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FAQs about Squirrelfishes and Soldierfishes, Family Holocentridae, Selection 

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Holocentrid beh., sel.     2/19/13
Also Bob, regarding the Squirrelfish... You mention they are interesting, does this mean active as well?
<More reclusive>
I like active fish so that's what I assumed when I read that.  I just put him in the tank yesterday and all he does is sit in the rocks... Rather boring.  Should I give it time or are these fishes much less active?
<Holocentrids are mostly active at night, in the near-dark. BobF>

Dwarf Squirrelfish (Sargocentron iota), sel.  1/7/09 Hi Wet Web Media Crew, First, I wanted to thank you for the superb information on the site. <You're welcome.> The information available along with the books have been instrumental in my process of learning about the hobby. I have a question regarding the Dwarf Squirrelfish or Sargocentron iota and have been unable to find much information about it on-line. Are Dwarf Squirrelfish available in the aquarium trade? <I've never seen one.> Also, what is the suitability of the species compared to the larger varieties of Squirrelfish? The maximum size of 3" seems to make it ideal for smaller reef systems. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. <Is a fish rarely seen and then it is usually at night in stands of Finger Coral. Collectors don't normally fish at night so this could be one reason, and the probability that demand would not be very high due to it's nocturnal nature and lack of being an attractive or desirable fish.> Best,
<Regards. James (Salty Dog)>

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