for sending this along. Bob Fenner, who will post on the Crew's bio. pages>
Chuck... will clean fish tanks for food!

Eileen Ridgeway/Yunachin joins WWM Crew Hello Bob!<Eileen/Yunachin> Dear Bob, Greetings from sunny Myrtle Beach. <In South Carolina I take it> My name is Eileen but more known as Yunachin. I would like to start off saying I was referred to through Jeni, AKA- Pufferpunk, via her site: The Puffer Forum, where I have been visiting for a while. She is a wonderful person. <Oh yes> My fondest memories of having fish were when I was a little girl and we had Oscars. I would sit for hours and gaze into those beef-cake eyes wishing that I might be a fish one day. As I got older we had several Bettas, tetras, Corys, catfish, guppies etc. I learned about the spawning process with guppies very early in my keeping of them. Then I got into larger goldfish care and Koi ponds. I was also introduced into the spawning of convicts. I had my hands full. When I met my husband I knew nothing about saltwater fish but that soon changed. We own a LFS here and I have become quite the aquarium addict. I divulged my time into learning about every aspect of fish. We are common sights at local aquariums, sometimes I think they might throw us out. Over the course of time I have become knowledgeable in marine fish and identification. I also have begun breeding clownfish and have studied on this over a year. I currently have 7 tanks in the house,. 4 full saltwater reefs and 3 freshwater tanks. I own 5 puffers; combined species of, Fahaka, Green-spotted and Hawaiian White Spotted (separate tanks, of course!). We also have a ribbon eel who has been living in captivity for over a year and a half and is hand fed. There are various tangs, blennies, gobies, clowns, wrasse and others in our collection. We also own a full discus tank. Hands still full. Ha ha. I love caring for these fish and I love learning about new things. I am not an aquarium expert but I don't consider myself a beginner either. I dedicate every waking moment to the fish and the learning process. I am a young and vibrant aquarist with good information and I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong. I would love to be a member of your Crew & I hope I can become an asset to your team. Have a fantastic day!-Eileen Ridgeway <Am sure you've considered whether you have time for sharing/helping here... That Jen/PP has mentioned what we do, how we do it. I do welcome you to our association therefore. Again, thank you for coming forward, sharing. Bob Fenner>

Daniela Rizzo joins the WWM Crew! 1/28/10
Hello! My name is Daniela, I'm an Italian cichlid keeper since I was 16, many many years ago! I love both African and American cichlids, I'm a founder member of AIC (Italian Cichlid Association) and a member of ACA CARES program. In my garden I have two ponds with goldfish, Koi, frogs, a turtle and a lot of aquatic, bog and marshy plants. I feel comfortable answering : cichlid keeping and breeding, pond life, pond, swampy and bog plants.
Daniela Rizzo, Rome, Italy
<Hello Daniela, I'd certainly welcome you aboard. I've read and enjoyed
your stuff in our Conscientious Aquarist magazine. Do please write to Bob Fenner, here:
He's the guy who makes these decisions.
Cheers, Neale.>
Hello Daniela and thank you for coming forward. I welcome you to the WWM Crew!
... and if you'd send along a brief pet-fish bio. about yourself (and an image too if you'd like), we'll post it here:
Thank you again. Bob Fenner
New member
Geez Bob, you are getting quite a following, I believe the largest crew force I've seen since I've been here.
I'm sure Neale will welcome the addition.
<Assuredly we all do... Now if I can only get you to start dive adventure traveling w/ me, taking pix below water... B>

Richard Ross Thanks for the welcome guys! Happy to be here, and please, if you see me doing anything un WWM like let me know. Ryan, Still need that stand? Still wanna do the article? And, Marina mentioned submitting pics for the WWM Crew info page - any formatting desires? <Jpegs, bmps... tiffs... most any format is convertible> About me: I have been keeping aquariums since I was a kid, working at different LFS during high school and even helping to build a new one. In college (University of California, Davis - BA Philosophy) I got into reptiles because they were easier to move from dorm to dorm than fish tanks. I got back into aquariums in 1998 and was happy to see all the advances in methodology. Currently, I have a 150 gallon reef tank (with a 180 gallon sump) that was the featured aquarium in the July 2004 edition Advanced Aquarist http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/july2004/aquarium.htm I am also breeding the Sepia bandensis cuttlefish which I am quasi-documenting at http://www.daisyhillcuttlefarm.com I am good for most cephalopod questions and most reefing questions, feeling confident about tank set up, remote sumps, current trends, reef pests, cuttlefish and snake oil products. I am weak on fish diseases, Latin names and anything freshwater (its been a long time!). In my non reefing life I am an avid scuba diver, a stay at home dad and husband, a professional juggler, a semi-retired professional glass blower, a web designer, a black belt in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won, and a video maker - all of which are featured on my website http://www.stickycricket.com <Thank you for sharing. Bob F>

WWM crew member photo Heya, Bob :) our friend/crew member Richard Ross was working with Eddie H of TP in Tonga on that coral farm too (sadly, we passed each other in transit and did not get to see/visit with each other!) But we seem to have got a fine crew member photo out of it. That's not a cephalopod on his head... he's just happy to see us. <Heee hee. Great. Will post. RMF>

Meet Bobby Rudro, New WWM Crewmember    3/15/12
Please let me know what you need from me to get the process started.
Cheers and welcome to the WWM Crew. BobF>
A quick Bio for you..
I have been involved in the Hobby/Trade for about 30years now.  Started with Freshwater tanks about 10years old and have had a tank ever since.  Got involved in Marine and Reef tanks a few years later and have been working diligently ever since to limit the number of poor invertebrates that die in my care! ;)  I owned a LFS store for a few years and decided quickly that a hobby and a business seldom marry well together and moved on to the hobby side full time.  My favorite Hobby Fish are certainly the Pseudanthias Genus and I am admittedly a sucker for SPS corals!!  I look forward to providing any help I can with modern Reef and Marine keeping questions!!
Thank you. Will post/share. B

Eric Russell I'm truly flattered you think I can contribute/help, and I would consider it an honor to do so.  I must be honest, between my recent promotion at work (I now "mentor" six of my comrades), and administering to the local marine club, I find I don't have as much casual time to spend on the web as I used to.  But that said, I know how much it would have meant to me so many years ago; and still yet today, to have a competent avenue for questions, and as such, I promise to do my best to answer my share of queries with honest and helpful information.  You probably still have my home phone but just in case...803-561-XXXX...I'm usually home from work by 6:00 pm. I've attached a pic and a brief bio as follows: I've been fascinated with aquatic critters since I can remember, and kept "glass jars" of various aquatic life as soon as I was old enough to get near water.  I acquired my first "real" aquarium (10 gal. Metaframe) in 1973 and have had one or more of one size or another virtually ever since.  I spent 20 years building bombs in the Air Force and I'm now warming a chair in front of a computer working on my second career as a programmer/analyst.  I had opportunity in the late 70's to keep a planted aquarium in the Netherlands (what else!), and after years of marine fish-only systems set up my first reef tank in 1989 while stationed in the United Kingdom keeping nothing but reef systems since.  My current setup consists of a 375 gal. reef biotope display (yep, got on the bandwagon!) supported by a 55 gal. vegetable 'fuge and a 75 gal. sump.  I also have a separate "frag" system in a room over my shop which, by the way, if my wife ever inquires the correct answer is; "why yes, it's perfectly reasonable for Eric to be able to sell frags to help pay for his hobby!", even though I seem to trade or give away rather than sell <G>.  I also have a 550 gallon concrete pond sunk in the first level of a three-level 1800 sq. ft. deck, all of which I built myself. Along with reefing, woodworking/remodeling/construction is my avocation. While I don't consider myself anything close to being an expert, I do think of myself as a student of the hobby and have spent the last few years relearning and rediscovering the wonders of this fabulous and intoxicating pastime. Eric Russell

