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FAQs on Dartfish Identification

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Need Id 4/2/10
Need an ID on this *Ptereleotris sp.?*
Beta Mahatvaraj
See here: http://www.fishbase.org/
Search, "Information by Family",
Family Info.
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<Yikes... the family has been revised... Ptereleotris moved... Back to the
opening page:
Search Genus:
Open each valid species for desc. and pix...
Ptereleotris microlepis looks the closest to me. What do you think? Bob Fenner

Re: Need Id 4/2/10
Thanks Bob,
Microlepis does look the closest to me too. I will let them settle down for a couple of days and see if they change colors. This was reportedly collected from the gulf of Mannar.
<And you, BobF>

After searching Google,...... Wormfish ID 11/26/08 Hi Fellas, <Don't forget to acknowledge the gals here Mandy... Everyone needs to feel important> I need you to identify a fish for me. Blue Zoo Aquatics sent me this fish when I bought a Curious Worm Fish. <Mmm> I do not think that's what it is though. My other Curious Worm looks like this. And you are right, they are extremely shy. I have mine in a tank with no other fish only some inverts. Now, here is the one I just got, hoping he would keep my first one company since they say they like to be in groups. This is NOT a Curious Worm, is it? It's mouth is different, it's shape is different, it's tail is different,....etc.....I know Curious Worms come in two color forms, blue and yellow, but this looks like a shark in the face and a cleaner wrasse in body type, and has a lyre tail! Something is just not right! <The first fish is a Curious Wormfish, Gunnelichthys curiosus, the second... is not even of the same family (Microdesmidae) but a Blenniid... a Fangblenny... the Bluestriped Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos... these can be trouble in aquariums (biting other fishes), even biting divers in the wild! I would do a bit of looking about, isolate this fish, and ask for credit/replacement. All dealers make mistakes... this is one. Bob Fenner>

Re: After searching Google,...... Bob, thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! I had a feeling. Some people have mistaken blue striped fang blennies for curious worms before, I've read it online. I just knew it!!! <Ahh!> He's out of the tank in a plastic zip bag floating in the tank. But now what do I do with him??????????? <Mmm, a sump, refugium? Perhaps a store or fellow hobbyist with a large system (diluting the aggression, spreading the possible/potential nips twixt more fishes?> Thank you so much Bob. I'm so glad you were there. Mandy in NJ <Me too! BobF, in SD> re: After searching Google,...... 11/26/08 Oh, by the way, I consider fellas to mean everyone. Sorry about that!! I'll remember next time to be more specific. Thank you again, Mandy in NJ <Welcome! B>

Fish species Dear Bob, I have two questions regarding two of my fish. I like to know as much as possible about my fish, and I love details. <Good for you, your livestock, the planet> First, I have a Foxface rabbit (Lo vulpinis) that is now 5". (He was only 2 1/2" when I got him 8 months ago). He looks just like the pictures, with one exception; instead of having a solid yellow body, he has a big black polka-dot on his butt--well, near his tail where his butt would be if he had one. Sometimes the black extends from his head to his tail in one bar, but usually just the dot. Is he a Lo vulpinis from a different area or is he something else? <Possibly. Take a look through the coverage of the Rabbitfishes (family Siganidae) presented with images on the site: www.WetWebMedia.com... the Foxface does exhibit regional variability and change in pattern with age/growth... but this could be a similar species> Second, I bought a beautiful little fish identified to me as a rainbow goby. It's about 2" long and has a body build and movement identical to a juvenile convict blenny. Its coloring is striking red and yellow neon stripe on a white body and dark pelvic line. I was told it would grow up to be the size of my convicts, who are 6" now. I got this little fish almost 3 weeks ago. He immediately disappeared and I gave him up for gone, only to have him reappear 9 days later. Since then I've only seen him 4 times and only for about 5 minutes each time. So you think he'll ever stay out or is he a permanent hidey-fish? Do you have any info on this guy? <Don't know this fish... and similar to Pholidichthys leucotaenia? (the Convict "Blenny")... which are one of my favorite species... very outgoing... But, yes, most Gobies (a huge assemblage, likely the largest family of fishes...) are shy, retiring... and this one will likely become only a bit more outgoing with time... and not grow very fast or much compared with the Convicts. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Linda

Species figured out Dear Bob, Several days ago I wrote you asking to help me identify a fish the LFS called a rainbow goby. Unfortunately the description I gave you was from memory (I'd only seen this fish 4 times since acquiring him 3 weeks ago), and rather inaccurate. His body is much like a young convict blenny; he has a narrow neon blue stripe running from the top of his head to his tail, and a beautiful orange and yellow stripe lengthwise on his white body. A different LFS that I went to this morning had the big encyclopedia and I found a picture of this guy. It's Gunnelichthys curiosus, and they call it a yellow-striped worm-eel. Perfect description! I still don't know much, except that it's a sand burrower and probably eats sand dwelling life. So he should be OK, as I have live sand and live rock in my 100 gal. but I'll feel better when I see him eat prepared food. <Neat, and congratulations on the i.d.... Have never seen this fish in the wild or captivity myself (one of thousands...), about all I could find quickly is: http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?ID=12677&genusname= Gunnelichthys&speciesname=curiosus You can cut/paste... This is a microdesmid... like other Dart Gobies it's shy, dives into holes in the bottom, eats mainly zoo-plankton, small fishes...> Thought I'd share this with you. Finally finding out what something is gives me a sort of high. Almost, but not quite, like a marine biologist discovering a new species.:>) Linda <Oh yes... a delight. Things learned from personal experience innumerably more satisfying than second hand (books, Teevee, even the NET! Bob Fenner>

Know this fish? Hi, I am hoping you can help me. Do you know the name of this fish? <It's Gunnelichthys curiosus: http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?ID=12677&genusname=Gunnellichthys&speciesname=curiosus> The Local fish store gave a name I could not find on the Internet, and I cannot remember what they called it now, as it has been some time. I want to get another one and would like to learn more about their needs. Thanks for your help. <Use the scientific and common name to find more through the Net. Bob Fenner>

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