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FAQs on Dartfishes 2

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Dart goby stkg.    12/21/19
Good day crew, quick question for you.
<Good day Nicole>
I currently have 4 zebra dart gobies (Ptereleotris zebra) and would like to add another 5 to make a bigger school. Is it possible? Thanks in advance
<It is possible and personally, I like how they look and behave in groups; The problem here is that you already have 4 that have established territories and may fight with the new comers... Still, I would give them a try, provided that you rearrange decor a bit and introduce them at night with the lights off. A very important thing to consider is that the new school must have been previously quarantined and stress free before joining the older ones. Hope you find this helpful. Cheers. Wil.>

Spawned purple helfrichi Firefish     6/9/14
Hi, I have two purple helfrichi Firefish that have spawned. I have only had my tank 6 months and am new to the hobby. What I am wondering is could I
quarantine them in the same tank and if so how would I go about it?
<... "them"? Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/drtfshreprofaqs.htm

Are you quisitive re spawning, rearing of young? You'll need more space; to be culturing foods... Bob Fenner>

Re: Question, killing fishes in too-small volumes. No reading, crap grammar... Microdesmid in a 6 gal...  2/22/11
yea i know its a small system but they book i have for just nano tanks said it ok for these type of fish. As long as the clown fish will turn out fine i guess i goot start from scratch again.
<Wrong. See WWM re all. B> 

Three questions: shrimp gobies, Firefish and turretfish 03/21/2008 Good morning and hope it is as beautiful there as it is here in Colorado! <<Good morning. A beautiful day here in sunny England too today. Andrew at your service today>> I'm afraid I have three questions. I hope you don't mind. <<Don't mind at all>> One of my tanks is a 28 gallon nano, about 4 years old. Very pretty little tank with nice zoos, pulsing xenia, and polyps. For the past two years, I have had, among its occupants, a Amblyeleotris guttata (orange-spotted shrimp goby) and a Stonogobiops nematodes (hi-fin shrimp goby). The first is paired with a Alpheus bellulus (tiger pistol shrimp) and the second with a Alpheus randalli. Recently I came into possession of a Amblyeleotris wheeleri (you call him a gorgeous prawn goby on your web site) and since I couldn't put him into my big reef tank for a variety of reasons, I put him in the nano. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the orange-spotted goby bonded with the wheeleri and they share a burrow, although usually they sit at opposite ends, and the color on the orange-spotted is the best it has ever been. He also stays out more. I didn't think they would fight but am very pleased they are buddies. I would like to add a Alpheus shrimp for the wheeleri. Do you see a problem with this? <<Sounds like they have formed a nice friendship. I don't see any problems adding this>> My second question has to do with this tank as well: I have had a purple Firefish in there, (Nemateleotris decora), also for about two years. I recently bought a second purple Firefish, after seeing a friend's pair (regular Firefish) and although the resident doesn't seem to chase or spar with the newcomer, the new Firefish is remaining hidden almost all of the time. ( I have had him a little less than a week. ) Is there anything I should be concerned about? I know that if he continues to hide, he will not get enough to eat. I don't think I have two males, as there would be more obvious aggression, I think? Should I take the new one back to the store before he starves? <<There is nothing to be overly concerned with, the fish will just be getting used to the environment and will probably be picking for food after lights out. Some fish do take a while to get used to their new surroundings.>> My third and final question has to do with a camel-backed cowfish or turretfish, (Tetrosomus gibbosus). I have had him for the past year and a half in my 150 gallon reef tank and he is a real favorite with everyone. Yesterday morning, my husband found him on the floor and we are all very sad. I know this fish is not a jumper per se but is very active at night. I have seen him with the nightlights. Is this just an unfortunate incident or could someone have chased him out? The only candidate is (I know you won't believe this, but the Lyretail Anthias and the ornate wrasse not only go to ground at night, they never chase him) is a (of course smaller) citron clown goby who had taken a dislike to him, similar color, I think) and chased him occasionally, usually at feeding time. I almost certainly cannot catch the goby without tearing the tank apart, so if you think that's what happened. I will resign myself to not getting another turret. (or trying to find a way to cover it but with the halides/lighting system, etc. it is difficult. ) <<It is possible that it was spooked by another fish which caused it to jump and if this is the case, i am surprised that it did not release any toxins into the tank as these "do" have the capacity to wipe out a complete system with this. In my opinion, with you current stock, i would not add another>> Thank you as always for your wonderful site and advice. I gave Mr. Fenner's book to a friend and I don't think she is going to give it back, so I will just have to buy another one! <<He he he he...it happens, get yourself another copy ;o) Jeanne Brown <<Thanks for the questions Jeanne, hope this helps. A Nixon>>