Jen SaFranko Bio: 3/21/06 As corny as this sounds I started my love affair with everything oceanic when I was in 8th grade. I had a widely known obsession with the show Sea Quest DSV and won an essay contest to fly to Universal to meet the cast and crew. TV sets soon turned into a genuine interest in the science behind the show an interest that stuck with me all through high school and swept me towards a BS in Marine Science from Rider University. I had the opportunity to attend a few different schools and learn much about different marine environments. I currently live in NJ (but I believe I left my heart in Maui) and hope to work one day in the field I love so much. I would love to share what I know (believe me, I am no expert, but I know some) and learn as I go along. I am 25 and live with my boyfriend of 10 years (yeah I know do the math.) Right now I have a nano-reef tank (mostly softies) with just added sump/refugium (thanks to the plumbing designs on WWM and the bf willing to do the plumbing!), but I have worked with 1,000s of gallons in marine labs. Im new, still learning, and very eager sometimes Im even told Im too info hungry and over enthusiastic (for example the 5th hour at the state aquarium with the family pulling me out by my belt loops!!) I adore WWM and read it often, so to be apart of the crew flatters me immensely. To be able to have just a little piece of such a beautiful ecosystem in our homes is one of the greatest joys Ive ever experienced (cant wait until I dive). I believe everyone should share, experience, and have fun with what we call home. One of my favorite quotes (and the one that won me the contest many years ago haha) is We dont inherit the Earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children. I look forward to helping and growing with WWM.

Sabrina Sharp (formerly Fullhart) I just received an email from Ananda, asking if I'd be interested in helping out with answering questions. I've found WetWebMedia to be an invaluable resource, and have directed plenty of friends to check it out; very awesome informative site. A little about me: I've been keeping freshwater fish for a little over ten years, and am absolutely passionate about it. My strong points are general freshwater, planted aquaria, Loricariids, freshwater shrimp, and illness/disease treatment. I also have a lot of pond experience. <Very good. We have excellent coverage on reef, general marine, saltwater organism and scientific topics... but not much/enough in your areas of expertise> My current projects include a 10g nano-reef (am upgrading quite soon... too hard to keep stable); a 72g heavily planted aquarium with several freshwater shrimp species, African butterflies (trying to breed), L-260, and Altum angels currently in quarantine, hoping to join the main tank within the month; two small ponds outside; and a few bettas. <You're soon to know much more> If you'd like my help, I'd be honored. -Sabrina C. Fullhart
WWM Crewmember Sabrina (Sharp) is visiting BobF down in San Diego; we went out to visit the new/er SIO Aquarium, but unfortunately she was eaten by a shark.  - 11/30/2012

With all this talk of photos.... It dawns on me I've never submitted a pic. I have only one photograph of myself, in Idaho, after swimming in my favorite spot in the Moyie river - and not certain at all that it is decent/acceptable for posting with my bio - too risqué? If so, I'll see what I can come up with. I know there's a camera around here, somewhere. <What a babe! Schwing!> If this *is* acceptable, to whom do I send it? <Uhh, pet fish models inc. Actually this is it> Also, of note, shrimp article is coming along well. I'm not exactly full of time right now, with packing stuff up an' all, but I'm hoping it will come out nicely. <Bout time! Or we'll Photoshop out that rock and give you goose feathers!!!! Bob> Thanks, -Sabrina

Kevin Sliech Ive had a reef aquarium since the beginning of 2000 have had community freshwater aquariums for several years before that. Ive worked at Aqua Dreams in Feeding Hills, MA for over three years where I was first turned on to this overly addicting hobby. Given the opportunity to head on over to Aruba after graduation, I received my open water scuba certification in the summer of 02. Since then I have acquired a few more certifications and had the opportunity to more Caribbean diving. I also LOVE New England diving and go any chance I get. In real life Im a full time undergraduate mechanical engineering student at Western New England College and still manage to work part-time at Aqua Dreams. I have a 120g mixed reef thats been up since fall of 01. I regularly propagate both soft and stony coral as well as zoanthids and have reared a couple of fry from my breeding pair of Banggai cardinalfish.

Feeling a little cold in Cancun

Welcome Joshua Solomon to the WWM Crew 4/24/09
Re: Referred to contact you by Linda Close
First off I am a college student at University of Central Florida in the field of Biology. This is my fifth year of school, I am six classes away from a degree in forensics, but my real passion is reef aquariums, hence my pursuing Biology instead.
My background is in scuba diving, and my instructor rating in scuba landed me my job at the Living Seas Aquarium at EPCOT (yes I know the aquarium is a mess). In the mean time I had been an avid hobbyist for several years reading everything I can get my hands on. I keep three reef aquariums in my home, and my knowledge gained from personal experience as well as reading and asking questions found me a position working as an aquarist rather than a diver at the Living Seas while I continue working on my Biology degree.
On a daily basis I work on trying to recover mistreated reef tanks and educate people I work with about what not to do. The well being of the animals we keep are of great importance to me.
I am just a committed hobbyist that is happy to help others. I certainly am not an expert, but everyday I am amazed by how much I have yet to learn. In my mind my best talent is I am not afraid to admit when I don't know the answer, and I find it out. After watching WetWebMedia for so long, I have a pretty good idea of what you all are about, and I would love to be a part of it.
<Ahh, thank you for coming forward Josh, and thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

LA good times, recruitment, Jordan Stari      3/5/12
Hi Bob, it would be an absolute honor to contribute to WWM. I have learned so much from your site and I would love the chance to give something back. I am available to help in anyway you see fit.
<Ahh! Outstanding. I welcome you to our association. Please send along a brief bio. to share w/ the present Crew as well as to post... with a pic if you'd like.
Re: LA good times, recruitment

I have had numerous freshwater aquariums with varying levels of success since the mid-eighties but my interest in marine tanks did not begin until after college. Upon graduation, I moved back to Louisiana and spent every available hour fishing for speckled trout in the gulf. Like the truly great fishermen of my family I was more skilled in telling tales than actually catching fish. One hot fish-less afternoon in the marsh a light bulb went off. I would set up a saltwater tank to see how bait fish/shrimp behave when not attached to a hook. This would provide the edge I needed and transform me into the trout master. There was also the thought- "How hard could it be?" With visions of the Great Barrier Reef in my mind and limited resources I set up a 20 gallon tank of death. Perplexed with why I could not keep anything alive I found a local fish store that provided some basic information and soon enough I could keep minnows alive. I was on my way to becoming the master fishermen of legends but somewhere along the way my minnow research tank was transformed into a tiny little reef. Twelve years later, the trout still elude me but the little minnow experiment has turned into a full blown passion for marine life. WWM has been the most beneficial tool in my quest for knowledge and I truly appreciate the chance to give something back to the site that has helped me so much through the years.
Jordan Stari

New Crew Member: Jordan Stari from LA    2/8/12
All, pleased to introduce Jordan, whom I met last wknd. visiting out in the bayou in Louisiana... his short bio. below. Lynn, you and I may finally get goosed, okay, the momentum to produce that key to marine inverts... a fave area of Jordan's. B

Graham Stephan
I've always been interested in marine life since I was very young. The vivid coloration and shape of graceful saltwater fish has always mesmerized me. I've currently been in the hobby for 4 years and have kept (and studied, as far as identification goes) many species of small polyped scleractinians (SPS), soft corals, LPS, as well as Tridacna clams. I currently am "working" as an Assist. Manager of an online livestock retailer, www.reefermadness.us, which gives me a good experience with seeing hundreds -- if not thousands -- of corals on a daily basis from around the world. My current tank is a total of 300 gallons. This includes a 150 gallon show tank (5x2x2) and a 150 gallon propagation tank. For filtration, the tank mainly depends on a large Euro-Reef protien skimmer, an ozonizer, as well as biological filtration via the rockwork. This tank is deticated to Acropora. Almost every coral in my tank is unusual and exotic. The tank is lit with 4x 400wt 20,000k Radiums on two dual PFO HQI ballasts. I currently have roughly 5500gph running through the main tank by an Amp Master 3000 (connected to two 1" seaswirls) and a Mag 24. My tank is also dominated to one other species -- Pseudanthias bartlettorum, otherwise known as Bartletts Anthias. I currently have 11 individuals which form a loose school in the tank. Any questions regarding corals or algae problems can be sent my way. I've gone through just about every type of algae (good and bad) since I started back in 2001. Some pictures can be viewed here: http://community.webshots.com/user/pineapplehouse
Take Care, Graham.

