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FAQs about Squirrelfishes and Soldierfishes, Family Holocentridae, Foods/Feeding/Nutrition 

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Nocturnal feeding?    8/7/06 OK, here's a really basic question. Do nocturnal fish (e.g., a Redcoat Squirrelfish [Sargocentron rubrum]) stay nocturnal eaters, or will they adapt to daytime feeds? Grace, BJ Mora <Most all species, individuals that are nocturnal, can/do become more active during light periods in captivity. Bob Fenner>

Squirrelfish feeding   12/19/06 Good morning - my dad has a salt water tank and he has a Squirrel-fish that is several years old.  As of today, he has not eaten for almost 2 weeks. <Holocentrids do at times go on feeding strikes>   He asked our local pet store about the situation and they did give him a 5 day antibiotic to put in the tank but that hasn't helped. <... an antibiotic for what? Oh, to make a sale, give you the western ethic fix...>   I'm surprised he is still swimming but he is hanging on.  My mom thought at one point that he wasn't able to see the food when we put it in the tank (it is so rare for him not to eat because he was usually chomping at the top of the tank when you came anywhere near it with food in your hand) <Are nocturnal feeders in the wild...> ......is it possible he has a vision problem? <Yes... some common causes are related to nutritional deficiencies... age...>   He is my favorite of my dad's fish and I'm just trying to do some research to help him.  Thanks for any advice. Kari Wood <Thank you for caring enough to write, share. I would try some of these fishes favorite foods... live if you can find such... "Grass or Ghost Shrimp"... and add a vitamin, supplement prep. (e.g. Selcon) to the water... the food/s during the "lights out" period when the light is still on outside the tank so you can see what occurs. Bob Fenner>

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