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FAQs about Squirrelfishes and Soldierfishes, Family Holocentridae, Compatibility 

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With shrimp? As meals

Squirrelfish and Venom - Yep, It's True 7/20/04 Hi I would like some info on a fish called Squirrelfish. I would like to know what are the consequences when touching this kind of fishes. <it depends... most of the species in our hobby are prickly (painful/sharp) but non-venomous. But there are at least a few species that are actually harmful and venomous. As wit any fish, you need to research the species (its needs, feeding, dangers, etc). before buying it. Besides our archives, let me suggest you go to the website fishbase.org and type in the "Squirrelfish" in the common name field. It will come up with a list of species you can browse to find your own. Then you can confirm if it is venomous or not> I somewhat know their dorsal fins are dangerous and should be avoided. Please e-mail me back. <best regards, Anthony>

Crown Squirrelfish and Common Cleaner Shrimp Compatibility 08/01/2008 <<Hello, Andrew here>> I currently have a Common Cleaner Shrimp in a 100 gallon reef tank. There are also a few hermit crabs and snails. I am thinking of adding a Crown Squirrelfish. Are they compatible? I see Crown Squirrelfish prey on some shrimps, does this include cleaner shrimps or is there a truce? <<These do tend to go for Polychaetes, pods and crustaceans, its a risk you'll take with this fish>> >Will be inhaled... assuredly. RMF< Thanks in advance, Don McClean <<Thanks for the question, A Nixon>>

Soldierfish as Clown Trigger toys and food items - 5/2/2006 My local dealer told me that Soldierfish can outrun clown triggers and hide under rocks. <They certainly do hide under rocks/in caves, yes.  They can likely outrun the clown trigger as well BUT do you want to take that risk?  There's still a very good chance that the trigger will make a meal of the solider.> Also, that even though they are nocturnal, they will come out during the day. Can this be true? <Yes, though you may not see much of them.  I see my soldier flit about during the day sometimes, but not much at all.  He comes out in the evenings for food and that's about all we see of him.  Your mileage may vary.  Jodie> Dale

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