A view of Graham's "old" tank

My name is Graham Tasker, and I'm a marine-aholic. "Hi Graham." 1/2/07 I live in East Baldwin, Maine. That's about 25 miles from Portland, and about 20 miles from Westbrook, where I grew up. My first foray into the world of aquatics was when I was 8 yrs-old. (1988) I had a little 10-gal with one of those famous Penn Plax starter kits, including that hallmark of freshwater filtration: the air-driven floss-filled corner filter. Wow! My little tetras and gouramis were so lucky to have me. My local video store had just been bought and transformed into a pet store called Westbrook Aquarium. (The herps section was actually where the old adult section had been, hehe.) The owner soon realized he couldn't compete with the Kennel Shop chain on all fronts, and went from rodents, birds, herps and freshwater to just herps and freshwater. For the next 3 or so years, the shop grew a customer base with their experienced staff and they also dropped the herps altogether. My interest shifted from freshwater community livestock to the "beginner cichlids": Jack Dempseys (sp?) and Oscars. Of course, this meant my 10-gal was a little too small. My brand new 30gal was my salvation. The only thing I couldn't quite get into, was that the Oscars were so cute when you bought 'em, but they grew up so fast and you had to get rid of 'em. Plus, decorations get moved, water quality gets all fouled up with my juvenile propensity for watching them eat. And eat and eat. That led me back to the community fishes. For years, my 30gal was setup, with no major changes to the community nature, except that my LFS started carrying more aquatic plants and I was interested in them a little. I can't remember exactly when, but my interest had waned in freshwater aquariums in favor of social tropical birds. By the time I was 14-yrs old, I had been out of the hobby for two or more years and missed the swap of my LFS from "Westbrook Aquarium" to "Westbrook Aquarists". I had been friends with a fellow that had a 55-gallon - that was still the biggest tank I'd ever seen privately owned back then - and I participated in his hobby with him, too. I was a sophomore in high school and one fortuitous day in biology class, I met my would-be mentor for the next four years (and still, really). Rick Oellers came to lecture in my classroom about the diversity of the reef, the complexity and inherent simplicity in it's makeup, and - the clincher - that per capita, inch for inch, the reef has more life than anywhere else in the world! I was hooked. My teacher harnessed my enthusiasm and made me ambassador to the LFS (of which Rick was a 50% partner and operator of the marine section) and gave me free reign to design and stock a 90-gallon micro-reef (w/ fish) in our classroom. I got class-credit goofing off and exemption from quizzes, too! Rick had "classes" for all levels of hobbyist that he conducted in the store after closing, and I was there for every one of them. Within two months, he offered me a job (I later found out that one of the original employees that was there when I brought in rolled pennies to buy fish endorsed me) in the marine section, and 5 months after that, I had a key to the store and the responsibility of opening up on Saturday and Sunday. I loved my job so much, and Rick knew it. I would go out with him on service days and work on $50k reef setups in million dollar mansions, some of which were transferred to our store for display when the owners tired of them. We prospered under the influence of our dedicated customers and staff, and Rick bought the entire business, and expanded into the neighboring building. We had customers drive to us from out of state as far away as New York for special orders and advice. Finally, after four years and my exit from high school, I left to try my hand at a job in the computer field, but always missed the marine trade. I still maintained a 40gal (breeder) composed of a Rhinecanthus aculeatus, Lysmata amboinensis, Odonus niger, Premnas biaculeatus & Heteractis crispa, and Synchiropus picturatus. This tank was pristine and perfect for four whole years while I was away from retail and preoccupied by my personal life. Unfortunately, when I moved into a different water district, the practices that had worked so well for me before (De-ionization with an apparently used-up cartridge) my tank started to slip away. Eventually, I gave my specimens back to the LFS so they could live and I disassembled my system. (My mother cried that day) Over the following winter, my 40gal broke in storage and I was further discouraged and distanced from the hobby. I even lost touch with Rick for almost 10 years! Finally, this November (2006) my wife-to-be and I moved into a house that had a 20-high built into the wall in the dining-room/kitchen. The entire time we were moving in, we had the doors wide open and the tank dropped into the fifties, but we thought it was empty. Once we were settled a bit, I couldn't help but do some water tests and see where we stood. I didn't realize it looking at it at first, but when I got in there and started poking around, I realized it was a marine setup, but the previous owners had removed their pumps, heaters, and all but a few pieces of LR. I did a 75% W.C. and dug up my old equipment, consisting of a Ebo-Jager 75w, two Hagen 402 pumps, one 802, four Rio 600/400/200, and a pair of mini power filters left over from my freshwater days. Within a day, two Humbug Dascyllus showed their faces that I didn't know were there (They went to the LFS as soon as possible)! Now I'm back in touch with Rick and we hang out as much as possible. He operates his service company still, but got out of the retail gig when it burned him out and he yelled at a customer that thought he should be able to keep buying fish that he didn't have the capacity to care for. In addition to his service, he has a mariculture of the Aiptasia-eating Nudibranchs going in the upstairs, and a huge LR. curing facility in the basement. He works within fifty feet of an acrylic habitat designer called Marine Eco Habitats and so, when a customer has a special order for a tank, he just walks across the hall and hands the designer a P.O. and within a day a brand new 300gal Jelly tank or 600gal touch tank is ready to go. They design and build lobster tanks for restaurants, too, and when they need to send... well never mind that. Suffice to say, their operation is a match made in heaven. I will be back with Rick in short time, but for now, I am a SAAB & Volvo technician in Portland. My current employer has been very good to me, so I will give him a year's notice before I take my leave of him and pursue my real passion again. Actually, I love the marine hobby for the same reasons I love working on my BMW (and to a lesser degree, other peoples' cars): I love solving problems and making things work. I take great satisfaction in seeing something improved by my hand. So. There you have it. That's a truncated version of my live as related to Fish. I am knowledgeable about water quality parameters, heaters, lights, biological filtration (except for fluidized beds), protein skimming (and it's necessity), Chiller service/repair, stocking limits and selection for given volume, and repair of all things electrical and otherwise. One of my strengths is with triggerfish, and how to keep them from eating your crustaceans and other inverts. There isn't a single trigger I haven't been bitten by. I stay away from Freshwater now, as I decided I wanted to focus on Marine when I was 15, and have stayed out of the fresh circle since then. I don't have any pond experience whatever. My invert knowledge is also limited, though I just need a refresher course, as I used to retail them. Finally, any questions that I want to be able to answer, but can't will be fielded through Rick via me as proxy. Rick has Julian Sprung and Martin Moe on his speed-dial, among others, and wants to contribute, but has to keep his involvement remote for now. (He has enough stress in his life already). Hope you're still awake! I'm happy to be a part of this community, and hope to see some of you at my first MACNA in Pittsburg this year. Graham F. Tasker (AKA Gcracker) Graham F. Tasker (Gcracker) 12/29/06 Thanks for the personal reply Bob! (I wonder what/where the mysterious gastro's will be.) I have to ask, do you offer everyone with a background in marine aquatics a position at WWM or do I stand out for some reason? ;) I am absolutely flattered, and would love to do whatever I can to help. Honestly, I can't imagine I am of the caliber you require for the incredibly detailed answers people quest for here. I think I am quite under-qualified, actually. Is there some sort of entrance exam? <Heeee! I hope not> I would absolutely love an opportunity to dive with you in HI! (Did I read that correctly? It seemed like an offer to join you both at WWM and on the reef...) My fiancé and I are thinking of somewhere tropical to honeymoon without the kids, and Hawaii would definitely qualify. Maybe a barter system could be arranged? Seriously tho, If there is any way I can help, I'll do my best. I could even try to get Rick involved through me, since he is awful about replying to e-mails and the like. <You are welcome to join me in HI most anytime... I go there frequently to work on the properties, dive, chat with friends, enjoy myself> Speaking of Rick, have you two ever met? I mentioned your name and he certainly knew who you were, but not that you operate WWM. I didn't think to inquire further on your acquaintance. <Mmm, not as far as I recall, no> At any rate, let me now how you want to proceed. I'm not averse to answering some questions, but I warn you: I'm just getting reacquainted with the hobby after a hiatus - so I might be rather mediocre. <No worries. All we ask is that you look at, respond to what you feel comfortable with> I'll finish with a quick report on Rhinecanthus aculeatus: When they go hungry for a day, they may greedily devour every piece of grape Caulerpa in sight! (I just wanted to withhold food until my P. Skimmer goes online this Sunday...) At your service, Graham F. Tasker (Gcracker) P.S. I attached a shot of each of my triggerfish, and subsequently thought of a good use for me! I can take pictures of any fish that I can get my eyes on and contribute to the library... if that seems useful, Lemme know. Some notes re conventions we use: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/crewsupwebmail.htm Please send along a brief bio. to post, and a pic of yourself if you'd like... and thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Bio shot for Graham Bob, <Big G!> Finally got around to getting in front of a camera for my bio. Stunning, huh? BTW, do you have nay specifics on the possible Bonaire trip? Am getting my passport anyway, but was wondering what else was required for me... -Graham <Mmm, am likely hauling out there next month... and the Crew in... was it in May? When would you like to go? Are you dive-certified? In good shape!? BobF>