Re: Three questions: shrimp gobies, Firefish and turretfish 03/22/2008 Dear Andrew, <<Jeanne>> Thank you very much. You are of course, correct about the Firefish, I did see him last night eating and I am noticing the other Firefish chases him back when he comes out now. Hope they will work it out. I appreciate your help. <<No problem, glad to her that the fish is feeding, am sire all will be fine. Good Luck.. A Nixon>>

Sick Purple Firefish  9/4/05 Hi Folks, <Marshall> I have perused many pages on Firefish and many on illness and still no luck in getting an answer on my question so I turn to your expert advice.  I maintain a 5 month old 180 gallon FOWL system for my uncle that has 240 lbs of very mature live rock.  We have a 55 gallon sump with a protein skimmer, more live rock, live mud and live sand.  My only point of concern for the setup is the lighting.  I have a Corallife Aqualight with only 384 watts of lighting mixed between 10K lights and Actinics. <Mmm, I'd switch the latter out for more "white">   As of my last test everything was at acceptable levels for a FOWL system.  I do a 10% water change each month but as of this month I'm switching to a 20% change. <Better to do two tens at half month intervals...>   For supplements I regularly dose Coralvital, Coralvital Live Sand Booster, Iron, Zooplex, Two Little Fishies C Balance and Iodine. <I'd skip the voodoo "vital" products... they're not (vital)> We have a large cleaner crew but as for fish we have (many), 1) Queen Angel (Juvenile) 2) Emperor Angel (Juvenile) 3) 2 Yellow Tangs 4) 1 Purple Tang 5) Tassel Fish 6) Orange Shoulder Tang (Juvenile) 7) 2 Blackcap Jawfish 8) Purple Firefish (the guy in question) 9) 5 Cleaner Shrimp 10) 2 Bicolor Blenny 11) Coral Beauty 12) Sixline Wrasse 13) Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse 14) and the big daddy a Zebra Moray I know this seems like a lot of fish but so far everyone is getting along just fine (even the blennies).  The only issues I have had was a case of Popeye on one of the Yellow Tangs (which I treated with NoSickFish.com's Popeye treatment) <I do wonder what is in these products> and a case of Lymphocystis on the other Yellow Tang and the Queen Angel which went away on their own. I noticed tonight that my Firefish has what appears to be several blisters forming along his sides.  I don't recall seeing them before today but now he has about 5 of them mainly on his right side and 1 or 2 on his left side.  He isn't lethargic and eats just fine.  I'm not sure what these are and as a result I don't know what to do.  I hoping that you can help me because I really don't want to lose him. Thanks, Marshall <I wish I could... the Microdesmid may have a subcutaneous "worm" or protozoan pathogenic disease... but, w/o removing it (I would not add medicines to the main system...) and trying a few (e.g. Praziquantel, Metronidazole) targeted therapeutics... and the added stress... I would leave it as it is, and "hope for the best", a spontaneous recovery. Bob Fenner>

