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FAQs on Aquatic Viral Diseases: Etiologies/Causes

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Shows up, goes away... not usually debilitating to the point of causing death of/by itself. Can/does "spread"... but not readily.

Chrysurus angel sick... Mis-mix, Lymph  - 7/23/07 Hello again Bob I wrote you about 2 weeks ago, had a horrible ich problem and you helped me out a ton... as it stands I only lost my queen angel.... sad she was my favorite... I transferred all but the leopard sharks and my lion fish <Mis-placed...> to a large 40x45x10 inch tub in my garage... I treated them with Cupramine and all my fish made dramatic improvements ASAP.... As for my sharks and lion I treated them in my display( I know you hate to hear this....) but I had no choice, I treated them with quinine sulfate from fishfarmacy.com and my lions infection cleared up in a week. The sharks never showed any signs but I wasn't taking any chances... I have since done several water changes 25% each and added charcoal to the sump to filter out the quinine sulfate. I returned all fish (imperator, passer, pair yellow banded maroon clowns, <... am becoming very tired of fixing your English... spaces between your sentences...> and the chrysurus angel, less live rock (in separate tank with no meds) back into display. Now my chrysurus angel is developing a bunch of what looks like fungus on its fins, I cannot tell if it is fungus or bacterial. I tried scraping it of but it wasn't coming off very easily and it started to bleed a little bit, so I returned it to tank and left him alone. His color was a bit off from the stress but he seems to be fine, eats very well and seems to be getting along with king dog imperator boss). any thoughts <... This is a clear case of Lymphocystis... etiology unknown but most are related to poor water quality, avitaminoses and overly-stressful conditions period. See WWM re. RMF> Kelly Craven

Re: chrysurus angel sick -- 07/24/07 Hello Bob thank you for your much appreciated help. I apologize for my poor typing, I was typing from my phone. <"This is the modern age"> I read the FAQ'S on lymphocystis, but could not find any info on whether it travels up the body of fish. <... through> The fins yes but its now on the fish body. I was wondering if it could be bacterial? Thank you again. Kelly
<... keep reading... Viral. RMF>

Lympho ~ Tusk fish   8/15/07 Afternoon, <David> Just a quick question on Lympho as I did not see the answers in your FAQ's. My Harlequin Tuskfish originally had a small cauliflower like white growth on his left side fin and Bob and I agreed it was definitely Lympho. This was left alone and after about 3 weeks it fell off or was scraped off by the fish. Within about a week or so, the growth reoccurred in several small masses on the same fin and then again in two large clumps on the tailfin and small signs of growth along the side of the fish. Just got back from vacation for past 10 days to find pretty much all the major growths have fallen off or have been scraped off, but I can now see what appears to be even more smaller growths all over the back of the fish... Would you expect this? I'm worried it will keep coming back more and more until perhaps finally the gills are involved.... Thoughts? Suggestions? David Brynlund <These viral complaints can be persistent... as in humans... all other life... Many models of cancer, aging... relate their involvement... I would do your best to boost the "immune systems" of the host fish/es... HUFA, vitamin soaked foods, the occasional application of same to the water, along with iodide... See WWM re. Bob Fenner>

Re: Lympho ~ Tusk fish   8/15/07 Thanks for the quick response Bob... <Welcome> Better to treat the whole 200g tank or catch this fish again for quarantine? <No... leave in place... "it's the system Dave"> What's your experience been with that SeaChem Garlic additive along with the Focus or Mez... (I forget what it is...)?? <Not a fan... though I cook with quite often> From reading your info, it seems as though this virus is more common in clown fish?? <Somewhat, yes> In rearranging my tanks, would adding my two False Percula's to the same 200g tank as my Lymph'd Tuskfish be a bad decision??? <Mmm, no... though might get eaten> I've read two sources... One says it is contagious, the other indicated it wasn't? <Not very cross-species-wise> David Brynlund <RMF>

Lymphocystis? WWM Crew, <Scott F. here today> Your site is the best.  I have a 90 FOWLR tank- aqua-c remora hang-on skimmer, Eheim canister, powerhead, 50lbs liverock.  I have 2-yellow tailed damsels, 1 yellow tang, and 1 threadfin.  salinity 1.021, temp 78f, ph 8.3, 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites.  Tank has been setup now for 6 months.   All fish doing well.  My question is about the threadfin- he is 3.5 inches long, I have had him for 3 weeks now, Methylene blue dip, no quarantine-sorry (will be getting the quarantine tank setup for X-mas). <Ok- no scolding for you this time! At least you did the dip- so I know that you're on the right track!> On the rear upper fin above the black eye spot-appears to be a growth (maybe lymph-appears cauliflower like) this spot is where the "thread is suppose to grow from.  He currently does not have the thread, I am hoping this is the start of it growing and not viral or bacteria related? John <Tough to tell from here. If it is Lymphocystis, it's rarely damaging or fatal, and it often "self-heals" without intervention on the part of the hobbyist. My suggestion is to keep a close eye on this fish, continue to supply excellent water quality and food, and be prepared to take quick action if it should turn out to be something more virulent. Read up on the FAQs on the wetwebmedia.com site to confirm what you may be dealing with. Good luck! Regards, Scott F.>

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