Mas mejor!

Welcome Jessica Timko to the WWM Crew 9/23/08 Bob, It would be my pleasure to assist you with any ventures, ESPECIALLY WWM. I myself, have benefited from the wealth of information offered there. Since Ive started my own business, I found myself having lots of free time. I got a part time job at Custom Aquatics in Oceanside, <Ahh, Todd Gabriel, a fine fellow> but other than those 20 hrs a week, I can be free for most anything. Just let me know the next step. Jessy<Easily and gladly! Our log in for WWM Mail is: ... Please send along a pic and brief bio. for us to post/share on WWM... And thank you for sharing! BobF.> Jessica's Bio I live in San Diego, California, by way of Tampa, Florida, by way of Warren, Ohio. IÃ'¹ve always been easily enraptured by different subjects in my life. Finding myself immersed in the study of world religions one year to the mastering of digital art the next. Each new frontier teaches me something amazing about the world around me and helps me to view it in a new and exciting light. I started college at 16 and finished with my MBA at 21. IÃ'¹ve traveled the world on various humanitarian missions and on vacations alike, and I like to think that seeing the world at its best and at its worst has helped give me a broader perspective on how I live my everyday life. I entered the absolutely addicting hobby of reef keeping at the age of 23 and quickly fell into my old habits of researching and reading everything I could get my hands on. Saltwater aquariums and the surrounding community is my passion in my off hours, my profession is running my marketing and advertising company. IÃ'¹m on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Marine Aquarium Society and have helped more than a few vendors in this industry with their marketing efforts. I have a 150 gallon mixed reef that takes all my money and I couldnÃ'¹t be any happier with it. I am excited to help out other reefers who need guidance, just as I came to this site when I was at wits end with a few of my tank issues. I've attached two pictures as well. One just seemed so apropos and the other is just a recent Regards,

MarcM, BobF, and JessT

Scott Tomko 4/30/10

On March 15th 1986 I came butt-first into the world. I spent the first 18 years of my life in rural upstate NY. At 18 I attended Coastal Carolina University in Conway SC. After 4 years, in 2008 I graduated with a BS in Biology. I returned to Albany in early 2009 to start a marine ornamental hatchery. It's about a year later now, and I've got a good bit of the hatchery started. Currently I'm acquiring broodstock, and learning the ins and outs of hatching/larval rearing. If you know anyone with mated pairs, send them my way!

At CCU I spent a good deal of time out in the salt marshes and streams of the low country. It was a teaching oriented college (as opposed to research oriented), so I got to spend a lot of time with the professors. As far as paid positions go, I was an undergraduate research assistant for two professors. The first was mostly lab work relating to DNA fingerprinting of Ammodramus caudacutus. Later on I spent a summer working on a Crassostrea virginica settlement study. Unpaid I participated in a study on stream bio-assessment and one relating to Dionaea muscipula. Still being young, this is the extent of my formal participation in scientific research. I do hope to get my name all the way to the left on a few articles one day.

During my last year of college I caught the marine aquarium bug. It's an addiction I swear. For the last three years I've been neck deep in aquatic text's and forums. I'm particularly fascinated with the relationship between plants and animals. An aquarium is an ecosystem in itself. If we can understand the balance of all its parts, little input/output is required. Aquaponics, co-culturing, and algal scrubbers all float my boat. My main focus however is marine ornamental breeding. I balance my days between setting up a hatchery and remodeling other peoples homes. Hey, you've got to make a living somehow.

Hello Mr. Fenner,
<Just Bob please Scott>
It was great finally getting to meet you last weekend at CMAC V. I was honestly a bit shocked when Linda asked me to attend with her. The opportunity to meet you was too much to pass up. I am a huge fan of yours, and love Linda. She is a great woman isn't she? Enough about my feelings though, to business.
It would be a great honor to be able to help with Wet Web Media in whatever fashion you see fit. I understand if you have enough help already, and do not need my services. My feelings won't be hurt. But if you would like my help, I'm at your service. My area of expertise is in marine ornamental breeding. I do my best to keep up on new developments in breeding technique/technology. In my basement I have a small hatchery where I put these new ideas into practice.
Linda mentioned that punctuality was important with WWM. I have time just about every evening to answer e-mail, or update whatever is necessary. She also mentioned that you are a talented linguist. My skills in this department are not as admirable as I'd like. I'll do my best though.
Practice makes perfect.
<Ah yes>
My formal training is in Biology, not specifically marine Biology. I graduated from a state school called Coastal Carolina University with a BS in Biology in 2008. Since then I've been a full-time prospective commercial hatchery owner. One day I'll get it all up and running. For the time being it's pretty small scale. I wouldn't be anywhere near as successful a breeder if it wasn't for other peoples help and input. I'd love to share what I now know. Let me know what I can do to help.
Scott Tomko
<Please do join us at WWM... The log in to answer mail is: .....
Your in-folder... ScottT
I welcome you to our association. BobF
Ted Truex, IMAC and WWM 6-28-05 Hi Bob, <Ah Ted, there you are!> It was nice seeing you IMAC. I never got the chance to tell you that I really enjoyed the presentation. The slides (and video) reminded me of the diving I did last February in Palau. <And trips to come...> I am interested in helping with WWM. Please let me know what I can do to help. See you at MACNA? Ted