Fiendish Firefish?  Unquarantined Clown - 09/03/2005 I have a well cycled (6 months) reef aquarium (keeping a Mandarin and Firefish with no problems- I <PLEASE, everyone - capitalize your "I"s!  We have to fix these errors, you know.  Takes forever.> breed Copepods for the Mandarin in separate culture tank). <Just be sure it's enough to keep the fish fat and happy....  Easier said than done.> The tank is only 30 gallons but I thought I should be able to keep about three fish. <Smallish, peaceful fish, yeah.> I just bought a false percula clownfish and it died 2 days later :(  The fish never seemed to be able to swim upright from the time I acclimated it and the fins deteriorated (or seemed to be tattered). I am wondering if the purple Firefish I had may have damaged it (when the lights were out as I never saw any aggression during the day)?   <Whaaaaaat??  You didn't quarantine the clown?  I mean....  that's a sure invitation for disaster.> I know mandarins are not aggressive in this way, but before I get another clown, I would like to be sure the Firefish wasn't the cause. <It is very highly unlikely that the Firefish had anything whatsoever to do with this.  Just hope the clown didn't die of something communicable which has by now passed to the other fish in the tank.> Thanks for any info.  I think I just got a fish that had been moved too many times- the LFS store had just brought them in the day of my purchase. <Your next purchase really ought to be a small quarantine system.  It will save you money, time, grief, and work in the long run.> Darion <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Firefish With Flushed Cheeks - 08/11/2005 Hi, New to the questions here:) We have a 40 gallon tank that has two Indo Firefish and today we noticed a red spot on one of them. It's located by the gills on the right side. Our other Firefish doesn't have one. What could this be? <Very, very many possibilities, and too little information....  could be a wound, perhaps from a parasite; could be an indication of bacterial infection; could be irritation from something in the water....  Could be "nothing much at all".  Watch carefully, quarantine if necessary.> Thanks!! <Start here for more:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mardisindex.htm .  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina> Microdesmid stocking 7/26/05 Hey Crew, I have one quick question... If I get for my 55G FOWLR two Nemateleotris decora (mated pair) and two Nemateleotris magnifica (mated pair), will they get along? thanks, I read that they may not tolerate others of their own species, but I didn't know if these two species are too closely related for them to live in harmony. Mike <In a system of only four square foot bottom space I would only house one species of Dartfish. Bob Fenner> One Firefish bullying two others 07/01/05 Hi all, <Kevin> We recently purchased 3 Firefish (after reading through all your articles and FAQs on the subject, of course).  Eventually, they are to be housed as the only fish in our 55g refugium.  Sadly, our quarantine tank is only 10g so we knew quarters were going to be tight for the first month.  One of the Firefish has quickly (within 2 days) assumed dominance over the tank and is bullying the other two, to the point that their fins are torn and they spend their time either hiding or fleeing from the bully. <Separate the bully, better still, return it. As they are older, most Firefish pair up...>   This sounds all-too-similar to the other stressful Firefish deaths detailed on your site and we'd like to avoid that outcome. Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with the situation?  If we have to remove a fish, should we remove the bully or the other two? <Either, but separate them ASAP> If we can somehow separate them during quarantine (by setting up another 10g tank?), <Or floating, caging up the bully> what are the odds that the same behavior would return once they were reunited in the 55g? <Too likely. Bob Fenner> Thanks in advance! Kevin and Susan Dead fish/replacing male clown 6/31/05 Hello Crew, <Linda> I have tried to find my situation in the FAQs but didn't find it.  I have two questions: 1) Can/should I get another male clown for my female clown? <If you'd like. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/clnfshbrdfaqs.htm> 2) What happened to the male clown and two Firefish? <Mmm...> Here is the story:  I had a pair of tank bred percula clowns that I've had since I started my tank 8 months ago.  They were already paired in the store and got along great.  The male was adventurous and has been found in the overflow and sump several times before I covered it.  He was always fine. <Ah, yes... the classic "Nemo" syndrome>   One day I didn't see him until yellow-headed goby was trying to taste his dead body (I was quite surprised and saddened).  His body was torn up a bit, but I'm not sure if that was after he was dead or not.  On a side note I had 2 fire fish die a few weeks earlier - one had his tail chewed on...then his dorsal fin was gone...then he was floating dead (over a period of 2-3 weeks).  Then the other one just disappeared about a week later (no body found).  I haven't seen any predator at night and no signs of disease/other problems. <The Microdesmids do "just" die mysteriously... but you may have a hitchhiking crustacean... Pistol or Mantis shrimp...> Here is the set-up: 75 gal reef with 90-100 lbs LR 35 gal sump/refugium with LS and 40 lbs LR 1 Kole tang 1 yellow-headed sleeper goby 1 mandarin 2 clowns (male is now dead) 2 Firefish (both now dead) 4 red hermits 2 emerald crabs (removed after clown death) 3 cleaner shrimp 1 serpent star 1 black brittle star 1 crocea clam 1 bubble coral 1 hammer head Zoanthids mushroom corals Thanks in advance! Linda <Or could be from a toxicity... from the Zoanthids... or... I would place a baited trap... at night. Bob Fenner>  

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