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Volume 5 Number 1, Spring 2008

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Conscientious Aquarist has been away for a little while, but behind
the scenes we’ve been discussing how to move the magazine
forward. We hope you approve of the changes we’ve done to make
the magazine easier to read.
Parental care in Clownfishes is well known, mouthing and fanning are the important behaviours apart from defending eggs from predators. They
fan the egg mass using pectoral and caudal fins and thus provide necessary water movement to the densely packed clutch and thus help in faster
removal of metabolic wastes....
Having a pond is a dream for a lot of people, a corner of aquatic wilderness at how
where you can enjoy plants, fishes, frogs, birds—the whole amazing show of
I am very fortunate to have such a great fish. Only another puffer owner can really
appreciate the relationship that these fish can provide. There is something about their
face that makes you feel they are studying you as you look at them....
The cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika have become among the most popular of all the fishes in the aquarium hobby thanks to their
brilliant colours and dazzling variety. While some are demanding fish best suited to advanced hobbyists, others are hardy enough to do well
even when kept by relatively inexperienced or casual hobbyists....
The appropriate selection of freshwater livestock, both as species and individual specimens determines from the outset whether you will have a
low/no trouble arrangement or ongoing troubles, perhaps even deaths. Utmost care should be exercised in “putting together your livestock
assortment” — carefully make working lists of what you might have....
A Selection of questions and Answers from the WetWebMedia FAQ page's.
If you fancy writing for Conscientious Aquarist, then read our instructions for authors. The aim of the
magazine is to publish articles that explain and extend the hobby in a responsible, ethical manner.

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