Ted Truex 6/31/05 Bob, A little about me. I blame Jacques Cousteau for everything! At some point while reading his book or his adventures as documented in National Geographic magazine or while watching one of his many documentaries, I realized that the sea enthralled me. I tried my hand at fish only marine aquariums many years ago but gave up when I couldn't justify the failures that resulted in the deaths of the livestock. Many moons later, I took scuba lessons and realized that my time in the water only partially satisfied me. I did some research and discovered that the hobby had changed and that people were keeping corals and fish for extended (years!) periods of time in very beautiful settings. I was hooked again. I now have two reef systems successfully running (a 90g and a 325g system). I look forward to helping out on WWM by answering questions so that others can enjoy this fascinating Ted

Michelle Tseng pic w/Bob Fenner @ Reefapalooza 10/25/11
Please forward this to Bob - thanks!
Hi Bob,
<Hey Michelle!>
I truly loved meeting you yesterday at Reef-a-Palooza and hearing your talk about setting up a collecting station in Fiji. I brought my husband into the hobby, and he used to complain about the prices of saltwater fish. Our running joke is that now whenever that same complaint is about to roll off his tongue, I tell him, "okay, then YOU go buy plane tickets, rent a boat, catch the fish in the wild yourself, and ship them back alive to our house." Of course, then he would look at me sheepishly and say, "Well...I guess that's true." It's pretty amazing what the Smiths have done, and thank goodness for people like them that are willing to go through such a process so people like me can enjoy the fish hobby. Our tanks really provide us with a piece of nature (or a peace of nature) - haha.
I've always loved animals but really delved into the fish hobby in high school when my dad finally allowed me to have fish as pets (he was a neat freak and wouldn't allow a dog or even a hamster). To his dismay, one 10 gallon aquarium quickly turned into three, with me breeding freshwater fish and setting up a 90 gallon saltwater tank. My original intention was to become a Marine Biologist, but health problems got in my way during college and I actually ended up with an English degree from UCLA. But all was not lost - I volunteered for 4 yrs during college at UCLA's Ocean Discovery Center underneath the Santa Monica Pier (now it's Heal the Bay) and one semester at the Long Beach Aquarium (I had to wake up at 5:30 am) to get there by 8am. I was also scuba certified in UCLA's scientific diving program (tons of fun), and now my husband is also a scuba diver. Now in my 30's, I teach both 8th grade Physical Science and English at a middle school in Irvine (I'm certified to teach both secondary science and English) and really try to show my students how amazing the world around them really is (if Chemistry isn't amazing, what is?). After the standardized state tests in May, I always include an ecology/environmental/ocean curriculum for my students. And when I can fit it in (furlough days permitting), I go through my "Finding Nemo" Ppt juxtaposing the animated characters w/the real ones to increase their appreciation....and then after that, I tell them they will never see Finding Nemo in the same way again and point out all the subtle jokes to them while showing them the movie. I notice that when I teach, it's me that always ends up learning more.
I pulled your book (The Conscientious Marine Aquarist) from my fish library book shelf, and it has the original cover with a Flame Angel and a copyright of 1998. I knew from just reading your forward that this book would be something I would enjoy, and after purchasing the book, I could tell you were a funny guy. Little did I know that after meeting you that you are even funnier and spirited than I imagined! :D
Currently, we have a 2 1/2 yr 90 gallon reef and fish tank in which we push the bioload by normal standards but have not had any fish casualties in over a year, a 24 gal Nano tank that grows 5 types of Caulerpa that we use to feed our tangs in our 90 gal, a 30 gallon freshwater tank right by my bed so I can stare at it into the wee hours of the morning, and a small 30 gallon pond in our backyard with just 2 goldfish and a couple of mosquito fish. Oops....and I forgot about our 3 gallon Betta tank in our master bathroom and my large fishbowl that houses 2 white cloud minnows with lucky bamboos that only needs top offs. I've often envisioned our elliptical grass patch in our backyard as an outdoor lagoonarium. A girl can dream, right? :)
<All can, should>
If you're curious about my Finding Nemo Ppt, let me know; it's pretty entertaining. I can email it to you. I also noticed on your web site that you have many crew members that you've added over time; I'd love to help in any way I can by proof reading, editing, or maybe even by writing short articles; perhaps even targeting a younger crowd and relating fish keeping to science they learn in school.
<Is it possible that you have a few minutes some days to help us help others? By responding to queries?>
I really appreciate that you are so accessible and took the time to give an off-the-beaten-path talk at Reef-a-palooza. Now I have an even greater appreciation for how fish and corals are collected in the wild, and am relieved that there are people out there like the Smiths that propagate coral in the way they do to help preserve our oceans.
I've also included the picture of us at Reef-a-palooza!
<Meeting you and your husband was the highlight of the day>
Hope to hear back from you,
Michelle Tseng Sun
<My thanks again for your shared enthusiasms/life. Do please make it known if you have time, interest in joining our Crew. Bob Fenner>


Re: pic w/Bob Fenner @ Reefapalooza 10/25/11
Dear Bob,
Wow - I would LOVE and be honored to be a part of WWM!!!
<Ahh, good>
I'm currently on medical leave (having a current series of health challenges again and surgeries) so I have plenty of time to help out with inquiries, especially right now. The vast knowledge of your crew is somewhat intimidating, but I'm confident I can be helpful in one way or another.
<Am very sure you can, will>
BTW - I forgot to tell you that my husband and I were actually married two yrs ago at the Long Beach Aquarium, and I printed "Tanks for Coming!" on all of the wedding favors - lol.
Please let me know what I can do to help.
Michelle (also known by friends as "Mish the Fish" or "fichecake")
<Please find our webmail log in at: XXXX
Thank you and welcome to the Crew! Bob Fenner
Re: Michelle Tseng on the WWM Crew!

Welcome Michelle!!!!
It's intimidating at first ...
just jump in!
take the letters you feel confident in answering .. and remember this:
When you're having the sort of day where you feel like writing
"Why not just pour a gallon of bleach in there and kill them all at once!"
remember - we've all been there. Just put the letter back in the IN box and take the day off.
Thanks for the welcome and the great advice Darrel!!

Re: Michelle Tseng on the WWM Crew! 10/26/11
Welcome Michelle!
Thanks Sara!
Re: Michelle Tseng on the WWM Crew! 10/26/11

Welcome, Michelle.
But can we avoid using nicknames for folders, unless correspondence will be signed "from Fishcake" or similar? If the message begins "Dear Michelle", then I for one would prefer the folder I put it into was named "Michelle".
Don't have to try and remember anything clever.
I like the fact James puts his nickname into brackets after his proper name. That helps.
Cheers, Neale
Noted and changed. Good recommendation.
Michelle (Fichecake)

Re: Michelle Tseng on the WWM Crew! 10/28/11
Hi Michelle,
Welcome on board!! It sounds like you have a nice mix of experience along with both a Science and English background; Im sure you'll be an asset to the crew! Your "Finding Nemo Ppt" sounds interesting. I have a "tween" daughter with whom I'm on "borrowed time", i.e., still listens to me (especially when the learning opportunity is disguised as fun!) I've actually used a similar technique with her when I see an interesting show on the History or Science Channel, subjects that I know would normally bore the tears out of her if they were only in plain written text. When kids haven't lived long enough to have formed a good frame of reference on these subjects yet, I think anything that can make it more "real" for them will help them better internalize the knowledge. One time I even took her to D.C. to see the Lincoln Theatre after she took a particular interest in a show that did a reenactment of the night of his death on the History Channel. I intentionally made the trip the week after the show while it was still fresh in her mind, and it completely mesmerized her! It made me excited to see her getting excited about a subject that, in general, bored ME to tears at her age, because ALL we did for history back then was memorize dates! So kudos on finding a neat (is it still "cool" to say that word? Haha!) way to reach the younger set.
~ Sue
Thanks Sue! :)

Welcome Scott Vallembois to the WWM Crew! 10/20/07 Hi Bob, this is Scott Vallembois from momsfishsupply.com/glass-holes.com. It was great to finally talk with you today. Thank you for all your advice and input. As we had talked about, I would be happy to spend some time helping out with the replies on Wetwebmedia.com. I have close to 25 years aquarium experience ranging from goldfish to planted discus tanks to full blown SPS reef tanks and just about everything in between (never anything brackish). I would be happy to answer anything, but as you know the last few years I have come to specialize in reef tank set up. Let me know if you need anymore from me to get set up and I look forward to hear from you. Thanks much Scott <Thank you for coming forward Scott. As we chatted over the phone, I am very glad to have you help us respond to queries at WWM, and to help you and your partner in furthering your business endeavours. Do please send along a brief bio. for posting with a pic/likeness if you wish. Am hoping to "goose" you and EricR into writing "complete" pieces on (marine) aquarium engineering, assembly... BobF.

