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FAQs about Seahorse & Pipefish Identification

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Pipehorse video from Fiji dive trip 11/16/10
Our friends just returned from a Fiji live-aboard trip. Their dive masters (www.Naia.com.fj) edited this 5-minute video montage from their dives.
The video is posted at:
<Mmm, oh yeah. Sammie's Gates housing/Sony combo... w/ Mo as dive guide... I was on the Nai'a just a week or two back>
Lots of wonderful sea life throughout...but in a very special cut at 2:08 into the video, they have a long and up-close look at what appears to be a pygmy Pipehorse. My best guess (and that is all) is Acentronura australe based on the location (Fiji) and the few visual cues.
WetWebMedia and Fishbase.org don't have much information to be more definite. (This one definitely doesn't show the head structures of A. tentaculata as illustrated on fishbase.)
<Well... I took a dozen or so pix... have looked at Kuiter's TMC book, what other Gasterosteiform ref.s I have and think that this may well be an as-yet undescribed Pipehorse species>
Can anybody on the crew provide a more precise (or confident) ID?
<Am going to send your query and two of my pix to Dr. John Randall, asking him whom we might ask re further. Jack? BobF>
Gary (Artful-Dodger)

Re: Pipehorse video from Fiji dive trip, Jack... A Pipehorse  11/16/10
Great video. I would say your Pipehorse is an undescribed species. You should try to collect one or more specimens.
Aloha, Jack
<Good gosh Jack! That was/is quick! Mahalo! BobF>
Identifying seahorses Kuda or Reidi?  11/24/06 Dear WWM Crew I recently wrote to you after my seahorses bred and have now done a lot of research unfortunately how ever many pictures I have looked at I still cannot identify my seahorses. To prevent interbreeding I am acquiring another pair. <From? Easy to have your source discern between these two... Kuda is found in the Indo-Pacific... Reid's in the tropical West Atlantic> I believed mine to be Hippocampus Kuda <Me too... Reid's has a much more attenuated rostrum> as that is what LFS said however after talking to local SeaLife centre I am not sure and they could be hippocampus reidi. Please please look at these photos and see if you wonderful people could identify for me. They are approximately 5 inches. By the way the first batch of fry we have 3 surviving and the second batch which arrived 15 days later we have approx 60 surviving although I expect that number to decrease yet. Thanking you for your assistance. Yours Rache Hill <Mmm... I strongly encourage you to join the large "seahorse/syngnathid" forums... particularly the L-serve of OceanRider... there is much known re the practical husbandry of these tube-mouthed fishes... and this getting much easier to access. Bob Fenner>

Seahorses... horses? 9/25/05 My 11 year old son wanted to know if a seahorse is a fish or some other animal? Can you please tell him.  <They are fishes.  Some reading for you.  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tube-mfi.htm <James (Salty Dog)> Thanks,
Joseph's Mom

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