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FAQs about Squirrelfishes and Soldierfishes, Family Holocentridae, Behavior 

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Holocentrid beh., sel.     2/19/13
Also Bob, regarding the Squirrelfish... You mention they are interesting, does this mean active as well?
<More reclusive>
I like active fish so that's what I assumed when I read that.  I just put him in the tank yesterday and all he does is sit in the rocks... Rather boring.  Should I give it time or are these fishes much less active?
<Holocentrids are mostly active at night, in the near-dark. BobF>

Big Eye Squirrelfish, beh.  11/12/10
Hey there,
My big eye red squirrelfish is acting CRAZY lately. I have a 250g fish only tank, 2 puffers, groupers (clown and panther), and a harlequin tusk.
<Mmm, any of these fishes could be harassing your Squirrel>
Squirrel has been eating fine, but acting nuts. He darts around randomly.
Swims backwards. Is paler than normal, more white then red. Its as if there is a ghost in the tank and it keeps spooking him. I've had him for about 5 years and he's never been like this.
Any ideas?
<Perhaps one of the tankmates, but could be a reflection (internal, you might well not see it/this from outside the tank). My usual suggestion here to darken (tape a piece of paper) one end of the tank/system. If all the fishes were "skittish" I might suggest looking/testing for stray voltage...

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