Here's ScottV down in Cozumel, diving, making pix 3/09.

Twothless (Paul Vaughn) Bio and Photo 7/28/07 Hello to everyone! My name is Paul Vaughn and I am 33 years old. I was born and raised here in Florida and have lived in Key West, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Bradenton, Venice and Jacksonville. I lived in Freeport, Texas a couple times and was in Vermont for a year. I am a 3rd generation shrimper and was pretty much raised in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Gulf. I've been through hurricanes in the middle of the gulf , seen Mola Mola as large as a queen sized bed, water spouts raining fish onto the deck and countless species of fish, turtles and crustaceans/inverts. I consider myself a very lucky man to have been able to experience life on the ocean. It truly is the greatest wonder of nature I have ever known. I currently live in Jacksonville Beach where I've been located for about 15 years. I miss the pristine, emerald waters of the Keys but there isn't much surf to be caught so I remain here in Jax Bch. Heh, those of us from Jax Beach fondly refer to our home as "The Armpit of America". The dingy brown water from the St. Johns River tends to justify our nickname for this little stretch of coast. I started keeping freshwater aquatic animals, responsibly, a little over ten years ago and throughout the years, it has grown into a full fledged obsession. I am well learned in parasite identification/eradication. I also excel at DIY and love nothing more than to tweak existing products to make them better as well as designing and fabricating filters, tanks and mechanical devices of all sorts. I currently keep Fancy Goldfish, Shubunkins, Loaches, Corydoras, Fancy Plecos, Danios, Tetras, Sailfin Mollies, F8 Puffers, Apple Snails, Fancy Guppies, A river Cooter, A Razorback Musk Turtle (female), A Veiled Chameleon (male), Oriental Fire Belly Toads and the list grows..... I build houses and everything under its roof. I specialize in framing from the slab to the peak and very much like the challenge of conventional roof framing. Currently, I am a tile-setter and hardwood floor installer as I was given an offer I couldn't refuse, indoor work for the same income. I have been skateboarding for twenty years and surfing for 15. In my free time, that is, when I am not performing water changes, working, surfing or skateboarding, I enjoy reading books on Cosmology, Geology, Physics, Sociobiology, Evolution, Evo/Devo, Evo/Psycho, Microbiology and a few other topics. I owe my insatiable hunger for knowledge to my early years on the ocean and a close friend who handed me a beat-up copy of Carl Sagan's "Dragons of Eden". I've been in love with science ever since. I'm looking forward to being a part of WWM as I have used its massive resources countless times in the past and I'd love to contribute in any way I can. <Will post... for he who speaks does not know and he who knows does not speak>

Pufferpunk (Jeni) Hi Bob, <Hello Jeni> I have been keeping fish for over 25 years. I have had my own cat & dog grooming business for over 18 years. I worked in the aquarium industry for over 8 years. <Sounds like you've "paid your dues".> In the end of that career, I was managing the fish dept of a major million dollar pet shop. I was responsible for stocking, cleaning, medicating & selling fish for 70 tanks. Presently, I have 10 tanks. 6 are puffer tanks. I have extensive knowledge of FW (mostly oddballs) & BW fish & their care. I have moved some of my BW fish into a 55g SW tank along w/clownfish & damsels, but am new to that end of the hobby. I have a 90g w/several rare Plecos, rainbowfish, synodontis, Corys, Leaffish, purple spotted gudgeons (spawning pair), loaches & my prized, yellow-finned Chalceus. I have a total of 14 puffers. A 12" Fahaka puffer (Tetraodon lineatus) in a 125g, living with 10" Adonis & 10" gold spotted Plecos, 2 (6") green spotted puffers (t nigroviridis), a 5" Ceylon puffer (t fluviatilis) in a 55g living w/a clownfish & several damsels, 2 South American puffers (Colomesus asellus) & a dwarf puffer (c travancoricus), living in a 50g w/a blood parrot, frontosa cichlid & royal pleco & 3 figure 8s (t biocellatus) . I just got 4 new SA puffers that are in a 10g quarantine. I have a 15g cycled tank waiting for an ambush predator puffer (not sure what kind yet) I have had experience with several other puffers also. I co-own a pufferfish website: THE PUFFER FORUM. I have been a scuba diver for over 5 years, logged over 200 dives & am an underwater photographer. I ride my own 1982 custom Shovelhead Harley-Davidson. My Jack Russell Terrier (Lulu the Wonderdog) rides on the back. I love to garden. <We "had" a Jack Russell (Rudy)... he unfortunately took one long stay too many in the canyon in the back... am still hoping he "walked out" with someone rather than being consumed by coyotes> If you are interested in seeing my tanks, I have a lot of photos recently posted at WWF. <Yes! The WWF did come up (finally) and I saw and posted your bio. materials with your offer on WWM this AM> Thanks for your interest in me! Jeni (Pufferpunk) <Jeni, I thank you for volunteering. Will you try answering freshwater as well as brackish questions? Will cc the existing WWM Crew here to welcome you aboard... there are some conventions on how we respond (a title on the response) if you'd take a look in the "sent" folder on the WWM mail... and am sure Antoine will direct you to an accumulation of input on what we do. Again, thank you for sharing. Bob F> Re: Volunteering My Services Bob, Thank you for bringing me into your Crew! <Thank you> Will you try answering freshwater as well as brackish questions? I would prefer to answer questions on puffers & BW fish, as these are my present expertise. <Okay> Do you have a preference for how folks respond to you at WWM, perhaps a last name or just Jeni or Pufferpunk? I'm kind of partial to Pufferpunk <Okay, will add you on the Dailies as such> We "had" a Jack Russell (Rudy)... I hope too that he is safe & happy somewhere! <Be seeing you, Bob F>

Our (sexy) Easy Rider! The one, the only, Pufferpunk (and her little dog, Lulu, too)!

Offer of help, Simon Trippick Joins the Crew! 1/7/10
Hi Bob,
<Good day Simon>
I wrote an article for you guys a year or so ago about an ATS that you have on your site that you now have in your FAQ's. You asked if I would have the time to help out on your site. I (politely!) refused at the time because I did not have the time, but my wife has now moved away during the week to do her PhD and I find that I am at a bit of a loose end on the evenings now, so I would be able to give an hour or so 4 or 5 days a week at least.
If you are still in need of people then I would be honoured to volunteer!
<Indeed we are>
Thanks very much,
<Thank you for coming forward. If you would, please forward a brief bio. for posting (w/ an image/likeness if you'd like as well). The log-in for our webmail server is: XXXX
I look forward to your input. Cheers, Bob Fenner> 
Simon Trippick bio.  1/7/10

Hello to you all and thank you for welcoming me to the crew so readily! Here is a quick bio of my fishy experience, but the picture will have to wait for a bit until my wife gives the necessary clearance! I hope this is ok!
I live in England, I am 33 years old and have kept fish since I was 8.
My first tank was a freshwater 'community' set up that included tetras, gouramis, mollies and a pair of convict cichlids that we were assured would all 'get along just fine'. The outcome was inevitable, but the convicts had babies and I was hooked!
I kept various American cichlids over the years, took them with me to university and back, all the while my tanks, and the cichlids, just kept getting bigger and bigger. I then landed a pretty decent job, bought a house and suddenly had space for a six foot tank. It was then I moved into marines and with the arrival of my Emperor Angelfish my love for the hobby really took off! Combining amazing animals and their interactions, the ability to 'tinker' continuously, build things, change equipment and a near inexhaustible supply of reading material, as well as the fact that there is something new to learn every day means that it is never dull for me, or mundane, but always just marvelous! Keeping fishes and corals and learning about them has opened my eyes to what is happening to the world, and because of it I am a fundraiser for the Marine Conservation Society. I do not subscribe to some peoples thoughts that our hobby is bad for the planet, rather that it is a means to educate people into caring for it a lot more than they do right now.
Anyway, 5 years on and I've married the girl of my dreams and sold my house, but I still have the six foot reef tank, only now it's plumbed into two four foot tanks at the beginning of a multi-habitat system that is my next project.
As far as answering questions is concerned I am most comfortable with things in the reef department, but since I have always had a large lionfish, my weakness there is small fishes because I have never really kept them. I can also help out with fish health in general if required, and I know a bit about cichlids as well. I have helped out on a forum before and have just got back on there after an absence, so I do have some experience answering fishy questions. I hope I can do a fine job helping fishies and people all over, and please don't hesitate to tell me if I'm not!
Thanks again for welcoming me to the crew and I'm looking forward to working with you all.

Marine Conservation Society & fundraising   4/15/10
This is a note of thanks to all who supported me in the recent Bath Half Marathon, both fellow WWM crewmembers and readers/ posters alike! You sure are a generous lot, and in total I managed to raise £301.00 for the Marine Conservation Society. It did take me far longer than I wanted though, a colossal 2hrs and 9 minutes, but I did manage to drag my weary legs & knees around the final bend at last!
<All's well that ends well...>
Thanks again to you all, our planet certainly needs peoples such as you! Simon.
<Thank you Simon. BobF>

Simon et ux Kim

Please welcome Mike Van Bibber to the Crew 2/16/08 Hello again Bob, <Mike> I received the payment, many thanks. Be assured that it will be used for more aquarium "stuff" <I like the way you think> Also, please find a donation notification in your inbox. <Uhh!> On an unrelated note, if you ever need additional assistance answering emails, I would be more than happy to help. I've been in and out of this hobby for the last twenty-five years, most of it in FW, bur I did have a SW tank years ago, and I set up another one last year, which is a FOWLR containing mix of a few easy inverts and a good deal of macroalgae. <!? Are you coming forward to join the WWM Crew? Great news!> If you feel I would be useful, I would be comfortable answering questions on set-up, stocking, plumbing, electrical, chemistry\testing, macroalgae, and some sponges. Lastly, I'm multi-lingual - I could answer queries in English, German, or Russian. <Wowzah. I barely speak English> Regards and thanks again, Mike <Mike, please do send along a brief bio. for posting... and a pic if you'd like. The URL for the WWM mailserver is: The "Email Address": The password: I will make an in-folder for you... MikeV And a bit re some conventions we use can be read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/crewsupwebmail.htm And, thank you for sharing Mike... I assure you, this is a vivacious, educational experience! Bob Fenner>

Hi Bob, I'm honored to join the Crew. Here is a brief bio. I included a picture of my tank - I'll have to dig up a picture of myself. If you don't mind, I will spend a day or two 'poking" around to get the feel of things. Mike <Certainly fine. And thank you again for sharing. BobF> I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I first got involved with the aquarium hobby in 1978 when I bought a 10 gallon FW tank which I successfully kept for eight years. In 1980, I tried my hand at a 20 gallon SW tank. Back then, at least in my area, a SW tank was three steps removed from witchcraft as far as most pet stores were concerned. After many failures, I was finally able to keep two Damselfish alive for more than two weeks. I kept that tank going for six years. After finishing college and joining the military, I once again started a FW tank which I would tear down set up every time Uncle Sam moved us around the country. I was medically discharged from the military in 2002 and settled in Melbourne FL. Since we had settled down, I started a 75 gallon FW tank. What started as a FO tank has evolved into a planted tank with schools of Rainbowfish. Two years ago, I wanted to have another go at a SW tank. After hitting the books, I realized how much had changed in 26 years. I spent the next year planning and convincing my spouse. Finally in early 2008, I set up a 150 gallon FOWLR tank. I've since taken an interest in macroalgae, and currently have about eight different types growing in the tank, and one very happy and well fed Sailfin Tang. I've been married to my very patient wife for almost 19 years (emphasis on very patient), and we have three children, 17, 16, and 14; all of whom have grown very attached to the aquariums. We share the house with two large dogs and a Blue Crowned Conure. I work as an Electrical\Controls Engineer for a material handling company when I'm not playing with fish.

Pictures 3/18/09
Hi Bob.
Finally found some pictures of myself.
xmas3 is my spouse and I, onemorefish is reflective of the look I usually get when explaining why you cannot have 50 fish in a 10 gallon tank....
<Ah, good... will post! BobF>

Gabe Walsh Update    2/23/17
Hi Bob-
Wanted to give you an update on why I'm not answering queries. Our show opens this weekend and I have had a lot of class work to catch up on since rehearsals are after school until 10 PM. I've been at school for 15 hours a day for the past two weeks :(
I should be able to catch up on school work faster once the show ends, but I can't make any promises. I will be back to answering queries in early March.
Gabe Walsh, WWM Crew
<No worries Gabe. As you may well be aware, life is a series of choices (and compromises at times). Focus on your school work, activities mate. Bob Fenner>
Return of the Gabester :)     9/19/17

Hi Bob!
<Hey Gabe!>
I think you saw the query I responded to earlier today, as it has been posted. I'm back! I kind of informally took the summer off, as I picked up another job and worked all but one day of the summer, trying to earn money to afford fish!
Unfortunately minimum wage at two restaurants isn't enough to buy a Centropyge boylei, but in time I will hopefully be able to afford one!
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I will be responding to queries again when I can, but I can't make any promises as to how often because I am trying to balance two jobs and junior year in high school... I'll keep
you posted.
<School first of course>
Lastly, my family is going to Nassau in mid-October. I am going to do my advanced open water certification dive and hopefully a shark dive.
Not sure if you are familiar with the Bahamas or not, but if there are any notable dive sites that you think I should try out, let me know!
Gabe Walsh
<Yes; have been diving there in the Bahamas... For nostalgia sake, do check out the various "James Bond" dive sites. Bob Fenner>
Re: Return of the Gabester :)     9/19/17

Forgot about the Bond sites down there! I will try to request one of them as the site for my wreck dive. Thanks for the info!
Gabe Walsh
<Bon voyageeeee! B>

Matt Wandell Well I just completed my BS in Marine Biology here at UC Davis. At RDO I'm the Nanos forum moderator, and I have a lot of experience with very small tanks (under 10 gallons) and their design and equipment. I help maintain the marine tanks on campus at UCD that are used for our undergraduate biology labs. These are mostly local animals from the N.CA coast. I also run a tank maintenance business here in Davis and have experience with larger tropical tanks (in the 300 gallon range) as well. <A good mix of experiences> I've kept all the common genera of corals and fish in the trade at one point or another. I'm a big fan of octopods and have kept 3 over the years. I think I can answer questions of a biological/behavioral nature well. Admittedly I'm a bit of a rookie when conversations turn to hardcore chemistry and lighting issues. Hope this helps, Matt Wandell PS I know virtually nothing about freshwater tanks. Just realized that your site deals with that too :D
Craig's Watson A little about myself. <Okay> I live on a small farm on Harstine Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State with my wife of twenty-five years, Stephanie. Our Daughter Elan is twenty-two and is a Graduate of Washington State University with a BA in Zoology. <Yikes... same as my undergrad. degree> I was born in Van Nuys, California in 1955. I lived in Canoga Park, (now West Hills) for twenty two years where I attended elementary through High School, several years of College and a machinist apprenticeship. My list of jobs, hobbies, interests and passions reflects what I prefer to call my "Renaissance" style. Others might describe this more like "doer of all, master of none". As a kid I dug ponds with my friend Rick in his parents backyard. We stocked it with Crappie, Blue Gill and Bullhead Cats we caught at places like Reseda Park. This lead to more ponds at my house and aquariums with blue gill, crappie and bullhead at Ricks house. As a kid I also kept snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, horned toads, Tiger Whip-tails, mice, rats, rabbits, pigeons, hawks, owls, etc. My dear old Mother was known as "Noah" at the vet. No kidding. <I believe it> I started keeping fish, Cichlids, in the late 70's when undergravel filters, powerheads and cartridge filters were introduced, with one or two interruptions along the way. I raced bicycles, was a motorcycle mechanic for a top ranked Motocross racer, been a bicycle mechanic, bicycle distributor warehouseman, machinist, Tool and Die Maker, maintenance machinist/welder/electrician/plumber for a major abrasives firm, machined landing gear struts and wing webs for Boeing jets, been a carpenter, a foreman, owned a Horticultural business growing annual and perennial bedding plants, a mixed specialty soils business, finish carpentry and cabinet work, AKC Herding Trial Judge and Dog trainer. My involvement with dogs is extensive. I served as Vice-president and as Director of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, inc. <Oh, we have one of these... Sydney... dissimilarly colored eyes...> for seven years, was Vice-president for a regional club, founding President of an AKC All-Breed Herding Club, wrote several sets of Bylaws and Constitutions for all of the clubs, established a 501C, 3. non-profit dog rescue corporation, and served as the ACDCA Delegate to the 2000-2001 AKC Herding Advisory Committee. I have written many articles on herding dogs, trialing and training, which have been published in the AKC Gazette, The AKC Herdsman, Dog News, Dog World, Ranch Dog Trainer, and several other publications. We still board and train herding dogs and currently have thirteen Australian Cattle Dogs and a small flock of sheep. <Yowzah! You must have a lot of energy!> I am a PADI advanced open water diver with rescue and underwater photography certifications. <Mmm, we may have to find someone to take your place soon.. while you're out dive/traveling with us...> I became re-addicted to fish keeping, more specifically reef keeping, when my daughter returned from college with a sick pleco and I was forced to go to the local fish store for treatments. Boy had things changed since the first undergravels and cartridges! First it was a simple little 20 gallon acrylic. My daughter has it now. I am currently retrofitting one of the greenhouses to mariculture while starting a rock, sand and captive coral concern in the basement of my home that will relocate to the greenhouses when ready. Right now I have a 40 gallon mixed reef in the living room, a 55 SPS/LPS tank (Rick's old 55), a 250 gallon tiered system (60 refugium into 60 frag tank, into 100 gallon grow out, into 30 gallon sump), and several 200 gallon rock curing/aragonite sand culture vats in the basement. <Neat.> It is my hope that I can share my experience and knowledge to help others have the fun, excitement, discovery, interaction and success with their critters that I have enjoyed over the years. Craig <Outstanding. Hope to meet you "in the flesh" someday soon. And, ca-rack, you have a question waiting to be answered! Bob Fenner.> Craig and one of his 13 dogs, Sassy

Marvin VandeLinde joins the WWM Crew!       3/4/15
I have enjoyed our discussions over the years in particular watching you help the community through answering WWM. These days I find myself with much free time and was interested in possibly helping your site in responses etc or how you might see fit. The joy of helping for a portion of time sounds like a fun task to have at hand these days.
<Will be FAB to have you with us Marv. Greatly edifying as you'll find.
<Ahh; I thank you for your participation. Am looking for your input in helping others on WWM: Do send along a brief bio. and pic to post, and log-in when you have time.
Our login: https://XXX.safesecureweb.com/
Email address there in the tray: Crew@WetWebMedia.com
Some bits re responding here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/crewsupwebmail.htm
Feel free to express your personal views re better products, worse... of course. The Net is semi-forever.
Welcome to our association BobF. >>
Talk to you soon,
Marvin VandeLinde


Christine Williams joins the WWM Crew
... am following up, hoping you were not joshing re possibly helping on WWM... and re the poss. of your joining some of the Crew ahead of the ORCA event:
Do please make it known if you're interested! We're still undecided whether to dive/stay about the W. Palm Beach area or maybe head down to Pennekamp/Key Largo or... Maybe for three-four days of diving in front of the time of the event.
What say you?
Yes, I'd be happy to help out on WWM, just putting together a bio. Here's something CTARS is using http://www.ctars.org/default.aspx?uc=nextMeeting . Areas of interest? Likely fish diseases (always a needed thing), but I can write about marine microbial ecology (because we know EVERYONE finds that fascinating--not) and consequent nutrient cycling, micro and macroalgae, particularly phyto culture, fish and invert immunology, probiotics in marine systems, and the odd industrial or commercial uses of aquarium species. And seahorses. :) Right now at work I'm working on developing skin care ingredients (treatments, UV protectors, pigments) from marine or marine biotransformed raw materials, at home I'm rebuilding a few systems--all low-tech, little-equipment balanced ecosystems.
I'll make an in-folder for you... "Christine">
Diving? As long as you don't mind a dive neophyte coming along I'd love to if it's a shortish trip (and by neophyte I mean I truly will be open to any and all advice and suggestions on equipment etc).
<Am always willing to chat re>
Send me more info as you get it and I'll see fi I can get everything in order to go.
<Will definitely do so>
Are you all attending the conference as well?
<Yes, as far as I know>
Also switching to my home email address for easier access--thanks everyone.

Christine Williams Bio
The serious:

Christine Williams is an avid hobbyist and seahorse keeper who, when not doing water changes, works as an industrial marine microbiologist. Currently she balances leading her laboratory team in the search for marine-derived biologically active molecules, and pursuing a PhD in marine biology at Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Prior to joining the industrial world, she spent significant time in the veterinary sciences including clinical laboratory diagnostics, exotic animal husbandry, and emergency and critical care. Her aquarium interests cover a wide range with special focus given to macroalgae and plankton, the breeding and reproduction of aquarium specimens, piscine and invertebrate immunology, and the treatment of ailing fish. Christine actively mentors hobbyists on diagnostic pathology and lectures internationally on subjects of aquatic science, and has the pleasure of serving as a moderator for the Marine and Ornamental Fish and Invertebrate Breeders forum.

The not very serious:

Christine Williams started keeping fish while she was still a fetus. While the aqueous environment did lend itself to the hobby, it limited her to freshwater species, and so she decided to be born several weeks early. Through sign language she demanded that her parents convert her crib into a reef aquarium and thus started her illustrious career in marine ornamentals. After completing her studies in biochemistry and molecular microbiology she went to work at Animal ER where unfortunately she was not filmed for the Animal Planet channel (though her feet did make a cameo during a rescue segment). Currently she is the head of the Industrial marine Microbiology team for her division of a very large international chemical company, where she spends her days mixing chemicals, microorganisms and plankton together and seeing if they will A) explode, B) glow in the dark, or C) make a good salsa. In order to further her skills she is also a PhD student at Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. She has lectured and given workshops on fish diseases and treatment techniques, seahorse keeping and breeding, marine microbiology, and algal culture and bioprospecting in the US and abroad.

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